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foto29922-1Scratches on the car spoil its appearance. No one will be able to avoid their appearance. Even with the most careful driving style, they will appear sooner or later.

How to get rid of scratches (small and deep) on the body, bumper of the car, glass and on the plastic parts of the car yourself, read the article.

How to remove scratches from a car body?

The car body is more prone to scratches... It is he who most often suffers from flying off small stones, from poor-quality water in sinks, from the use of abrasive products and from branches.

If the damage is minor, then you can cope with it with improvised means. Deep defects may require painting the part.

How to remove minor, light damage (including from branches)?

Small scratches left by branches can be removed with a surface polish. It is carried out with the help of improvised or purchased means. They will be equally effective.

Alternative methods for removing shallow scratches:

  • wax polishing;
  • polishing with toothpaste;
  • processing with GOI paste.

Purchased formulations:

  1. Body polish Doctor Wax Polyflon. Price - 650 rubles.
  2. Lavr Superfast Car Polish. Price - 250 rubles.
  3. Astrohim body polish Anti-scratch. Price - 120 rubles.

Whichever remedy is chosen to remove minor scratches, use them according to a single scheme:

  1. foto29922-2The car body is washed with soapy water or car shampoo.
  2. If the product is purchased, shake it to evenly distribute the composition inside the bottle.
  3. Apply the agent to the damage in an even layer.
  4. Polish the composition in a circular motion using a dry, soft cloth.
  5. Allow the product to dry.
  6. Remove excess with a paper towel.

When choosing a professional polish, you need to pay attention to the scope of its application. It should be designed to handle the bodywork, not glass or plastic.

Without painting

Medium scratches can be removed with a restoration wax pencil. It is used in the following way:

  • wash the damaged part in order to completely remove road dust from it, even if it is clean, this point cannot be ignored;
  • degrease the treatment site with alcohol applied to a cotton pad;
  • carefully cover up the damage with a pencil, you need to work aimingly, trying not to get into whole areas;
  • after the completion of the work, rub the mark from the pencil with a rubber sponge;
  • bring the body to shine with a soft felt cloth.
Since wax crayons come in different colors, you need to choose the one that is as close as possible to the color of the car. These pencils are inexpensive. The average price is 150 rubles.

Popular Products:

  1. Kerry wax pencil corrector. Price - 150 rubles.
  2. Runway scratch pencil. Price - 240 rubles.
  3. Doctor Wax body pencil for painting over scratches. Price - from 450 rubles.

Masking scratches with a pencil is a temporary measure. After some time, the defects will appear again. The deeper they are, the more likely it is that it will not be possible to do without a full restoration.

With painting

Deep scratches on the body require a major overhaul of the part followed by painting. Procedure:

  1. foto29922-3Remove contamination from the surface, degrease it.
  2. Sand the scratch with P2000 fine abrasive paper. During the work, the treated area is moistened with water.
  3. Using a brush or syringe with a thin nozzle, paint is applied to the scratch in two layers.
  4. When it dries, a natural bump will form that needs to be cleaned off with sandpaper.
  5. The sanded body surface is covered with a transparent varnish. When it hardens, its excess is rubbed with a sandpaper.
  6. The detail is polished with wax. To achieve the optimum effect, use a sander with a soft attachment.

When working with sandpaper or other material for grinding the surface, you need to control the pressure on the material. If you press too hard, new scuffs will appear on the machine. You can use masking tape to protect intact areas.

You can find repair kits on sale... They include a miniature colorant bottle and a paintbrush. One package is designed for several times. Conveniently, you can use the tool immediately after detecting a defect. This is exactly what many old car owners do. They periodically touch up scuffs and other damage, saving on global repairs.

However, spot painting is not applicable to all colors. It makes no sense to apply it to a light car. The difference in the thickness of the varnish will lead to refraction of light, making the defect particularly noticeable. Moreover, it is very difficult to hit a scratch sighting.

