Fur coat

foto1785-1The word "fur coat" evokes pleasant associations. It is softness and lightness, warmth and comfort, sparkling fur and enthusiastic looks.

Almost every woman dreams of being the owner of such luxurious outerwear, and when dreams come true, one should attend to the issue of caring for the thing.

Fur products require delicacy and regular cleaning. Fur coats cannot be washed, contact with water is destructive for them.

An alternative to expensive and not always high-quality dry cleaning can be self-cleaning of this product. To do this, you need to make a little effort, patience and know some of the nuances.

Features of cleaning different fur

There are a few basic rules that apply to all types of fur. When self-cleaning a fur coat at home, you cannot:

  • foto1785-2immerse the thing in water, moisten certain areas with plenty of water;
  • use caustic detergents, chlorine bleaches and stain removers;
  • rub, knock out or brush out with force;
  • use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust;
  • iron the thing with an iron, both from the outside and from the wrong side;
  • mask unpleasant odors using deodorant, perfume;
  • dry near an open fire, heating appliances.
To clean the fur coat, you can prepare a mild soapy solution, moisten a soft brush and gently "comb" the fur. It is allowed to replace soap with shampoo.

There are special means for cleaning fur products. They are easy to find on the shelves of large stores. These formulations are available in small spray bottles, applied to the surface of the product, and gently combed out. The fur coat restores its original appearance.

How to clean a natural fur product at home?

How to clean a natural fur coat at home? When cleaning natural fur choose a method of exposure, focusing on certain parameters:

  • foto1785-3variety;
  • color, shine;
  • density, length of the cover;
  • hardness or softness of the villi;
  • elasticity;
  • base strength.

At home cleaning fur products can be carried out by chemical or mechanical methods.

The chemical method is based on the use of special substances that dissolve pollution. Mechanical means the application of certain sorbents to the surface of the product, which absorb dust, and then, together with it, are successfully removed with a brush.


The standard of female dreams is mink. Subject to careful attitude, its service life will be more than ten years.

There are several signs that can help you determine if your fur needs cleaning:

  • unpleasant odor;
  • flattened, dull surface;
  • the villi stick out randomly in different directions.
If the above disadvantages are present in part, it is better to limit yourself to preventive measures: airing clothes in the fresh air and combing the fur with a soft brush.

Stains on the mink coat (wine, coffee, berries) must be removed immediately.

For more information on cleaning this fur, as well as learn little secrets for caring for a mink coat, you can here.


foto1785-4A variety of styles, colors, wear resistance and a democratic price range allowed the muton coat to win the hearts of women of fashion of different ages and wealth.

Proper care will preserve the flawless appearance of the product for up to ten years... The mouton coat is characterized by a thick fur that fits tightly on the skin base.

Thanks to this, you can, without fear of damage, knock out dust from it using a household firecracker. The principle of operation is similar to knocking out a carpet, but the force of impact should be reduced.

Detailed methods for self-cleaning mouton fur are described in the following article.


Warm and soft beaver fur will keep you warm in severe frosts. Besides, products from this fur can be worn for almost twenty years, if you follow the basic rules of care.

Methods for cleaning beaver coats in a domestic environment can be divided into two types:

  • wet;
  • dry.
According to the processing method, beaver fur is natural and sheared. Wet sheared fur should be cleaned with utmost care.

The essence of the wet cleaning method is as follows:

  • foto1785-5dissolve a drop of shampoo in water, beat by hand until light foam, put a soft sponge in water, squeeze well, clean the surface of the fur, trying to prevent water drops from falling on the base;
  • after the end of the procedure, you can walk over the pile with a cloth moistened with glycerin to add shine.

Experts recommend cleaning beaver fur clothes with sand... This dry method will allow you to efficiently remove accumulated dust and dirt without damaging the downy undercoat.

