Overview of ironing machines: advantages, disadvantages, cost

foto3866-1Ironing your clothes on a daily basis is a painstaking task, especially if there is a baby in the house. You can avoid unpleasant work by purchasing an ironing machine.

But before purchasing, you need to know what models of ironing machines exist, how to use them at home, and also study all the pros and cons.

What is this apparatus?

This is a stationary device that allows you to iron a large number of things at one time.... The equipment is purchased for laundries in various institutions, for example, in kindergartens, hotels, hospitals.

There are more compact machines for personal use. The dimensions of a standard home installation do not exceed 160 cm x 100 cm.

The principle of operation of the device is to generate steam and smooth the fabric using heating elements that replace the sole of the iron.

What are they like?

foto3866-2Equipment can be divided into 2 types by functionality:

  1. Ironing machine for long fabrics such as sheets, curtains, diapers.
  2. Apparatus for clothes, designed to iron shirts, jackets, trousers.

Ironing machines differ from each other in the principle of operation. Roller models and dummy machines are considered popular.

Rollers are suitable for linen, and mannequins for smoothing outerwear.


The operation of this equipment is carried out using 4 main elements:

RollIroning shoeSteam TrayPedal
This is a special roller with a metal frame. It is lined with fabric that can withstand the highest possible temperature. The task of the roller is to guide the fabric and press it against the heated plate.The plate due to which the tissue is smoothed. It heats up in accordance with the set temperature regime, the roller presses the thing to the hot surface, and moves it forward.This is a container where water is poured. When it is heated, hot steam is released, which moisturizes the dried tissue and disinfects it.The speed of rotation of the roller is regulated by the pedal.

The roller machine will help to ease the life of a housewife who has to iron a large number of clothes every day. Roller models have a protective barrier, which eliminates the possibility of burning hands.

However, the roller model is inconvenient for using items with buttons and plastic decorations.

Before each ironing, you need to wrap all the plastic elements in heat-resistant paper, otherwise there is a risk of ruining the thing.

How the roller model of the ironing machine works can be seen in this video:


This type of equipment is designed for ironing clothes. The work is provided by several elements:

Air intakeA heating elementFrameVolume sensor
It sucks in air inside the machine, first passing it through a filter that prevents dust from entering the device, and also neutralizes odors.Instantly heats up to the set temperature and heats up the air stream. The fan blows warm air up to the dummy frame.This part is made of plastic and dense silk. Hot air enters here under pressure, the frame inflates to a certain size. Excess air is released through the silk fiber to the surface, warming and smoothing the clothes.To prevent the item from stretching or tearing, the dummy uses a sensor to adjust the degree of swelling to the required size.

Mannequin machines are not only for ironing, they are able to dry things after washing 6 times faster than drying naturally.

Also, the equipment has a powerful steam generator that allows you to smooth out a winter coat, parka or thick down jacket.

How the mannequin works can be seen in this video:


This type of ironing equipment is considered the simplest device... It consists of two plates parallel to each other.

The upper part rises, and the lower one is fixed and motionless. The heating element is located on the top plate.

Press-type ironing machines are suitable for linen.

How the device works:

  • foto3866-3The device turns on, the fabric type is selected.
  • The laundry is placed on the bottom plate and then pushed back. This is necessary so that the canvas does not twist or wrinkle during the ironing process.
  • The upper sash of the machine is lowered, fixed for 10 seconds.
  • The sash is lifted, the part that has not been ironed is extended, and pressed again.

The thing comes out from under the press smoothed and steamed... A device of this type, like others, has a water tank.

Sales statistics for ironing machines show that for home use, people are more likely to buy roller models, and mannequins or press machines are purchased from institutions.

Video showing how the ironing press works:

Perfectionist machine

This is the name given to the new development. This equipment not only iron and steamed clothes, but also stacks them in even piles and refreshes them by spraying them with perfume.

Principle of operation:

  1. foto3866-4In one of the garment receptacles something is fixed.
  2. The machine pulls it in, where it smoothes it using two stainless steel bars.
  3. Dispensing of steam and fragrance starts.
  4. The sensor reads the type of clothing to activate the desired folding program. Then an additional pair of slats begins to bend the thing. If this is a shirt, then the sleeves are neatly folded inward, and the product itself is folded in half.
  5. The thing comes out of the car folded, smoothed, and smells good.

The device has 20 clothing receivers that work simultaneously... That is, in 2 minutes you can get a stack of ironed and folded things. This is a time-saving advantage.

Manufacturers recommend buying this device for large families or owners of clothing stores.

Video showing the operation of this machine:

Ironing cabinet

This device is adapted for home use. It is compact, easy to move around and has a stylish design.

Principle of operation:

  1. A bar is pulled out, on which clothes are placed with the help of hangers.
  2. The wardrobe automatically opens the doors and pulls things in.
  3. Clothes are smoothed with a heated press and sprayed with a steam jet.
You can iron dried items or those that just got out of the washing machine. The device can iron both clothes and fabrics, including thick terry towels or blankets.

Video about the work of the ironing cabinet:

Pros and cons of devices

Every year the demand for ironing machines increases, because these devices have a number of advantages over ironing with a conventional iron.