How can deep traces be removed?

Deep scratches cannot be removed with the help of available tools. The effects of toothpaste or wax will only be temporary. Since not only the paintwork and the primer are damaged, right down to the metal. If it is not possible to immediately overhaul the scratch, then you can resort to these tools, but as soon as possible, they carry out a full-fledged painting.

Restoration can be done on your own... The damaged area is sanded with sandpaper, painted over, varnished and polished. After such treatment, there will be no trace of the scratch. If the part is seriously damaged, go to a car workshop. Read more about removing deep scratches on a car. here.

We get rid of defects on plastic

foto29922-4Scratches on the plastic parts of a car require a special approach, since this material is subject to deformation more strongly than metal.

To get rid of surface defects, use wax or plastic polish... Deep damage is removed with a construction hairdryer.

The part is heated with it until its surface is equal. However, this method requires special care.If the plastic is overheated, it will deform, which will require replacement of components.

It must be remembered that there is a difference between the processing of external and internal plastic parts. In the cabin, the material is softer, therefore it requires careful handling... Will tell in more detail this article.

Fighting scuffs on glass

Scratches on the glass lend themselves well to polishing. It is performed using GOI paste, fine-grained sandpaper, and even using toothpaste. These compounds will help deal with minor damage and abrasions.

When working with glass, you need to control the force of pressing on it. The material is brittle, and damage makes it even more susceptible to any pressure.

If the defect is deep, then you cannot do without the help of specialists.... Trying to grind such damage yourself is dangerous, as it can turn into a crack at any time. As a result, the glass will have to be completely replaced. Details - in this article.

We will restore the bumper ourselves

It is the bumper that most often suffers from mechanical factors, therefore, scratches are formed on it regularly. If the damage is shallow, and the part is made of plastic, it is not difficult to restore its attractive appearance on your own.

foto29922-5Such substances come to the rescue as:

  • VD-40 grease,
  • paste GOI,
  • wax based polishes.

It will take some effort to deal with deep scratches. You can even them out with a construction hair dryer. However, this method is only suitable for unpainted surfaces.

In other cases, the part will have to be sanded, primed and painted... You can do this yourself, or order a service at a car repair shop. How to get rid of scratches on the bumper of a car, you can find out here.

Contacting specialists: service price

If the scratches are deep, or multiple, do not spend money and effort to buy polishes. It is better to immediately contact a specialist and order a comprehensive restoration. The price of the service differs depending on the area to be processed.

Estimated cost:

  • the fight against superficial scratches on the body will cost 300-700 rubles;
  • deep damage in the workshop will be removed for 3000-7000 rubles;
  • removing a scratch from the glass costs 500 rubles;
  • the bumper will be restored for 2000 rubles;
  • if the interior plastic is damaged, then the car service will take to work for 500 rubles;
  • with extensive and deep defects, the amount increases by 3 times.
The final price depends on the specifics of the work. The nature and depth of damage matters. You can find out the exact cost of the service only after inspection.

Helpful information

Tips for removing scratches from different parts of your car:

  1. foto29922-6You need to start removing deep scratches right away. If you ride with them for a long time, the car will start to rust.
  2. The surface is thoroughly cleaned before grinding. Dirt trapped under the skin will provoke the appearance of new deep scratches.
  3. Wet grinding of any parts. During operation, the surface is moistened with clean water.
  4. If the scratch is covered with corrosion, then it cannot be painted over. First you need to clean off the rust.
  5. If the machine has been in operation for a long time, its color will fade. Therefore, the scratch covered with new paint will be different. You should not worry, after a while the color will equalize.

If you are interested in how to remove small and deep scratches from various surfaces and objects, take a look at this section.


Small scratches on the car can be removed without staining. For this, materials are used that polish the surface, level it and make damage less noticeable.

If the defect is deep, then it will not be possible to cope with it without cleaning and applying a new layer of paint.... You can do this work yourself, if you have tools and materials.

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