The cleaning process consists of several stages:

  • clean the sand from pebbles, foreign particles, rinse;
  • place it in a frying pan, dry it, heat it;
  • spread out the fur coat on a horizontal plane, straighten all the folds;
  • Spread hot sand evenly by hand, trying to let the grains of sand penetrate to the base of the villi;
  • leave for five minutes;
  • shake the thing, knock out the rest of the sand with light touches.

A rather unusual way is actually effective... If the quality of cleaning seems to be insufficient, the procedure with hot sand can be repeated until the desired results.

Do not pour very hot sand on the fur, this will lead to deformation of the material.


foto1785-6This type of fur is one of the most affordable for lovers of soft and fluffy things in a winter wardrobe. Low cost attracts buyers.

However, the fragility of rabbit fur should not be overlooked. He requires a delicate attitude towards himself..

Good results in cleaning are given by the usual means that are in the arsenal of every housewife.

Aqueous vinegar solution

Nine percent vinegar dissolved in water in a two to one ratio, a sponge is applied to the fur.

The surface is cleaned with light movements from top to bottom.After the fur dries, you should carefully comb it with a special brush. Vinegar will restore shine and softness to the rabbit fur coat, remove unpleasant odors.

The snow-white rabbit fur coat looks incredibly gentle and weightless. So that the thing further pleases the eye, the following cleaning methods must be applied:

  • dry starch;
  • bran;
  • hydrogen peroxide tablets.
Dry starch

Regular starch has proven itself excellent in restoring the snow-white color of a rabbit fur coat.

foto1785-7The cleaning process is not particularly difficult:

  • scatter dry starch over the surface of the fur coat;
  • distribute it evenly, rubbing it lightly into the fur;
  • leave alone for twenty minutes;
  • shake the clothes well, gently walk with a beater, removing starch residues.

Starch can be replaced with talc (baby powder). The bran purification principle is similar.

It is important to clean the fur of excess starch as well as possible, otherwise, if moisture gets in, the starch interacts with it, forming unwanted lumps and gluing the villi.

Hydrogen Peroxide Tablets

Hydrogen peroxide tablets will help remove ugly yellow spots and streaks. They are diluted in water, according to the instructions, add three to four drops of ammonia.

The resulting solution is applied with a spray to the surface of the fur coat... When the fur is dry, you should gently comb the fur coat.

You should not be too zealous with combing the pile of rabbit fur: thin villi fall out, forming ugly bald patches.


foto1785-8The fur of a raccoon is lush and silky, but if not looked after, it looks untidy. Long pile should be brushed periodically, preventing the formation of sticky lumps.

In order for the pile to lay down beautifully, not to bristle, it is lightly sprayed with water from a spray bottle and carefully brushed over the entire surface of the fur coat.

A ball of cotton wool is placed on the metal teeth of the brush, lightly pressed down, creating a soft cushion that will reduce the risk of damage to the undercoat.

Sawdust cleaning

Cleaning a raccoon coat with sawdust has proven itself well... They are an excellent sorbent. You can buy them at a pet store.

For cleaning fur coats, sawdust from birch, oak, linden is suitable. These trees do not emit resin, thus will not harm the delicate fur.

A few simple steps will help you achieve a positive result:

  • pour sawdust into a container;
  • moisten them with alcohol, mix;
  • pour onto a fur product;
  • lightly pressing, rub into the fur;
  • leave for a while - about fifteen minutes;
  • shake out well and comb the pile.

The combination of alcohol and sawdust successfully defeats dirt.


Semolina will help to remove dirt. This dry cleaning method is more suitable for light shades of a raccoon coat.

foto1785-9The mechanism of action is simple:

  • spread the fur coat on a flat surface with the lining down;
  • sprinkle generously with semolina;
  • with your hands you need to evenly distribute the grains so that they penetrate to the base of the fur;
  • after half an hour, shake the thing, comb out the remnants of the cereal with a brush.

In case of heavy dirt, the process can be repeated... An alternative to semolina can be starch, talc, chopped chalk.

Made of artificial material

Synthetic fiber fur is more practical to use. Such a fur coat can even be machine washed using the delicate mode without wringing out. Washable is specified on the manufacturer's label sewn into the garment.

