foto31057-1Accidentally spilled brilliant green can cause a lot of problems. The bright green color of the solution can stain any surface, and it is very difficult to wash off such contamination, especially when the stain has set and dried.

In most cases, it is possible to try to remove the green mark with special preparations and folk remedies.

How and how you can quickly wash brilliant green from various surfaces, we will tell in the article.

Fast response: where to start?

foto31057-2At its core, brilliant green - antiseptic for external use... Brilliant green solution is obtained synthetically.

It has a pronounced bright color, which, upon contact, quickly paints surfaces and adheres to them. This effect is due to the inclusion of aniline dyes.

The first priority in the event of a difficult-to-remove contaminant is to prevent the stain from growing and absorbing into the material. To do this, you need to try to get the brilliant green well, collecting the maximum possible amount of spilled liquid. This should be done with blotting, not rubbing movements.

You can use rags, napkins, paper towels for this.... Bulk products with good absorbency, such as starch or soda, are also suitable.

As long as the stain is fresh, there is every chance to cope with it. But only with a quick response. At the initial stage, you should evaluate the type and type of the stained surface. Based on its characteristics, a method of further influence is selected.

How to remove stains with improvised means?

Simple recipes are very effective. They help to remove the stain efficiently and effortlessly, if the stain is not old.

Laundry soap

For a freshly planted spot, even a simple washing away marks with laundry soap... But this method is only suitable for non-porous surfaces and fresh stains.


From a hard surface, an eraser can help wipe off the green stain.

This method is best suited for smooth lacquered surfaces. But from porous, soft surfaces and fabrics, simply erasing the stain with an eraser will not work.

Soda and vinegar

For processing, a composition of vinegar and soda is prepared. Both substances are taken in equal proportions, mixed and applied to the stain. The stained place is rubbed, after which the remains of the mixture are removed and the treated area is washed.

Hydrogen peroxide, acetone

foto31057-3Peroxide or acetone can be applied to remove stains brilliant green. The liquid is applied so that it gets into the depths of the material and dissolves the brilliant green.

In difficult cases, you can leave the sponge soaked in acetone, peroxide or alcohol on the stain for a while.

This can only be done when there is no likelihood that the solvent will damage or discolor the base.


For cleaning surfaces from brilliant green pharmacy alcohol can be used... Another alcohol-containing drink, preferably transparent, is also suitable. If alcohol-containing solutions of a bright color are used to remove brilliant green, you can get new spots on the surface in addition.

Features of the use of household chemicals

Stain removers and cleaning products for various surfaces will help to cope with the situation. Their use should be according to the instructions and take into account the type of material soiled. For textiles, one of the stain removers can be used - Antipyatin, Vanish and others.

A good result is able to give:

  • Dr.Beckmann Office & Hobby;
  • Dr.Beckmann Handle.

For hard surfaces that allow the use of chlorine-containing compounds:

  • White;
  • Domestos, etc.
One of the most effective remedies directly against green stains is GRASS Antigraffiti. The drug is available in the form of a spray. Its active formula can deal with tough stains like marker, glue, graffiti paint and even brilliant green.

The product can be used on any surface, acts quickly and effectively... The exposure time is a few seconds. After that, the material is cleaned and the residues of the product are washed off with water. Price for 0.6 liters - from 300 rubles.


The nuances of cleaning various surfaces

The selection of a remedy for brilliant green should take into account all the specifics of the material. Not all coatings react in the same way to solvents, with the result that the material itself may lose functionality and visual appeal.

How to clean from laminate flooring?

You can remove the antiseptic from the laminate by using dishwashing detergent., citric acid solution, using antipyatin-type products. If the listed drugs do not help, then you can try using vinegar, alcohol or acetone.

You need to act quickly and carefully, avoiding waterlogging of the stained base of the floor covering.


You can tidy up the plastic surface with whiteness. Also, for fresh swept, washing powder, alkaline soap or refined gasoline (kerosene) is suitable. After removing the brilliant green, the plastic must be thoroughly washed with an aqueous solution with the addition of vinegar.

