What is the frequency of cleaning the entrances of apartment buildings?

foto31447-1Any work must be done in the system. This rule applies to cleaning staircases.

You can hear complaints from residents of most apartment buildings that their flights of stairs and landings are washed too rarely.

Read the article about the frequency with which cleaning of the entrances should be carried out, and what to do if these deadlines are not met.


Each region of the country may adopt its own regulations, in which the frequency of cleaning the entrances is prescribed.

The single document adopted at the legislative level and approved by the State Construction Committee of the Russian Federation is the Methodological Guide for the maintenance and repair of the housing stock MDK 2-04.2004.

It lists the work that the managing organization must perform. The document also indicates their frequency.

How often should you clean?

How many times a day, month, year should you clean? Generally accepted time standards, according to which the entrances must be cleaned by employees:

  1. foto31447-2Every day, employees hired by management organizations must sweep the staircases of the lower two floors.
  2. The entrances above the 2nd floor are swept every week. A wet broom must be used.
  3. Every day the areas in front of the chute loading valves are swept and the elevators are washed.
  4. The entrance is washed every month.
  5. Windows, walls, doors, lighting elements, window sills, radiators, grilles, attics and stairs leading up to the top, mailboxes are washed twice a year. Cabinets with electric meters and low-current devices are cleaned with such frequency.

The frequency of cleaning largely depends on whether there is a garbage chute and an elevator at the entrance. If these elements are absent, then you will have to wash the floors at least 2 times a week.

What if stairwells are cleaned less often than they should?

If the entrance is cleaned less often than it should be, residents do not need to hide their dissatisfaction... To begin with, you can try to contact the management company and verbally present your claims. This usually fixes the problem.

If company representatives do not respond to complaints from the owners, it is necessary to write a written complaint. The responsible management organization is obliged to collect a commission to assess the quality of cleaning the entrance.If the residents' claims are justified, appropriate measures are taken. The owners should be informed about what has been done to eliminate the shortcomings at the general meeting.

Rarely, but still it happens that the management company ignores the legal requirements of the tenants. In this case, it is necessary to hold a meeting at which the issue of how to influence an unscrupulous company is decided.

A decision may be made to contact:

  • GZI,
  • the prosecutor's office,
  • Rospotrebnadzor,
  • another controlling organization.

Based on the appeal of citizens, an inspection is carried out. If it is possible to establish that the company does not fulfill its duties in full, it will be issued an order. Besides, the owners may demand a recalculation for paid but not rendered services.


Entrance cleaning should be carried out at regular intervals. All floors are cleaned at least once a month. This issue is regulated at the legislative level, and failure to meet the deadlines entails responsibility that should be assigned to the managing organization.

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