How to clean windows?

foto28812-1The window cleaning process is tedious only if it is not done correctly.

If you correctly approach this issue, choose the right tool and devices, and follow the instructions clearly, then the glasses will always remain clean, and the procedure itself will not take much time.

Read about how to properly clean the windows in the apartment and on the balcony so that they do not get dirty longer, how to remove old paint from glass and traces of foil, read the article.

How to wash properly without special tools?

You need to start washing windows in the right weather.... It is advisable to choose a cloudy and windless day, since direct sunlight on the glass will cause the product to dry quickly, and also make it difficult to objectively assess the cleanliness of the washed window.

If the weather is right, you can cope with the task without special tools. It is enough to get a rag, a basin of warm soapy water and old newspapers.

Clean and streak-free inside the apartment

Instructions for cleaning windows from the inside:

  1. foto28812-2All objects that stand on it must be removed from the window sill. Blinds and mosquito nets can be removed and washed separately.
  2. A little liquid soap is added to warm water. Saturate the sponge with the solution and wash the frames.
  3. Then they start washing the glasses. Stubborn dirt is removed with special means.
  4. Wipe the inner surface of the windows with clean water, rinsing the rag 2-3 times.
  5. Several newspapers crumple and polish glass with them. The paper will absorb excess water and leave no streaks.

High quality and safe outside, from the street

Washing windows outside without special tools can be dangerous if the apartment is on a high floor.

To cope with the task without risking your life, the following instruction will help:

  • the opening sash must be washed according to the same principle as the windows inside;
  • to wash the cast half of the window, you will need insurance, since you will have to reach out - you can use a special carabiner designed for climbers, or ask for help from your household, because you cannot bend far beyond the window without insurance;
  • first you need to wipe the outer frames, as a lot of dust accumulates on them, then you should walk with a rag along the slope;
  • glass is washed with soapy water, removing all impurities, then rinsed with clean water and wiped off with a dry cloth.
When carrying out work, do not rest against the glass or against the open sash, this is unsafe.

Choosing a glass cleaner

You can wash the window with the help of available tools. They do not require financial costs and are easy to use. If you do not want to study and prepare the compositions with your own hands, you can purchase them in the store. The range of detergents for windows is varied, and they are inexpensive.

Folk recipes

foto28812-3You can even wash the windows with plain water, but this procedure is rather tedious. You can facilitate the task with the help of folk remedies that are in every home:

  1. Vinegar. To prepare the solution, you will need 1 glass of water and 3 tablespoons of vinegar 9%.
  2. Lemon juice... It is taken in the amount of 4 tablespoons per glass of water.
  3. Ammonia... 2 cups of water will require 2 tablespoons of ammonia.
  4. Vodka. It is diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 3.

Any of the listed solutions is poured into a spray bottle, with which it is applied to glass. You will find many folk recipes for cleaning windows here.

Special formulations

There are many products on sale for cleaning windows. Focusing on the following criteria, it will be possible to select the optimal composition:

  1. Liquids based on benzyl or isopropyl alcohol. They dissolve fatty contaminants well, including old ones, and do not leave streaks.
  2. Liquids in which surfactants are the base component. They have high cleaning properties, are safe for windows and human health.
  3. Sprays with ammonia. They are chosen to deal with stubborn dirt, as well as to give the window surface a glossy shine.

The auxiliary components are: acids, silicones, antistatic agents, water-repellent substances. Popular TM window cleaners:

  • Clin (140 rubles),
  • Mr. Muscle (200 rubles),
  • Unicum (110 rubles) and others.

The rating of the best window cleaners is presented in this publications.

How to choose a rag?

foto28812-4When choosing a rag for cleaning windows, you need to build on what material it is made of. Possible options:

  1. Faux suede... It collects water and dirt well, leaves no lint behind.
  2. Microfiber. A reusable cloth that not only collects dirt, but also perfectly polishes glass.
  3. Viscose. Such rags are suitable for applying detergent, but they will be problematic to collect moisture with their help.

Popular TM of rags for cleaning windows:

  • Master fresh microfiber (80 rubles),
  • Microfiber Starwax (320 rubles),
  • Bagi napkin "Miracle rag" from viscose (520 rubles), etc.

For tips on choosing window cloths, see this article.

How to wash quickly, easily and effectively?

Any window can be cleaned quickly if you do not waste time wiping off dirt and removing streaks. To do this, you need to use detergents with a combined composition, which will include surfactants and alcohol.

The most convenient way to apply liquid from a spray bottle... This also saves time. Be sure to pay attention to the rag. It should collect water well, not leave streaks and lint behind.

Another way to quickly clean a window is to use a special device such as a glass washer robot. It is enough to plug it into the network and install it on the window, and after completion of the work, rinse the rag and put the device in storage.

Read more in this article.

Difficulties with lattices

If the window frames open into the living space, then washing the windows with bars is not difficult. The situation is more complicated with non-removable cast structures.

There are several options:

  1. foto28812-5Use a steam cleaner. Its nozzle is led into the existing opening and the device is connected to the network.

    Steam will dissolve all dirt, even without the use of detergents. However, if the opening is too narrow, then wiping the glass with a rag will not work.

  2. Residents of the first floors (subject to the low location of the windows) can use the Karcher mini-sink. This device delivers water at high pressure.

    After its application, not only glasses, but also gratings will be perfectly clean. If there is no Karcher, then a regular hose will do, but its effectiveness is lower.

  3. Call specialists. They have devices in stock that can handle any task. However, cleaning services will cost money.

The last and most time consuming option is the removal of window structures. Although it will not be possible to do without special knowledge and tools.

