foto5254-1Tefal is the brand under which modern steam generators are manufactured. There is a wide selection of models on the market that differ in price and functionality.

To choose the device suitable for your needs, you need to familiarize yourself with its main characteristics.

The rating of the best Tefal brand steam generators for your home with photos and customer reviews about the models are presented in this review.

About the firm

The French company of the same name is engaged in the production of Tefal steam generators. It was founded in 1956 and since then has confidently conquered the world markets.

In addition to steam generators, the company produces:

  • other small household appliances,
  • dishes,
  • accessories.
In Russia, Tefal devices appeared in 1982. At the moment, the factories producing Tefal steam generators are located in the Russian Federation, China and France.

Comparison with other manufacturers

The modern market is filled with steam generators from various manufacturers, which creates certain difficulties when choosing the model that is optimal for the house. Most often, Tefal steam generators are compared with:

  • Phillips.
  • Brown.
  • Bosch.

The main differences are as follows:

  1. foto5254-2Power. This indicator for the Tefal and Philips steam generators is higher than the others and is 2400-2600 W.
  2. Sole... Steam generators from Tefal are equipped with a metal-ceramic sole with a non-stick coating, which none of the manufacturers has.

    Other firms offer devices with ceramic, titanium, steel and aluminum soles.

  3. Steam blow... In Tefal devices, it starts from 180 g / min. This figure is higher only for Philips steam generators (200 g / min).
  4. Leakage protection... All devices are equipped with it, although some models from Bosch do not have this function.
  5. Scale protection... In Tefal steam generators, it is represented by the Anti-scale system.
  6. Additional functions... Devices from Tefal are equipped with a vertical ironing function, although it is not present in all models.
  7. Cost. The most expensive are Philips steam generators. Technics from Tefal are in the middle-high price category. Devices from Bosch and Brown are cheaper.

So, steam generators from Tefal are able to compete with other companies.

In comparison with similar devices from Philips, they are cheaper. At the same time, the functionality of the devices is better if we draw an analogy with the models from Bosch and Brown.

Another worthy manufacturer is the Karcher company... The equipment of this brand is expensive, but has excellent functionality. The number of additional options and nozzles for steam generators from Karcher is greater in comparison with devices from Tefal.

However, the price will also be several times higher. In addition, Karcher is more focused on steam cleaners than steam generators.

Comparative analysis of steam generators Tefal and Philips is presented in given article.

Review of models: rating of the best, price, photo

The range of Tefal steam generators is quite extensive. Each device has its own technical characteristics, knowing which you can make the right choice.

Tefal SV7041

The average cost of the device is 9,000 rubles. The power of the device is 2200 W. The steam generator is equipped with a ceramic sole. The reservoir holds 1.5 liters of water. The cord has sufficient length, which is 1.6 m.

Pros of the model:

  • overheating shutdown function;
  • the possibility of vertical steaming;
  • constant steam function;
  • the ability to select a model by color. There are white and blue devices on sale.

The downside is the need for regular filter replacement. This should be done approximately once every 6 months.


Pro Express Care GV9071

This model is distinguished by its high power, which is 2400 watts. The main advantages of the model include:

  1. Double system of protection against scale.
  2. Built-in collector for collecting scale.
  3. The presence of the "smart" function, which allows you to iron various types of fabrics, without the risk of damage.
  4. An impressive boiler with a volume of 1.8 m.
  5. High steam pressure.
  6. Automatic cord rewind function.

The main disadvantage of the device is its high cost, which is about 14,500 rubles.



This model of a steam generator from Tefal is distinguished by its compact size and high power of 2200 watts. The volume of the boiler is 1.4 liters. The cost of the device is 9,000 rubles.

The main advantages of the device include:

  • the possibility of vertical steaming;
  • the presence of the "eco" mode;
  • automatic shutdown function;
  • removable water tank;
  • the presence of a collector for collecting scale;
  • the optimal cable length, which is 1.7 m.

The steam generator is shown in blue. There are no user reviews on this model on the Internet.


Pro Express Care GV9070E0

The powerful model of the Tefal pro express care steam generator gv9070e0, which supplies steam with a pressure of 7.5 bar. The steam boost is 500 g / min.

The main advantages of the model include:

  1. Possibility of vertical steaming of things.
  2. Scale protection.
  3. Spacious 1.6 liter boiler.
  4. Built-in anti-drip system.
  5. Automatic cord rewind function, which is 1.8 m long.
  6. ECO mode.
  7. Warming up to the required temperature in 2 minutes.

