foto9151-1One of the dirtiest items in the kitchen is towels. Grease, dust and dirt accumulate on them. They often give off an unpleasant musty smell.

The cleaning of such textiles can be carried out in various ways. This is the usual boiling, hand or machine wash, and stain removal by heating in the microwave.

Separate nuances are provided for washing white, dark and colored items, as well as items with old grease stains.

Read about how to wash a kitchen towel at home, what to soak in so that there is no smell and grease stains, read the article.

Preparing very dirty items for washing

foto9151-2It is recommended to pre-soak the kitchen towel before removing stains. Soaking is necessary in cases where the product is very dirty... It is also recommended for stubborn stains.

Products can be soaked in soda or saline solutions. The first is suitable for white towels. It is recommended to mix 5 large spoons of baking soda with 25 g of washing powder. The mixture is poured with boiling water.

It is necessary to keep the thing in a soda solution for 4-5 hours. Soda removes a fetid odor well.

It is better to soak colored products in a saline solution, they lose color from soda... A liter of hot water and a large spoonful of salt are taken for the solution. It is necessary to soak a towel in it for an hour.

If there are old stains, then it is better to soak the thing in a solution based on a liter of boiling water and 15 g of stain remover.

Beforehand, it is recommended to apply the stain remover on old dirt and wait 15 minutes. Next, you need to place the thing in a hot solution and soak in it for a couple of hours.

How to wash a towel in the washing machine?

Textiles can be washed with powder and bleach. The second component can only be used to remove dirt from white kitchen towels, it is not suitable for colored items.


  1. To wash synthetics, you should select the "Synthetics" mode. In this mode, the machine heats water up to 40 C.This temperature is sufficient to remove stains. Typically, washing on a mode lasts from an hour to two.
  2. foto9151-3Mixed fabric. The Synthetics mode is also suitable for mixed towels. Colored synthetic can be washed at 60 C, but no more.
  3. Cotton kitchen towels are recommended to be washed on Cotton 60 or even Cotton 90 setting. In the second case, the product will be boiled during washing.

    White cotton items are best washed at the maximum temperature (90 C).

  4. It is recommended to wash colored items with a special powder for colored textiles.
  5. Black towels are best washed with a black wash detergent.
  6. It is recommended to wash white towels with white powder. In the latter case, an oxygenated bleach can be added.

Black towels can be washed only at 40 C and no more, colored towels - at a maximum of 60 C. When washing, the rinse and spin modes must be used. This will remove the remaining powder.

Kitchen towels should not be washed with other items. When washed, they fade a lot, as a result of which cotton particles remain on other things.

It is not uncommon for kitchen towels to separate particles of food, grease and dirt that can settle on other things with which they are washed together in the same machine.

How to wash heavily soiled fabric by hand?

When washing by hand, it is recommended to follow these steps step by step:

  1. Take a deep basin and place a dirty towel in it.
  2. foto9151-4Pour hot water into the basin. Add detergent for washing by hand.
  3. Soften the water in the basin with two glasses of vinegar.
  4. Soak the thing in the resulting solution for half an hour.
  5. Remove from solution and rinse in clean water.
  6. Pour the solution out of the basin. Pour clean warm water into a container, add a small spoonful of salt to it.
  7. Rinse the item in the resulting solution.
  8. Take out the textile product, wring it out thoroughly and hang to dry.
You can pre-soak dirty towels for 1-2 hours in a solution based on a liter of hot water, a large spoonful of salt and detergent for hand washing.

After soaking, it is recommended that you wash the stained areas thoroughly with your hands.

How to quickly remove odors and stains using folk recipes?

Various products can be used to remove stains and odors from things. Among them have proven themselves:

  • vinegar,
  • lemon acid,
  • hydrogen peroxide,
  • mustard,
  • boiling,
  • vegetable oil,
  • using a microwave oven.

Vegetable oil

foto9151-5There are several known uses for vegetable oil for cleaning kitchen towels from dirt.

In some cases, a combination of boiling water, oil and bleach is used, in others, a combination of boiling water and oil with washing powder, soda and vinegar.

It is recommended to wash only dry towels in a solution containing vegetable oil. For washing, take purified oil without any smell..

For more information on how to wash textiles with vegetable oil, read here.


With this express option, a textile product soaped with laundry soap is placed in a plastic bag and then placed in a microwave oven for 1-1.5 minutes. The microwave should be operated at low power.

It is important not to overexpose the towel in the oven as it is highly likely to catch fire.

Read more about this method. here.


This method requires:

  1. Soak dirty items for 1-2 hours in a solution based on a liter of hot water, a large spoonful of salt and detergent for hand washing.
  2. foto9151-6Prepare a boiling solution. Grate a half piece of 72% laundry soap.

    Put the shavings in a large saucepan with 5 liters of hot water, add 3 large tablespoons of baking soda and powder there.

    To whiten white towels, you can add a large spoonful of stain remover to the solution.

  3. Place dirty things in the solution and put a saucepan with them on medium heat.
  4. Boil the solution with the textiles.
  5. After boiling, boil kitchen towels over low heat for 20 minutes. Heavily soiled white cottons can be boiled for up to 2 hours. It is important to stir the contents of the pot periodically.
  6. Put items out of the pan and let cool.
  7. Rinse thoroughly and then wring out.
Do not boil colored and black towels. You should also avoid boiling white tea towels frequently. Hot water quickly breaks down their fibers.