Assistant devices

To make the process of cleaning windows easier, you can use special devices, of which there are many today. They not only save time, but also help you get to hard-to-reach places if you can't reach them.

Such devices are indispensable for residents of high-rise buildings, as well as for owners of glazed balconies and loggias:

  1. Telescopic mop... It has a retractable handle that allows you to reach corners at high heights.
  2. Magnetic brush... The device is represented by 2 halves, which are attracted to each other by magnets. A person washes only the inside, and the brush located opposite follows his movements outside the window.
  3. Rubber scraper on a short handle (water squeegee). With its help, it is easy to remove foam and dirty water from the glass, after the main cleaning.
  4. Steam Mop... Operates from the mains, dirt is removed by a jet of steam. The device can be used for various household needs, for example, for washing tiles.
  5. Vacuum cleaners for windows... Devices operate on batteries, or powered from the mains. The principle of operation of the device is simple: using the built-in spray bottle, a detergent is applied to the glass, then it is wiped with a special nozzle. The end of cleaning is the suction of liquid into the reservoir. As a result, the entire process takes a few minutes.
  6. Robot vacuum cleaners for washing windows. These miniature assistants are classified as vacuum and magnetic. Devices work independently, practically without human intervention.

The more complex a device is from a technological point of view, the more expensive it is. You can find out how to wash windows with a Karcher steam cleaner herehow to use the window cleaner - herehow to use a telescopic mop - here, with a magnetic brush - here, robotic vacuum cleaners - in this article, washing vacuum cleaners for windows - in this.

How to clean plastic and wood window constructions?

Plastic windows are not picky to care for, but in order for them to serve longer, you need to wash them correctly:

  • foto28812-6to remove dirt from glass, you can use gels based on alcohol, ammonia or surfactants, ordinary soapy water does the job well;
  • for the care of double-glazed windows, do not use powders with abrasive particles and corrosive acids;
  • you need to pay attention not only to glasses, but also to other components;
  • to facilitate cleaning, you can use various devices, with the exception of hard brushes, which will lead to scratches.

Old-style wooden frames have many slots and openings into which dust gets clogged. You can remove it with a toothpick or cotton swab. To care for glass, use non-aggressive solutions, for example, soapy or vinegar water.

Do not wash wooden frames with baking soda, as it destroys paint and can damage the structure.

You can learn how to wash plastic windows correctly here.

How to clean a window sill, mesh, frame and other accessories?

It is necessary to regularly wash not only glass, but also the entire structure as a whole. Features of component care:

  1. You need to start washing the frame first. If this is not done, the dirt in the corners will smear and stain the glass. Particular attention is paid to fasteners and drain holes. After washing, they must be dried.
  2. The rubber seals are washed with soapy water and allowed to dry. If this is not done, then over time the tightness of the window will be broken.
  3. The mesh is easy to clean in the bathroom. First, it is wiped with a sponge soaked in soapy water, and then rinsed with a shower.
  4. You need to take care of the windowsill regularly. Dust and light dirt can be removed with a soft, damp cloth. Complex contaminants are removed with an alcohol or vinegar solution.
  5. Slopes do not tolerate contact with aggressive substances and hard brushes.

How to wash the mesh, will tell this article, windowsill - this.

My double-glazed windows on the balcony

foto28812-7You will need a long-handled mop to clean your balcony windows. With its help, it will be possible to reach the upper corners.

If all the frames are sliding or opening inward, washing them outside is easy. Be sure to pay attention to their attachment points and guides.... Dirt getting into them will cause problems with frame movement.

If necessary, the double-glazed windows are removed. For this, the plugs are dismantled, after which the structure is removed from the guides. He will tell you more about how to clean windows on a balcony or loggia. this article how to wash panoramic - this, sliding - this.

Life hacks for washing at height

You need to wash windows at a height with insurance. It's good if this role is played by a second person. He must hold the washer by the body when he protrudes out.

You cannot stand on a ladder or stool next to an open window. Loss of balance can lead to falling from a high floor.

For safer maintenance of insulating glass units you can use special deviceseg a telescopic mop or a window cleaning robot. Read more about cleaning windows on high floors. here.

How often should the procedure be performed?

The windows are washed at least 2 times a year... General cleaning is done in autumn and spring. In the off-season, you need to monitor the cleanliness of the windows, periodically wipe dust and other dirt from them.

In general, there are no strict deadlines for cleaning windows. The main thing is that they always remain clean.

How to remove different types of dirt?

If the windows are stained with more than just dust, it is not always possible to cope with the stains with soapy water. Depending on the type of contamination, different means are used:

  • foto28812-8scratches are polished with GOI paste;
  • the film is removed using a steam generator;
  • the resin can be washed off with turpentine, alcohol or gasoline;
  • the paint is removed with acetone;
  • bird excrement is removed with toothpaste;
  • the foil is soaked in water and carefully removed with a plastic or rubber scraper.

How to remove scratches on window glass, you can find out herethan remove the protective film - here.

How much does the service cost?

Cleaning companies provide window cleaning services. Prices depend on the complexity of the work being done. Estimated cost:

  • 2 standard doors - 350 rubles;
  • 3 standard doors - 450 rubles;
  • blind sash on the balcony - 200 rubles.

The exact price must be checked with the chosen organization. Read more in this article.

Helpful information

Tips and life hacks for cleaning windows:

  1. First you need to wash the outside of the window, and then start cleaning the glass from the inside.
  2. You can avoid the appearance of stains if you move the rag correctly: first, wipe the glass vertically, and then horizontally.
  3. If the windows face a busy road, it is recommended to use an antistatic detergent.


Windows will always stay clean with regular maintenance. So that this process does not take much time, you need to choose the right tool and modern devices designed to make cleaning simple, fast and safe.

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