foto5690-1There are quite a few companies specializing in the production of steam generators - equipment that converts water into dry steam.

One of the leading positions among such products is occupied by Philips.

This article presents a rating of the best Philips steam generators: models, their photos, price, operating instructions, customer reviews.

About Philips steam generator manufacturer

Philips was founded at the end of the 19th century by J. Phillips in the Netherlands... At the beginning of its activity, the company was engaged in the production of light bulbs. In the future, the company changed its priorities in the production of goods several times.

Experiencing ups and downs, Philips has expanded the list of products, having mastered the production of medical equipment and household appliances, including steam generators.

foto5690-2Philips subsidiaries are located in several countries:

  • Germany;
  • Netherlands;
  • USA;
  • China.

Build countries:

  • Russia;
  • Romania;
  • China;
  • Poland;
  • Indonesia, etc.

The assembly of steam generators is assigned to China.

Rating of 15 popular models: photo, price, reviews

Philips currently has a wide range of steam generators for the home. Products differ in design and technical parameters, allowing you to choose the optimal model, taking into account the requirements of each consumer.

The model number label is always located on the bottom of the case. There is also a serial number, in which the first 2 digits are the week number, and the last 2 digits are the year of production of the product.

PerfectCare Silence GC9650

The GC9650 is a powerful enough appliance (2,400 W) with an ergonomic design. Price - from 25,000 rubles.

The advantages include the following factors:

  • long steam cord (200cm);
  • good length power cord - 180 cm;
  • very strong steam boost, which is higher than that of most analogs - 500g / min;
  • scale protection;
  • auto shutdown;
  • significant maximum steam pressure - 7.5 bar;
  • patented quality outsole;
  • with constant steam supply - 150 g / min;
  • regulation of steam supply.


  • the large weight of the unit itself - more than 5 kg;
  • big size;
  • high price;
  • it is advisable to use a special ironing board, as an ordinary one can get wet from a powerful jet of steam.


PerfectCare Compact GC7808 / 40

This model is compact in size and relatively light in weight - less than 3 kg.At the same time, the GC7808 has a high power, allowing you to cope even with very wrinkled fabric. Price - from 10,000 rubles.

Advantages of the model:

  • good length of the power cord - 180 cm;
  • scale protection;
  • auto shutdown;
  • maximum pressure - 5.3 bar;
  • vertical steaming;
  • steam boost (280 g / min);
  • fairly quick readiness for work - 120 seconds;
  • eco mode;
  • there is the possibility of adding water during operation;
  • patented quality outsole;
  • continuous steam supply - 120 g / min.

Cons of the model: steam cord of modest size - 160 cm.


PerfectCare GC8735 / 80

This steam generator has a high power, and has the ability to create a high pressure of 6.5 bar, and a powerful steam boost. It belongs to energy-saving technology and is made in an ergonomic design. Price - from 12,000 rubles.


  • vertical steaming;
  • the possibility of replenishing water during operation;
  • optimum temperature control;
  • self-cleaning from scale;
  • eco mode;
  • convenient system of indicators on the case;
  • large water tank - 1.8 liters.

Minuses: not always quick response when pressing buttons.

User reviews are here.


PerfectCare expert plus GC8962 / 40

The model is intended for home use. Suitable for small spaces as it does not take up much space. At the same time, high-quality steaming is ensured, and there is the possibility of a very powerful steam boost for particularly stubborn folds. Price - from 19,000 rubles.

Pros of GC8962 / 40:

  • stainless steel sole;
  • auto shutdown;
  • status light indication;
  • preparation for work in 120 seconds;
  • significant maximum vapor pressure;
  • vertical steaming.


  • short length of steam and electrical cords;
  • high price.


PerfectCare elite plus gc9670 / 50

The device is presented in an attractive design, has a very high power - 2 700 W. It can create high pressure and give a powerful steam boost.

The device has a large number of additional functions that allow you to steam almost any fabric. The boiler is large enough, 1.8 liters. There is an eco mode and the ability to add water.

From the relative disadvantages - the rather large size of the device. Price - from 30,000 rubles.


  • high cost;
  • considerable size.

Read user reviews here.


Perfectcare Performer gc8723 20

Very powerful (2,600 W) yet compact household textile care appliance. It has many options at a fairly low weight of 3.2 kg. Price - 11,000 rubles.


  • not long enough power cord and hose with steam;
  • auto-tuning of the steaming mode is not always correct.