For the extended functionality of the device, you will need to pay about 14,500 rubles. Users respond positively to the device.


Fasteo SV6040E0

Steam generator Tefal fasteo sv6040e0 with medium power and with a steam supply of 100 g / min. The cost of the device is 9900 rubles.

Its main advantages:

  • electronic system Smart technology, which allows you to select the optimal ironing mode for different types of fabrics;
  • eco-function that helps to save electricity;
  • function of vertical steaming.

The disadvantages of the model include the lack of an auto-off function and a "drop of stop", as well as a small water tank, which is 1.2 liters. The cord length is 1.6 m.


SV7030E0 Liberty

The Tefal sv7030e0 liberty model has an average power of 2200 watts. The steam boost force is 310 g / min.

The advantages of the device include:

  1. Automatic shutdown function.
  2. Possibility of vertical steaming.
  3. Scale protection.
  4. ECO-mode function.

The disadvantage of the device is the absence of the “drop-stop” function.Users like the steam generator model. They are satisfied with the quality of ironing, the cost of the device and its functionality.


Pro Express Ultimate GV9581

This model is one of the most powerful in its class. It features an enlarged 1.9 liter water tank. Steam consumption during steam shock reaches 600 g / min.

The main features of the model:

  • automatic shutdown;
  • vertical steaming;
  • anti-drip system;
  • self-cleaning function;
  • continuous filling function;
  • eco-mode;
  • touch control panel.

The only drawback of the device is its high cost, which is 30,000 rubles.



For 14,900 rubles, you can purchase a Tefal GV6820 steam generator with a capacity of 2200 W and a steam blow force of 280 g / min.

The main characteristics of the model include:

  1. Vertical steaming function.
  2. Scale protection.
  3. Automatic shutdown.
  4. Ready to work quickly.

In addition to the increased functionality, the device has one more advantage - its unusual lilac color.

Most users are satisfied with the operation of the device. They like its compact size, ironing quality, powerful steam boost. No flaws were found in the device. You can find reviews here.



The cost of this model is 13,600 rubles. The power of the device is 2400 W, and the force of the steam blow is 450 g / min.

Other features of the model include:

  • automatic shutdown function;
  • vertical steaming;
  • increased volume of the boiler, which is 1.6 liters;
  • scale protection.

There are no reviews of the device.



This is one of the most powerful steam generators with a sintered sole. The device belongs to premium models, so its price is high (about 24,000 rubles).

The main advantages of the device:

  1. Power 2800 W.
  2. The increased volume of the boiler, which is 1.8 liters.
  3. Instant heating of the device.
  4. Eco-mode function and limescale protection.
  5. Touchpad.
  6. Automatic cord folding.

The device comes in a stylish red casing. No user reviews were found.



The power of the Tefal gv8461 steam generator model is 2200 watts. The cost of the device is 18,900 rubles.

Its main characteristics:

  • removable water tank 1.8 l;
  • steam supply adjustment;
  • an extended cord, the size of which is 2 m;
  • function "Eco-mode";
  • the presence of a compartment for the steam supply cord;
  • the presence of a compartment for storing the electrical cord;
  • vertical steaming function;
  • automatic descaling.


Express Control Plus GV7761E1

This steam generator has an average power of 2400 W and a fairly spacious 1.7 liter boiler. The steam boost is 340 g / min.

Distinctive characteristics of the model:

  1. Automatic shutdown function.
  2. Descaling system.
  3. Vertical steaming.
  4. Optimal cord length. Its size is 1.7 m.

One of its advantages is the Durilium outsole. This is the latest development from Tefal. It glides perfectly, does not lend itself to corrosion, and is independently descaled. The cost of the device is 13,000. There are no user reviews.


Express Control Plus GV7781E0

This modern model of a steam generator costs about 25,000 rubles. Such a high price is due to the extended functionality of the device.

Its advantages include:

  • an impressive 1.7 l water tank;
  • powerful steam blow force of 360 g / min;
  • fast heating time, which is 2 minutes;
  • self-cleaning sole;
  • the possibility of vertical steaming;
  • auto-off function;
  • the presence of a rod for collecting scale.

The model is available in white and purple. It is a convenient and compact device weighing 5.4 kg. Its only drawback is its high cost.