Silicone case, rubber

foto31057-5It is possible to clean silicone or rubber from brilliant green using not every product. For processing, you can use only those recipes that will not react with the material of the thing itself.

The following methods are suitable:

  1. Rubbing with toothpaste.
  2. Use for washing soda.

Due to the texture of silicone and rubber, it is extremely difficult to remove brilliant green from them, and in some cases it is almost impossible.


A spot of brilliant solution on linoleum can spread very quickly. To prevent this, it must be blotted with a rag or napkin, preventing the green mark from expanding.

As a solvent and stain remover you can use one of the ways:

  • ammonia;
  • acetone;
  • nail polish remover.

Even when the stain is removed, it is likely that over time, the trail will still appear on the affected area. Read more here.


With upholstered and cabinet furniture, a green spot you can try to remove with the help of such substances:

  1. A mixture of baking soda and vinegar.
  2. Alcohol.
  3. Hydrogen peroxide.

The tool is moistened with a napkin and the stain is treated until it disappears completely. If you leave it unwashed, then over time it will be much more difficult to wash the brilliant green.

You can try to remove the brilliant green from leather furniture with a gruel from washing powder and water, as well as a stain remover or potato starch.

Read about how to wash brilliant green from furniture here.


Dirty hands or traces of brilliant green on the body require removal. It is not advisable to use aggressive agents for this.

For these purposes, you can use the following tools at hand:

  • foto31057-6laundry soap;
  • soda;
  • toothpaste;
  • wet wipes (especially those intended for the care of office equipment);
  • alcohol;
  • vinegar;
  • means for removing waterproof makeup;
  • lemon and others.

Even if you do not use any special method for removing brilliant green, it is capable of leaving the body by itself in 5-7 days. How to wash brilliant green from the skin, will tell this article.

the cloth

It is very difficult to remove brilliant green from textiles, and it is almost impossible to do this with old stains. Therefore, you need to act very quickly. Even so, the result is not guaranteed.

Ways to deal with stain:

  1. Table vinegar... It is applied undiluted to the stain and left for 10 minutes. After that, you need to apply soap suds to the stain and leave for the same time. In the end, the item is washed using laundry soap.
  2. Salicylic acid... This pharmacy remedy is very effective, especially for fresh stains.
  3. Hydrogen peroxide or acetone - are used to wash undiluted green stains.
  4. Bleach. This method is only suitable for white fabrics.

For delicate fabrics with unstable staining, the removal of brilliant green is impossible. Read more here.

Prohibitions when removing traces

When washing brilliant green a number of prohibitions must be taken into account:

  1. In the process of removing the stain, do not use sharp objects and tools with an abrasive surface, as this can lead to deterioration of the substrate, which must be washed.
  2. foto31057-7You should not be engaged in scrubbing the greenery with your bare hands, as there is a possibility of getting dirty.

    In addition, some cleaning products are corrosive and may irritate the skin. It is recommended to wear rubber gloves before work.

  3. Do not delay removing the brilliant green solution stain, regardless of the surface. The more time passes, the more persistent the mark becomes.
  4. Do not use all the solvents at hand at once. When mixed, they can give unpredictable results - up to and including corroding the very base of the material. It can also generate corrosive vapors that are harmful to humans.

4 helpful tips

When removing brilliant green from surfaces the following expert advice should be considered:

  • a surface stained with brilliant green (especially fabric) may need to be removed not at one time, but in several steps;
  • if a thing soiled in brilliant green has been rubbed and ironed, the stain turns into a persistent one, and it will be almost impossible to remove it;
  • if there are doubts about the safety for the surface of a particular product, it must first be tested on an inconspicuous area;
  • some preparations used as solvents can discolor the shades of the base material; for surfaces with an unstable color, the use of such agents should be very careful, with mandatory preliminary testing.
Keep brilliant green in a tightly closed bottle out of the reach of children.


It is possible to quickly wash brilliant green from most surfaces. But in some cases, the problem cannot be completely resolved. This is due to the stable color of the brilliant solution and the chemical composition that quickly comes into contact with various materials.

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