How do I clean my bath?

foto28269-1The bathroom should be kept clean, because it is there that a person takes care of himself, carries out basic hygiene procedures.

Dirt, yellow bloom, high air humidity - all these are favorable conditions for the growth of bacteria.

Read about how to clean the bathtub, tidy up the plumbing, drain, tiles and more in the article.

How to wipe white with improvised means?

You can clean the bath with the help of available tools. To cope with yellowness, soapy and limescale, you can use the following compositions:

  1. foto28269-2Lemon acid... It will help remove fresh traces of rust, salt deposits on plumbing. For this it is necessary to prepare a concentrated solution.

    Dissolve 1 packet of citric acid in 1 glass of water. With the help of a sponge, it is applied to the contaminated areas and left for 30 minutes, after which it is washed off with warm water.

  2. A mixture of baking soda and vinegar... To begin with, soda is mixed with water to a thick slurry. It is applied to contaminated areas, after which a sponge is soaked in vinegar and blotted with the surface of the bathtub, treated with soda. After half an hour, the composition is washed off.
  3. A mixture of washing powder and soda... In a glass of warm water, stir a tablespoon of powder and 2 tablespoons of baking soda. A sponge is moistened in the solution and treated with contaminated areas. After 15 minutes, the bath is rinsed.
  4. Ammonia... In it, a rag is impregnated and applied in the form of a compress to the contaminated areas. After an hour, there will be no trace of limescale. Rinse the treated area with water.
  5. Soda ash with laundry soap... The soap is grated, mixed with soda in equal proportions, and diluted with water. Apply the composition to the contaminated areas, wash off after an hour. To enhance the effect, you can add a little ammonia.

After using any composition, the bath must be thoroughly rinsed. He will tell you how to clean the bath to white this an article about removing yellow spots and plaque - this.

Special formulations

You can deal with the dirt in the bathroom using store products. Top 3 inexpensive and effective formulations:

  1. Chistin Gel Professional for bathrooms and showers. The composition is based on aSurf and nSAS, the formula is fortified with citric acid, does not contain chlorine. The gel helps to cope with rust, lime and soap deposits, and an unpleasant odor. Price - 90 rubles.
  2. Bagi foam for cleaning the bathroom Akrilan... This versatile spray is suitable for all types of baths. It effectively removes rust, limescale and mold. One bottle is enough for 25 cleanings. Price - 435 rubles.
  3. GraSS Gloss Bathroom Spray... The liquid composition does not leave behind scratches, gives the bath its original shine. The spray effectively removes rust and lime deposits. There are no aggressive acids in the composition, the formula is based on citric acid and non-ionic surfactants. The price of the bottle is 125 rubles.

An overview of the best bathroom cleaners is presented in this article.

Features for cleaning acrylic, steel, cast iron and enamel bowls

Depending on the type of bathroom, the products that can be used to care for it will differ:

  1. foto28269-3Acrylic the bath must not be cleaned with compounds containing acids, solvents and alcohol. It is not recommended to bleach it with whiteness and bleach.

    Soft gels are the best choice. From available tools, washing powder, soda, laundry soap are suitable.

  2. Enamelled the bath must not be handled with brute force. The use of corrosive acids and chlorine is not recommended. It can be washed with table vinegar, soda, ammonia.
  3. Cast iron baths are covered with a layer of enamel, so the rules for caring for them are the same. For washing, it is recommended to use helium formulations without abrasive particles.
  4. Steel bathtubs do not tolerate water temperatures above 75 degrees. It is recommended to wash it after each use. If there is no heavy dirt on the surface, then it is enough to rinse it with soapy water and walk with a soft sponge. You can get rid of tough stains with baking soda and vinegar.
Regardless of the type of bathroom, no surface tolerates the use of brute force and corrosive substances.

He will tell you about how and what to clean an acrylic bathtub this article, cast iron - this.

How to lower humidity in the bathroom?

Deal with high humidity in the bathroom in several ways:

  • clean the ventilation - it is imperative to wash the grate, on which a large amount of dust and dirt accumulates over time;
  • get rid of wooden pedestals and cabinets, preference should be given to plastic and metal products;
  • ventilate the room after each bath;
  • install an additional fan in the hood;
  • leave a small gap between the door and the floor - you need to think about this even during the installation of the door;
  • do not dry things in the bathroom;
  • wipe off the water that got during bathing behind the bathtub and on the floor;
  • monitor the health of the pipes.

How to remove hair from a plum?

There are two ways to get rid of hair in a drain: mechanical and chemical. Extraction tools:

  1. foto28269-4Cable. It can be used to remove hair and blockages that are deep in the drain. It is introduced into the tube by turning the handle. Resistance will be felt when the cable hits the ball.

    It must be gently softened by moving the cable back and forth. When the water starts to pass, the rope must be removed. Hair will come out with him.

  2. Ventuz. It is installed on the drain hole and actively pressed on the handle. As you move, a blockage will begin to come out of the drain, and existing hair will rise up. They need to be picked up by hand and removed.
  3. Brush brush... It works like a cable, but not that long. The brush is placed in the drain and scrolled. Hair will be extracted with the brush.

Chemical hair removal products are divided into improvised and professional. The most effective folk recipe is a mixture of baking soda and vinegar.It is poured into the drain, left for an hour, and then washed with hot water.

Shop formulations are presented in a wide range. They are based on strong acids, so they must be used strictly according to the instructions.

