foto9778-1Most modern people's wardrobes have shirts. This wardrobe item is available for men, children and women. It goes well with classic, casual and other styles.

To make the shirt look neat, you need to take care of it, including washing it correctly, taking into account the composition of the fabric and the features of the model.

How to wash men's and women's, cotton, linen, synthetic shirts in an automatic washing machine and by hand, how to hang them correctly, how to dry them quickly, do I need to wash a new item before the first wear? Look for answers to questions in the article.

Preparation for the process

foto9778-2Washing in a washing machine is the simplest solution to the problem, but not every shirt can be subjected to this treatment. Improper washing can damage the item.

Basic washing information can be found on the product label on the inside.

At the same stage of preparation, the product should be inspected. In the presence of defects - to deal with their elimination in the first place:

  • to sew on poorly fastened buttons;
  • treat stains;
  • sew up torn places, etc.

Do you need to soak or not?

Pre-soak before washing is often used for manual processing. It is carried out in warm water, in which washing powder or gel is thoroughly diluted.

Soaking allows:

  • improve the quality of washing;
  • extend the life of the shirt.
Powder dissolved in water begins to work even before the main wash is started - it allows you to better remove dirt, including on the collar and from sweat under the armpits. Subsequently, even washing in a gentle cycle will become significantly more effective.

You can soak a shirt not only in a solution of detergent. Additionally, it is possible to use a stain remover or, in its absence, 1 tbsp. l. soda with 10 drops of ammonia.

This approach will prevent stains from penetrating deeply into the fibers of the fabric and will facilitate cleaning.

How to wash in a washing machine?

Washing shirts in a washing machine starts with sorting items by color and pretreating stains... White and black items require separate processing.

If the material from which the product is sewn fades, then it is advisable to put such a thing in order only by hand.

At what temperature, at what mode?

foto9778-3For washing delicate fabrics, as well as those with inserts from other materials, select the delicate mode. Sturdy cotton and linen models can be processed in cotton mode, woolen models in wool mode.

The choice of temperature is determined by the composition of the fabric... In most cases, it should not exceed + 40 ° C. For delicate fabrics - + 30 ° С.

White cotton shirts are often allowed by the manufacturer to be washed at a higher temperature. For colored people, the restrictions are stricter.


A wide range of detergents gives you a choice. It is better to give preference to those that are produced in the form of a gel.... They dissolve well. They are evenly distributed and do not form deposits.

Maximum loading

When planning a wash, consider the total weight of all items to be placed in the drum in one load.

It should not exceed the maximum allowable for a particular model of a washing machine. Shirts can be washed together with clothes of the same type for which the same mode is suitable.

It can be:

  • women's blouses;
  • T-shirts;
  • t-shirts, etc.


foto9778-4Hand washing shirts gives you full control over the washing process. But this method is characterized by high labor costs.

Hand treatment of shirts is indispensable in cases where stains need to be removed, or if it is necessary to handle especially delicate items.

At the same time, the choice of detergent, water temperature and the possibility of spinning are no less important than with an automatic wash.

More details with the question can be found here.

Collar wash

The collar of a shirt is that part of it that almost always needs preliminary processing and special handling during washing.

It should be borne in mind that too intensive cleaning can irreparably damage the material.

More details on how to solve the problem can be found here.

Do I need to wash a new one before wearing it for the first time?

The need to wash new things is a moot point. Many buyers are inclined to wash the shirt before putting it on for the first time.

During the production of clothes, their transportation and storage, they are exposed to chemicals, accumulate dust, and dozens of people touch them. Despite the brightness of the shades and the freshness that is inherent in a new thing, it can be fraught with health risks.

For shirts that have just been purchased, it is advisable to wash in cool water... This can be manual processing or using an automatic machine on a delicate mode without heating the water and strong spinning. Washing it correctly will not damage a new shirt.

Washing before the first wear will remove dye residues from the fabric, as well as substances with which products are often treated - from caking, against mildew, etc.

What does color affect?

Having sorted the shirts by color before washing, you need to decide on the choice of detergent and temperature regime:

  1. foto9778-5For bright colors high temperatures are undesirable as they lead to color washout. For colored products, universal products and those marked "Color" are suitable.
  2. White shirts you can also wash with a similar gel or powder, but the best result will be achieved by using special detergents that are designed specifically for white clothes and contain bleach.
  3. For blacks shirts, a gel designed for washing black clothes is suitable. It will maintain the brightness of the coloring pigment, and prevent it from being washed out.

