foto4691-1Scotch tape is an adhesive tape that can be used to fasten surfaces to each other, or to fix an object.

After removing it, traces remain. Getting rid of them is not always easy.

How to remove traces of scotch tape using improvised means, without making titanic efforts? To successfully combat sticky stripes, you need to follow the guide provided in the article.

How can you remove the remaining adhesive tape?

Depending on the type of surface on which the tape is applied, the rules for removing its marks will differ slightly.

Incorrect selection of cleaning agents can damage the product. Therefore, you need to take into account the material from which it is made.

How to remove footprints from a tree?

Wooden surfaces are often fixed with tape. They are used to fasten cabinet doors, shelves, bedside tables, floorboards. When this temporary measure is no longer necessary, an unpleasant surprise is left in the form of traces of glue.

It is not difficult to wipe them off if you use such means as:

  1. foto4691-2Gasoline for refueling lighters... It is sold in a separate container. A piece of cotton wool is impregnated with it and carried over the surface several times.

    After processing, the wood is wiped with a damp cloth. If the surface is varnished or polished, then you need to act quickly so as not to damage the product.

  2. White spirit... This solvent gasoline has a corrosive effect on materials. Therefore, you need to work with it even more carefully.
  3. Eraser... To remove the glue from a wooden surface, you can rub it with a regular eraser, which is at the end of each simple pencil. After the glue is cleaned, you need to brush off the rest of the eraser with a rag. If necessary, the surface is polished.
  4. Dishwashing liquid... It is diluted in hot water and applied to the stain. Leave the composition for 3-5 minutes, then wipe it with a dry cloth. If it was not possible to get rid of the glue the first time, then the procedure can be repeated.
  5. Sunflower oil... Soak a corner of a sponge or a paper napkin with oil and grease sticky traces with it. After that, they forget about the treated surface for half an hour. After the specified time, the sticky marks are removed. You can remove the remaining oil with a mild vinegar solution or soapy water.This method is not suitable for cleaning untreated wood. The oil will saturate its porous structure and leave greasy stains that will darken over time.
  6. Soda... If a wooden object forgives abrasive treatment, then you can use soda gruel. For its preparation, sodium bicarbonate is diluted with a small amount of water, applied to the problem area and rubbed with a sponge. When the traces of the tape are completely removed, the surface is washed and dried.
Sticky marks from the tree can be removed with another tape. To do this, a new layer of tape is applied to the adhesive strip and abruptly torn off. For complete cleaning, the procedure must be repeated several times.

With fabric

Sometimes scotch marks remain on the fabric. It is especially unpleasant if they spoil the appearance of a new thing. Getting rid of sticky streaks isn't difficult. Most often, washing in a warm soapy solution helps..

foto4691-3For the stain to go away, it is recommended to soak the clothes for 1-2 hours. Before rinsing the item, rub the contaminated area by hand.

If it was not possible to remove the traces the first time, then the procedure can be repeated. Instead of soaking in soapy water, a gruel from washing powder and warm water is applied to the stain.

If the soap does not cope with the task, you can treat the fabric with acetone or alcohol. The liquid is applied to a cotton pad and left for 15 minutes. Then the treated area must be gently rubbed. After the fabric is clean, it is rinsed in running water.

Carefully handle the fabric with acetone... This substance can cause color fading and staining.

It is not recommended to apply oil or gasoline to the fabric. These substances will not help to cope with the problem, but they can lead to the final deterioration of the thing.

Therefore, if you are not sure how it will react to this or that composition, you first need to process a small surface in the most inconspicuous place.

From metal

Metal surfaces are highly resistant to abrasives and corrosive substances, but only on condition that they are not covered with paint. Therefore, if traces of adhesive tape remain on the metal front door, then they can be removed with a powder cleaner and a brush.

When paint is applied to the metal, you need to act more carefully. Means for cleaning the surface from adhesive tape:

  1. foto4691-4Dishwashing liquid... It is applied to the soft side of the sponge and then to the soiled area.

    After 15 minutes, gently rub the surface with a damp and then dry cloth. This treatment will not harm even glossy paint.

  2. Gasoline or kerosene... Simply rub the adhesive strip to avoid leaving any residue.

    Gasoline and kerosene are highly flammable. Therefore, you need to work with them away from sources of fire.

  3. Bite or rubbing alcohol... The selected agent is applied to a metal surface and wiped with a dry cloth.

Some of the listed funds will certainly be at hand. They can be used to remove fresh adhesive tape stains. If the traces are old, then the procedure is repeated again.