Popular remedies:

  • Chirton powder, price - 30 rubles;
  • Bagi Pothan granules, price - 540 rubles;
  • Mole powder, price - 30 rubles;
  • Tiret gel for removing blockages, price - 220 rubles;
  • Chistin gel for cleaning pipes, price - 50 rubles.
The selected agent is poured or poured into the drain, left to act and washed with water. To enhance the effect, you can combine chemical and mechanical methods.

He will tell you how to remove a blockage in the bathroom. this article.

How to polish chrome parts to a high shine?

There are several ways to clean chrome parts in the bathroom to a shine:

  1. foto28269-5Dishwashing liquid... It is applied to a damp sponge, with which all parts are processed until foam is formed.

    After 15 minutes, the surface of chrome-plated products should be lightly rubbed with a rag, rinsed with clean water and polished.

  2. Wine vinegar... It will help to deal with more stubborn dirt. In order not to spoil chrome, it is diluted with water in equal proportions. A sponge is moistened in the solution, with which all impurities are rubbed. After 10 minutes, the composition is washed off with clean water.
  3. Store remedy... On sale there are sprays and gels designed to care for chrome surfaces. They are formulated in such a way that they remove stubborn dirt from chrome-plated surfaces without harming the coating. For instance:
    • Aquanet spray (146 rubles),
    • Vega spray (440 rubles),
    • Rvak spray for plumbing Cleaner Chrom (525 rubles).

How to remove limescale or yellow deposits?

There are several ways to remove limescale from the bathroom:

  1. Soda with vinegar... They are mixed with each other and applied to the problem area.
  2. Lemon acid... It is diluted until completely dissolved (1 sachet per glass of water), the bath is processed. The procedure is repeated again after 20 minutes, and then washed off with clean water.
  3. Soda with hydrogen peroxide... For 1 part of soda, 2 parts of peroxide are required. The resulting solution is applied to the stain for an hour and then washed off.

In addition to folk remedies, you can get rid of lime and yellow plaque in the bathroom using store formulations. Have a good effect:

  • Cillit BANG gel plaque and rust (220 rubles),
  • SARMA cleaning gel for baths and sinks (100 rubles),
  • Cif gel (150 rudders).

Read more about limescale removal. here.

My tiles

To clean the bathroom tiles you can use the following methods:

  • foto28269-6vinegar - it copes well with limescale;
  • laundry soap - it removes yellowness and has a whitening effect;
  • soda ash - it dissolves well and does not leave any scratches;
  • store products - Mellerud liquid for tiles and stones (430 rubles), Help spray Clean bathroom (60 rubles), Cif spray for the bathroom Anti-plaque (200 rubles), etc.

Acidic compounds should not be applied to tile joints, as they can corrode the grout.

Find out how to clean your bathroom tiles here, about cleaning tile joints - here.

How to get rid of surface scratches?

To get rid of scratches in the bathroom, it needs to be polished. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  1. Wash the surface of the bathtub and wait until it is completely dry.
  2. Sand the damaged area with fine abrasive paper.
  3. Continue polishing until the surface is smooth.
  4. Treat the bath with felt.
  5. Apply a non-abrasive wax polish to the scratch, rub the area again with a microfiber cloth.
  6. Rinse the bathtub with water and liquid detergent and dry with a tissue.

This method will get rid of surface scratches. Read about removing scratches and chips on the bathtub. here, about the restoration of the acrylic bowl - here.

How to clean silicone sealant?

To get rid of the silicone sealant in the bathroom, you need to adhere to the following algorithm of actions:

  1. Moisten the sealant with water, wait 20 minutes.
  2. Using a spatula, clean off the sealant with the sharp edge of the tool.
  3. Treat residues of sealant with gasoline or white spirit. Remove it with a wooden spatula.
In order not to damage the bathroom surface during mechanical cleaning, you need to control the force of pressure.

Find everything about cleaning the bathroom from silicone sealant here.

How to eliminate sewer odor?

foto28269-7Get rid of unpleasant smell in the bathroom the following tips will help:

  • check the operation of ventilation, sewer system, pipe joints;
  • improve the draft of the ventilation hole;
  • clean pipes and siphon from blockages;
  • seal the sewerage joints.

The most common cause of the odor is a blockage in the pipe, so the first step is to focus on eliminating this problem. More details can be found here.

Professional cleaning price

Cleaning companies offer a “cleaning the bathroom” service. Similar offers can be found from private craftsmen. The price depends on the amount of work to be done.

The average cost starts from 80 rubles per square meter... If the room is in disorder after renovation, then the price rises. You can find an employee by advertising on the Internet or in a newspaper.

What cannot be used and why?

Mistakes to Avoid While Cleaning in the bathroom:

  1. It is strictly forbidden to use metal-coated brushes. They will scratch the enamel. Dirt will begin to accumulate in these damage, rust will appear.
  2. Do not apply acid to chrome parts, as they will darken, stains will appear on them, which cannot be removed.
  3. Acrylic bathtubs should not be treated with inorganic acids, so as not to damage their surface.
  4. Chlorine compounds should be used with extreme caution. They are not recommended for acrylic and enamel baths.

Useful Tips

Tips that come in handy during cleaning in the bathroom:

  1. foto28269-8The bath should be washed after each use. This will avoid salt and soap deposits. Such a bathroom will always look well-groomed.
  2. To avoid blockages in the bathroom, it is recommended to place a mesh with small holes on the drain.
  3. To prevent plaque and rust from forming on chrome surfaces, you need to monitor the health of the plumbing, and also wipe them with a soft cloth after each use.


Cleaning your bathroom can be quick and effective if you use the right products. To get rid of light pollution, you can use folk recipes. Stubborn stains such as ingrained rust and thick limescale deposits require a professional approach.

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