foto2903-1All household items that a person regularly uses need to be cleaned periodically. This is especially true for bedding, because a person spends almost half of his life in bed.

Close contact with the pillow ensures that the filler absorbs sweat, skin particles and residues of cosmetics. Gradually, this bed attribute turns into a breeding ground for microorganisms and a dust accumulator.

A radical method - washing - will help save healthy sleep and well-being. But how to properly wash the pillow at home, on what mode, at what temperature?

Is it washable?

foto2903-3Many housewives asked this question. The answer options depend on the type of filler.

The primary source of information will be the product label, which indicates not only the composition of the filler, but also the methods of care.

Conditionally, fillers are divided into two types:

  • natural (down, feather, wool, buckwheat husk, silk, bamboo);
  • synthetic (holofiber, polyester, synthetic winterizer, latex).

The most problem-free in washing are bedding made of synthetic winterizer and holofiber.

But if the filler is buckwheat husk, chicken feathers, fragrant herbs, cotton wool - you should not use water procedures. Orthopedic pillows made from hard materials will not wash.

Most fillers can be machine washed, adhering to certain recommendations on the following points:

  • temperature range;
  • exposure mode;
  • selection of detergents;
  • drying algorithm.

Washing by hand is a painstaking process, but more gentle... The advantages include the ability to visually assess the results of washing.

It is easier to wash bulky items that are difficult to fit into the washing machine drum with your hands.

For information on how to wash other bedding, see here.

How to properly wash at home?

foto2903-2Washing your pillows at home shouldn't be too difficult.Machine and hand wash have a number of common steps that guarantee a positive cleaning result.

The cleaning process starts with knocking out dust... For this purpose, you can use a carpet cracker. This procedure should be carried out in the fresh air.

Before starting the wash, you need to make sure that there are no holes in the bed-case, the holes should be sewn up.

The pillows are washed as a whole, without unstitching the pillowcase, and in parts, using special bags. To a greater extent, this applies to products made of waterfowl feathers, where the amount of filler is quite large, which makes it difficult to clean and thoroughly dry.

An equally important point is the choice of detergent... Liquid gels are used for washing. There are specially designed, taking into account the specific characteristics of the filler, household chemicals.

Do not use washing powder. It is not easily removed by rinsing and may cause allergic reactions. Conditioners cause filler fibers to clump, and bleaches are damaging.

The temperature range of washing must be strictly controlled... From thirty to forty degrees Celsius is the optimal range for various fillers, which will preserve their integral structure.

When washing any kind of pillow contents, be sure to apply an extra rinse. This removes residual detergent.

foto2903-4When wringing out the product, you should refrain from aggressive twisting material or the use of high speed, the filler reacts to this by forming lumps and changing the shape and structure.

Such bedding attributes are dried horizontally on a flat surface or vertically on a clothesline, fixing with clothespins. During the process, the pillows are periodically shaken, straightening the filler.

Do not dry the filler over an open fire or on heaters... Natural air drying is ideal.

Haste is the enemy of good drying. The filler must dry completely. Otherwise, unpleasant surprises can be expected in the form of mold, musty smell.

In a washing machine

Unlike hand washing, the garments do not need to be pre-soaked. An exception is made if the filler is heavily soiled.

The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  1. foto2903-5place a pillow or bags with parts of the filler inside the drum;
  2. put balls for washing or tennis balls in the amount of four pieces there;
  3. choose a gentle washing mode - "delicate", "quick wash", "wool";
  4. check the set water heating temperature;
  5. set push-up speed no more than four hundred;
  6. include additional rinsing;
  7. use gel capsules or liquid detergents;
  8. after the end of the cycle, take out the product, shake it several times;
  9. dry thoroughly.
If the programs of the automatic machine do not provide for a push-up mode up to 400 revolutions, it is better to disable this function altogether.


Washing by hand includes several successive stages:

  • foto2903-6dissolve detergent in warm water;
  • submerge a pillow or filler in water;
  • leave for one hour;
  • clean the product with gentle movements, gently squeezing and pressing;
  • change water, rinse - repeat this procedure twice;
  • squeeze out;
  • dry.

The filling of the feather pillow can be washed by hand with or without special covers - by opening the pillowcase and pouring the contents into water.

The nuances of the procedure for natural fillers

There are two subspecies of natural filler:

  • vegetable origin (buckwheat husk, bamboo);
  • animal origin (wool, down, feathers).

Each of them dictates its own conditions, the observance of which will not only allow to clean the product with high quality, but also preserve its integrity.

Camel hair

foto2903-7This type of filler is obtained from the soft undercoat of camels. The product is light and elastic. The service life is about seven years.

For this kind of filler hand wash preferable with soaking up to twenty minutes... If washing in a machine, it is better to turn off the push-up function.

While squeezing the product with your hands, in no case should you twist it. This will lead to deformation of the wool fibers.

Sheep wool

The filler is made from a special breed of sheep - merino... The material is soft, hygroscopic. The price is quite affordable. The pillow can be used for five years.

It is recommended to wash such a filler by hand, the soaking time is about ten minutes, it should be squeezed out by gently pressing on the product. When drying, be sure to shake, straightening the wool.

Buckwheat husk

foto2903-8It would seem a non-standard version of the filler, but he found his adherents. Buckwheat husk products have a massage effect, improve blood circulation.

The disadvantages include a considerable weight for such an attribute - up to five kilograms, rustling of husks at the slightest movement, useful life less than three years.

