A pen

foto30800-1Ink spots can appear anywhere: on furniture, on paper, on the skin of your hands and more.

They dry quickly and stick firmly into the surface, making them difficult to handle.

Read about how to wipe off the paste from the ballpoint pen and ink from the gel pen from various surfaces (plastic, rubber, paper, wallpaper, skin of hands, etc.) in the article.

Priority actions

If an ink stain is found, the item must be washed immediately. A fresh stain can be removed with soap or detergent. The main thing is not to use hot water.

If there are no suitable conditions for instant washing, use improvised means, including:

  1. foto30800-2Wet alcohol wipe... It is blotted with ink several times without rubbing the stain.
  2. Dry paper napkin... It can be used to remove excess ink and prevent it from spilling onto clean areas.
  3. Salt. Sprinkle the stain with it for a few minutes, then shake it off with a napkin. This method will help if the handle is leaking heavily. Instead of salt, you can use starch or crushed chalk.
  4. Nail polish remover or alcohol hand sanitizer. A small amount of the product is applied to a napkin and wipe the contaminated area with it.

You need to act quickly. The longer the ink is on the surface, the deeper it will be absorbed into it.

How to remove the paste from the ballpoint?

Ballpoint pens use a thick, oily ink. They are made by mixing the dye with alcohol and fatty acids. They dry quickly and are highly resistant to water.

Based on this, you need to take into account the rules for removing traces from a ballpoint pen:

  • you need to start removing the stain immediately, remove excess ink with a clean paper towel, gently blotting the stain with it;
  • rubbing a fresh trace with a wet rag does not make sense, it will only be absorbed more strongly into the fabric;
  • when removing ink, you need to take into account the characteristics of the material from which the product is made;
  • if it was decided to use aggressive compounds, you need to study the instructions for their use;
  • the new tool must be tested in advance on an inconspicuous area, if it does not harm the product, you can continue processing;
  • do not use too hot water, it should be at room temperature, boiling water helps to seal ink in the fibers of the fabric;
  • as the cotton pad or sponge becomes dirty, it is changed, if this rule is not followed, the area of ​​the spot will increase;
  • rub the stain from the edge to the center.
Old traces are removed in several approaches; it will not be possible to cope with an impressive stain at one time.

How to remove ink from gel?

The gel from the pen tends to penetrate deeply into any porous surface, so the sooner the first steps are taken to remove it, the better.

There are only five basic rules:

  1. foto30800-3To prevent the fresh stain from spreading over the surface, it is surrounded by paraffin candles. You should not go beyond these boundaries. After finishing the treatment, the paraffin can be removed with an iron.
  2. The cleaner should be applied around the edge of the stain, rubbing towards the center.
  3. Gel pens can be alcohol and water soluble. If it cannot be removed with water, alcohol-based formulations are used.
  4. Washing should be done in cool water.
  5. If possible, it is better to turn the thing on the wrong side.

Methods for removing traces of a gel pen from various surfaces are described here.

How can you remove traces from different surfaces?

Depending on the surface on which the handle has leaked, the ways of its withdrawal will differ. There are materials that can be treated with acids and alcohol compounds, and there are such products that cannot tolerate contact with aggressive substances.

How to wipe off furniture?

Removal methods will differ depending on what kind of furniture was stained. gel and ballpoint pen:

  1. Use lemon juice to remove ink traces from upholstery fabrics. The acid is equally effective on gel and classic inks. To begin with, the product is sprinkled with salt, after which it is abundantly moistened with lemon juice. To prevent the stain from spreading, it must be surrounded by a paraffin candle. After half an hour, the upholstery is washed with soapy water, wiped with a clean damp cloth and allowed to dry.
  2. Leatherette is cleaned using alcohol-containing compounds. You can choose from: cologne, vodka, glass cleaner or pure alcohol.
  3. The leather covering requires careful treatment, therefore it is treated with gentle compounds. Milk is an effective and safe remedy. They impregnate a napkin with it and apply it to the contaminated area for 15 minutes. If the composition does not work, you can use professional leather furniture cleaners. A face cream works well with ink from a ballpoint pen.
  4. Remove stains from artificial suede with a solution of laundry soap. Alkali breaks down the dye so that it can be easily removed from the surface of the product. The soap is rubbed into shavings, diluted with a little water, applied to the stain and left for 10 minutes. The composition is then removed with a clean, damp cloth.

