How to wash?

foto24992-1Normal operation of the refrigerator keeps food fresher for longer and protects households from food poisoning.

To ensure smooth operation, it is enough to follow the rules of location, operation and maintenance. The recommendations of professionals will help you quickly carry out all stages of cleaning without a threat to the unit and the owner.

How to properly wash the refrigerator inside and out, read the article.

How to properly prepare the refrigerator for cleaning at home?

foto24992-2Before general cleaning it is necessary:

  1. Prepare rubber gloves, detergent, sponge or tissue, clean towel.
  2. Set the thermostat to zero position.
  3. Disconnect the refrigerator from the mains.
  4. Empty the shelves from the contents.
  5. Remove removable parts.
  6. Soak them in warm soapy water for 20 minutes.

It is not recommended to wash the household appliance in working order. Warm air from the outside provokes the formation of condensation, and later ice. An exception is two-compartment refrigerators, in which only one compartment can be turned off.

The next step is defrosting... If you need to quickly remove local contamination or unpleasant odors, it is not required. Refrigerators with the No Frost system must be turned off and defrosted no more than once every six months.

How to defrost quickly?

The process will take from 1 to 6 hours, the time depends on the model. It can be used to clean removable parts.

To free the unit from frost, you need to follow 3 steps:

  1. Cover the floor next to the refrigerator with a rag to protect it from moisture.
  2. Open and lock the door as far as possible.
  3. Place a basin at the bottom of the refrigerator, into which melt water will flow.

Natural defrosting is preferable, but with limited time to speed up the process will help:

  • a saucepan with boiling water, it must be placed on a stand inside the chamber and the door closed;
  • hair dryer, streams of hot air must be directed to a surface covered with frost, bypassing the cooling tubes;
  • an air heater with a fan, located near the refrigerator at a safe distance.
Removing ice with sharp objects can damage the surface and injure the owner!

How and what to clean after defrosting?

Removing a fresh stain or spilled product is easy, which cannot be said about a general refrigerator cleaning. It is carried out from top to bottom, requiring special attention in hard-to-reach places (corners, recesses).

Consistent surface treatment will help you not miss important details:

  1. foto24992-3Capacitor. Located on the rear wall of the unit, where a lot of dust accumulates. You can use a long narrow brush, vacuum cleaner.
  2. Drainer... Cleaning and disinfection with detergents required.
  3. Drainage. A small brush will help clean it.
  4. Walls. A cleaning solution and a soft sponge will help.
  5. Sealant. The particles that have accumulated in it must be removed with a toothbrush, wipe the rubber surface with a rag soaked in warm water.

At the final stage, it is necessary:

  • treat the inner surface with a dry clean towel;
  • clean the outer walls, the unit door with the same product;
  • leave it open until the chamber is completely dry;
  • replace removable parts;
  • place products;
  • turn on the device.
It is not recommended to connect the refrigerator to the mains until it is completely dry, as well as to clean it by plugging it in.

Folk recipes

To prepare cleaning solutions at home, you can use inexpensive components:

  1. foto24992-4Vinegar. Effectively cleans and disinfects surfaces, eliminates unpleasant odors. To prepare the solution, you must mix 3 tbsp. l. product with 1 liter of water.
  2. Soda. Cleans, whitens, neutralizes odors. It is necessary to add 2 tbsp. l. powder in 500 ml of warm water and stir until completely dissolved.
  3. Lemon juice... Acts on the surface like the previous components. After pressing the citrus fruits, 2 tbsp. l. liquids must be mixed with water.
  4. Ammonia... It is recommended to add 30 ml of the product to 300 ml of water. The solution is used for cleaning surfaces after defrosting.
  5. Soap. To prepare a detergent, it is better to use a household detergent, it must be foamed in warm water.

Solutions are used in the same way. Apply to the surface for 15-20 minutes and wash off with a clean, damp sponge.

Household chemicals

On the Russian market, there are universal and disinfecting industrial products that issued in the form:

  • gels;
  • sprays;
  • napkins.
Before using special tools, you must read the manufacturer's recommendations. Particular attention must be paid to whether concentrates require rinsing.

