Note to tenants: how much does it cost to clean an entrance in an apartment building

foto31455-1Cleaning of the entrance to an apartment building should be regular and of high quality. This is the only way to avoid unsanitary conditions and prevent the spread of diseases.

Read about how much cleaning at the entrance of an apartment building costs, where to find an employee, what rules and requirements to present to him, read the article.

Service cost

The common property of an apartment building is distributed and paid in accordance with the occupied area of ​​the apartment. The calculation is based on quadrature.

The entrances also belong to the common property, respectively, payment for cleaning the entrance is made at the rate of 1 sq. m. This service is included in the amount that residents pay HOA (UHKH).

If the owners made a decision to hire a person from outside, or contact a cleaning company, this should be decided at a general meeting of residents.

Estimated prices:

  1. foto31455-2Regular cleaning - from 25 rubles per 1 sq. m.
  2. General cleaning - from 40 rubles per 1 sq. m.
  3. Washing the entrance after repair or construction work - from 45 rubles per 1 sq. m.
  4. The cost of washing windows and facades is calculated individually. The price will be higher if it is necessary to involve climbers or other narrow specialists in the work.

You can find out the exact cost of work in the selected organization.

What is the price of?

The final cost of cleaning entrances consists of a number of factors, including:

  • the amount that covers the costs of staff salaries;
  • the time a person spends on cleaning;
  • frequency of work execution;
  • spending on special equipment and uniforms;
  • expenses for tax deductions;
  • the amount of work to be done (number of storeys of the house, the number of entrances in it).

Having estimated the cost of each item and adding up the resulting figures, it will be possible to calculate the cost of cleaning at the entrance. It is paid by the owners living in apartment buildings by transferring funds for the maintenance and repair of living quarters.

The specific amount is discussed at the general meeting of residents. It must be documented. If necessary, the tariffs are revised after a year.

Where to find a person?

The task of finding a person to clean the entrance should be solved by the management company. If the owners of an apartment building do not belong to the HOA, then they will have to hire a cleaner on their own.

In this case, they have several options:

  1. foto31455-3Contact a cleaning company, discuss the price and volume of services provided and conclude an agreement with them. Large agencies have several employees on their staff, each of whom performs his own duties.

    The work in such organizations is fine-tuned, so cleaning at the entrance will be carried out strictly according to the schedule.

  2. Find a person by ad... The network contains a lot of offers from individuals who want to make money cleaning entrances. However, this option is less reliable than contacting the agency, although the payment for the services of a cleaner working without intermediaries will be less.
  3. Find a candidate on your own... It is possible that some of the owners will take the initiative. In this case, it will be easier to control the work of staff.

Regardless of who is cleaning the entrance, all residents of the apartment building must pay for the service.

Do I need to draw up a contract?

The contract for cleaning the entrance must be drawn up without fail. It prescribes the rights and obligations of the parties, in case of violation of which it will be possible to prove their case in court.

Other points that must be spelled out in the contract:

  • cost of services;
  • settlement procedure;
  • order of delivery and acceptance of works;
  • responsibility of the parties;
  • circumstances of force majeure;
  • settlement of disputes;
  • the term of the contract and the procedure for its termination;
  • other conditions.
The contract is drawn up both when concluding a deal with a private person and with a cleaning company. If the HOA is engaged in the recruitment of personnel, then they enter into an agreement with the tenants and with the organization that will perform the cleaning.

Requisites of the parties, both the customer and the contractor, must be indicated. There are appendices to the contract that list the houses served, the cost and types of services, the frequency of their performance (standard, wet and general cleaning).

Requirements and rules

Quality requirements cleaning the entrance are as follows:

  1. foto31455-4There is no foreign smell.
  2. There is no dirt, stubborn stains or streaks on the floor.
  3. There is no visible rubbish in the entrance: beer cans, cigarette butts, food containers, bags, etc.
  4. Walls and corners are free of cobwebs and dust.
  5. The chute is not clogged with debris. It is imperative to keep the waste bins clean.
  6. There are no inscriptions or drawings on the walls.
  7. Windows, railings and front door are clean.

Entrance cleaning must be carried out in the system. For this, a schedule is drawn up, which the hired employee must strictly adhere to. Daily processing is carried out in the first half of the day, it includes wiping the railings, cleaning the territory of the garbage chute. Stairways are swept with a damp broom.

Weekly cleaning includes washing panels, walls and floors... As required, such work is carried out 1-2 times every 7 days. Cleaning and disinfecting agents are used to disinfect surfaces. On holidays and weekends, the hired staff rest.

The janitor washes the windows (outside and inside) once every six months. Ceilings are being cleaned from dust. Doors, radiators, lighting devices are wiped with the same frequency.

The janitor's duties include cleaning the area in front of the driveway. It is recommended to do this at least once a week.


The cost of cleaning an entrance depends on many factors. What matters is the volume and frequency of work, the number of storeys of the house, the number of entrances, the frequency and not only. The final price must be fixed in the contract.

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