Note to housewives: how to wash tulle so that it is snow-white

foto10218-1Light, translucent, airy curtains on the windows help create a special atmosphere of home comfort and tranquility.

But, unfortunately, the initially snow-white tulle, under the influence of bright sunlight and dust, takes on a gray, shabby look of an old thing.

Some tips and tricks will help you to restore the original whiteness and refresh the tulle.

About, how to wash tulle, so that it is snow-white, how to get rid of grayness and yellowness at home, we will tell in the article.

Folk remedies for getting rid of grayness and yellowness at home

Traditional methods of bleaching, proven over the years, will help you quickly get rid of stains, yellowness, return the freshness and cleanliness of the curtains on the window.


Soaking in a saline solution will help remove grease stains and restore whiteness to faded curtains.

foto10218-2Algorithm of actions:

  1. In a ten-liter bucket of warm water, dilute half a glass of salt and the same amount of washing powder.
  2. Tulle is soaked in the resulting solution (for about twelve hours).
  3. After the curtain is removed from the solution, the water is allowed to drain and washed as usual.

For soaking, it is better to choose medium-sized, non-iodized salt.


Plain baking soda will quickly bring back the crisp white shine of old washed curtains.

Algorithm of actions:

  • in five liters of warm water, dilute two tablespoons of baking soda and the same amount of washing powder;
  • curtains are soaked in the resulting solution and left to soak for twenty minutes;
  • after the tulle is washed by hand or in a washing machine as usual.


A mixture of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide is an effective remedy in the fight against grayness and yellowness of washed-out curtains.

foto10218-4Algorithm of actions:

  • dissolve 30 ml of ammonia and 60 ml of hydrogen peroxide in five liters of warm water;
  • tulle is soaked in the solution and left for half an hour;
  • after that, the curtain is washed as usual.

If the tulle is very old or stubborn stains appear on it, you can wipe it off in the following way:

  1. A vial of ammonia is dissolved in a ten-liter bucket of warm water.
  2. In the resulting solution, the curtain is soaked for at least twelve hours.
  3. After that, the fabric is rinsed and sent to the wash.

This method helps to bleach nylon, chiffon, organza tulle.


Strict adherence to the instructions for bleaching with green paint will help return the organza or nylon curtain to its former whiteness.

Algorithm of actions:

  1. In 250 ml of pure water, 10 drops of brilliant green and two tablespoons of table salt are diluted.
  2. Filter the resulting solution and add it to a ten-liter basin filled with warm water.
  3. Tulle is dipped into water with brilliant green and left for five to ten minutes.
  4. Without rinsing, the tulle is immediately hung out to dry on the cornice.
Using this method, it is very important to accurately adhere to the dosage of brilliant green. Otherwise, the tulle will be damaged.

How to whiten tulle with brilliant green, the video will tell you:


Blue will help bring back the shining whiteness of the washed tulle.

Algorithm of actions:

  1. A blue cap is added to a basin of warm water (at least ten liters).
  2. Already washed curtains are dipped in the resulting solution and kept for ten to fifteen minutes.
  3. After the tulle is rinsed in clean water and hung out to dry.
In the process of diluting the blue in water, it is important not to overdo it with the dye. It is necessary to strictly adhere to the manufacturer's recommendations, as well as monitor the saturation of the water color.

Boric acid

foto10218-3Boric acid will help remove yellow plaque from white window curtains.

Algorithm of actions:

  • 60 ml of boric acid are dissolved in ten liters of warm water;
  • yellowed tulle is soaked in the resulting solution for at least two hours;
  • after that, the white curtain is rinsed in clean water and hung out to dry on the cornice.

To learn how to bleach tulle with salt, soda, vinegar and brilliant green, read this article.

How to make the fabric turn white using household chemicals?

Household chemicals will help you quickly return the tulle to its former shining whiteness. The advantages of such washing are many:

  • bleaches remove any stains and dirt;
  • washing with chemicals is easier, faster and more effective (folk remedies do not always help to achieve the desired cleanliness effect).
When choosing chemicals for washing, you must be prepared for the fact that the pungent smell of the drug can cause an attack of an allergic reaction.

It is strictly forbidden to bleach tulle with chlorine-containing compounds. After such washing, the risks of permanent damage to the product are great.

The most acceptable option is oxygen-containing bleaches, which contain particles of hydrogen peroxide... It is they who dissolve in contact with water, forming bubbles that remove particles of dirt and gray plaque from the fabric.

For hand washing, oxygen-containing bleaches are dissolved in water (dosage is indicated by the manufacturer). Then tulle is lowered into the resulting solution.

After half an hour or an hour, the curtain can be removed, rinsed and hung out to dry... For machine washing, oxygen bleach is added to a special compartment of the machine along with the powder.

TOP 3 most popular and effective tulle bleaches:

  1. foto10218-5FRAU SCHMIDT SUPER WHITE TULLE - a product from a French manufacturer, available in the form of tablets. The average price of a pack (5 tablets) is 250 rubles.

