Mattress topper

foto12769-1The mattress topper is designed to protect the sleeping area from dirt and stains. Thanks to its use, the mattress will always remain clean and fresh.

However, the mattress topper itself needs to be washed periodically. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the type of fabric from which it is sewn. The rules for caring for the product depend on this.

Read more about whether and how to wash the mattress topper, read the article.

Basic information on washing by hand and in the washing machine

Wash the mattress topper it is necessary at least once every 6 months... Vacuum it more often, with each change of bed linen. From time to time you need to hang the product and ventilate it to fresh air.

These are general guidelines for washing times. Each person independently decides with what frequency it will be carried out.

The information indicated on the product label will help to determine the method of washing. It is encoded as characters. If there is no tag and it is not possible to determine the type of fabric, you need to choose a gentle treatment.

Machine washable fabrics such as:

  • foto12769-2polyester;
  • microfiber;
  • cotton and linen;
  • mixed fabrics: cotton with the addition of synthetics;
  • holofiber.

We recommend handwashing delicate fabrics such as wool. Machine processing will lead to deformation of the cover, its stretching or shrinkage, so its further operation will be impossible.

He will tell you about the rules of washing bedding this section.

Rules for processing different types of fabric

There are some peculiarities of washing mattress covers made from different types of fabric... Failure to do so may damage the product.

Some covers can be washed in cool water, others can be washed using gentle detergents. There are mattress toppers that can only be cleaned dry.


Cotton mattress toppers are machine washable well. They do not require disabling the spin function. You can use regular detergent as a detergent.

Cotton is not afraid of boiling, but you need to resort to this method as needed.When exposed to high temperatures, the fabric can shrink. Therefore, for a classic wash, the water temperature should not exceed 60 degrees.

The white cotton mattress pad can be sun-dried. Under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, additional disinfection of tissues occurs.


foto12769-3Microfiber is a synthetic fabric that is easy to clean. You can wash such a mattress topper in a typewriter.

Basic rules to be followed:

  1. Do not wash in water above 60 degrees.
  2. Do not use aggressive substances containing chlorine and acid for washing.
  3. Do not spin at high speeds.
  4. Do not dry on a battery.

Following these simple recommendations, you will be able to significantly extend the life of the product.


Bamboo mattress topper can be of three types:

  • protective single layer bamboo fiber cover;
  • orthopedic mattress cover;
  • mattress topper with bamboo filling.
Thin single-layer and orthopedic covers can be machine washed at temperatures up to 40 degrees and without spinning. Thick mattress toppers filled with bamboo fiber should be dry cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. If spots appear on it, they are removed manually.

Feather and down

Feather mattress covers washed according to the following rules:

  1. foto12769-4The water temperature should not exceed 40 degrees.
  2. The maximum spin speed is 400 rpm.
  3. Be sure to include the extra rinse mode.
  4. Liquid powders or gel capsules are used as detergent.
  5. It is not recommended to use bleaching compounds and products containing aggressive components.
  6. You need to dry the mattress topper in a suspended state.

It should be borne in mind that after getting wet, the weight of the feather mattress topper will increase by 3-4 times. Therefore, it is loaded into the drum of the washing machine in a single copy to prevent overloading.

After drying, the feather cover is shakento distribute the filler evenly over the cover.


Woolen mattress covers are used for the cold season, as they keep warm in bed very well.

Such products are washed according to the following rules:

  1. Select the wool program on the washing machine display. It contains the required parameters by default.
  2. If there is no special mode for washing wool, the setting is done manually. The water temperature should not exceed 30 degrees, the spin is turned off.
  3. Use only liquid detergents that contain lanolin.
  4. To make the mattress topper dry faster, after washing it is wrapped in a terry towel and gently crushed. The fabric will absorb excess water.
  5. Wool mattress toppers cannot be ironed or hung out in the sun.
Woollens may stretch during the wash process. Therefore, it is recommended to dry them horizontally.


foto12769-5You cannot wash the coconut mattress topper. This fiber does not tolerate contact with water and loses its orthopedic function.

