Jacket or down jacket

foto1869-1A down jacket, like any thing, gets dirty when worn and needs to be washed. Only it requires a special approach so as not to spoil the appearance and thermal insulation properties.

Washing by hand and in a washing machine is allowed, but the specific method is determined on an individual basis.

To do this, just look at the label where the manufacturer's recommendations are indicated. If there are no specific restrictions, then it is recommended to use an automatic machine. Only at the same time they adhere to certain rules - at what function and temperature to wash.

An exception will be the presence of non-detachable natural fur and leather inserts. In this case, it is better to use dry cleaning services.

Can I wash at home?

Before you start washing your down jacket yourself, examine the label, which indicates what the product is made of.

For the top, synthetic materials are usually taken (nylon, polyester, polyamide, leather and eco-leather), resistant to external factors.

Fillers can be synthetic (synthetic winterizer, biofiber, membranes, holofiber) and natural (feather, down, wool). The latest varieties should be handled with utmost care and adhere to the manufacturer's advice.

The label also provides recommendations for washing, drying, spinning, ironing (it is possible or impossible to perform certain operations). The explanation of the icons on the clothing tag is given below:


Preparatory activities

Before washing, prepare the item accordingly:

  • the existing non-removable fittings are tied with a monochromatic (non-fading) fabric, the belt with a metal buckle is removed (washed separately by hand);
  • unfasten the hood (if possible);
  • take out the contents of the pockets and check them for gaps that should be sewn up (otherwise the fluff will come out during the washing process);
  • fasten all available fasteners and turn them out to the wrong side (helps to avoid deformation of the product);
  • the most polluted places (cuffs, collar, bottom) are pre-moistened, lathered with laundry soap and rubbed lightly with your hands.

We stock up on balls or balls

foto1869-3If you plan to wash in an automatic machine, then you can't do without special balls.

They keep the filler free from clumping and help remove stubborn stains. You can take tennis balls, only large and fabric ones, not plastic ones. 3-4 pieces are enough.

When choosing tennis balls, preference is given to soft casing... Otherwise, you may encounter molting. For safety reasons, they are pre-soaked in boiling water with the addition of a bleaching agent.

For even more information on choosing and preparing balls, see this article, and step-by-step instructions for washing with balls - here.

Special detergents

Choose your cleaning agent carefully... Standard laundry detergents are not suitable as they foam a lot and do not wash well. As a result, the down jacket will be covered with unsightly spots and collapse into a solid lump.

It is recommended to purchase special detergents for washing down clothes, which are sold both in ordinary household departments and in sports. Liquid formulations and delicate wash gels are an acceptable alternative.

For more information about the rules for choosing a detergent for washing a down jacket, read here and here.

3 options for cleaning the product

foto1869-4There are several ways to wash winter jacket:

  • automatic;
  • manual;
  • dry.

The first option is the fastest, but it requires compliance with specific parameters. The manual approach is more time consuming.

The third case is acceptable when the thing is partially dirty and it is not rational to wash it completely.

In a washing machine: in what mode and at what temperature

When the item is prepared, you can proceed to the washing procedure. At how many degrees and on what program to wash the down jacket?

Universal step by step instructions:

  1. They put the down jacket in the washing drum.
  2. Detergent is poured into a separate compartment (the amount is reduced by a quarter indicated in the instructions). You can additionally use a conditioner for clothes.
  3. Set the delicate operating mode and the washing temperature not higher than 30 ° C.
  4. At the end of the cycle, rinse again so that soap residues are completely washed out of the fabric and filler.
  5. For spinning, it is enough to set no more than 600 rpm.
  6. Then the product is taken out and dried.

How to wash by hand?

The instruction is as follows:

  1. foto1869-5Warm water is poured into any voluminous container, with a temperature of up to 30–35 ° C.
  2. Add detergent and stir until dissolved.
  3. The down jacket is completely immersed in the solution and begins to dynamically, but gently wash.
  4. At the end, lightly squeeze and rinse several times under a stream of warm tap water. You cannot twist the thing, otherwise the form will be lost.

Even more information on hand wash here.

Recommendations depending on the filler

In general, the technology for washing winter jackets is of the same type, but there are some nuances that depend on the type of filler:

Item typeWashing features
Of camel hair, natural fluff and bio-fluffWash in an automatic machine along with special or tennis balls.
The spin mode is set at 600 rpm.
It is better to clean the most dirty areas with a sponge or brush.
Do not intensively rub individual parts of the product with each other. Soaking is unacceptable.
Ultralight Uniclo Down JacketIt is advisable to only hand wash. Use cool water and liquid detergents designed for wool or silk.
On padding polyester, holofiberErase according to general rules. Only when using the washing machine, set the water temperature in the range of 40-60 ° C and the most gentle washing mode. Spinning is chosen no more than 600 rpm.
Ski and membrane winter jackets Prolonged soaking is avoided.
Do not rub hard, twist and stretch.
Do not use bleach or conditioner.
It is better to entrust white things to dry cleaning
Brand down jackets deserve special attention Columbia Omni-Hitmade using special technology. It is easy to ruin the item if it is washed incorrectly.

