foto22814-1Chewing gum often ends up where it shouldn't be: on clothes, in your hair, on a carpet or on a couch.

It will not be possible to simply remove it, the denser it is stuck to the surface, the more difficult it is to get rid of it.

Read about how to remove the gum using improvised and special tools in the article.

How to wipe off stuck chewing gum using folk methods?

You can remove gum from objects and things with the help of available tools. There are many ways to quickly and safely wipe it off the surface.

Peel off with the cold

foto22814-2If you chill the gum, it will become hard. The cured elastic band can be easily separated from any object.


  1. Place the soiled item in the freezer, or take it outside in a bitter frost.
  2. Wait for the gum to harden.
  3. Scrape it off with a knife or other hard object.

This method is highly effective, but not all items can be cooled. For example, if the elastic is tangled in your hair or stuck to the couch, this method will not work.

Vegetable oil

You can scrub the gum using any liquid oil: sunflower, olive, soy. The fatty component perfectly dissolves the sticky base.


  • moisten a cotton pad with vegetable oil;
  • wipe the sticky mark with it, you can leave the disc on the spot for a few minutes;
  • use a new disc to fully remove the gum;
  • rinse the item in warm soapy water.
Vegetable oil works well for sticky stains, but should not be used to treat things. Otherwise, then you will have to spend energy on removing the oily residue from the fabric.


foto22814-3You can use baking soda to tackle the gum. Mode of application:

  1. Moisten the stain slightly.
  2. Sprinkle it with a little baking soda.
  3. Arm yourself with an old toothbrush and rub the stained area.
  4. Rinse the surface with water.

If it was not possible to cope with the stain the first time, the procedure is repeated. Baking soda is good at removing sticky marks, but it cannot be used for all products. For example, it is not suitable for processing delicate fabrics: wool, silk, leather, corduroy.

Wet wipes

To remove gum, you need not ordinary, but alcohol-based wet wipes.


  • remove the bulk from the surface of the product;
  • apply a damp cloth to the stain for 10 minutes;
  • wipe off the remaining gum with a clean cloth.

The effect is achieved due to the alcohol with which the napkin is impregnated. The method is effective, you can resort to it even outside the home, for example, on the street or in a cafe.

However, be careful when using an alcohol wipe to remove gum from stained items. Rub the surface gently so as not to remove the coloring pigment along with the sticky base.


Use acetone to remove gum stains. It is best to use nail polish remover to minimize possible harm to the product. Its acetone content is not so high.


  • straighten the thing;
  • remove the gum from its surface with a hard object;
  • moisten a cotton pad with acetone;
  • wipe the stain with it until it disappears completely;
  • rinse the product in warm water and soap.

Do not rub the surface of the fabric too much so that light spots do not appear on it. If you are not sure that acetone will not damage the thing, first you need to test it on an inconspicuous area. Do not try to process delicate materials and synthetics with it.


Whiteness destroys the structure of the gum, making it easy to wipe off the surface of the product.


  1. Spread the item on a flat, hard surface.
  2. Apply a few drops of whiteness to the stain.
  3. Leave to act for 10 minutes.
  4. Rub the thing with a brush.
  5. Wash clothes in warm water and soap.
Whiteness helps to quickly and without a trace remove gum from clothes, but it can only be used for white and light fabrics. It is not suitable for handling delicate materials.


If you have vodka, cologne, or alcohol-based window cleaner on hand, you can use them to remove the gum.


  1. Spread the item on a flat surface.
  2. Apply alcohol-based liquid to the sponge.
  3. Rub the stain with it until it completely disappears.
  4. Rinse the item in warm water.

Alcohol is a versatile remedy. It can be used for almost any product. The exception is brightly colored things. Also, do not apply alcohol to the skin so as not to provoke irritation.


Under the influence of high temperatures, the gum will melt, after which it will be easy to remove it from the surface of the product.


  • pour water into a kettle, bring it to a boil;
  • bring the soiled thing or object to the spout of the kettle and hold for 10-20 seconds;
  • remove the softened gum with a brush;
  • treat the thing with warm soapy water.
This method is highly effective, but it can only be used for those things that are not afraid of boiling water. By analogy with a kettle, a hair dryer is used, directing a hot stream of air to the stain.

Wash with dishwashing liquid

foto22814-6To remove gum stains, you can use dish soap.


  1. Apply detergent to the stain and leave for 15 minutes.
  2. Rub with a toothbrush.
  3. Rinse under running hot water.