Basic rules for caring for the product:

  1. Regular airing. It is taken out into fresh air and left for several hours.
  2. Removing dust with a vacuum cleaner.
  3. Professional dry cleaning. It must be carried out at least once every 3 years.

If stains appear, they can be removed with a sponge and a non-aggressive cleaning agent such as liquid baby soap. Humidification should be kept to a minimum.


Holofiber is an artificial filler that is often used to make mattress toppers. They can be washed both by hand and in the machine.

Basic Rules:

  • maximum washing temperature - 90 degrees;
  • spinning can be carried out at high speed;
  • both powder and liquid detergents are used for washing;
  • in the presence of heavy dirt, the cover can be soaked.
When preparing for washing, one must take into account not only the type of filler, but also the fabric from which the mattress cover is sewn. If the material is delicate, such as silk, then gentle hand or machine processing is necessary.


foto12769-6Jacquard-satin is a finicky fabric that requires careful handling. Rules to follow:

  • machine wash is permissible, but only on a gentle cycle;
  • the water temperature should not exceed 30 degrees;
  • spin is turned off;
  • use liquid detergents for washing, do not use bleaches.

When the mattress topper is dry, it can be ironed at the lowest temperature. The product must be turned on the wrong side.


There are mattress toppers impregnated with special antibacterial compounds. These items should be washed according to the information on the label. The rules for caring for them depend on what kind of product was used as an impregnation.

Most often, covers are washed in a machine at a temperature of 30-40 degrees, since antimicrobial compounds are not afraid of contact with water and intense spinning. Most impregnations can withstand up to 100 wash cycles.

It is not recommended to use powders and aggressive compounds as a detergent. They contribute to the early destruction of antibacterial components. You need to give preference to liquid concentrates.

The nuances of cleaning products with varying degrees of hardness

There are certain features of washing mattresses with varying degrees of hardness. All of them are listed in the table:

HardnessCare features
SoftMachine and hand wash. Spinning is possible (depends on the type of fabric and filler). Washing with powder and liquid detergents.
Medium hardnessHand wash or dry clean. Use of liquid detergents that do not linger in the fibers of the fabric and do not require a long rinse. Wash in warm but not hot water.
HardDry clean only. Regular airing. A vacuum cleaner is used to get rid of dust. It is not recommended to knock out a hard mattress topper. Use a soft sponge and soap solution to remove stubborn dirt.

How to wash waterproof?

foto12769-7Waterproof mattress toppers are made of membrane fabric. Due to its special structure, it repels liquid.

Before you start washing such a product, you need to make sure that the manufacturer does not prohibit it.... If there is a corresponding icon on the label, you must contact a dry cleaner.

Machine wash should be gentle, without spinning and at low temperatures (up to 40 degrees). Do not wring out the fabric. The product is suspended above the bathtub so that the water can drain from it on its own.

The less often such a cover is washed, the better. Read more about washing waterproof mattress covers in this article.

How to remove stains?

During operation, stains from food, biological fluids, cosmetics and more may appear on the mattress topper. Get rid of them with the help of improvised means and household chemicals.

Each type of pollution has its own effective recipe:

  1. Greasy stains... They are removed with dry substances such as talc or starch. Sprinkle the oil on the powder, press it with a napkin and leave it for 1-3 hours. Then clean the fabric with a brush. If the stain remains, wipe it with any alcohol composition (vodka or cologne).
  2. Yellow stains... If yellowness appears on the mattress topper after washing, it is treated with hydrogen peroxide. If the stains are large, soaking will be required (for 5 liters of water, take 4 tablespoons of peroxide). After 2 hours, the mattress cover is washed.
  3. Urine. If she got on the mattress topper recently and did not have time to dry, a classic wash is enough. A vinegar solution is used to remove stubborn stains. It helps to get rid of streaks and unpleasant odors. Take 1 tbsp per liter of water. l. vinegar 9%. The product is soaked for 60 minutes, after which it is washed as usual.
  4. foto12769-8Tea and coffee stains... They can be easily removed with dish soap. It is applied to dirt, rubbed lightly with a soft brush and left for 40 minutes.