Fabric type

Shirts differ from each other in many ways:

  • fabric structure;
  • color spectrum;
  • model;
  • the presence of decorative elements;
  • the presence of inserts from other types of fabrics, etc.
Taking into account the peculiarities of each thing, its own washing method, choice of mode and temperature is selected.


Fully synthetic shirts are washed at a temperature not exceeding + 50 ° C. For them in the washing machine, a choice of programs is possible:

  • "delicate wash";
  • "synthetics".

Denim material

foto9778-6Denim shirts should be washed separately from the rest of the garment. This is due to the shedding of the fabric.

For a denim shirt, choose a low temperature (no more than + 40 ° C)... If the product has embroidery, appliqués and other decor, it is better to refuse washing in a machine.

It is advisable to avoid the influence of aggressive detergents and abrasive surfaces (for example, rubbing with a brush), as the thing may fade.

Suitable automatic washing modes are:

  • manual;
  • delicate.

In this case, it is advisable to choose the minimum spin or completely abandon it. The denim shirt must be removed from the drum to dry immediately after washing.

A short soaking of the shirt in cool water with the addition of vinegar (at the rate of 1 tablespoon per 1 liter of water) will help to preserve the shade of the material.

Cotton and linen

foto9778-7Shirts made from natural fabrics are strongly creased. Taking this feature into account, it is advisable to set the spin to a minimum or turn it off. Otherwise, it will be difficult to iron the product after drying.

Maximum temperature for washing cotton - + 95 ° С... But such a choice can only be made for very dense white fabrics on which decorative elements are absent, and the manufacturer "gives the go-ahead" for such processing.

Colored natural fabrics are rarely washed at high temperatures, as this leads to discoloration of bright colors.

An unreasonably high wash temperature can cause the shirt to shrink.


Shirts made of wool are not common. If the occurrence of wool is more than 50% of the fabric composition, one of the following modes should be selected:

  • "delicate wash";
  • "wool".
As in the case of cotton and linen, exceeding the maximum allowable temperature can cause shrinkage and deformation of the item. It is advisable to exclude the spinning or put it to a minimum.

Uniform, with shoulder straps

foto9778-8Uniform shirts can and should be washed regularly. But first, shoulder straps are unfastened or paired, depending on their type.

The shirt is washed in the usual way, dried, and after ironing, the shoulder straps are returned to their place.

If you leave shoulder straps on a shirt during washing, then with a high degree of probability they will suffer and deform... At the same time, it will be almost impossible to return them to their original appearance.

In addition, there is a possibility that the elements of the shoulder straps can damage the drum and even lead to damage to the washing machine.

If you need to wash the shoulder straps themselves, it is recommended to use dry cleaning services... Or replace those that have lost their appearance with new ones.

What if I sat down?

Washing your shirt incorrectly can cause the item to shrink. Most often, owners of shirts made from natural fabrics face this problem.

You can try to restore things to their original size in several ways. Among the most popular options are soaking in solutions of hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, etc.

You can familiarize yourself with all the methods of stretching a shrunken shirt here.

How to dry properly and quickly, can it be hung on a rope?

Drying correctly will allow you to spend less time on subsequent ironing. Wet fabric can be easily deformed and wrinkled.

To avoid possible mistakes, the following recommendations should be adopted:

  1. foto9778-9The washed shirt must be immediately removed from the drum of the washing machine.
  2. Hang a damp item on a ram. It is advisable that the shirt does not touch other things during the drying process.
  3. Fasten all buttons if they were unbuttoned before.
  4. Straighten the collar and other items of the garment before they dry. Pay attention to cuffs and placket.

A completely wet item should not be ironed. Temperature changes and excessive moisture can negatively affect the shirt.

9 recommendations

By sending the shirt to the drum of the washing machine or to the hand wash basin, you should adhere to the following recommendations:

  1. Sort shirts by color: white, black, colored. And wash each group of things separately.
  2. Before washing, things are turned inside out on the wrong side.
  3. It is advisable to fasten the buttons before placing the item in the drum of the washing machine.
  4. Learning about the shortcut will help you avoid many common mistakes.
  5. The stains on the shirt must be removed before the main wash cycle.
  6. Do not throw the drying shirt over the rope.
  7. Do not dry things under the influence of sunlight, on a radiator or near open flames.
  8. The washing mode should correspond to the type of material and features of the shirt model.
  9. If the shirt contains a large number of small elements (for example, sewn beads, decorative buttons, etc.), the item should be washed by hand or in a machine, after placing it in a special bag.
Shirts that cannot be washed are recommended to be trusted by a professional dry cleaner.


Proper care of the shirt, including its high-quality timely washing, will allow the clothes to last a long time and look attractive. One of the main points is compliance with all the care instructions given by the manufacturer.

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