Popular Products:

  1. foto24992-5"Clean refrigerator" - foamy spray based on surfactants and alcohol from the Russian company Luxus.

    Effectively removes extraneous odors, contaminants of various origins. Economical and safe to use. Price - from 130 rubles.

  2. "EdelWeiss" - a universal detergent spray for refrigerators of domestic production on a water-alcohol basis. Removes organic impurities, fragrances and leaves no streaks. Price - 200 rubles.
  3. "Topper" - antibacterial spray from a German manufacturer for internal and external surfaces of the refrigerator. Indispensable for the prevention of the appearance of microorganisms and bacteria, the fight against the main types of pollution. Price - from 185 rubles.

To clean the refrigerator with any of the presented means, it is necessary to spray it on the surface, after a few seconds wipe it with a dry soft cloth. Solutions do not require rinsing with water. For stubborn dirt, it is recommended to apply them for 20-30 minutes for a deeper effect.

Disposable wet wipes are convenient for neutralizing local contamination... For example, House Lux from the Russian company Avangard.

Check out the best refrigerator cleaners at here.

Can I use a steam cleaner?

The surfaces of the refrigerator are resistant to high temperatures, so you can use the appliance for cleaning.

The method has several advantages:

  • carried out without household chemicals;
  • allows you to remove all types of dirt;
  • destroys bacteria and germs;
  • saves time and money.
The steam cleaner must not handle the temperature sensor, it may fail under the influence of high temperature.

How often should you clean?

foto24992-6To keep the household appliance clean and prevent the formation of a thick layer of frost, unpleasant odors, complex care is required:

  • remove stains, streaks, wipe the handle daily;
  • Get rid of stale foods weekly;
  • defrost and general cleaning quarterly.

Refrigerators with an automatic No Frost system also need to be defrosting every 6 months.

For the unit to last longer, you must carefully study the operating instructions from the manufacturer, including the section on the frequency of defrosting, and adhere to the recommendations.

Units with the No Frost system

The presence of the “No frost” function allows general cleaning no more than 1-2 times a year. Defrosting the refrigerator is carried out automatically, which saves the housewives from unnecessary efforts.

It is enough to choose a not hot day and after turning off the device, perform several steps:

  1. Wait for the inner surface to cool down to room temperature.
  2. Clean ventilation compartments, it is convenient to use hygiene sticks.
  3. Thoroughly wash surfaces, removable parts, hard-to-reach places.
  4. Wipe the unit dry with a clean towel.
  5. Return the components to their place.
  6. Connect the refrigerator to the power supply.
Cleaning the back of the appliance is a must, it saves energy and reduces stress on the working parts.

Nou Frost will tell you more about the rules for cleaning the refrigerator this article.

New household appliance

foto24992-7Before the first operation, the unit must be washed... To do this, it is enough to carefully treat all surfaces and components with a soda solution (its recipe is described above) and wipe dry.

It is not recommended to turn on the food immediately after delivery and processing, it should be left at rest for 1-6 hours.

He will tell you about cleaning a new refrigerator before turning on this publication.

Features of the choice of compositions for cleaning surfaces outside and inside

The inner and outer surfaces of the refrigerator are made of different materials, so choose the detergent carefully.

For a metal case with a protective coating, you cannot use:

  • abrasives,
  • hard sponges,
  • brushes.

This can lead to mechanical damage. Polymer (plastic) surfaces do not tolerate contact with industrial concentrates, which contain aggressive substances (alkali, acid). Moreover, these components are not recommended for use in food storage areas.

The best option is a gentle all-round product that is suitable for a variety of materials and soiling.

The inside and outside of the refrigerator have different functions, which leads to specific problems and contamination.

Read about cleaning the outside of the refrigerator in this article.

3 ways to wipe off the sticker

It is better to get rid of advertising stickers-stickers immediately, the surface may turn yellow with prolonged contact with glue. Budgetary ways will help with this:

  1. foto24992-8Prepare a detergent solution. Heat the sticker with a hair dryer, soak a cloth in the solution and clean the surface with it.
  2. You can remove the remnants of the sticker and traces of it with vegetable oil or acetone. Moisten cotton wool or a napkin, treat the surface abundantly, wait, then wipe off.
  3. Treat the sticker with a detergent without aggressive components, let dry. Use a school eraser to remove the sticker.

