foto29121-1Fresh meat is a perishable product. With prolonged improper storage, it can acquire an unpleasant odor.

It is quite possible to get rid of the repulsive aroma if the products are not spoiled with the help of simple techniques.

What to do if the meat is spoiled and smells, how to remove the smell? Details are in the article.

A smelly product - get rid of it or keep it?

foto29121-2The offensive odor can be attributed to various reasons. Most often this happens as a result of:

  • storage at high air temperatures;
  • staying near spoiled food;
  • storage in cellophane, with a lack of air access;
  • improper feeding or hairpin of the animal.

If the odor of the product is in doubt, then the product should be examined, paying attention not only to the aroma, but also to the appearance.

Such moments should alert:

  • unnatural color of the product, not typical for a particular type of meat;
  • the presence of parasites;
  • persistent smell of rot and decay;
  • uncharacteristic consistency.

If these signs are present, it is better not to use rotten meat for food, but simply throw it away. But when the smell comes out not too pleasant, and outwardly the product looks normal, after additional processing it can be used for food.

It should be borne in mind that some types of meat, such as lamb, initially have a specific smell, and this does not indicate product spoilage.

How to remove an unpleasant odor at home?

Meat that has begun to give off an unpleasant odor should be processed immediately. If there are clearly spoiled areas, it is better to cut them off, remove excess fat.

There are two main ways to remove the “smell” from meat:

  1. Soak.
  2. Pickling.

How to remove odor by soaking?

foto29121-3Soaking involves placing the meat in a solution for at least an hour. For this, they traditionally use:

  • wine;
  • an aqueous solution of vinegar of low concentration (per liter of water - 1 tbsp. l.);
  • saline solution (per liter of water - 2 tbsp. l.);
  • lemon or pomegranate juice.

The product that requires processing is completely immersed in the solution and held for an hour to several hours. This should be followed by rinsing to remove excess soaking solution.


There are several recipes for marinating meat. For these purposes, spices, salt and other components are used. The easiest option is to rub the pulp with a mixture of salt and sugar. The meat remains in this form for 40-60 minutes, after which it is washed in water. If the smell still hasn't gone away, proceed to the preparation of the marinade.

Most popular recipes:

  1. Coating the pulp with mustard and keeping in a cool place for 1-2 hours.
  2. Rubbing a piece with spices (nutmeg, basil, black pepper, thyme, rosemary, etc.).
  3. Grate the meat with chopped garlic and chopped onions.
  4. Aging in soy sauce with added spices.
Using pickling not only eliminates odor, but also makes the product softer and juicier.

How to remove when cooking?

To minimize the unpleasant smell that may appear during cooking, the meat must be soaked beforehand. Vegetables baked in a dry pan will help solve the problem. They, like spices, can be added to the broth after boiling.

Bay leaf broth aromas well... But you don't need a lot of it - just one is enough to put on a three-liter pan.

You should also collect the emerging foam in time. If the smell is strongly pronounced, the first broth after boiling is drained, fresh water is poured and cooking continues.

Not very fresh, long-lying, suffocated meat: what to cook?

foto29121-4Not entirely fresh meat, which can still be used for food, must be prepared in advance. To do this, it is soaked or pickled.

From the recipes, it is preferable to choose those that are prepared with a lot of spices.... It can be Caucasian, Indian, Chinese or other cuisine.

A prerequisite for preparing a not very fresh product is high-quality heat treatment.

Features of eliminating amber for various types of meat

Different types of meat have their own characteristics in the preparation and preparation of the product for processing. For some species, a slight odor is natural and does not indicate spoilage.


Duck initially has a specific smell... To deal with it, soak is used. You can use regular cold water. After that, the duck is wiped dry and rubbed with herbs. It is better to cook duck with spices that will overpower the aroma and make the dish delicious.


Beef lends itself well to pickling and steeping. You can start by soaking small pieces in a solution of vinegar and salt. After that, the meat is washed and, depending on the severity of the smell, marinated.


Fat can be the main source of unpleasant odor in chicken.... It starts to spoil first and smell bad. To solve the aroma issue, the fat is cut off, and the meat is marinated or soaked according to any recipe. Read more here.


foto29121-5Fresh pork is odorless.