Pro Express Care GV9080E0

This model, costing about 16,000 rubles, is equipped with the latest generation Durilium Autoclean metal-ceramic sole.

The main advantages of the device:

  1. Automatic shutdown function.
  2. Vertical steaming function.
  3. The presence of an anti-drip system.
  4. The presence of a protective screen.
  5. The presence of the IVF regime.
  6. Possibility to add water while ironing.

The boiler is medium in size, with a capacity of 1.6 liters. The device will be ready for use within 2 minutes after turning it on. Reviews are presented here.


Express Easy Plus GV7558E0

This model belongs to the premium segment. Its cost is about 30,000 rubles.

The main advantages of the device:

  • innovative self-cleaning Durilium Autoclean outsole;
  • vertical steaming function;
  • automatic shutdown;
  • the ability to add water during ironing;
  • overheating shutdown;
  • the presence of a funnel for filling water;
  • an indicator that indicates the need to descale.

The device has a low weight, which together with the boiler is 4.9 kg. The device is available in 2 colors in white and purple. No reviews were found for the device.


Features of choice for home

For a large family, the sv7041 model is perfect, which has sufficient power and a capacious water tank. 200 ml less boiler volume for Tefal gv6761eo. The rest of the steam generators have similar characteristics and are in the same price category.

When you do not need to iron a large number of things, you can opt for a model with a lower power and capacity of the water tank - Tefal fasteo sv6040e0.

The Tefal sv7030e0 liberty is in the same price range, but with an increased force of steam blow and a large boiler volume.

If a person has the means, then he should consider the expensive Tefal pro express care gv9071 model... This appliance is equipped with a smart ironing function. The Tefal pro express care gv9070e0 steam generator is in the same price category, but it lacks the “smart” function.

The Tefal pro express care gv9080e0 model has good functionality.

Suitable for professional ironing such steam generators:

  • Tefal pro express ultimate gv9581,
  • Tefal sv8054e0,
  • Tefal gv8461,
  • Tefal express easy plus gv7558e0.

Instructions for use

foto5254-18It is not difficult to use Tefal steam generators. Water is poured into the device, connected to the network and waiting for heating.

With normal ironing, the item is steamed on an ironing board. The device is tightly pressed against it and driven in different directions.

If the function of vertical steam supply has been selected, then the item can be placed on a hanger or on other similar devices.

The device is moved from top to bottom... Wrinkles and creases in fabric will be smoothed out by the hot steam. If the boiler runs out of water, then it must be topped up.

Read more about using the steam generator. here.

How do I take care of my device?

Care features behind the Tefal steam generator:

  1. From time to time, wipe the plastic parts with a damp soft cloth.
  2. The tank for boiling water is washed once a month. To do this, water is poured into it, gently shaken and poured into the sink. If necessary, the procedure can be repeated. The harder the water, the more often you need to clean it.
  3. To clean the soleplate of the iron, use a soft sponge slightly soaked in water. To prevent rusting, wipe the product while it is still slightly warm.
  4. After using the device, be sure to drain the water from it.
  5. Store the device in a box, assembled. The room should have a normal humidity level. This will prevent damage to the product. The cord must be folded neatly, avoiding kinks.

With proper care, the Tefal steam generator will serve for many years.


You can use the self-cleaning function to descale your appliances... To do this, just pour water into the device and press the special Anti-calc button. The appliance starts the descaling function.

If the model has a special descaling brush, it must be removed from time to time and rinsed.

The manufacturer does not recommend using Tefal vinegar or descaling agents to clean steam generators, so as not to damage the device.

Read more here.


foto5254-19Simple breakdowns in the operation of Tefal steam generators can be eliminated by yourself.

For example, if there is no steam supply, it is sometimes sufficient to descale the appliance. You can also check the strength of the connection of all elements of the device.

If you cannot find out the cause of the breakdown on your own, you need to contact the service center... It is not recommended to disassemble the device without proper knowledge.

Read more about the repair of steam generators Tefal read here.

Customer Reviews

Reviews of Tefal steam generators on the forums are mostly positive. People note the convenience of using the device in everyday life, especially in comparison with an ordinary iron.

Users highlight good steam, a spacious boiler and a convenient vertical steaming function. Although there are complaints of rust emissions on things, even when using filtered water.


From a large assortment of models of steam generators from Tefal, each person will be able to choose the device that is optimal in terms of price and functionality. The devices are time-tested and have proven themselves well as helpers in everyday life..

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