After all the manipulations, it is necessary to wipe the surface of the refrigerator, first with a damp, then with a dry sponge or cloth.

Housewives who prefer professional cleaning products can use SA8 Solutions spray, which will easily cope with the task.

Read more about how to remove stickers from the refrigerator. here.

Foreign odors

An unpleasant odor may appear in the inner chamber due to improper storage of food or a clogged drainage system. It is necessary to find out the cause, eliminate it and use special means to get rid of the problem.

Industrial fresheners and absorbers

Do not use devices and tools that are not designed for a safe neighborhood with food to eliminate the smell in the refrigerator. Air fresheners for rooms, cars, furniture are absolutely not suitable.

Effective for preventing and combating unpleasant odor:

  1. foto24992-9Gel granules. Placed in a compact plastic container, which is placed on the shelves or in the refrigerator door. Valid for 3-4 months.
  2. Egg indicator. Absorb odors using a charcoal filter, change color when the temperature in the unit changes. Valid for 45 days.
  3. Ionizer. The device is not battery operated, it is used once a day for 15 minutes.

Read about methods and means of removing odors inside the refrigerator in this section.

Improvised means

Treatment of the camera with a solution will help to get rid of the problem:

  • apple cider vinegar;
  • ammonia;
  • lemon juice.

The absorbent properties are:

  • salt crystals;
  • crushed activated carbon;
  • baking soda.

One of the products must be poured into a small container and placed in the inner chamber.

You can give the homemade absorber a citrus scent by adding a few drops of orange, lemon, lime essential oil to the filler.


The plastic lining of the inner chamber may turn yellow over time. The problem can also arise on the outer coating, for example, due to constant exposure to ultraviolet rays.

To return the whiteness inside the unit will help:

  1. foto24992-10Laundry soap, it must be grated on a coarse grater, pour a little water, put the gruel on the surface for half an hour, rinse thoroughly.
  2. Lemon juice, effective for small, fresh stains.
  3. Hydrogen peroxide, which must be surface treated and washed off three times.

Any product is suitable for the outer surface, including special industrial solutions with a gentle composition. How to wash the refrigerator from yellowness, you can find out here.


The fungus most often appears in the folds of the rubber seal and damp surfaces. You can remove characteristic dark spots with:

  • soap solution;
  • ammonia;
  • soda solution.

The latter has disinfecting properties, therefore it serves as a prophylaxis for the recurrence of the problem.

Use all remedies equally... It is necessary:

  1. Moisten cotton wool or sponge in liquid.
  2. Treat the affected area thoroughly.
  3. Leave for half an hour.
  4. Remove residues with a clean, damp cloth.
  5. Dry to remove residual moisture.
Rubber surfaces should not be treated with vinegar, otherwise they may dry out and crack.

Learn more about removing mold in the refrigerator this article.


foto24992-11Old grease stains are hard and must be softened first. Suitable for this purpose:

  • soda solution;
  • vinegar;
  • industrial detergents for washing dishes or ovens.

If, after softening, not all stains have been removed with a sponge, each must be treated locally.

Professional advice

Not all products are suitable for cleaning the outer and inner surfaces of the refrigerator. It is not recommended to use:

  1. Chlorine, acidic and abrasive products. They can damage the coating of the unit, which will lead to rust, cracks and deformation.
  2. Concentrated solutions that are not intended for cleaning the refrigerator. For example, from “Whiteness”, the coating will turn yellow or be covered with stains that cannot be removed.
  3. Brushes with stiff bristles, metal scrapers, abrasive sponges, the use of which will lead to mechanical damage to the coating.
Even professional products must be used in accordance with the instructions. Their prolonged interaction with surfaces, penetration through microcracks under the paint layer can lead to damage to the protective coating.


Refrigerator maintenance is an important task. He takes care of the health of family members by keeping the products fresh.

Timely removal of contaminants, the choice of gentle and effective means for cleaning it, adherence to the recommendations for operation will allow you to avoid large expenditures of effort, time, money for its general cleaning and repair.

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