Main advantages:

  • foto3866-5Save time... It will take at least 1 hour to iron 25 baby diapers with an iron. With an ironing machine, this time is reduced to 5 minutes.
  • Comfortable working position... Ironing can be done while sitting, this will help prevent fatigue back pain.
  • Not traumatic... All models of ironing machines have protective barriers that prevent accidental contact with hot surfaces.
  • Additional functions... Drying clothes artificially with high humidity indoors is almost impossible. An ironing machine solves this problem.
  • Compactness and pleasant appearance... Modern models look stylish and do not take up much space in the apartment. Some types of machines can be folded, allowing the unit to be removed from the room after each use.
  • High-quality ironing... The steam jet of a special device is much more powerful than that produced by a conventional iron. Therefore, the ironing machine will help to smooth out old creases for good.
Ironing machines have a drawback: many models are not suitable for ironing clothes with flounces, ruffles or decorative elements.

Modern devices that do not have such a disadvantage are too expensive, from $ 800. This can also be called a disadvantage.

Which one to buy?

To buy a suitable type of ironing machine, you need to disassemble the wardrobe and determine which things have to be ironed the most.

If ironing the bed or diapers takes most of the time, then it is more rational to purchase a model with a roller or press. When the outer garment is mainly ironed, it is better to buy a mannequin or ironing cabinet.

Other parameters to watch out for:

  1. foto3866-6Device power... The standard performance of modern devices does not exceed 3 kW / h.

    The machine runs at full power when it heats up, and the rest of the operation saves electricity. Consumed only 1.5-2.5 kW

  2. Smoothing element size and overall dimensions... It depends on which items you iron more often. It is more convenient to pass the blade through a long shaft or wide press.

    There is no storage space in a small apartment, you need to choose a folding model. A car on wheels is suitable for spacious rooms. It is easy to move.

  3. Additional functions... Steaming, folding and flavored make garment care several times easier. If there are a lot of things in the wardrobe, then cars with such functionality will become indispensable helpers.
Many cars have useful options, for example, they turn off automatically when they overheat. In the event of a sudden power outage, they unlock the shaft, allowing you to freely pull out the thing.

How to use correctly at home?

For ironing to be of high quality, you need to follow several rules:

  1. foto3866-7Clothes that have just been removed from the washing machine must not be ironed. It is imperative to straighten and smooth out large folds.
  2. Items with pictures or embroidery should be turned inside out.
  3. Plastic buttons or jewelry should be protected with special paper.
  4. Do not iron garments with cuffs and collars on a press or roller model. This is what mannequins are for. They have special clamps that allow you to steam the product while maintaining its correct shape.
  5. Baby clothes can be ironed several pieces at a time.

The main rule: observe the temperature regime... Each label has the maximum temperature for each item. Ironing machines heat up and cool down quickly, so you can iron different things by switching the mode each time.

To prevent scale build-up on the heating elements in the steam generator, it is not recommended to use distilled water. It can be diluted with hard water in a 1: 1 ratio.

Top 5 most popular models, their price

There are a large number of manufacturers, and it is very difficult to choose something good among them. The following models are in high demand and positive user reviews.

Miele HM 1683

Machine made in Germany. This is a roller model that is compact and portable... The ironing shoe is 83 cm wide and can be ironed on bed linen or curtains.

Ironing speed is regulated by a pedal, from 2 minutes to 4 minutes. The model is economical, its power is 2700 W.

The functionality includes adjusting the temperature regime and returning things in case of a power outage. The aluminum heating element is covered with a barrier protection. Equipment price from 130,000 thousand rubles.


Siemens TJ 10500

Mannequin made in Spain. The design is compact, weighs 28 kg, height is 119 cm. 12 ironing methods are programmed for different types of fabric. The frame is made of parachute silk.

The machine has several useful options, such as instant cooling of the laundry after ironing. The mannequin is capable of taking sizes from XS to 4XL. Includes collar holders. The price of an ironing mannequin is from 60 thousand rubles.



This is an ironing press made in China. The surface of the heating element is made of Teflon, and its width is 30 cm. This device is suitable for ironing diapers and baby clothes.

It has additional functions: shutdown in case of overheating, unlocking the shutters in the event of a power outage.

The power of the device is 2200 W, it takes about 2 minutes to wait for the plates to fully heat up... Attached to the bottom is a 900 ml water tank.



This is a stylish design, mobile and neat. It is suitable for small apartments, its dimensions are 80x25x108 cm. It dries and iron 12 types of fabrics in 3-5 minutes. The wheels make it easy to move the device.

The Effie is an ironing cabinet with retractable hanger bars. She is able to iron clothes and small towels. Things are steamed and leveled with a press. The price of the device is from 57 thousand rubles.



Ironing machine of the new generation. It has additional functions: folds, steam and fragrances clothes. The whole work takes 15 seconds. The device is compact (71 cm x 81 cm x 79 cm) and has an attractive design.

The device is capable of receiving 20 different things at the same time. A special folding method is programmed for each type of clothing. The machine will help you to put things in order in the closet with outerwear, as well as fold underwear and socks. The price of the device is from 65 thousand rubles.


Here are the models of foreign production. Domestic models are also popular, for example, "Kalinka" and "Romashka". These are small roller machines that are used in offices and at home.

Consumer reviews

On the forums, people share their impressions after purchasing ironing machines for personal use. More than 80% of them were satisfied with the purchase. Families with babies find that ironing machines save a lot of time and effort.

Mannequin machines are purchased by people who sew and mend clothes. Their reviews indicate that it is more convenient to work with an ironing machine than with irons.

The main disadvantage is the high cost of the device itself, as well as additional components... On rare occasions, machines fail and it is costly to repair or replace parts.


Those who purchased the ironing system are satisfied with the purchase... You just need to decide on the model of the ironing machine and choose the most suitable one. Then the routine work will be a thing of the past, the ironing process will become a pleasant and interesting experience.

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