foto1416-1The appearance of mold in an apartment is not only an unpleasant sight, but also a phenomenon dangerous to human health. Particularly dangerous is black mold.

There is only one reason for the appearance - dampness. This fungus spreads spores in the room, which, spreading through the air, provoke various diseases of the respiratory system.

How to remove mold? Getting rid of mold is not easy, but it is still possible with your own hands, without the involvement of specialists.

Folk methods of struggle at home

Folk recipes involve the use of funds that every housewife has.

How to clean with borax?

foto1416-2Being a natural antiseptic, borax destroys any pathogenic microorganisms, not excluding mold.

To prepare the composition you need:

  • 2.5 l. mix water with 1 glass of borax;
  • the resulting composition is applied to the affected areas with a stiff brush;
  • the applied product is not washed off.


Even if you use concentrated acetic acid, you will hardly be able to get rid of all types of mold. The advantage of this product is its naturalness and non-toxicity. It is completely harmless.

For application to affected areas using a spray bottle or sponge... Dilution with water is not required.

After application, it is recommended to leave the vinegar for an hour, then rinse with water and leave to dry. Rooms during this period should be ventilated, as vinegar has a rather pungent smell.

Vinegar can be used for prevention, treating them with the alleged affected areas every 15 days.


foto1416-3Safe and harmless soda is the enemy of mold. If the area is badly affected, then it can be used with vinegar.

1 tablespoon of baking soda is poured into 250 ml. water, stir thoroughly and the resulting composition is poured into a spray bottle.

The agent is sprayed onto the affected areas and left for a while. Then with a hard sponge or brush, these areas are cleaned and rinsed with water.

After that, the soda solution is applied again, but now it is already left until it is completely dry. You can put soda on a damp cloth and wipe it off mold.

Hydrogen peroxide

The uncomplicated composition has antibacterial and antifungal effects and copes excellently with mold. The main advantage is harmlessness.

Removes fungal infections from any surfaces:

  • tiles,
  • furniture,
  • sanitary ware.
Before applying the peroxide, a test should be carried out to ensure that the surface to be treated is free from stains and streaks.

To obtain the composition, 3% peroxide is sprayed onto moldy places. and leave for a quarter of an hour. After that, using a brush, dirt is removed and the affected area is washed with water. To enhance the effect, peroxide is mixed with vinegar.


foto1416-4The product is toxic, but has excellent fungicidal properties.

The affected areas are treated diluted with water in a 1: 1 ratio. After an hour, these areas are washed with water.

Do not mix ammonia with bleachas a result of the release of toxic gas.


Soap is not able to completely solve the problem of fungus, therefore, after using it, the area is treated with any antiseptic.

The application is simple:

  1. The infected areas are treated with a sponge lathered with laundry soap.
  2. After a while, the foam should be washed off.


All bleach is based on sodium hypochlorite, which is the main enemy of mold. Once is enough to get rid of the entire fungal colony.

Bleach is diluted with water at a rate of 1:10 and applied to moldy areas with a spray bottle. The composition is not washed off!

Tea tree oil

foto1416-5An effective composition based on tea tree oil. If it is not washed off, then the fungus has no chance of returning again.

The secret of the remedy is in special herbal ingredients that are harmful to microbes and fungi.

To prepare the composition, 1 teaspoon of the product is diluted in a glass of water... This composition is sprayed over the entire area with the fungus.

Don't be intimidated by the strong smell of tea tree oil. After a certain time, it will wear off.

Potassium permanganate

Ordinary potassium permanganate is fatal to the fungus... For surface treatment:

  1. A solution is prepared from 1 liter of water and 1 teaspoon of potassium permanganate.
  2. This compound is used to spray or wipe moldy places.
  3. The solution does not need to be washed off.

Antiseptic primer

An effective remedy is an antiseptic primer... Such formulations are sold ready-made. Using a roller or brush, the primer is spread over the affected surface.

After applying the first layer, you must wait until it dries and then reapply.

When choosing a primer, the peculiarity of the surface to be treated must be taken into account. For example, different compositions are chosen for wooden and concrete walls.

foto1416-6When working with a primer, observe safety precautions - use personal protective equipment:

  • put on glasses,
  • respirator,
  • gloves,
  • headdress,
  • special clothing.

How to remove with chemicals?

Hardware stores have a wide selection of mold removers. Before purchasing this or that composition, it is advisable to read reviews about him.

Among the chemicals designed to get rid of mold, three are especially distinguished.

Dali (Dali)

This is a universal domestic composition of antiseptic action, designed to remove mold from any surfaces. Affordable - 1 bottle of 0.6 l. costs between 150-200 rubles.

The tool kills not only fungi and mold, but also moss and algae.

Due to the pungent toxic odor, work with this composition should only be done with gloves and a respirator.

For the effect to be noticeable, it will take more than one application, you will have to process 2-3 times a week for 2-3 weeks... After using the composition according to the instructions, the mold no longer appears.


