Greasy stain

foto30473-1The appearance of oily spots is not such a rare life situation. Fat accidentally caught on various objects can be difficult to remove so that not a trace of the stain remains.

Proven methods from an arsenal of home recipes will come to the rescue. It is important to take into account the type of surface stained, the extent of the contamination and how long ago the mark was made.

How to remove a greasy stain from various surfaces, we will tell you in the article.

What to do with a fresh track?

Wherever there is a fat mark it is important to try to collect as much of the substance that has fallen on the surface and prevent fat spreading over a large area.

Good absorbency napkins, rags and paper towels are suitable for these purposes. Continue blotting the stains until they are still transferred to the napkins.

If the surface is not porous and does not absorb fat, the next step is degreasing. But with materials that absorb various substances well, you will need to work additionally to eliminate the remaining stain.

How can you remove old dirt at home?

Removing stubborn grease stains is a tricky task. The more time passes from the moment the fat gets on the material, the more difficult it is to remove the trace.

From wallpaper

foto30473-2Wallpaper stained with grease spoils the whole impression of the interior... Heat treatment can help to cope with dirt on paper wallpaper, but it is quite effective only for fresh stains.

It is difficult to restore the appearance of paper panels due to the fact that they are thin and cannot withstand intense exposure.

To remove grease, a paper towel is placed on such wallpaper and the affected area is heated with an iron. During processing, the fat will move from the wallpaper to the napkin.

To remove greasy marks from vinyl and non-woven wallpaper will help:

  1. Gentle cleaning with soapy water.
  2. Application of gruel from starch and water.
  3. Soaking with baking soda.

Even when cleaning washable wallpaper, excessive moisture should be avoided. Read about ways to remove greasy stains from paper. here.


Frequently used doors often show grease marks from dirty hands.With regular cleaning, you can remove greasy prints with soapy water or dishwashing detergent.

This method is also suitable for cleaning frosted glass inserts on doors. Such glasses can be put in order with a composition of 3 tablespoons of crushed chalk and a glass of water. When using a chalk-based product, the solution is applied, left to dry completely and wiped dry with a napkin or rag.

If there are transparent glasses in the doors, then the shine will help them return the detergent for cleaning glasses and mirrors, as well as ammonia.

Wooden doors will help to clean a composition of 0.5 liters. warm water and 2 tbsp. l. ammonia... With the resulting solution, wipe the stained surface. After processing, wood doors must be wiped dry.

From the walls

foto30473-3Depending on the wall covering, a suitable cleaning method is selected.

Easiest to remove greasy marks from tiles... A large number of methods are suitable for this - from cleaning with soda and ammonia to using special preparations.

Wall panels can be cleaned with soapy water. Work should be done with a napkin or rag, without using abrasive surfaces, so as not to damage the base.

For old stains, you can use a steam generator. In this way, it is possible to remove not only fat, but also other contaminants.

Walls painted with paint can be washed from greasy stains in the following ways:

  • soapy water;
  • a solution of dishwashing liquid;
  • alcohol solution.

How to remove from a wooden surface?

Surfaces made of solid wood should be washed without using aggressive agents in order not to damage the texture and color of the wood. To get started, a water solution of laundry soap is suitable. Another effective method is to walk with a steam cleaner.

Alternative methods also show high efficiency when used:

  1. Rubbing with ammonia.
  2. Processing with a paste of soda and water.
  3. Rubbing with vinegar.
  4. Processing with a mixture of lemon juice and water.
If the wood is varnished, do not wash with soapy water or water. Special means - polishes, or a preparation from a mixture of linseed oil, vinegar and turpentine will help to restore the shine to the polishing.

How to remove from upholstered furniture, sofa?

foto30473-4Cleaning upholstered furniture from greasy stains requires quick action... Grease absorbed into the upholstery will be much more difficult to remove.

Immediately after getting fat on the textile part of upholstered furniture, it is necessary to blot the affected area using napkins or disposable towels. This should be done until the napkins stop absorbing fat.

From vinyl, leather or dermantine upholstery, use beaten egg whites to remove greasy marksand old stains with warm vinegar water. After processing, the composition is washed off with clean warm water.