Нi5912 / 30

The model has a streamlined shape and compact size. Among the advantages:

  • light weight - 3.2 kg;
  • good power 2,400 W;
  • ceramic sole;
  • an indicator that signals the need to descale;
  • quick readiness for work 120 seconds;
  • auto shutdown;
  • vertical steaming;
  • relatively low price - from 7,500 rubles;
  • scale protection.


  • short length of the steam hose and power cord;
  • weak steam boost.


PerfectCare Viva gc7051 30

A high-power (2,400 W) household appliance that has a large water tank and steam regulation. Reliable ceramic sole, many useful additional features. Convenient ball attachment of the electrical cord to the body. Fast, in 2 minutes, ready to work. Price - from 10,000 rubles.

Minuses: fairly weak vertical steaming.


Нi5914 / 30

Powerful, compact household appliance with a small water tank. The maximum pressure is 5 bar. There is an auto shut-off, the possibility of vertical steaming and protection against limescale. You can add water during operation. The price is small, from 6,000 rubles.


  • small container for water;
  • short electrical cord;
  • low steam consumption during constant operation;
  • weak steam boost;
  • short steam cord.


FastCare Compact gc6730 30

One of the devices recommended for household needs, which has good characteristics:

  • high power - 2,400 W;
  • the highest steam pressure - 5.2 bar;
  • steam supply adjustment;
  • self-cleaning from scale;
  • light weight;
  • the price is 7,500 rubles;
  • vertical steaming.


  • short electrical cable;
  • not powerful steam blow;
  • short steam hose.


PerfectCare Viva gc7057 20

The gc7057 steam generator is one of the powerful and efficient devices that has a large water tank and many additional functions, provides a good steam boost, and gives a maximum pressure of 6 bar. Price - from 7 800 rubles.


  • it is inconvenient to fill the water container due to the fact that it is not removable, although it is large enough;
  • a lot of steam is generated during operation, which increases the humidity in the room.


Fast Care gc7703 20

The iron has a ceramic sole, very large, 2.2 liters, a water tank, many additional functions. A good length hose for steam - 180 cm. Cost - from 8,500 rubles.

Cons of the model:

  • weak steam boost;
  • no auto shutdown;
  • noisy work;
  • significant size;
  • heavy weight - more than 5 kg.


Рerfectcare performer gc8750 60

With a low weight (3 kg 200 grams), the steam generator has a high power (2 600 W), has a significant steam boost.

The advantages of the model also include:

  • auto shutdown;
  • scale protection;
  • long power cord;
  • the water container can be removed;
  • titanium outsole;
  • vertical steaming, etc.

Cons of the model: the cost is rather big - from 15,000 rubles.


Perfectcare elite plus gc9682 80

A very powerful device with high performance. Technique advantages:

  • very powerful steam boost - 600 g / min;
  • good volume of a container for water - 1.8 liters;
  • high power - 2 700 W;
  • auto shutdown;
  • scale protection;
  • eco mode;
  • adding water during operation;
  • condition sensors;
  • good constant steam supply - 165 g / min;
  • powerful steam pressure - up to 8 bar;
  • large length of the cord for steam - 190 cm and the mains wire - 200 cm;
  • vertical steaming.


  • large weight of the device - more than 5 kg;
  • high price - from 35,000 rubles;
  • considerable size.


Perfectcare expert plus gc8950

Concise, comfortable model with good power, high steam pressure and significant steam boost. There is a steam supply adjustment, auto shut-off and many other useful options.


  • big size;
  • manual reeling of the hose is not convenient;
  • short steam cord;
  • high price - from 20,000 rubles.


How to choose from the entire lineup?

The problem of choosing the most suitable steam generator is a rather serious issue. There is no perfect reference model that will suit absolutely all users.

You should start in your choice not only from its parameters and price, but also from individual preferences, and even the characteristics of the apartment.

For example, for a small living space where several people live in one room at once, dimensional models will be inappropriate. An example of such a technique is the Perfectcare elite plus gc9682 80 - powerful, functional, but very large and heavy.

Depending on the layout of the apartment and the allotted place for ironing things, in the selected model, the length of the power cord must be taken into account... The Perfect Care Compact GC7808 / 40 is one of the compact and lightweight models to look out for if space is important.

The inexpensive models include PerfectCare Viva gc7057 20. To the expensive ones - Perfectcare elite plus gc9682 80, Perfectcare expert plus gc8950.

