How to quickly, effectively and safely clean your sofa with baking soda and vinegar at home?

foto1216-1It is impossible to insure the sofa against stains. Especially when there is a child or pet.

But even in the most measured everyday life, a situation can easily occur when tea spills on upholstered furniture, melted candy falls, or blood gets from a sudden cut.

At the same time, it is not always possible to contact the dry cleaning service for sofas. However, there is a way out - the usual soda and vinegar. About, how to clean the sofa vinegar and soda at home, our article will tell.

How to clean the upholstery depending on how dirty it is?

A standard cleaning solution that can even be used to simply restore a fresh look to the sofa, prepared as follows:

  1. foto1216-2It is necessary to put 1 large spoonful of soda and washing powder in a spray bottle, pour 1 large spoonful of boiling water and 30 ml of table vinegar there.
  2. Shake the mixture well.
  3. Next, you need to spray it on the desired areas of the sofa (for example, if only the armrest is stained) and clean them with a stiff brush.

    As a result, dirt and unpleasant odors are absorbed.

But different spots require different approaches, and in some cases, a mixture of soda and vinegar is not just applied to the soiled fabric, but must be kept for a while.

The same applies to the combination of ingredients - some spots require other options.

This solution must not be used on sofas with suede and leather upholstery!

From fresh stains

If the stain is removed "in hot pursuit" you can prepare such a soda solution:

  • 1 liter of water;
  • 4 large tablespoons 9% vinegar;
  • 2 large spoons of baking soda.

foto1216-3You can pour this mixture into a spray bottle and spray liberally over the stain or moisten it with a cloth.

But the main thing: leave for 20 minutes and then rub with a foam sponge or brush medium hardness (depending on the sofa upholstery).

The remnants of the product must be removed with a clean damp cloth and, after drying, vacuum this part of the sofa.

From old

For stubborn dirt, a more concentrated cleaning solution is required:

  • 500 ml of water;
  • 80 ml of 9% table vinegar;
  • 1 large spoonful of baking soda

The resulting mixture can also be sprayed onto the stain with a spray bottle (liberally) or applied with a cloth and then left to rest for 20 minutes.

Since this is an old stain, a fairly stiff brush will be required to get rid of it later.

After drying, it is advisable to vacuum the sofa from the remaining soda particles.

To restore shine, from grease

foto1216-4You can return the upholstery of the sofa to a fresh look, adding 1 small spoonful of soda and vinegar per liter of water, and then soaking a sheet or any other piece of fabric in this liquid and covering the furniture with it.

Then you need to knock out the sofa for a while - the fabric will take on all the dirt.

But if the upholstery is made of velor, you need to clean it with a damp sponge in the direction of the pile, and in the process it is important to try not to wet the material too much.

Read about how to clean a sofa from grease. here.

From blood

Get rid of blood stains it is possible using the standard recipe described above from soda, washing powder, 9% vinegar and water, only by replacing boiling water with water at room temperature.

The fact is that under the influence of hot water, blood proteins coagulate and after that it will be almost impossible to remove them.

If stains remain after cleaning, you can additionally clean this area of ​​the upholstery with hydrogen peroxide.

From urine

Urine stains can have a very different character - be left by a child, cat or adult, be old or fresh. Each contamination has its own characteristics of removal, but there is a more or less universal method:

  • foto1216-5generously wet the stain with a mixture of 9% vinegar and water in equal proportions;
  • cover with paper (newspaper will do) and wait for it to dry;
  • sprinkle the dirt with soda;
  • mix in a spray bottle 100 ml of hydrogen peroxide, 0.5 small tablespoons of dishwashing liquid or liquid soap and a little water at room temperature;
  • apply this solution on top of the baking soda and leave for 3 hours;
  • thoroughly wipe this area of ​​the sofa with a damp sponge or cloth;
  • wipe the treated upholstery with a dry cloth.
Recommendation: you need to move from the edge of the spot to the center, you cannot rub it to the sides.

From juice, wine and other drinks

Interestingly, you can get rid of a fresh wine stain with just one soda powder. - you need to sprinkle it on the still damp dirt for 15 minutes, and then clean it off with a brush. If there are stains, then you can walk on top with laundry soap.

And for juices, one vinegar in equal combination with ammonia will be enough. This solution can be used to wet a cloth or cotton pad and gently wipe the stain.

foto1216-6If tea or coffee is spilled on the upholstery, then you can make a saturated solution of soda and water: 1 large spoon per mug, rub the stains with it and then clean with a brush.

When a beer stain remains on the couch, you can use vinegar alone.

First rub the dirt with laundry soap., then moisten a cotton pad in 9% vinegar and wipe the area until it is clean. Then rinse it with water and dry it with a hair dryer.

How to remove odor quickly and effectively?

Even if there are no visible stains on the upholstery of upholstered furniture, it may no longer seem quite fresh because of its smell. It may just be an old smell if the sofa is many years old, or the smell of tobacco that has permeated it, etc.

To get rid of it is simple by mixing:

  • 900 ml of water;
  • 100 ml of 9% table vinegar.
In the resulting vinegar solution, you need to wet a sheet (large enough to cover the entire sofa) and put it on the sofa for 20 minutes.

Usually one procedure is enough, but if the smell is very old, then it can be repeated several times.

Learn more about how to remove odors from your sofa. here.

Tips and Precautions

Although both baking soda and vinegar are food ingredients, we must not forget that these are quite aggressive components, which, if used in excess and used incorrectly, can be harmful. Including the upholstery of the sofa.

To prevent this from happening, you need to follow a number of safety rules.

  1. foto1216-7First, it is highly advisable to vacuum the sofa - this will already remove some of the dirt.
  2. It is important not to wet the spot too much - if it gets too wet, it is unlikely to dry out quickly, and this will already lead to the appearance of mold.
  3. The sponge or cloth used to clean the stain should be periodically rinsed in clean water, then squeezed well and then dipped back into the cleaning solution.
  4. It is convenient to use a hair dryer to dry the cleaned area of ​​the sofa faster.
  5. Minimum moisture for silk, cotton, tapestry and linen.
  6. Minimum friction for velvet, velor, flock, silky upholstery.
If you have any doubts, it is better to try cleaning on a small area of ​​the stain, and if the fabric does not change in any way (in the negative direction), then you can continue.

Useful video

The video will tell you how to remove stains from the upholstery of a sofa with soda and vinegar:


There are many options for getting rid of stains on sofas with the help of vinegar and soda always available in the house, so you should not immediately run for chemical cleaners.

But in addition to their availability, these methods have another indisputable advantage - they cannot do harm due to toxic fumes to the health of any family member.

These are absolutely natural ingredients, and children and pets can be immediately allowed on the sofa.

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