Other methods are suitable for textile upholstery. These are products based on starch, turpentine and ammonia. In addition to homemade recipes, special household cleaning products will help to cope with cleaning the upholstery.


Despite all the actions taken and the quick response, a greasy mark will still remain on the material.

The mark must be sprinkled with starch and left in this form for several hours... You can clean everything with a brush, but it is better to vacuum the sofa.

In cases where the mark is still visible, the area of ​​the upholstery can be treated with improvised means, such as shaving foam. Wipe the upholstery section with a damp cloth.


For colored upholstery, you can use the following solution:

  • 50 ml of ammonia;
  • 100 ml of water.
The resulting cleaning agent is carefully processed. Residues - remove with a damp cloth.


foto30473-5It is very difficult to remove old stains from the upholstery. Turpentine can be used in this case.

It is heated in a water bath and applied warmly to the stain. After 3-5 hours, soda is poured onto the stain and distributed with rubbing movements.

Wet cleaning completes the cleaning, and you can add a little vinegar or lemon juice to the water - this will help refresh the shades and eliminate the unpleasant odor.

With polyester

Processing of polyester when removing grease stains may require several steps:

  1. Wetting the material area with warm water.
  2. Applying the dishwashing liquid by rubbing in.
  3. Wash.

For stubborn stains, it is best to pre-treat the stain before applying the dishwashing gel - for example, with WD-40 to soften the stained area.

You can remove fat by applying starch to the stained area and heating it with an iron through a napkin.

When choosing this method, it must be borne in mind that polyester does not tolerate high temperatures, so you should act very carefully, avoiding contact of the sole of the iron with the material.

On keyboard

Cleaning the computer keyboard from traces of fat is carried out with special napkinshaving the necessary impregnation. This treatment not only eliminates fat, but also has an antistatic effect. It is recommended to supplement the care with a vacuum cleaner.

You cannot wash the keyboard, like any other technique. Also, do not use caustic, aggressive compounds that can damage the plastic and contacts located under the keys.

A good effect is provided by the use of a novelty in the field of cleaning the keyboard - slime... It is a sticky, homogeneous mass that helps to clean, even hard-to-reach areas.

If the keyboard is dirty not only on the outside, but also inside, you may need a complete cleaning with disassembly, even better - a professional one.

From laminate, parquet

foto30473-6Grease can be removed from laminate or parquet by washing the floor with soapy water or dishwashing gel diluted in water.

Rubbing with a cloth dampened with alcohol will also work. After such treatment, the floor should be rinsed with clean water and wiped dry.

An unconventional way to remove a bulky oily stain - freezing... Place the ice pack on the stained area. When the fat has solidified, it will be easy to pry it off with a scraper. The rest of the product is washed off with a degreasing agent, for example, window cleaner.

If grease needs to be scraped off the surface, a plastic or rubber scraper should be used, as the metal one can leave scratches.

In addition to folk recipes for caring for parquet and removing greasy stains from it, special drugs may be involvedintended for these purposes:

  • Wood Floor Cleaner;
  • Pufas Glutoclean;
  • Mellerud;
  • Adesiv Detpro.


Tips and tricks from experts will help you cope with the task removing greasy stains from surfaces as efficiently as possible:

  1. To remove grease, do not use tools with abrasive surfaces, as this may damage the material.
  2. The choice of cleaning agent should take into account not only the type of material, but also its condition.
  3. Excessive wetting of the stain will not help remove it faster, but it can ruin the material itself.
  4. If there is any doubt about the possibility of using a particular stain remover, it is advisable to check its effect on an inconspicuous area.
  5. If the stained wallpaper is old, and the grease stains are extensive, then the best option is to replace them, since it is unlikely that large-scale stains can be removed without a trace.
  6. Some stain removers (both home and commercial) have a pronounced odor, so it is advisable to carry out all cleaning work with good ventilation.

You can find out how to remove a greasy stain from a T-shirt here, from the jacket - here, from the pants - in this article, with leather and suede - in this.


It is possible to remove a greasy stain from most types of surfaces... The sooner you start removing, the easier it is to cope with the task, and the higher the result will be. If you cannot cope with the task on your own, then you can contact the cleaning service or dry cleaner.

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