From the refrigerator

Oftentimes, tape strips remain on a new refrigerator that was recently brought from the store. Sometimes they appear on vehicles after moving. In any case, such spots do not look aesthetically pleasing and must be removed.

You can use special liquids or pencils to rid the refrigerator of traces of adhesive tape. They are sold at hardware stores. They can also be purchased from a large business department.

If professional cleaners were not at hand, then available means will come to the rescue:

  • acetone or nail polish remover;
  • vinegar;
  • alcohol;
  • means for cleaning glasses.

foto4691-5Regardless of the product chosen, it must be applied to the surface for 3-5 minutes, and then gently wiped with a damp sponge or soft cloth.

Nail polish remover works best with dirt.... To get rid of a thick layer of glue, the procedure will have to be repeated 2-3 more times.

Cleaning the refrigerator with a hard sponge or abrasive products is not allowed. This will cause scratches. It is better to spend more time processing equipment than to hopelessly ruin an expensive purchase.

From the mirror

Postcards or photographs are often attached to mirrors with tape. When they lose their relevance, they are removed, but sticky marks remain on the reflective surface. It is not difficult to cope with them, as the mirrors are resistant to aggressive agents.

The three most powerful anti-sticky ingredients are:

  1. Ammonia.
  2. Acetone.
  3. Window cleaner such as Mister Proper.
Any of the selected products must be applied to the contaminated surface, wipe it with a cotton pad and rinse with water. To get rid of streaks, the mirror is treated with a dry cloth. Microfiber cloth removes dirt well.

When working with ammonia and acetone, it is recommended to protect the respiratory systemwearing a disposable mask or respirator.

You can remove sticky marks from the mirror not only with the help of liquids, but also mechanically. To do this, you need to take the blade and gently clean the dirty surface. The resulting pellets are removed with a paper towel.

Off the wall

It is difficult to remove traces of adhesive tape from a wall covered with regular wallpaper, since they do not tolerate contact with liquids. To avoid damaging your paper, you can follow these guidelines:

  1. foto4691-6Gently clean the contaminated area with a nail file or plastic spatula... This method works well for small stains.

    The pellets can be removed with a dry microfiber cloth. Veins will help facilitate work. A jet of hot air will heat up the glue, after which it will go away faster.

  2. Treat the adhesive spot with a melamine sponge... It is moistened in water, wrung out and gently rubbed the contaminated section of the wall. This mild abrasive will help you easily get rid of the sticky line on your wallpaper.
  3. Stationery eraser... It is a great tool for removing adhesive tape from wallpaper. You need to rub the stain with an elastic band and brush off the pellets with a rag.
If the wall is not covered with wallpaper, but painted, then you can use any liquid means, for example, acetone, soap or soda solution, dishwashing detergent.

From the skin

To remove traces of tape from your skin, you can use the following tools:

  • foto4691-7table vinegar... It is applied to the stain and gently rubbed with a cotton pad. You can get rid of the smell with a soapy solution;
  • vodka... It is enough to wipe the skin with an alcohol-containing liquid several times to completely remove the stains;
  • hydrogen peroxide... This is the safest cleaning method, as it does not leave behind a smell, marks or scratches.

When working with vinegar, vodka or peroxide, you need to protect your eyes from corrosive substances.

From linoleum

Scotch marks on linoleum can be removed mechanically. For this purpose, you should use:

  1. With a rubber eraser.
  2. A plastic spatula.
  3. Spatula.
  4. New scotch tape. It needs to be glued to the old track and pulled up sharply.
The linoleum surface is resistant to various types of impact.

Linoleum lends itself well to cleaning with such means as:

  • washing powder;
  • soap solution;
  • acetone;
  • abrasive detergents.

From clothes

foto4691-8Clothes that are stained with duct tape should be washed. It is pre-soaked for several hours in warm water.

After this time, the area of ​​contamination must be rubbed and rinsed well. In order not to spoil the thing, you need to study the information indicated on the label.

If sticky stains remain on the clothes after washing, then you can resort to more aggressive products, rubbing them with alcohol or acetone.

Algorithm of actions:

  1. The selected liquid is applied to a cotton pad, applied to the contaminated area and left for 20 minutes.
  2. After the specified time, the stain begins to rub until it disappears completely.
  3. After processing, the item is washed in warm water.

If it was not possible to get rid of the sticky marks the first time, then the procedure can be repeated. Most often, a double treatment is enough to completely clean the clothes from dirt.

Another unusual cleaning product is hairspray. It is applied to the stain and rubbed with a regular toothbrush.