Even such clothes are suitable for both machine and hand wash. In the first case, they adhere to the generally accepted technology, just do not put balls in the machine - they can damage the outer fabric.

Find out how to wash a down jacket without balls here.

But the second option implies some peculiarities:

  1. foto1869-6The down jacket is hung over the bathroom.
  2. Pour it from the shower until it is completely hydrated. Then start washing with a soapy sponge. Gels for delicate items or shampoos with neutral pH are used as a detergent.
  3. First, it is processed from the front side, then turned inside out and acts similarly.
  4. After completion, rinse the down jacket with clean water.

Do not squeeze and twist... Therefore, leave in the same position for several hours to glass the water. After that, the thing is laid out in a horizontal position on the fabric. It usually takes up to 4 days to dry.

You can read more information about the Columbia Omni Hit down jacket in this and this article.

Dry method

Since the down jacket does not tolerate frequent washings, you should not "injure" it again. Dry cleaning is recommended for light dirt, which is no less effective and safe for the filler. You can do this yourself at home.

For example, a greasy stain can be easily removed with salt, starch or flour. To do this, sprinkle the problem area and carefully rub the fabric.

In addition to folk remedies, there are many ready-made preparations for cleaning down jackets. They are sold in the form of: sprays, powders, gels, shampoos.

For more information on dry washing, see given article.

How to freshen up your fur?

foto1869-7If it is artificial, then it is enough to rinse it in a solution of water and detergent.... Excessive efforts are not applied, only slightly washed.

After that, rinse under running water. Wet fur is not combed, but wait until it dries slightly.

It is impossible to wet the natural edge, under no circumstances... For renewal, you can treat it with table vinegar, having previously moistened a cotton swab with it.

You can find detailed instructions for cleaning fur on a down jacket by this link.

How to dry?

It is important to properly dry the down jacket after washing. They do it in an exclusively natural way.

Even if there is a drying mode in the washing machine, it is risky to use it. After such exposure, the down jacket completely loses its thermal insulation properties and will be unsuitable for wearing in winter.

Immediately after washing, unfasten all the fasteners, bring out the pockets and unfold the product. Hang on a hanger above the bathtub to glass the remaining water (if it was hand wash)... You can periodically lightly squeeze individual areas with your hands.

foto1869-8If the down jacket was machine washed, then before placing it in an upright position, it is necessary to stir the filler manually. Then it will be distributed over the entire area in an even layer.

Dry the item in a well-ventilated area, away from heating appliances and not in direct sunlight.

It is unacceptable to use a hairdryer to speed up the process. The fluff is periodically smoothed by hand so that it settles evenly in the cells and dries out faster.

More information about drying a down jacket has been collected here.

What to do with the defects arising after the procedure?

It happens that after wet cleaning, the jacket changes for the worse - it becomes shapeless or with protruding down. This is possible if the washing rules are not followed or the mistakenly selected mode on the machine.

There is a way out of this situation.If the filler is strongly crumpled, then knead it with your hands and try to evenly distribute it. If this does not help, then the product is re-washed, but according to all the rules and using balls.

It happens that conspicuous whitish remains on the fabric divorces (not completely washed off detergent). They can be easily cleaned after repeated rinsing.

For productivity, you can additionally walk over them with a cleaning brush. Yellow streaks remain from illiterate drying.

Learn about the correct washing of down jackets without streaks and lumps in this article.

If there is a difficulty in straightening the fluff, then you can read this article, padding polyester - this publication.

Professional advice

In order not to spoil the down jacket during the washing process, you should pay attention to a number of tips that have been proven in practice:

  • foto1869-9for local cleaning, do not use brushes with a hard bristle and do not apply excessive force;
  • do not use detergents with chlorine in the composition;
  • stubborn stains are rubbed off, moving from edge to center;
  • only one down jacket is put into the machine;
  • it is not recommended to wash the jacket in the washing machine if fluff is found out along the seams (this will completely ruin the thing);
  • if the product is large, then an additional towel is placed in the drum, which will prevent swelling;
  • the down jacket should not be soaked and bleached;
  • Rinsing twice or three times helps to avoid streaking after drying.

You will find a lot of useful and important information about washing outerwear in this section.


Now you know how to properly wash a down jacket at home in an automatic washing machine so that the down does not get lost and does not roll; what washing mode to choose, at what temperature to wash, at what speed to dry.

Washing a winter down jacket at home is difficult, but real. The main thing is to choose the right tool.

And if you follow all the recommendations, you can be sure of the safety of the down jacket after washing. This has been tested in practice and confirmed by experts.

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