Steam generator

foto5735-1A steam generator is a device that converts water into dry high temperature steam. The device is used primarily for steaming things.

In some cases, it can be used for cleaning various surfaces and cleaning the room.

Depending on the purpose for which the steam generator is purchased, a model with the necessary characteristics is selected.

What is it and what is it for: purpose in everyday life

foto5735-2The basic principle of a steam generator is to produce steam under pressure.

When heated to 130-160 ° C, water turns into steam, which is supplied to the nozzle - this allows you to effectively steam clothes and carry out cleaning, even without the use of special household chemicals.

For household needs, along with a steam generator, steamers are often used. The principle of operation of these devices, and the method of generating steam, has a cardinal difference.

The high temperature generates dry steam in the steam generator, which is supplied to the outlet under pressure. When the steamer is operating, wet steam is supplied to the outlet without pressure.

More details about the difference between a steamer and a steam generator can be found in this article... Read about how the steam generator works here.

What are they?

A large selection of steam generator models makes it possible to choose a device with the required parameters. This is both a design principle and technical parameters.

Steam generators differ in the rate of steam formation depending on the type of organization:

  • without a boiler;
  • with a separate boiler;
  • with two tanks for uninterrupted continuous operation.

What is the difference between a steam generator with and without a boiler, you can find out here.

When choosing a device for the home, the following parameters should be taken into account:

  • foto5735-3power;
  • steam supply pressure;
  • tank volume;
  • outsole material;
  • the presence of protection against scale;
  • weight;
  • availability of various attachments and is it possible to purchase them.

In addition to the listed points, it is necessary to take into account how the device is ergonomic and convenient for use.

You can read more about the types of steam generators in next article.

How to use for cleaning the house (apartment) and ironing clothes?

The steam generator is a fairly versatile device that allows you to do a lot of housework.

All models are subdivided into 2 main groups:

  1. Steaming clothes, curtains, etc.
  2. Room cleaning (steam cleaners).
Steaming clothes with a steam generator allows you to iron not only light things, but also coats, jackets, etc. And the curtain can be ironed without even removing it - right on the cornice.

With a steam generator you can carry out high-quality cleaning:

foto5735-4Cleaning with a steam generator can be carried out efficiently even without the use of detergents.

For most smooth surfaces, it is enough to walk with a steam generator, and then the treated area with a napkin.

However, the main task of the steam generator is ironing. For cleaning premises, it is better to purchase a steam cleaner or steamer.

For even more information on how to use the steam generator, here.

How to choose for home use?

You need to pay attention to the manufacturer. Well-established companies that have been on the world market for many years, as a rule, carefully monitor the quality of their products and provide service.

An individual approach to choosing a model should take into account:

  • the possibility of repair in service centers;
  • availability of necessary attachments;
  • weight;
  • ergonomics;
  • price.
The ease of use of the device is an important point. The handle should be comfortable for the person who will use the device, the cord should be long enough.

The weight of the unit itself is also important, this indicator is significantly affected by the volume of the water tank. More details on the issue of choosing a device, taking into account its characteristics, can be found here.

Rating of the best manufacturers, photo

The widespread popularity of steam generators for domestic use contributes to the fact that new models are constantly entering the market.

The sales leaders include large corporations:

  • Karcher;
  • Tefal;
  • Brown;
  • Philips;
  • Bosch.

All the presented manufacturing companies have a wide range of models.


The Brown company has nearly a century of history. The laconic appearance characteristic of the company's products opened a new direction in the design of technology in the 50s of the last century:

  1. foto5735-5Braun IS 3042 WH... This device has a price of 16,000 rubles. The device has a durable, reliable sole and a comfortable platform.

    The IS 3042 WH ironing temperature is automatically selected, which allows you to cope with the processing of even delicate fabrics. The downside of the model is that there is no vertical smoothing function.

  2. CareStyle 5 IS 5055 WH - a good steam generator with an affordable price - from 20,000 rubles. The model has automatic adjustment, provides quiet operation, has simple control.

    Despite the reliability and high functionality, there are also disadvantages: significant weight of the iron itself - 1 250 grams; steam delivery without interruption lasts no more than 10 seconds.

  3. CareStyle 7 PRO IS 7056 BK... High power, attractive design, the model gives a steam pressure of 7.5 bar. The steam generator provides automatic adjustment for the material, including for dense fabrics. The water tank is removable, with a volume of 2 liters. One drawback - a significant price - from 30,000 rubles.

Rating of Brown steam generators, their characteristics and cost, consumer reviews - in this article.


Karcher is a German company for the production of professional and household appliances. Steam cleaners of this company are not the last in the ratings of the best companies:

  1. foto5735-6Karcher SC 5 Iron Kit... This device is one of the most powerful in the line of SC 5 tools. It is a device for the home, which is practically equal in its characteristics to professional equipment.

    The complex includes an iron and a solid, fairly large in size, steam cleaner. There are only 2 significant disadvantages of such a kit: high price (from 35,000 rubles) and high weight (6 kg - steam generator and another 2 kg of water in tanks).

  2. Karcher SC 3 - for cleaning the whole house. Quickly warming up, quite compact and moderately powerful (1,900 W), the device will clean the whole house in a matter of minutes. Product price - from 12,500 rubles.