This tool is recommended for use as follows:

  • pour a liter of warm water into the basin;
  • add 1 glass of vinegar to it, you should use a solution of 5% or 9%;
  • place dirty products in the resulting solution;
  • soak them for 10 minutes;
  • rinse things and hang them to dry.

You can add half a glass of vinegar solution to the fabric softener compartment of your washing machine. Vinegar during washing will eliminate unpleasant odors.

Lemon acid

foto9151-7It is recommended to use this tool as follows:

  1. Wash a dirty towel with powder or laundry soap beforehand. Squeeze it out a little.
  2. Sprinkle citric acid over the stained area. Wait 15 minutes. If the pollution is old, then you need to wait an hour.
  3. Rinse the product under water.

In this way, it is recommended to remove stains from tomatoes, as well as from beets.

Hydrogen peroxide

This tool is recommended for use in cases where there are old yellow spots on the thing. It is enough to soak the textile product in the solution for half an hour. Then you need to wash the towel in the machine.

Hydrogen peroxide only helps in removing stains when it's fresh. Peroxide that has stood for a month in an open bottle will no longer have the desired effect when cleaning things from dirt.


This method uses mustard powder. This requires:

  • foto9151-8dissolve 6 large tablespoons of mustard powder in 2 liters of warm water;
  • let the mixture brew for half an hour;
  • soak kitchen towels in the solution for 3-4 hours;
  • Wash the products soaked in the mixture in a machine.

You can mix a little mustard powder with water to a mushy mass and apply it to the dirt.

Next, the product must be placed in a bag for 5 hours.... After that, it must be rinsed and then washed.

Mustard powder is suitable for those cases where towels can neither be bleached nor boiled.

Nuances for white, black and colored products

White textiles can be washed at high temperatures. Especially if they have old stains. These towels can be washed at 90 ° C with soaking. In normal cases, you can set the mode to 60 C.

Also, when washing white products, it is allowed to use oxygen-containing and even chlorine-containing bleaches. Contamination from white products can be removed by boiling.

Black items should be washed at low temperatures (no more than 40 C)... When washing them, it is forbidden to use both stain removers and any kind of bleach. Boiling has a bad effect on the quality of black textiles.

Colored towels are recommended to be washed at low temperatures. Enough 40 C, maximum - 60 C. From high temperatures, they shed heavily. Also, colored things cannot be boiled. When washing them, you should not use bleaches and stain removers containing chlorine.

Removal of old greasy stains

foto9151-9It is recommended to use laundry soap when cleaning things from old grease stains. You can also use vinegar and dish soap.

They fight well with old spots of fat:

  • soda,
  • peroxide,
  • ammonia,
  • starch.

For more information on removing stubborn grease stains from kitchen towels, see here.

Whitening options without bleaches

For bleaching, it is recommended to use mustard powder, potassium permanganate or boric acid.

In the first case, you need to pour a little warm water into the mustard powder.... The mixture should be kneaded until mushy. The resulting mass must be applied to the stain and left for 8 hours. After that, the thing must be washed in a typewriter.

In the second case, potassium permanganate is used for bleaching. It is necessary to pour boiling water into a basin, pour 180 g of washing powder there and add a little potassium permanganate. The water in the basin should only turn slightly pink.

Then a previously washed towel is placed in the basin. Then the basin is covered with a thick film. In this state, the product is soaked for about half an hour. Then it needs to be rinsed well.

foto9151-10In the third case, boric acid is used for bleaching.

It is necessary to act according to the scheme:

  1. 3 liters of hot water are poured into the basin.
  2. 3 large tablespoons of boric acid are also added there.
  3. Towels are placed in the basin and soaked for a couple of hours.
  4. Products are rinsed after soaking.

The latter option is suitable for bleaching terry textiles. Boric acid is also used to wash waffle towels.

Tips and bans

It is recommended to take into account the following tips and prohibitions:

  • heavily soiled items must be soaked before washing;
  • before bleaching, it is better to first wash the thing or soak it with powder for a couple of hours;
  • it is better to use waffle towels in the kitchen, as well as products with a smooth texture;
  • do not use terry towels for wiping dishes, sinks, cabinets and food;
  • to prevent the appearance of a musty smell from textiles, it is always necessary to dry it well before washing;
  • kitchen towels should be changed every two days.
It is recommended to use cotton and linen textiles in the kitchen. They are easier to wash.

Terry products should not be kept in the kitchen. They get dirty quickly. To get rid of the musty odor, it is recommended to soak the item for 3 hours in a baking soda solution before washing.

It is better to dry textiles in the sun... It is recommended to iron the clothes after washing. This will make them less likely to get dirty.


foto9151-11Various products and methods can be used when washing kitchen towels. Among them are vinegar, citric acid, hydrogen peroxide, mustard, vegetable oil.

A proven way to remove dirt using a microwave... Boiling is also effective.

The choice of a particular method depends on the color of the textile. White towels can be cleaned using any of the following methods. Black and colored items are sensitive to boiling and bleach.

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