foto30115-1Scratches can appear on almost any material. They spoil the appearance of the product and impair its functioning.

In most cases, you can get rid of them if you use the right products.

Read about how to remove scratches from various surfaces in the article.

Universal recipes for removing fine scuffs

There are tools that can be used for most products. They are harmless as they are gentle.

If the scratches are superficial, then they resort to using improvised means. To get rid of serious defects, special formulations are used.

How to remove with improvised means?

Top 3 handy tools that can be used on any surface:

  1. foto30115-2Toothpaste... A paste without abrasive particles is considered safe and effective. Therefore, most recipes recommend using a non-bleaching paste.
  2. Paste GOI... It is a universal polishing compound that gently sands surfaces, smoothing and leveling them. The pasta differs in numbers.

    The coarsest is the composition No. 4, and No. 1 and No. 2 are used mainly for delicate work, to give the surface a mirror shine.

  3. Wax. It allows you to smooth out minor damage. The best result is achieved with a sander.

Special formulations

You can find polishes on sale for removing scratches. You need to choose those compounds that are marked "restorative", and not just "protective". Top 3 best remedies:

Doctor Wax

Body polish to remove scratches. The tool effectively removes paintwork defects... Price - 480 rubles.



Plastic polish Scratch remover. Paste for processing plastic products. Price - 480 rubles.



Glass polish... The composition is intended for the care of headlights and auto glass. Price - 600 rubles.


When buying, you need to pay attention to which surface the product is intended for.

Features of removing traces at home

Depending on the type of surface to be treated, the care products will differ. A prerequisite for safe and gentle cleaning is to follow the instructions.

From linoleum

To remove scratches from linoleum, mastic is used. It is sold at hardware stores. You need to select the color for mixing in the color of the floor covering.

Mode of application:

  • linoleum is cleaned of dirt and dust, degreased with an alcohol-containing liquid;
  • mix mastic and color, sometimes several pigments are used to obtain the optimal color;
  • with a spatula, apply the composition to the damaged area, carefully remove the excess;
  • when the composition dries, polish the surface with a soft cloth.
Instead of mastic, you can use clear nail polish. If the scratches are small, use wax.

From a gold or silver ring

foto30115-6To polish a gold or silver ring at home, use GOI paste. In addition to it, you only need felt for applying the composition.


  1. The ring is cleaned of dirt.
  2. GOI paste is applied to the felt.
  3. They polish the surface with it to absolute smoothness.

If GOI paste was not at hand, then they use toothpaste and even lipstick. Jewelry napkins that are sold in specialized stores and online markets have a good effect. They cost about 100 rubles.

From a metal object

Small scratches on metal surfaces are sealed with silicone grease. It covers damage and prevents metal from rusting. However, this method is short-lived. Frequent contact with water will wash off the silicone.

Therefore, a more thorough approach is recommended:

  • remove all contaminants from the metal surface, degrease it;
  • if rust has already appeared, it is removed with acid;
  • with the help of mastic of a suitable color, close up the scratch;
  • when the material dries, it is carefully sanded with fine-grained sandpaper.
If the damage is deep, then it will have to be putty, painted and varnished.

From the countertop

A scratch on the countertop can be removed with furniture wax. It copes well even with deep injuries, making them almost invisible. You need to select the tool that will not get out of the general color.

foto30115-7Use wax as follows:

  1. They clean surfaces from dirt, degrease it. It is important to remove all dust from deep within the scratch.
  2. Rub wax into the damage so that it completely fills it.
  3. Remove excess funds with a soft cloth.
  4. Rub the surface until shiny.

This universal composition is suitable for processing countertops from any material, but from time to time the procedure will have to be repeated.

With chrome surface

Chrome parts can be polished with GOI paste. For processing, use the composition No. 2.


  • clean the product from dirt;
  • apply the paste to a drill with a felt circle nozzle;
  • process the part;
  • the procedure is continued until the surface is smooth.

If you don't have a drill, you can hand polish, but this process will take twice as long.

Chrome-plated products are sensitive to various substances and abrasive compounds, therefore, if there are deep scratches, it is better to consult a specialist.