TOP-5 steam generators of the Karcher brand, their equipment, price, customer opinions you will find here.


The German company Bosch is famous for the quality of its products. There are many steam generators among the product names:

  1. foto5735-7Bosch TDS 6010... It is a comfortable ironing device that has a smooth ceramic sole for optimal glide on the material, a reservoir for scale and dirt. The cost of the steam generator is from 13,000 rubles.
  2. Bosch Sensixx ProHygienic TDS383113H... It is one of the strongest steam generators and has been one of the top sellers since last year. The powerful jet of dry steam not only expands the material, but also eliminates microbes. The price of the product is about 24,000 rubles.
  3. Bosch TDS 6041... This model is suitable for all fabrics, has good performance due to its high power - 2,400 W. Important advantages are ergonomics, protection against scale, vertical steaming method. Price - from 18,000 rubles.

Overview of Bosch steam generators (functions and characteristics, pros-cons, prices) - in this publications.


Philips is a Dutch company that produces industrial and household equipment. The products of this company are well-deserved and are among the top sellers:

  1. Philips GC8712 PerfectCare Performer... Lightweight, but at the same time quite powerful model of the steam generator is created using the most modern technology, which allows the iron itself to adapt to the fabric. This allows you not to worry that the material may be burnt. The price is comparable to the quality - about 12,000 rubles.
  2. foto5735-8Philips GC9682 / 80 PerfectCare Elite Plus... This device is one of the best for garment care. The device creates a pressure higher than that of analogues - 8 bar. In addition, there is a "steam boost" function.

    The very sole of the iron, made of durable alloy. Minus - high price - from 33,000 rubles or more.

  3. Philips HI5912 / 30... This model belongs to laconic, convenient for home use. The boiler is small - 1 100 ml, but the filled volume of water is enough for as much as 2 hours of non-stop ironing.

    In order for the hostess not to miss when it is necessary to clean the boiler, a corresponding notification is provided. Ceramic sole provides good glide. The price is about 7,500 rubles.

More about Philips steam generators - in this section.


Tefal is a French company, one of the directions of which is the production of steam generators. The company itself began its existence with the release of pans with a special non-stick coating. Gradually, the list of products expanded, the range was replenished with equipment for a wide variety of purposes:

  1. Tefal GV8963... This type of device has a patented sole with a special sapphire coating, which provides excellent gliding on surfaces. The disadvantage is the high cost - up to 20,000 rubles.
  2. foto5735-9Tefal GV4630... This model is a budget option for a good steam generator for clothes.

    The power of the device is 2 300 W, it is quite enough for processing any garments at home.

    If power is not enough, you can use "steam boost". There is also a vertical steaming mode. The device is compact and lightweight. The price for it is from 9,000 rubles.

  3. Tefal GV6731... The cost of this model starts at 18,000 rubles. For this price, the hostess receives a device that heats up quickly, makes it possible to conveniently select the temperature, taking into account the type of fabric, and provides a quick straightening of the material.

A lot of useful information about Tefal steam generators is presented in given section.

Household appliance care

Appliance care begins with proper storage and use.... The steam generator must be stored in a dry place at room temperature, clean.

If the device is rarely used, water must be drained from the reservoirs after the end of work.

Water selection

foto5735-10When the water is heated to generate steam, scale can form. It can lead to a deterioration in the operation of the device, poor quality work.

And also to leaving stains on the surfaces to be cleaned, and even to breakdown of the steam generator itself.

Using purified water will help prevent limescale... How to choose the right water for filling the tank, you can find out here.


As a result of heating low-quality water in the steam generator, scale can form. The anti-scale option, which is available in a number of models, will help prevent its appearance. Otherwise, regular cleaning cannot be avoided.

How to cope with scale yourself, you can find out in next article.

Repair: what can you do yourself?

In situations where the steam generator has failed at the most crucial moment, you can try to fix the malfunction on your own. Whether it is possible to cope with the breakdown depends on the reason.

The most common are:

MalfunctionWays to solve the problem
When the message is that steam is ready to be dispensed, it does not come out by pressing the buttonButton replacement required
The control panel does not respond to pressing a buttonCheck the wiring. Replace if necessary
No steam supplyThe problem may relate to the heating element, solenoid valve, fuse, or be the result of a blockage in the steam pipe, with the cleaning of which it is necessary to start looking for the cause of the malfunction
Glow "low water level"If the level is normal, then the sensor itself requires replacement

In addition to those listed, there may be other breakdowns that lead to a malfunction of the device.... More information on how to fix a steam generator at home can be found in feature article.

Not every problem in the operation of a steam generator can be dealt with independently. In case of complex breakdowns, it is recommended to contact the service center.

The price of the question: does expensive always mean the best?

foto5735-11The cost of the device depends on the manufacturer, specific model and point of sale.

For household steam generators, which are designed for ironing clothes, the cost of the apparatus is several thousand, allowing you to purchase a good unit for the house for 7,000 - 9,000 rubles.

The most expensive device is not always the best... It may have functions that are not necessary for a particular user, unnecessary options and unreasonably high energy consumption.


Using a steam generator in everyday life is not difficult. Over time, working with the device will become a habit and will reduce cleaning time.

Using the steam generator strictly for its intended purpose, in accordance with the instructions, you can extend its service life and turn homework into an easy task that does not take much time.

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