How to wash a handle from leatherette and eco-leather, read here, from the skin - here.

From the table

Tables are made from different materials. The priority method for removing ink depends on this:

  • foto30800-4wooden furniture is cleaned with soda so that it does not leave small scratches on the surface, it is diluted with a small amount of water, soda paste is applied for 20 minutes, and then washed off with clean water;
  • ink is well erased from a glass table with a solution of citric acid - for 1 glass of water it is taken in the amount of 1 teaspoon;
  • stains can be removed from the painted table with the help of toothpaste; for maximum effect, it is recommended to use a whitening composition, the paste is applied to the surface, rubbed, left for 10 minutes and washed off with water;
  • from the plastic table, traces of the handle can be removed with a sunscreen, it is applied to the stain for 5 minutes, and then removed with a paper towel - this method is effective for porous coatings.

From rubber

To get rid of traces of ballpoint and gel pens left on the rubber, use the following products:

  1. Lemon juice... They impregnate a cotton pad with which they wipe the contaminated surface.
  2. Vegetable oil... It does a good job on fresh tracks. If they are old, the recipe is strengthened with laundry soap. The resulting mixture is applied to the contaminated area for 20 minutes, after which it is washed off with clean water.
  3. Melamine sponge... It perfectly removes even stubborn ink marks from rubber, but if they penetrated deeply, you have to make an effort.
  4. Nail polish remover... It is applied to a cotton pad, which is used to wipe the contaminated surface.
  5. Toothpaste... For optimal results, it is mixed with washing powder in equal proportions. The holding time of the composition is 30 minutes.
Strong substances, such as pure acetone or vinegar essence, are not recommended to be used to remove stains from rubber, as they can harm the base material.

You can learn how to wipe the handle off the doll here.

How to remove stains from hands?

From the skin of the hands, traces of the handle can be removed with such compounds as:

  • foto30800-5fat cream - it is abundantly applied to a cotton pad, which is used to wipe the skin of the hands;
  • micellar water - a sponge is moistened with it and the problem area is treated several times, this cosmetic product is used to remove makeup, but it effectively copes with ink stains;
  • lemon juice - it does not harm the skin of the hands, if you use it quickly, with prolonged contact with the dermis, the acid can dry it out;
  • alcohol - it is better to use cologne or vodka, since the concentration of the main substance in them is lower;
  • vegetable oil - they wipe the skin until the spots disappear completely, after which they wash their hands with soap.

Do not rub the stain with a coarse washcloth or stiff brush, so as not to provoke skin irritation.

From a pencil case

Parents regularly find traces of a ballpoint pen on the pencil case. You can get rid of them with the help of such compositions as:

  1. White Spirit... It will help to cope even with stubborn stains. It is applied to a cotton pad, which is applied to the contaminated surface and left for 5-15 minutes. Remove residues of the product with a damp cloth.
  2. Glycerol. They impregnate a small piece of cloth with which they rub the stain. After 2-3 hours, the pencil case is rinsed in clean water. Glycerin gently cleans the surface without harming brightly colored materials.
  3. Eraser. If the stain has been recently applied, you can try to rub it off with a rubber band.
  4. Hair spray... It is sprayed onto the trail, left for 2-3 minutes, and then washed off with clean water.
  5. Tea tree oil... It is non-toxic, does not harm the surface and smells good. It is applied to a cotton pad, which is used to wipe the contaminated area.