The ergonomics, convenience of organizing the handle, determines how comfortable it will be to use the iron. The price and functionality of the model are also important.

The functional characteristics are also very important:

  1. foto5690-18Power.
  2. Steam pressure (the higher the indicator, the more effective ironing will be);
  3. Steam supply during continuous operation - normal mode.
  4. Steam boost is necessary for particularly difficult creases and folds. The higher this indicator, the better and faster the canvas will be straightened.
  5. The volume of the tank indicates how long the steam generator can be used without additional water topping up.
  6. Auto power off is a very useful option.
  7. The quality and material of manufacture of the iron sole.
If possible, it is advisable to look at the selected device live before buying, hold it in your hand.

How to use: instructions for use

When purchasing a steam generator for the care of textiles, the user will have to follow the rules of operation and maintenance of equipment. This will allow not only to extend the service life of the device itself, but also to avoid many problems.

Filling the container with water

foto5690-19At the stage of preparation for work, water is poured into the container located on the steam generator. The best option is to use special demineralized water, distilled or purified.

If the reservoir is removable, then it is first removed, and only then filled with water. It is advisable to add liquid to the maximum mark ("MAX"), which is indicated on the body.

The removed container is returned to its place. When properly installed, a click is heard, indicating that the reservoir is locked.

Always make sure there is water in the tank before ironing, and its level is higher than the minimum ("MIN").


Before starting work, place the steam generator on a horizontal surface. The base must be stable on the ironing board.


  1. Check that the base is stable and that there is water in the tank.
  2. Connect the device to the mains.
  3. Withstand the time it takes to be ready for work. On average, it is 2 minutes, but the figure may differ in different models.
  4. Remove the steam supply hose from the special compartment.
  5. The iron is removed from the base. If a locking latch is provided, press it in.
  6. In order to start dispensing steam, press the button on the iron 1 time.
  7. After ironing with steam, it is recommended to iron the fabric without applying steam.
  8. The TURBO button is designed for more effective impact in the models. The status of the steam generator can be seen from the indicators on the body.
  9. If you need to smooth out very wrinkled fabrics, we recommend using the steam boost option. To do this, press the steam button twice.

Completion of work

At this point, the iron is returned to the base. Remove the plug from the socket. It is advisable to drain the water from the container, and fix the iron on the base.

Vertical ironing function

foto5690-20Vertical ironing is convenient for straightening products that hang on a ram and curtains that can be ironed right on the cornice.

To do this, hold the iron with the sole parallel to the thing. By pressing the steam button, the iron should be moved vertically.

Steam is released under pressure and at high temperatures, therefore, hands must be protected from burns. It is strictly forbidden to steam a thing that is worn on a person.

How to take care of your appliances?

Proper care of the steam generator will keep the machine in working order and improve the quality of ironing. Modern models do not require complex labor-intensive actions.

As with any household appliances, the steam generator must be kept clean, out of the reach of children. It is necessary to keep the soleplate of the iron clean, do not use materials that could damage the coating to clean it.

Despite the fact that treated water is used for steam generators, it must be drained after completion of work. The steam supply hose and the power cord are neatly folded, the iron itself is fixed on the stand.

foto5690-21Most models have an intelligent Calc-Clean descaling system... The built-in system allows you to maintain optimal steam supply and prevent stains and dirt on the sole of the iron during operation.

The indicator on the case notifies in time that it is necessary to descale: a flashing light and a sound signal.

If you ignore the warning, the appliance interrupts the steam delivery. until cleaning is carried out.

Read more about the Calc-Clean system and descaling in the next article.


When using a steam generator the user may face a number of problems, among them:

  • lack of steam;
  • release of water from the sole of the iron;
  • noisy work;
  • incorrect operation of indicators, etc.

How to cope with the situation, the thematic article.

Discussion on otzoviks

foto5690-22Philips steam generators are devices of a well-known brand that have long been trusted.

The company produces devices of various capacities and designs, so there is always a wide selection... And each client can choose the best model for himself.

Most of the company's steam generators are enjoying well-deserved success, making domestic work much easier.

Of the minuses, users note the high price of such equipment., some models - heavy weight, noisy operation, not long enough power cord and steam hose.


The use of a steam generator in everyday life for the care of clothes and other textiles is not difficult. With the correct organization of the workplace, following the instructions for the device, homework will be done easier and faster, and the result will only please.

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