Dishwashing liquid contains active ingredients that will dissolve the gum. It is highly effective, but not recommended for delicate fabrics.


You can remove the gum using kerosene.


  • apply kerosene to a cotton pad;
  • wipe the stain with it, leave the tampon on the surface for 10 minutes;
  • once again clean the stained place, for the best effect you can use a brush;
  • rinse the item with warm soapy water.
After completing the cleaning, the item must be kept in the fresh air to get rid of the kerosene smell. Gasoline and white spirit have a similar effect.

How to clean with special removal products?

There are special formulations on sale with which you can quickly get rid of gum.They are sold in stores, in departments with household chemicals, as well as in online markets. Top 3 remedies:

  1. foto22814-7Gumex Spray: Freeze gum remover. The composition is based on insoluble hydrocarbons. Store the bottle in a cool place.

    After application to the surface, the temperature on it drops to -45 degrees. The frozen gum is easily removed with a spatula. The price is 980 rubles for 0.5 liters.

  2. Lime anti-graffiti: Marker and chewing gum remover. After using this solution, not even a trace will remain from the stain. This is possible thanks to the combination of organic solvents, oils and surfactants that are included in the composition.

    It can be used on hard surfaces, carpets, upholstered furniture, fabrics, car seats and more. The price for a package of 750 g is 800 rubles.

  3. Dr. Beckmann: Glue and gum stain remover. The product has a strong formula, but at the same time it does not harm fabrics and hard surfaces, does not affect the color of the product. The price of a 50 ml bottle is 190 rubles.

Before the first use, you need to carefully study the instructions for use so as not to spoil the thing being processed.

How can a stain be removed from different surfaces?

Depending on the surface on which the gum stain is located, the methods for removing it will differ:

  1. From hands the trace can be removed with any greasy cream. They are smeared with a stain, which is erased with a cotton pad.
  2. From hair the gum is difficult to remove. In advanced cases, you have to resort to a haircut. You can try to remove the sticky lump using vegetable oil or alcohol.
  3. Off the carpet the gum is removed with dishwashing liquid. Shop trains do well with it.
  4. Off the couch you can wipe off the gum with a nail polish remover or alcohol-based composition. However, first you need to test it on an inconspicuous area. When choosing a cleaning agent, you need to consider what material the upholstery is made of.
  5. From the car seat sticky spots are removed with kerosene or professional solvents.
  6. From leather things you can remove the gum with vegetable oil or a damp cloth. Do not use aggressive compounds and solid objects.

Remove from fabric and clothing

When removing gum from things, you need to take into account what material they are sewn from. Key recommendations:

  1. foto22814-8Off jeans the easiest way to remove the gum is. Freezing is the best method. The dense fabric perfectly withstands exposure to cold.
  2. From trousers the stain is cleaned with steam. They are held over the spout of the teapot for 5-10 seconds, after which they are brushed.
  3. From the jacket you can remove sticky marks with dishwashing detergent. When it works, the treated area is brushed.

Regardless of the chosen cleaning method, the thing must be washed after processing. Read about removing gum from clothing here.

How not to delete?

There are methods that you should not use in certain situations:

  • if the elastic is stuck to the hair or skin of a person, do not use aggressive compounds or sharp objects;
  • it is not recommended to rub fabric and hard surfaces with sharp objects, and abrasives should not be used in order not to damage the thing;
  • for the processing of delicate fabrics, aggressive compounds such as whiteness, acetone, kerosene are not used;
  • leather items cannot be cleaned with soda and a brush, as small scratches will remain on them;
  • do not hold synthetic products over the steam - only cotton or linen items can tolerate such treatment.

Helpful information

Removal tips chewing gum from different surfaces:

  1. foto22814-9If you find a rubber band, you need to act quickly. The sooner you take action to remove it, the better.
  2. Sometimes ordinary scotch tape comes to the rescue, which is used several times over the stain. This method is only effective if the trail is fresh.
  3. If you are not sure that the composition will not damage the fabric, first you need to test it on an inconspicuous area.
  4. If a knife is used to remove the gum, then rub the surface only with its blunt side.
  5. When using acetone, kerosene or other aggressive solvents, you need to protect the skin of your hands with gloves, and the room should be well ventilated.


Chewing gum can become a real headache if it gets tangled in your hair or on your favorite thing. However, dealing with the problem is not at all difficult. Handy tools and special compounds come to the rescue, thanks to which the gum can be removed without a trace.

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