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foto21987-1Rust on a car is a headache for all drivers without exception. It is almost impossible to prevent its appearance.

Having discovered corrosion on your car, you do not need to be upset, since you can cope with it on your own.

The article will talk about how to quickly and easily remove rust from a car with your own hands, without contacting a service center, what is necessary and what is not recommended.

How to get rid of corrosion on car metal?

There are several ways to remove rust. Folk remedies and special compositions come to the rescue. You can also try to get rid of the corrosion by mechanical or electrochemical methods.

How to remove rust with improvised means?

You don't have to go to the store to remove shallow corrosion... There are means for its removal in almost every home or garage. And they are very cheap.


foto21987-2You can remove metal oxides with 9% table vinegar.

If the damage is deep, then use the essencemixed with water in equal parts.

The method of application is simple. It is enough to apply acid to the damaged area, or immerse the part in it (if it is removable).

The optimal exposure time is 2 hours. After finishing the treatment, the metal is washed with clean water. Read about the use of vinegar to fight rust here.

How to scrub with baking soda?

Rust remover use as follows:

  • prepare a thick soda paste;
  • apply it to the damaged area of ​​the car;
  • leave for half an hour;
  • brush out corrosion with a medium-hard bristle brush.

If the problem cannot be dealt with the first time, the procedure is repeated.

How to remove carbonated water

Soda contains phosphoric acid, which is found in most specialized rust cleaners.

Even a small amount is enough to remove corrosion from a car. Coca-Cola, Fanta, Pepsi and Sprite are suitable for removing oxides.

Mode of application:

  1. Soak the damaged part in sparkling water overnight.
  2. If it is not possible to remove it, the fabric is impregnated with the agent, which is applied to the oxidized place. From above it is covered with polyethylene so that the soda does not evaporate.
  3. After 12 hours, the composition is washed off with clean water.

This method has 3 advantages at once: it is safe for metal, highly effective and does not require money. You can learn about the use of Coca-Cola in the fight against rust here.

How to clean with citric acid?

foto21987-3Citric acid acts like vinegar... It is not used in pure form, but in a diluted form.

10-20 g of preservative is enough per liter of water. The product is lowered into the prepared solution, or the damaged area is abundantly moistened with it. You can attach a cloth soaked in lemon as a compress.

The optimum holding time is 2-4 hours. If the layer of rust is impressive, it is doubled. The concentration of the main active ingredient is increased by the same amount. More about the cleaning method - here.

Potatoes and laundry soap

You can get rid of pitting corrosion on a car with potatoes and soap. Mode of application:

  • the vegetable is cut into 2 parts;
  • the cut is rubbed with laundry soap;
  • clean the damaged areas with half a potato, you can leave the vegetable on the surface of the part for an hour;
  • after completion of cleaning, the treated part is washed with water.
Using potatoes, you can get rid of shallow corrosion. This method is not suitable for processing large areas.

How to clean rusty marks with special compounds?

You can remove rust from the car using special products. These include:

  1. foto21987-4WD-40... The product is sold in all stores for car enthusiasts. These anti-corrosion products are used not only for cleaning, but also for preventing rust formation on any metal surfaces.

    The composition penetrates even the smallest pores, thereby increasing the degree of cleaning. Among motorists, WD-40 is better known as the "liquid key". A universal remedy costs about 300 rubles.

  2. Converters rust. They contain zinc and manganese salts. Their use allows you to quickly and safely get rid of corrosion, as well as prevent its reoccurrence. After applying the converter to the metal, a film forms on it, which can last from 3 to 12 months. The average price for converters is 250 rubles.
  3. Removers rust intended for cleaning cars. Most often they contain acids that are able to cope even with old dirt. Such compositions can be used before the upcoming painting. The average price per pack is 300 rubles.
  4. Autoplasticine with converter rust. This substance in its consistency resembles ordinary children's plasticine, but has different properties. It is used not only to remove rust, but also to prevent its appearance. The tool is inexpensive, it costs about 100 rubles.
  5. Household chemicals for removal rust. Generic formulations are available at almost every retail store. However, you need to use them to clean the car carefully, after studying the instructions. To begin with, the composition must be tested on an inconspicuous area, since such funds are not suitable for all surfaces. The average price is 150 rubles per package.