With silicone case

foto30115-8You can use a CD polish to remove scratches on the silicone case. Procedure:

  1. Degrease the silicone with an alcohol compound.
  2. Spray on polish.
  3. Using a felt cloth, grind it.
  4. Remove excess product with a napkin.

If the scratch is deep, it can be filled with clear nail polish. It is most convenient to apply with a toothpick.

On the sink

It takes some effort to remove scratches on the sink.Since the surface is always in contact with water, only moisture resistant materials are used.

Algorithm of actions:

  • clean the damaged area;
  • rub the scratch with fine-grained sandpaper;
  • fill the hole with putty - you need to work quickly and accurately, since the material freezes in air;
  • cover a layer of putty with varnish.

It is impossible to use the sink for 2 days, so that all layers have time to completely grab.

On shoes

There are several ways to get rid of scratches on your shoes. Three powerful recipes:

  1. Marker. They pick it up to match the shoes and paint over a scratch with it. This method allows you to mask the defect if it is small.
  2. Clay Moment... It is applied to the damaged area with a toothpick, after which the surface is squeezed so that the scratch comes together. The main thing is not to put pressure on the place where the glue was applied.
  3. Nail polish... It is applied in the same way as glue. If the scratch is small, then it is better to use transparent varnish, since it will be problematic to match it to the tone of the shoe.
For leather shoes, it is better to purchase a product called "liquid leather".

On ceramic tiles

foto30115-9You can get rid of scratches of different depths using grout. The main difficulty lies in buying a product that is ideally suited to the tone of the material.


  • remove dirt from the tile;
  • apply grout to the surface;
  • wait for the material to solidify;
  • polish the tile with a felt cloth.

This method will allow you to get rid of the defect for a long time, since the grout is resistant to moisture.

Stainless steel

You can remove minor damage from stainless steel using toothpaste. Use it as follows:

  1. Clean and dry the surface.
  2. Apply the paste to the scratch.
  3. Rub it over the metal surface with soft matter until the defect disappears.
  4. Moisten a napkin in water, wring it out and wipe the treated area.

If the scratch is still visible, repeat the procedure. For more serious damage, use GOI No. 3 paste.

On a wooden floor

To remove a scratch from a wooden floor, it can be treated with a repair marker. The main thing is to choose it to match the surface.

Mode of application:

  • clean the wood from dust and dirt, let it dry completely;
  • open the marker and move it over the scratch several times, the damage should be completely filled with dye;
  • remove excess with a dry cloth, polish the floor.
Using a marker will make the scratch less noticeable for a while, but for a better repair it will have to be sanded, painted and varnished.

From watch glass

foto30115-10You can remove scratches from the watch glass using GOI paste. For processing, use the composition No. 2 or No. 3.

The paste is applied to a soft material that is used to polish the surface.... This method is suitable for processing organic or mineral glass.

If it is sapphire, and the scratches are deep, then folk remedies will not be able to cope. You will need to use professional restoration polishes. For plastic glasses, toothpaste is preferred. Will tell in more detail this publication.

With glasses

Glasses cannot be cleaned with abrasive products... If they are glass, then the choice is made in favor of toothpaste or wax polish. This treatment does not affect the intact protective layer, so that the lens does not become cloudy.

Scratches are removed from plastic glasses with wax, colorless varnish and even spray for processing CDs. The main thing is to ensure that no liquid gets inside the mechanism. Find out how to remove scratches from eyeglasses here, from sunscreens - here.

With laminate

You can remove scratches from the laminate using:

  • wax candle,
  • acrylic varnish,
  • baking soda,
  • even beeswax.

The main thing is to fill in the scratch and then polish the floor to a shine.

There are also many special products on the market for removing scratches from laminate flooring.They come in the form of pencils, gels and putties. When choosing a suitable composition, you need to correctly determine the color so that the coloring matter does not get out of the general tone.

Details - in this material.

With glossy details

foto30115-11The glossy surface is difficult to process, since all abrasive compositions are prohibited for use. It is unacceptable to use even a soda solution.