If there were no problems with storage, but the smell is unpleasant, most likely the meat of uncastrated boar was put on sale... Such a product will not only have an unpleasant, but a smelly aroma that will persist even after cooking.

Deep freezing for several hours can partially eliminate it. If the odor persists, you can try soaking. Before this procedure, a large piece must be divided into thin slices, and the fat must be cut off as much as possible.

For pork, soaking in milk for 12 hours is a good option, and the liquid should be changed every couple of hours. Additionally, you can use garlic.

Another option is to soak the meat in a solution of salt and vinegar. For such processing you will need:

  • 2 p. water;
  • 4 tbsp. l. salt;
  • 5 tbsp. l. vinegar.

In the prepared solution, the meat is soaked for 6-10 hours.After that, a new one is prepared, and the soaking is continued for another day.

In order not to unknowingly buy boar meat, you can set fire to a piece of bacon from a piece. If the smell turns out to be sharp and repulsive, it is better to refuse the purchase, since it is a boar.

How to remove the smell if the pork smelled, will tell this article.


Before cooking, remove excess fat from the lamb, and rub the pulp with spices and sent to the refrigerator for several hours. Pickling can also be used. Will tell you more this article.

Rabbit meat

foto29121-6Rabbit meat has a specific odor that can be easily eliminated.

If the product is not spoiled, then just soak the carcass in cold water overnight... After that, it is pickled to make it softer and more tender.

Lemon juice, wine, kefir can be used as marinades. In addition, spices are added to the marinade.

The duration of pickling depends on the age of the rabbit. For the young - 3 hours is enough, for the old - up to 8 hours.

Goat meat

Goat meat is the meat that is most difficult to remove odors... Soaking in vinegar for several hours and cooking with a lot of spices, including garlic, will help. The meat of a non-castrated goat cannot be processed, it will have to be thrown away.


The meat of elk, roe deer, beaver and other wild animals may have a specific smell, since the animal lives in its natural environment. The older the animal, the more pronounced the smell can be.

After cutting, the individual pieces that will be consumed are soaked in salted water with the addition of vinegar, and rinsed in running water. It is better to cook game on the grill so that the smell of smoke permeates the meat.

A fish

Fish is a perishable product that should not be stored for a long time... If the rules of finding are violated, it will quickly become fetid. This is due to the peculiarity of the structure of the inhabitants of reservoirs.

The proteins found in fish are not persistent and quickly begin to degrade, much faster than the proteins in meat. Also, fatty acids, which are part of fish products, contribute to oxidative processes.

foto29121-7Staleness of fish is determined by the following signs:

  • mucus and stickiness;
  • sharp repulsive aroma;
  • the appearance of uncharacteristic spots;
  • cloudy yellowed eyes;
  • dark gills.

If these factors are present, such a product should not be consumed in food. For fresh fish that is not spoiled but has a characteristic pond odor, pickled and spiced recipes can be used. Read more here.


Expert advice will help in resolving the issue:

  1. Chilled meat is easier to determine freshness than frozen meat.
  2. You can determine the freshness of the meat when buying by pressing on the pulp. If the fibers spread quickly, the product is fresh.
  3. The color of the meat should match its appearance. Too dark or unevenly colored may indicate stale goods.
  4. It is possible to store a meat product in a refrigerator in cellophane only for a short time, since without oxygen it gets aired.
  5. Before freezing meat, let the air out of the bag as much as possible.
  6. If all conditions are observed in the refrigerator, the product cannot be stored for more than 2 days.
  7. Soaking and marinating should not last less than 1-2 hours.
  8. After soaking, the meat should be rinsed before cooking.

It is not advisable to purchase meat, in the quality of which there is no certainty.


If the meat smells, but does not spoil completely, pre-processing should be carried out. In this case, it is necessary to take into account its condition and type of product.

In advanced cases, when the decay process is obvious or the product is initially unsuitable for food, it is better not to cook a meat dish, but simply throw away the missing product so as not to be poisoned by a low-quality dish.

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