This natural filler is absolutely not to be washed. The husk swells under the influence of water, does not dry well, leaves brown stains on the napkin.

The best way to care for such a filler is periodic sifting of the husk, dry cleaning with a vacuum cleaner.

From the fluff

The filling of such a pillow consists of down and fine feathers in equal proportions. This makes the product weightless and very soft.

Waterfowl down bedding is renowned for its long service life. So goose down can last up to twenty years, and duck down - up to ten.

Washing of such products can be both machine and manual.... Due to the large volume of the filler, it is distributed among the bags and carefully sewn up. For hand washing, pouring the filler directly into the water is allowed, without using covers. In this case, special attention should be paid to the absence of drafts in the room.

For more detailed recommendations for caring for such bedding attributes, read here.


foto2903-9The main difference from downy is the percentage of feather to down.... Most often it is eighty to twenty percent.

Chicken feather pillows cannot be washed. They are dry cleaned. But products from the feather of waterfowl calmly tolerate the effects of water.

As in the case of downy bedding, the filler can be washed in a machine or by hand... Machine wash with covers. For hand washing, you can use bags, or you can open the pillowcase and send the contents into a container with water.

A variety of secrets and tips on this topic can be found by reading this article.

From swan down

Swan down pillow is quite an expensive pleasure... However, the costs will pay off with the undoubted advantages of such a natural filler:

  • durability,
  • comfort,
  • the ability to quickly regain shape.
The procedure for washing this type of down is practically no different from the conditions for feather products.

Accurate and complete information on the issue of care is set out here.


foto2903-10The name sounds incredible, but behind it lies a delicate fiber derived from the sturdy stems of bamboo. It is an environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic, antibacterial filler.

You can wash it once every six months in a typewriter or by hand. When choosing a cleaning mechanism, consider the size... Bulky items will not fit into the drum of the washing machine.

For machine wash use special balls. It is necessary to squeeze out carefully so as not to damage the filler fibers. Dry on a lattice horizontal surface, shaking occasionally.

The most reliable information on washing bamboo filler is presented in this article.

What are the features for artificial fillers?

Technological progress is introducing new types of fillers that are in no way inferior, and in some ways even superior, natural.

The main advantage of such fillers is comfort in use, low cost and easy maintenance.


foto2903-11It should be remembered that foam rubber consists of foam, which forms numerous cells filled with air.

It is this factor that determines the fragility and tendency of this material to deform.

Foam rubber can be exposed to water... Bending, wrinkling, twisting - you can't. Therefore, large foam products can only be washed by hand.

Forty degrees Celsius is the maximum temperature for water. Bleaches are prohibited. This material is squeezed out by pressure.


Synthetic material, soft, lightweight. Does not attract dust, does not cause allergies... The service life is about four years. The disadvantages include the fact that during operation it tends to cake, decreasing in volume.

The material is unpretentious in care: it lends itself well to both manual and machine washing. It can be wrung out in a machine at low speeds using balls. Drying in a washing machine with occasional shaking of the product is allowed.


foto2903-12This miracle of scientific thought will help relieve stress after a tiring day. Small balls of polystyrene are used as a filler for such products..

They create a relaxing effect and are moisture-repellent. The latter allows you to wash pillows of this type without any problems.

In order to avoid "leakage" of the filler during water procedures, you should carefully check the integrity of the tissue of the pillow case or cover.

Washing features are presented in the following article.

From holofiber

Unlike polyester, holofiber is more durable... It perfectly retains its shape, does not absorb odors, does not create conditions for the reproduction of microorganisms.

Wash these bedding attributes from holofiber entirely. Experienced users recommend a gentle hand wash. There is no need to squeeze and rub the product with force. Enough even pressing over the entire surface.

A lot of useful information on the topic can be found here.

From padding polyester

foto2903-13Sintepon pillows are quite popular. They are firm, comfortable and cheap. Hand and machine wash, subject to certain rules, will not be a problem.

A feature of care is that the synthetic winterizer does not need to be soaked... Prolonged contact with water is undesirable. Be sure to rinse the product well. Drying in the washing machine is prohibited.

Interesting facts, manufacturer's instructions are described in this article..


The porous structure of this material allows moisture to evaporate without absorbing it. The guaranteed service life is ten years.

Latex pillows are not machine washable. Manufacturers recommend hand washing or cleaning with a damp sponge. Do not use chlorine-containing detergents.

A large number of important recommendations are set out in the corresponding article.


foto2903-14The specific type of filling in the orthopedic pillow is a determining factor in the care of the product.

For example, memory foam bedding is prohibited.... The most complete information is indicated on the manufacturer's label.

The article shares irreplaceable tips and little tricks "How to wash an orthopedic pillow".

Pillows for pregnant women

In pillows for expectant mothers, mainly synthetic fillers are used: holofiber, polystyrene.

They are safe for health and, despite their unusual shape, the principles of caring for them correspond to the type of filleras with regular pillows.

Immediately after the purchase, you should wash the pillowcase of the new product, and beat the filler well. You can wash it as soon as it gets dirty, but not more than four times a year.

When choosing between hand and machine wash, they are guided by the size of the product.The drying process must take place naturally in the open air.


Awareness of the characteristics of various fillers will greatly simplify the care process... Proper washing of the pillow at home will not only clean the product, prolonging its service life, but will also save the owner's money and sound sleep.

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