The choice of specialized products is varied, so you can choose the optimal composition for each specific case.

Removal by electrochemical method

The electrochemical method of rust removal is applicable for self-realization. With its help, you can solve 2 tasks at once: get rid of corrosion and prevent its reoccurrence.

This method is suitable for cleaning removable and cast parts. In the first case, it is unscrewed from the car and completely immersed in the solution. In the second case, the corroded areas are treated with batteries, "burning" the damaged surface with them.

To implement this method you will need:

  • energy source, such as a battery,
  • water,
  • a piece of stainless steel and wire.

The part that needs cleaning is connected to the "minus" of the battery, and the stainless steel - to the "plus". The start of the reaction will be indicated by active bubbling of water (electrolyte). Read about how to remove rust using a battery. here, about the electrolysis method - here.

How to clean it mechanically?

Mechanical cleaning involves removing rust using any tools or abrasives. Implementation method:

  1. foto21987-5Remove loose metal with sandpaper. Cleaning is carried out both manually and with the help of a power tool, for example, a grinder.

    In this case, it is necessary to control the pressing force on the tool, which will prevent the appearance of deep scratches.

  2. Continue cleaning until all corrosion has been removed.
  3. After removing the oxides, the car is treated with a rust converter. This is done in order to remove rust from the depths of the metal, from small cracks that are not visible to the naked eye.
  4. Degrease the surface, putty and paint it.

The better the mechanical cleaning is performed, the more durable the result. Tells about rust paint for a car this article.

How to handle different parts of the car with your own hands?

The method of cleaning will differ depending on the part of the car that has developed rust. Features to look out for:

  1. From the body... It is not possible to remove the body and soak it in the cleaning solution. The processing should be as gentle as possible so as not to damage the areas not damaged by corrosion. You can use both folk remedies and specialized formulations. The mechanical method is used with caution.
  2. From the arches... Arches are most often cleaned mechanically. After removing the rust, they are treated with an anti-corrosion compound and covered with paint.
  3. From engine number... If the number is not readable under a thick layer of rust, you can remove it with improvised means. It is best to use Coca-Cola or table vinegar. The use of caustic compounds, as well as mechanical cleaning, is abandoned.
  4. FROM brake discs and calipers... These parts are removable, so full immersion electrochemical methods are often used to remove corrosion.
  5. From the gas tank... The gas tank is treated with compounds containing acids. They are poured inside, shaken thoroughly and left to act for several hours.

He will tell you how to flush the cooling system from rust and scale this article.

How to carry out prevention correctly?

Preventing rust is much easier than fighting it. To this end, it is recommended to take the following measures:

  1. foto21987-6Do not leave the car dirty, wash it regularly.
  2. Install the mud flaps.
  3. Treat the car with polishing compounds. You can do it yourself or in specialized services.
  4. Carry out anti-corrosion treatment of the underside of the car at least once every 6 months.

Rust should be cleaned off as soon as its first signs appear. This will prevent the spread of corrosion over large areas.

You can learn about ways to protect your car from rusting from this articles.

Wrestling tips

To get rid of rust on the car and not damage it, you need to heed the advice of experts:

  1. If the part is soaked in any solution, then tin cans cannot be used as containers. Glass or plastic containers are suitable for work.
  2. You can leave the product on the metal surface no longer than the time indicated in the instructions.
  3. After cleaning is complete, the treated area should be rinsed with water unless otherwise indicated in the instructions for use. This is to ensure that the chemicals do not continue to degrade the intact metal.


Rust on a car is not a sentence. You can and should get rid of it. To remove corrosion, both improvised and professional means are used. A good effect is obtained by a combination of several methods at once, for example, mechanical cleaning followed by electrochemical treatment and application of a converter.

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