But do not forget that fur, even if it is artificial, is not very friendly with water, therefore, bath procedures are used as a last resort.

According to the owners, an artificial fur coat is well cleaned if it is wrapped in a wet sheet, knocked out with a carpet cracker and dried.

All possible methods of cleaning faux fur are easy, without negative consequences, described in detail in this article.

Can I machine wash and hand wash?

foto1785-10Natural fur coats are not recommended to be washed.This procedure will not only ruin the pile, but also the leathery base of the fur, drying out, will shrink in a couple of sizes, which will lead to sagging of the lining, deformation of the clothes in general.

Is it worth the risk and spoil an expensive thing? Some manufacturers allow their faux fur products to be washed.

Particular attention should be paid to the meaning of the pictograms on the tag and to remember a few rules:

  • wash in slightly warmed water (temperature up to thirty-five degrees);
  • do not use ordinary washing powders;
  • do not wring out;
  • do not hang dry.
Machine wash can be used for faux fur with thick and short nap, while long fibers are crumpled in a chaotic manner, difficult to comb, and after drying, give outerwear an untidy look.

If the contamination is extensive and home cleaning methods are powerless, dry cleaning can be a panacea... It should be borne in mind that the services of this organization cost a lot, and not everyone gives a guarantee of a good result.

Trusting your fluffy treasure is only worthwhile to trusted firms with a good reputation, having previously discussed all the nuances of the procedure, be sure to document the provision of the service with documents.

The thing has sat down after washing - what to do?

Only professionals in the atelier will be able to restore the presentable look of a fur coat that has shrunk after washing, by adding strips of a similar appearance and color of fur to the affected product.

Cleaning a white fur coat at home

For cleaning white fur coats at home are used in two ways:

  • dry;
  • wet.

Both are simple to implement and give good results.

Dry method

foto1785-11Semolina, talc, wheat flour, bran are used as substances that collect dust and dirt from white fur.

The process algorithm is as follows:

  • pour sorbents on the fur surface;
  • gently rub them into the pile;
  • shake off the thing;
  • comb out the remains of substances with a brush.

The indicators of the quality of cleaning will be the substances themselves.: Initially they are white, but during cleaning their color will change in proportion to the degree of dirtiness of the coat.


This method provides for a short contact of fur with aqueous solutions of substances that are in every home:

  • dissolve hydrogen peroxide in a glass of water - one tablespoon, add five drops of ammonia, spray on the fur with a spray;
  • salt - one spoon, a couple of drops of ammonia and two hundred milliliters of water connect, apply the resulting solution to the pile;
  • take one tablespoon of lemon juice, vinegar and water, mix, moisten a cotton pad, treat the surface of the fur coat.
The final step in cleaning white fur with this method is brushing and air drying. After such events, the fur will again delight with shine and a snow-white shade.

How do I wash the lining?

foto1785-12You can clean the lining of a fur coat using one of the options:

  • without separating the lining from a fur coat, turn the product inside out and clean out individual areas - used if the problem area is small;
  • rip off the lining, wash, dry, iron with an iron and sew again - used for heavy dirt.

When cleaning the lining directly on the clothes, dissolve the shampoo in warm water, apply the solution to problem areas with a sponge, rub, pulling the lining back so as not to wet the base of the fur coat. Blot wet areas with a dry cloth, dry, leaving the fur coat turned inside out.

In another case, the lining is soaked in warm water with liquid washing powder for twenty minutes, after which it is washed by hand, rinsed well and air dried. Do not wash it in a typewriter or dry it on a battery - the fabric may shrink.

Stubborn stains on the lining can be removed with a dish detergent or ammonia solution.

A lot of useful and important information about washing outerwear - here.


Fluffy wardrobe gives its mistresses joy and pleasure... In order for these feelings to remain constant companions, it is enough to be sensitive to the slightest changes in the appearance of the fur coat and to use the information received on cleaning fur at home.

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