Scratches are polished with wax, masked with car pencils... If these funds do not give the desired result, they acquire specialized formulations.

Powders for processing are not bought. It is possible to use a furniture pencil, special retouching or a marker for restoration. You can only polish the gloss with a soft felt or suede cloth. How to remove scratches from a glossy kitchen surface, read here.

From the skin

You can remove scratches from the skin by treating them with rubber glue or paraffin.... When choosing a glue, you need to make sure that there is no acetone in its composition.

You need to work with him aimingly so as not to get into an undamaged area. After eliminating the defect, the skin is lubricated with a cream of the desired shade.

In the store you can buy a special product called liquid skin. It seals well the damage, which becomes almost invisible after processing. Read more here.

From the refrigerator

To remove scratches from your refrigerator, you can polish the surface with cleaning agents. Baby oil or toothpaste can help deal with minor blemishes.

If the scratch is deep, paint over it. You can choose from a marker or acrylic paints. When none of the proposed methods helps, the only way out is to mask the defect or replace the door.

For information on how to remove scratches from the refrigerator, read here.

From furniture

foto30115-12Scratches from furniture are removed with improvised and special compounds. Dark wood furniture rubbed with walnut... The oil contained in it masks defects well.

For the capital repair of damage, sandpaper is used, which is used to rub the problem area. Then you need to apply a wax paste to it and sand it to a shine.

From store products used:

  • oil polish,
  • wax pencils,
  • stroke and stain.

To make the defect less noticeable, you need to select a dye to match the furniture. Will tell in more detail this article.

With plastic

Small damage on plastic can be removed with wax... It is applied to dry cloth and the surface is polished. Alternatively, you can use GOI paste.

If the scratches are deep, use a hair dryer. The surface is heated with it, as a result of which it is leveled. However, this method is only applicable to dark plastic. White surfaces may be stained.

Also, polishes on plastic have a good effect, but you need to choose a tool taking into account the type of material. More details about removing scratches from plastic will tell this article.

From the mirrors

Scratches on the mirror are removed with the help of available tools. To do this, it is polished with a mixture of vinegar and mustard, treated with toothpaste. You can fill the defect with colorless nail polish or silicone sealant.

If the mirror is damaged on the back side, you can close the defect with ordinary foil. It will be possible to hide the scratch with cerium oxide. This chemical is known as jewelry blush. It must be diluted with water before polishing.

Details - in this material.

With auto

foto30115-13The choice of car scratch remover depends on where the damage is. If this is a body, then it is sanded and a new coat of paint is worn.

When a scratch is located on the plastic, it can be removed by heat treatmentusing a building hairdryer.

Headlights and mirrors are polished with toothpaste. Also on sale there are coloring agents (pencils, mastics, pastes) that allow you to mask the defect for a long time.You can learn how to remove scratches from a car here.

How to remove deep damage?

Soft polishes and tools at hand to deal with deep scratches are ineffective. Major repairs will be required to get rid of the major damage.

The features of its conduct depend on the type of material, but the general instruction is as follows:

  1. The dirt is washed off the surface using a soap solution.
  2. Degrease the area. The safest remedy is alcohol.
  3. The defect is cleaned up using fine abrasive paper marked P2500. The work is carried out until the surface is perfectly flat.
  4. If the product is painted, it is primed so that the new coating will lay better.
  5. When the primer dries, apply the coloring composition.
  6. If necessary, the defect is varnished.

The final stage is polishing the product to make it smooth and shiny.

Helpful information

Tips for removing scratches from different surfaces:

  1. foto30115-14You should not continue to use a thing with a scratch. The defect will grow in size over time, spoiling the appearance of the product.
  2. Most surfaces do not tolerate contact with abrasive substances and hard brushes, therefore they are polished only with a soft cloth.
  3. Before applying a new product to a scratch, it is recommended to test it on an inconspicuous area of ​​the thing to be treated.


You can get rid of almost any shallow scratch yourself. For this, use the means at hand. If the damage is serious, then a thorough approach is required, using store-bought formulations.

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