With clothes and fabric

foto30291-1Pen ink marks on clothing are not uncommon, especially among pupils, college students and office workers.

How can you remove ink from gel and ballpoint pen paste from clothes and fabric? To cope with stains will help those products that are already at home, as well as special stain removers, which will be discussed in the article.

Fast response: where to start?

In cases where the ink mark has just appeared, you can use talcum powder or baby powder.

The agent is applied to the stain in such a way that the maximum amount of ink is absorbed into the powder. After that, the sorbent is cleaned off, and the remaining trace is wiped with alcohol or peroxide. Finishes processing - washing.

How to remove a ballpoint pen paste stain?

If enough time has passed after the ink gets on the fabric, using sorbents will no longer help.

How to wash with improvised means?

You can use one of the simple ways:

  1. foto30291-6Alcohol and peroxide... The handle paste has a synthetic composition, which will help to remove substances that play the role of solvents.

    The mark must first be treated with alcohol, then with pharmaceutical hydrogen peroxide. It is convenient to use a sponge for these purposes. When the stain disappears, the item is washed.

  2. Ammonia... An effective pharmacy tool for removing pen stains is ammonia. It is better to use it in its pure form: soak the fabric well and rub it.
  3. Soda... For processing, it is necessary to prepare a cleaning paste by diluting the soda with water. The consistency of the product should be quite thick and uniform. The mass is applied to the stained area. After 15 minutes, the clothes are washed.
  4. Mustard... Mustard is a natural and effective remedy that can be used to remove a variety of stains, including pen stains. The agent is applied to a marked tissue site and kept for a day. After that, the composition is washed off, and the thing itself is washed.
  5. Serum... You can remove pen stains with sour milk or whey.You can soak either the whole thing as a whole (if it is small) or only the part that has suffered. Clothes are left in this form for 10-12 hours, then they are washed in the usual way.
  6. Hair spray... An unusual use of hairspray is to remove pen strokes from textiles. The effect of exposure is due to the entry of alcohol and other components that dissolve the ink. The varnish is sprayed onto the part of the thing stained with the handle and cleaned.

Stain removers

Stain removers may be used to wash clothes.... They are used according to the instructions. In addition to universal stain removers, targeted agents can be found in the household chemicals market.

One of the special stain removers is the product of TM Dr. Beckmann "Stain remover from stains of ballpoint pen and ink". The drug contains nonionic surfactants and anionic surfactants.

Among the advantages of the tool:

  1. Can be used for cleaning colored and white textiles.
  2. Does not contain phosphates, chlorine.
  3. Has no pronounced odor.
  4. Fast action against stains in 15 minutes.
  5. Handles even stubborn dirt.

The downside is the significant cost. It is about 200 rubles for a 50 ml bottle.


How to remove ink from gel at home?

The paste in gel pens is different from ballpoint pens. It has a more liquid appearance, so the risk that such a pen will leak is higher.

Eliminate smudges and streaks of gel ink from material possibly using such means:

  • lemon juice;
  • alcohol;
  • peroxide;
  • glycerol;
  • soda, etc.
Whitening toothpaste will help wipe off the paste from the white cloth. It takes just a few minutes to influence it.

Find out how to remove gel pen stains from clothes here.

Removal of dirt based on the type of material

The use of solvents and stain removers must take into account the material from which the product is made. This is necessary because using the wrong product can only make it worse - damage the fabric.

Silk, wool

foto30291-3You can remove the trace from the handle from fabrics made of natural wool or silk with refined gasoline... A mixture of turpentine and liquid soap in equal proportions is also suitable.

All of the listed products have a specific smell, therefore, during the final rewashing, it is advisable to give preference to powders with a pleasant smell.

Silk allows the use of only non-aggressive effects, without excessive friction and the use of brushes. Lemon juice should also be applied carefully.

It is undesirable to expose woolen things to high temperatures and excessive getting wet, as the product can felled and lose its appearance.

Microfiber, blended fabrics with synthetics, viscose

Such fabrics should not be cleaned with baking soda and acetone. To wash them, you should not use bleaches and aggressive agents, as this can lead to deterioration of the thing, up to the dissolution of fibers.

The most harmless way to wash viscose, blended materials and synthetic products is use for preprocessing:

  • laundry soap,
  • mustard powder,
  • serum,
  • lemon juice.

Cotton, linen

Natural fabrics (linen and cotton) are the easiest to clean up. For natural fabrics, it is permissible to apply products based on acetone and soda.

Such materials allow the use of various techniques, as well as the use of stain removers. And if the fabric is white, then bleach.

Suede leather

foto30291-4It is most convenient to remove ink marks from suede mechanically.without using solvents. The best option is to try to gently "erase" the mark with fine-grained sandpaper.