With plastic

foto30800-6You can get rid of traces of ballpoint and gel pens on plastic using various means. Among them:

  • soda,
  • laundry soap,
  • Toothpaste,
  • hair spray,
  • alcohol.

Melamine sponge wipes off ink well.

If it was not possible to get rid of the stains with improvised means, use household chemicals designed for processing plastic. They contain substances that break down the dye, but they are not harmful to the polymer base.

You can purchase aerosols, gels, or creams to treat:

  • furniture,
  • window sills,
  • double-glazed windows and not only.

Learn more about removing ink from plastic this article.

From paper

When trying to remove ink from paper, you need to consider the density of the sheet. The stronger it is, the easier it will be to cope with the task.

The following are used as improvised means:

  • hydrogen peroxide,
  • nail polish remover,
  • ethanol.

Products applied to paper must not contain dyes.

Bulky substances such as soda, starch, and crushed chalk work well, but they work best on fresh stains. It is best to use the services of professionals to remove the pen from important documents.

For more information about removing a pen from paper, they will tell this and this publications.

How to remove from wallpaper?

There are several ways to wipe the handle off the wallpaper:

  1. foto30800-7Go over the surface with a school eraser... If the mark is shallow, the ink will be completely removed.
  2. Lemon acid... It is diluted in a small amount of water to obtain a concentrated solution (100 ml of liquid for 1-2 teaspoons of lemon).

    They impregnate a soft matter in it and gently blot the stain. Excess liquid is immediately removed with a paper napkin.

  3. Laundry soap... For processing wallpaper, its liquid form is used. The agent is applied for 5-10 minutes, after which it is removed with clean water.

For information on how to remove ink from wallpaper, read here, from non-woven - here.

From the phone case

You can quickly and safely remove stains from your phone case with gasoline or kerosene. They are equally effective for removing ink from gel and ballpoint pens.

To cope with a stubborn trace, you can use acetone or citric acid.... Fresh stains are removed with vegetable oil and even a school eraser.

When processing, you need to take into account the type of material from which the product is made. Leather and plastic do not tolerate contact with caustic substances, and painted wood cannot be treated with solvents. Will tell you more this article.

From linoleum

Linoleum can be cleaned from handle marks such improvised means as:

  • hydrogen peroxide,
  • laundry soap,
  • glycerol,
  • vinegar,
  • turpentine,
  • soda,
  • lemon acid.
All formulations are used according to the same scheme: they are applied to the stain, left for 10-30 minutes, and then washed off with clean water.

The result depends on how long ago the linoleum was stained. The longer ink stays on its porous surface, the harder it is to get rid of.

Do not use aggressive substances for processing... Do not use acetone, alkali or undiluted acids. In addition to improvised means, they use professional household chemicals, for example, stain removers for fabrics.

You can find out how to remove traces of a handle from linoleum here, from clothing and fabric - here.

What not to do and why?

Basic prohibitions:

  1. foto30800-8Do not use hot water to remove ink stains. It will lead to their sealing and it will be difficult to deal with them.
  2. You should not try to scrub the mark from the handle with metal brushes. They are not able to penetrate deep into the surface, but only scratch it.
  3. Painted products are not treated with acetone and other caustic solvents, they can lead to fading of the main color.
  4. Caustic alkalis are not suitable for most surfaces. They will not remove ink, but they will cause significant damage to the product.

Helpful information

Tips for removing handle from different surfaces:

  1. The older the stain, the more aggressive the composition must be to remove it. When washing things, a stain remover must be added to the powder.
  2. When trying to wipe off a fresh stain, the cleaner should be applied to a cotton swab or tissue, not to the stained surface itself. Old traces from the handle are soaked completely.
  3. Gel pens lend themselves well to fatty solutions such as oil or cream. However, such formulations cannot be used on fabrics.


Getting rid of pen marks is easy if you use the right products. Their choice depends on which surface has been contaminated. You should also consider the peculiarities of removing ink from gel and ballpoint pens.

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