If woolen or silk clothes are dirty, then sticky marks roll off with your fingers... After removing them, the item is washed under running cool water.

From the doors

foto4691-9To remove traces of adhesive tape from the door, it is best to use Mellerud professional spray. It allows you to safely clean various surfaces from glue, including wood veneer.

The product is applied to the contaminated surface with a disk and left for 30 minutes. Residues are removed with a damp cloth.

You can order Mellerud in online stores... Its price is 420-480 rubles. A 500 ml bottle will last for a long time.

If such a tool is not at hand, then you can use vegetable oil or gasoline. In order not to damage the surface of the door, it is recommended to start with treating an inconspicuous area.

From car

Scotch marks from the car can be easily cleaned off with gasoline, which the driver always has at hand. You can also use a regular laundry detergent or glass cleaner such as Mister Proper.

Liquids such as:

  • sunflower oil;
  • oil for baby skin care;
  • oil for massage.
If there is a schoolboy in the house, then you can borrow from him an ordinary eraser, with which you rub the contaminated surface.

Read more about other methods of car cleaning. here.

From glass

Glass surfaces lend themselves well to treatment with acetone or special window cleanerse.g. Mister Muscle or Mister Proper. Any housewife in the kitchen has a vegetable oil that will quickly clear the glass from the tape.

foto4691-10You can remove sticky marks with the help of substances such as:

  1. Petrol.
  2. Soapy water.
  3. White spirit.
  4. Soda.
  5. Essential oils.

It is not recommended to use products that scratch surfaces... This applies to all abrasive powders.

Cleaning should be done with a sponge or soft cloth. More information can be found here.

From furniture

Removing tape from plastic furniture is difficult. If the sun's rays hit the contaminated surface, then the problem becomes even more serious. To solve it, you can use a hairdryer that heats up the scotch tape.

From furniture made of chipboard, stains can be removed with a gruel of tooth powder and shaving foam.

Vegetable oil, a school eraser and some other improvised means help to cope with sticky marks. Read more about the methods of cleaning furniture from adhesive tape. here.

From plastic windows

foto4691-11To remove traces of tape from plastic windows, you can use nail polish remover.

Such products as quickly remove sticky spots:

  • vodka;
  • perfume containing alcohol;
  • cologne;
  • dishwashing gel.

Unsightly streaks of oily liquids do not withstand, but they are absolutely safe for plastic windows. Therefore, you can safely apply:

  1. Whether olive oil or sunflower oil.
  2. Aromatic oils.
  3. Massage Oil.

For more information on cleaning such surfaces, you can here.

With plastic

You can remove the tape from plastic with an eraser, melamine sponge, or microfiber cloth. Some housewives use the heating method, using a hair dryer for this purpose.

Chemicals can be distinguished:

  1. White spirit.
  2. Petrol.
  3. Acetone.
  4. Ammonia.
  5. Vinegar.

For detailed information on cleaning methods, see here.

How to clean double-sided?

foto4691-12You can remove double-sided tape from surfaces using acetone. Chemical methods of cleaning allow you to cope with the problem.

To do this, you can use such devices as:

  • stationery knife;
  • a drill or screwdriver with a rubber attachment;
  • a hair dryer with which the scotch tape is heated;
  • masking tape.

The remnants of the glue are removed with an eraser or vegetable oil. More details can be read here.

How to remove a paper one?

Paper tape lends itself well to mechanical cleaning. To do this, you can use a blade, a stationery knife, or a school eraser.

If there is no desire to make an effort, then liquid means are taken to wipe off the adhesive tape, for example, a spruce for washing dishes Myth or Sorty.

Sticky footprints removed with oil, acetone, gasoline and other improvised means... Every apartment has vinegar or rubbing alcohol that can handle paper tape with ease.

General tips and tricks

  1. foto4691-13In order not to damage the skin of your hands with aggressive substances, you need to work with gloves.
  2. When interacting with liquids that have a strong chemical odor, it is recommended to protect the respiratory system with a respirator.
  3. If you don't have a hair dryer on hand to heat the surface, you can expose it to the sun. This will melt the glue and make it easier to remove.
  4. Do not start treating a large surface with aggressive agents if there is no confidence in the success of the event. In order not to spoil the thing, you need to try to test the selected product in an inconspicuous area. Only then can you proceed with further cleaning.


It is not difficult to get rid of traces of adhesive tape. The main thing is to decide on the type of surface and choose the right cleaning agent. When working with aggressive substances, safety measures must be observed.

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