    To enhance the effect, you can add 1-2 tablespoons of baking soda, which is also rubbed into the stain. Then all that remains is to wash the bedding.

  5. Blood. If the stain is fresh, treat it with laundry soap, rub it with a brush and rinse the fabric under running cool water.

    Dried blood is moistened with a concentrated solution of soda and salt (2 tbsp of each substance is taken for 250 ml of water). After half an hour, the area is washed with soap.

  6. Cosmetics. Mascara, lipstick and foundation stains can be easily removed with rubbing alcohol. It is applied to a cotton pad and wiped off the soiled area of ​​the fabric. When the stain has completely disappeared, you need to wipe the mattress topper with a damp, clean cloth and let it dry.
  7. Wine. You can remove the stain with ammonia. It is applied to a napkin, which is used to wipe the spilled wine. If the stain is old, a napkin soaked in ammonia is left on it in the form of a compress for half an hour and rubbed with a brush. All that remains is to wash the mattress topper in a typewriter or by hand.
You need to start removing stains immediately. If they are absorbed into the fibers of the fabric and the filling of the mattress topper, it will be difficult to get rid of them.

Caring for mattress covers from different manufacturers

Depending on the manufacturer of the mattress topper, there are certain features of caring for it. Key recommendations:

  1. foto12769-9Ascona. The top layer of the garment is made of cotton, so washing at high temperatures may cause shrinkage.

    The manufacturer recommends cleaning it in water up to 40 degrees. Machine wash is possible, but on a gentle cycle.

    Hard mattress covers are processed only by hand or dry. Read about washing Ascona mattress covers here.

  2. Ormatek. These high-quality products require gentle care. If the cover is thin, then it is washed in the machine, turning off the spin.

    The water temperature should not exceed 30 degrees. For hard orthopedic mattress toppers, only dry cleaning is suitable.

  3. Ikea. Most often, these mattress toppers are made of polyester and cotton. Therefore, they can be machine washed at 60 degrees and at low rpm. It is not recommended to use stain removers, bleaches and conditioners. Ironing is prohibited.

The range of manufacturers of mattress covers is quite wide. Therefore, there is no universal instruction for their care. Before washing, you need to study the information indicated on the product label.

How to dry?

Dry the cover correctly, taking into account the following information:

  1. Products are not suspended. To maintain its original shape, it is dried on a flat surface.
  2. It is not recommended to lay out covers on heating devices.
  3. The better the ventilation in the room and the lower the humidity level in the room, the faster the bedding will dry.
  4. Light-colored mattress toppers can be dried in the sun. This will provide additional tissue disinfection.
Do not put a wet product on the mattress. It will rot under the sheet, causing an unpleasant odor to be absorbed into the bed. Getting rid of it is difficult.

How to dress after?

foto12769-10After washing, the mattress cover must be properly put on the mattress.

Key recommendations:

  1. If there is an oilcloth, then it should be adjacent to the mattress. The fabric is always at the top.
  2. To understand where the width of the product is and where the length is, it needs to be spread out on the bed.
  3. If there are elastic bands sewn in the corners, they are pulled in turn.

A correctly worn mattress topper should lie flat on the bed, without folds or lumps.

Important recommendations

Tips to help make washing safe and efficient:

  1. Before loading things into the drum, you need to sort them by color so that the mattress topper does not fade.
  2. Before using a new stain remover or any available product, you need to try it on an inconspicuous area of ​​fabric.
  3. The less often the product is machine washed, the longer it will last, so you need to resort to it only as needed.
  4. To prevent the mattress topper from getting dirty, it is not recommended to sleep on it. It must be covered with a sheet.
Before making a purchase, you need to ask the seller about the rules for caring for the mattress topper. There are products that cannot be washed. They need to be purchased only after a thorough assessment of all the conditions for the upcoming operation.


Washing a mattress topper is a responsible process that requires compliance with certain rules. Soft synthetics and cotton products are machine-friendly. Covers of medium hardness are subject to hand wash.

Covers made of bamboo and coconut coir and orthopedic products can only be dry cleaned... Following the manufacturer's recommendations, it will be possible to significantly extend the life of the bedding.

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