Or perhaps such a method: stick the tape to the stained area, and then tear it off with a sharp movement. This will keep the ink on the sticky side. You can also try rubbing off the pen mark with a school eraser.

After that, it is necessary to walk over the surface with a special suede brush and treat it with a special spray.


From leather items (jackets, car seat upholstery, sofa, etc.) cleaning with a sponge or rags dipped in milk will help remove ink from the pen... But this method is only suitable for fresh marks.

It is better to cope with the old ones with salt and lemon juice, or perhaps wipe it with a sponge dipped in turpentine. You can also try using a school eraser to erase the pen mark.

In addition to folk methods, a special preparation will help to eliminate a defect on the skin - Avel, a remedy for stains of ballpoint pens and ink on leather things.

It includes:

  • solvents,
  • propane / butane,
  • emulsifiers.

The price of Avel Stylo Bille is from 800 rubles for a bottle of 30 ml.


He will tell you how to wipe a handle from leatherette and eco-leather this publication, from the skin - this.


Even though jeans are cotton, stains are not easy to remove. For processing, you can use one of the tools:

  1. White Spirit.
  2. Alcohol.
  3. Table vinegar.
The use of any solvent should be very careful as there is a risk of discoloration of the denim at the site of exposure.

For more information on removing ink marks from denim, read here.

What can be removed from the jacket?

When washing off the handle of a jacket, it is necessary to take into account the type of material from which it is sewn. Information about this is on the label attached to the product.

You can quickly remove the trace with alcohol wipes.... This method will help in cases where it is not possible to use other means, for example, on the street.

How to wash off a shirt?

foto30291-7When choosing a method to remove stains from a shirt, it is necessary to take into account the type of fabric and colors.

For white cottons, just about any method will work. With colored clothing, you must first check the fastness of the dyes in an inconspicuous area.

Suitable for shirts recipes based on:

  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • alcohol;
  • ammonia;
  • soda, etc.

So that there is no trace of the stain, the shirt must be thoroughly washed after processing at the maximum allowable temperature, adding a powder enhancer.

How to wipe off white and colored things - quickly and without traces?

When removing a stain, it is necessary to take into account not only the type of material, but also its color. For white things, the following recipes are suitable:

  1. Wiping off contamination with pharmacy alcohol or hand sanitizer purchased from a pharmacy.
  2. Shaving cream. Before applying to the soiled thing, it should be whipped into a foam and spread over the material.
  3. Mix alcohol and vinegar in equal proportions. The composition is applied with a sponge.
  4. Prepare a solution of 3 tbsp. l. water and 5 drops of ammonia.
  5. A solution of 1 liter of water heated to warm temperature, 1 tbsp. l. white vinegar and ½ tsp. dishwashing gel.
  6. Use pure hydrogen peroxide and wash.

The following recipes can be used to tidy up colored fabrics:

  • using undiluted glycerin to wipe the stain, then wash in soapy water;
  • if the stain is fresh, sprinkle salt on it, after a quarter of an hour - pour with lemon juice, after another 10-15 minutes - wash;
  • hair spray treatment.

You can find out how to remove a pen from white clothes here, from a white shirt - here.

What shouldn't be done?

When starting to remove the paste, it is necessary to remember about a number of prohibitions, the neglect of which can harm the material:

  1. foto30291-8You should not rush to wash off the mark, since the ink does not dissolve with ordinary water. In addition, there is a risk that the stain will smear and become even larger.
  2. You cannot rub fresh dirt with a dry or wet cloth for the same reason.
  3. There is no need to try to scrape off the stain with a sharp object - the ink is quickly absorbed into the fibers, so chemical rather than mechanical action is most effective.


When working on removing ink stains, helpful tips from experts will help:

  1. In the process of removing the stain, it is imperative to put cotton wool or dense material on the back of the material so as not to stain other areas of the clothing.
  2. Use solvents only with good ventilation. This is especially important when using products with a pronounced odor, for example, ammonia.
  3. It is advisable to use rubber gloves to protect hands from contact with solvents.
  4. If there is any doubt that you will not be able to cope with the trace from the pen on your own, it is better to take the thing to dry cleaning.
  5. Washing the stain with laundry soap is the most gentle effect on the fabric. But this cleaning will not help to deal with old stains.
If children's clothes have suffered from the handle, and the trail could not be completely removed, the application will help to mask the defect.

You will find many useful tips and tricks on removing ink from a pen from various surfaces and objects. here.


Wiping a pen from a cloth is a difficult task, but quite feasible... Available means come to the rescue, which are at home. Stain removers can also be used - universal and special.

If you do not postpone the laundering of things, then putting it in order is possible, in most cases, literally in a matter of minutes.

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