Alpa (phongifluid alp)

A universal domestic remedy is aimed at destroying mold not only indoors, but also outside (you can process an unheated basement). If used on a painted surface, then don't worry about the color.

Sold in 2 liter bottles, the price of one is 600 rubles... One bottle is enough to process 10 sq. meters.

If the composition is planned to be applied to a highly porous surface, then it is better to sand it first. This will ensure a deeper and more uniform penetration of active ingredients.

Both a spray bottle and a simple sponge are suitable for application. Phongifluid can only be used at temperatures above 5 degrees.

After applying the composition, the mold self-destructs within a few days. After 7 days, the treatment can be repeated.


Olympus Stop Mold

The advantage of this tool is its safety. Versatile, can be used to treat any surface.

The composition applied to the surface is left for 2-3 daysand then wiped off with a dry cloth. For maximum effect, this procedure is repeated immediately.

In rooms with high humidity, mold treatment should be carried out once every 3 months. In order to avoid health problems, handling work should only be carried out using a quality respirator.


How can you get rid of the smell?

If after the destruction of the mold the corresponding smell remains, then this can only mean that the fungus was not completely removed.

To eliminate the unpleasant odor, you can use special chemistry (anti-mold impregnation, antiseptics). Folk remedies will also help out.

They will perfectly cope with an unpleasant odor:

  • lemon juice or acid;
  • vinegar;
  • chlorine;
  • washing powder.

These products moisten a cloth or sponge and wipe problem areas.

The problem can be solved with the help of copper sulfate, but it is used only where it is not able to be absorbed. Perfectly removes mold odor essential oils, such as grapefruit or tea tree oil.

For more information on fighting mold odor, see here.

Features of removing fungus in different places in the house

Features of removing mold from various surfaces:

A placeRemoval features
In fridgeYou can remove mold with special detergents. This method requires careful water treatment. But modern formulations contain abrasive components that can damage plastic.
From booksFirst, the book should be dried. Then a cotton napkin is moistened in a 2-3% formalin solution (can be replaced with ammonia). A well wrung out napkin is used to wipe the affected areas. A blank sheet of paper is placed on the cleaned page to absorb excess moisture. At the end, the book is dried again. Sometimes you have to repeat a similar procedure.
From wooden surfaces, boardsWood is a fibrous and porous material. Spreading spores eaten deeper into the wood. If you do not quickly respond to the problem, then no mold treatment will help. Even minor lesions require serious work to eliminate it. In the initial stages, the folk recipes described above will help.
On the balconyIn most cases, it is possible to solve the problem of mold on the balcony by establishing natural ventilation. For this, holes are drilled in the glass units, or a small supply fan is installed.
In the washerIt is better to get rid of mold in the washing machine with improvised means: bleach or other means containing high concentrations of chlorine.
In the bathroomThe choice of a remedy for mold in the bathroom depends on the degree of damage. Small dots on the tile joints can be treated with regular table vinegar. In a poorly ventilated room, the fungus will appear constantly. Read about removing mold on sealant here.
From the windowsMold on windows is caused by high humidity. The solution to the problem lies in changing the microclimate of the room. It is necessary to check the external sealing of the window frame, the quality of the installed slopes. If mold has already appeared, then it must be thoroughly cleaned and treated with an antifungal agent.
In the corners of the apartment, roomMold in the corners appears most often due to freezing of the seam. The solution to the problem lies in the elimination of the freezing area, its insulation. For complete removal, you can use folk remedies, but before that you need to dry the room.
From drywallDrywall is easy to dismantle. If mold is found on surfaces made of this material, it is recommended to dismantle the plates and replace them with similar ones. New boards must be carefully treated with an antifungal agent.
From dishesIt is best to remove mold from dishes with ordinary baking soda. It not only cleans well, but also perfectly disinfects.
From upholstered furniture, fabrics and clothesUpholstered furniture is treated with 6% hydrogen peroxide. You can use bleach for upholstery in light colors.
or any other chlorine-containing composition. It is better to remove mold from the fabric with table vinegar, furacilin solution or fresh lemon juice.

Read about ways to remove mold from wallpaper here, from the walls - into this article, from the ceiling - here.

Prevention of the appearance

Mold problem is much easier to prevent than to get rid of it long and hard. Among the most common prevention measures, several are worth noting:

  1. foto1416-10An antimicrobial spray will help prevent fungal growth.

    Alternatively, you can purchase anti-mildew paint.

  2. Shower curtains and towels should be carefully expanded after use.
  3. Problems with leaking plumbing should be eliminated immediately. To prevent moisture from accumulating in cracks under the floor.


Mold is a nasty problem, but you can get rid of it. The main thing is to take measures in a timely manner and prevent the spread of the fungus.

Compliance with simple preventive measures, airing the room, maintaining the temperature regime are the main enemies of mold.

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