    Dissolving in water (one tablet is enough for one wash) FRAU SCHMIDT removes any dirt from delicate fabrics, while maintaining its structure.

    The product does not cause allegory, as it does not emit unpleasant odors when dissolved.

  2. SPLASH FOR TULLES FROM GENERAL FRESH - oxygen bleach from a Polish manufacturer. The product is in the form of a powder, packed in small sachets of 30 grams. (enough for one wash). The average cost of a bag is 30 rubles. GENERAL FRESH TULLE SPLASH is ideal for curtains made of all types of fabrics.
  3. Elixir for tulle and curtains "CASHMERE" - means of a Russian manufacturer. Affordable (only 40 rubles.300 g), an effective tool perfectly cleans tulle from stains of any origin, removes unpleasant odors, restores whiteness and freshness. Elixir for tulle and curtains "CASHMERE" is suitable for both hand and machine wash.

Which is better - in a washing machine or by hand?

When choosing between machine and hand wash, you first need to decide on the type of fabric. Not all types of tulle are machine washable.

For example, delicate organza or natural silk curtains are best washed by hand. Details on the composition of the fabric and washing methods should be clarified in advance.

Whether it is supposed to be hand wash or machine wash, to achieve the best result, the curtain must be properly prepared:

  • foto10218-6carefully remove the curtains from the windows, shake them from dust (it is better to carry out such manipulations on a balcony or street);
  • the basin is filled with cool water (temperature no more than 30C), a few tablespoons of ordinary table salt are added;
  • soak tulle in salted water for thirty to forty minutes;
  • take out the curtain, allow the water to drain, proceed to the main wash.

Do not use iodized salt to prepare the saline soaking solution.


The ideal washing result can be achieved only if a certain sequence of actions is followed:

  1. It is necessary to collect lukewarm water (temperature not higher than 40C) into a basin (or better a bath), add detergent.
  2. Having loaded the prepared tulle into a soapy solution, leave it alone for a few minutes, after which we wash it with gentle squeezing movements.
  3. The washed product is rinsed thoroughly (it is better to change the water two or three times).
  4. Light tulle is dried on the cornice, after waiting for a while so that the excess water is glass. If, after drying, there are creases on the tulle and folds, it is enough to simply remove them using an iron with a steaming function.
If there are complex, old stains on the curtain, you must get rid of them before starting the main wash. Otherwise, it will not work to achieve the perfect result of cleanliness and freshness.

In automatic mode

Only if you follow the clear recommendations of the machine washable can you preserve the structure of delicate fabric, to achieve the perfect result of the snow white curtain:

  1. foto10218-7The prepared curtain (cleaned of dust, soaked in a saline solution) is loaded into a special bag (a cotton pillowcase is suitable), and only then into the drum of the washing machine.
  2. Liquid detergent for delicate fabrics is poured into a special compartment of the washing machine, and oxygen bleach is poured separately, if necessary.
  3. The required temperature regime (30-40C) is set, as well as the washing regime for delicate fabrics. The spin speed does not exceed 400.
  4. At the end of the wash, the curtains are immediately removed from the drum of the washing machine and hung on the cornice to dry.

It is strictly forbidden to use chlorine-containing washing preparations. Chlorine not only disturbs the structure of thin tissue, but can also cause a very ugly yellowish tint to appear.

Whitening features depending on the material

To achieve the ideal washing result - snow-white tulle, is possible only if the detergent and method of cleaning are correctly selected for each type of fabric.

From nylon

Any detergents and folk remedies can quickly return freshness and a snow-white look to the nylon. Only powders containing chlorine and bleaching ingredients are banned..

The nylon tulle is washed in water, the temperature of which does not exceed 30C. Machine wash is only in delicate mode, at no more than 400 rpm.

The nylon curtain is washed off faster if it is pre-soaked in salted water.


foto10218-8Light, delicate organza is best hand washed using liquid detergents. Organza should never be rubbed, twisted, stretched.

Water temperature for washing - no higher than 30C.Digestion of organza and the use of chemical bleaches are strictly prohibited.

Laundry soap will help to quickly whiten the organza curtain, and rinsing in water with the addition of ammonia or hydrogen peroxide will strengthen the positive result of washing.

From the veil

Light, airy veil is washed only in cool water (temperature not higher than 40C), without using any aggressive detergents.

If machine wash is to be done, veil tulle is loaded into the drum in a special cover (you can use a cotton pillowcase). The veil is strictly forbidden to be boiled or twisted.


When bleaching tulle you should adhere to the following recommendations:

  1. foto10218-9Tulle is washed only in warm water (no higher than 40C). Otherwise, you will not be able to achieve radiant whiteness results.
  2. Grease stains and traces of soot on the nylon curtain can be easily removed with liquid dishwashing detergents.
  3. I wash delicate muslin and chiffon only in special bags.
  4. Wet tulle is never twisted or pulled. Inaccurate, abrupt actions can cause deformation of the fabric, the appearance of creases and folds.
  5. Tulle is never washed with other garments.

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Strict adherence to the rules and recommendations for washing tulle will help return fresh and whiteness to delicate light fabrics.

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