foto9471-1Towels are home textiles that are used heavily. Frequent use involves frequent washing.

In order for towels to serve and retain their attractiveness long enough, you need to properly wash, bleach, iron, dry them.

Hand and machine wash of these products has its own characteristics, and they must certainly be taken into account.

How to wash towels properly, how to soak very dirty items, how to bleach, do you need to iron them after washing? Look for answers to questions in the article.

Preparation for the process: step-by-step instructions and how often to wash

A lot depends on the correct preparation of towels. The preservation of the attractive appearance of these products depends on how often they are washed.

Dermatologists recommend the following frequency:

  • bath towels - after three times of use;
  • kitchen towels - daily;
  • face and hand towels - 1-2 days.

foto9471-2Before washing, towels are sorted by type of fabric, by color. Babies 'linen must be washed separately from adults' towels. Colored and white items do not need to be put in one drum.

Very dirty items pre get rid of fat and other impurities... You can use the power of the washing machine by selecting the presoak mode, or soak the towels in a separate container.

The next step is to select a wash, rinse and spin mode. Next comes the loading of the drum of the washing machine. Despite the volume declared by the manufacturers, you should not load the washing machine to the maximum.

To maintain the quality of the fabric, it is optimal to use 80% of the drum volume... That is, if this volume is 5 kg, it is better to load 4 kg of laundry.

It is possible that washing embroidered items decorated with lace and silk ribbons will require the use of a special wash bag.

Do not load items with metal or plastic fittings into the washing machine drum, where towels are washed.

In an automatic washing machine: in what mode, at what temperature?

Kitchen and bath towels are most often made from different fabrics. Therefore, they should be washed in different modes. How to choose the right program and how many degrees to wash?

Washing terry, bamboo and velor baths towels - optimal parameters:

  • foto9471-3bamboo and modal fiber - temperature 30-40 degrees;
  • cotton, linen, microfiber - 40-60 degrees;
  • velor - 40 degrees;
  • a liquid detergent is used;
  • spin mode - 800 rpm.

Washing kitchen towels:

  • colored products - 40 degrees;
  • white towels - 60 degrees;
  • spin mode - 800-1000 rpm;
  • washing mode - "cotton";
  • a universal detergent is used.

To choose the optimal detergent, remember that the wrong dosage of detergent will cause it to settle on the surface of the towel. Allergies, hard nap, unpleasant odor are just a few of the consequences of such a mistake.

It is best to choose a liquid or gel detergent for washing face and body towels. The most popular brands are Laska, Tide, Ariel, Dreft, Frosh, Myth.

Children wash with specially selected products:

  • Eared nanny,
  • Our mother,
  • Cotico,
  • Sonett,
  • Sodasan,
  • Umka.

Frequent use of fabric softener when washing terry towels will impair its absorbency.

How to do it manually?

To properly wash towels by hand, you need to prepare a washing container, liquid detergent, salt and vinegar.

Step by step instructions for hand washing:

  1. foto9471-4We fill a deep basin or bath with warm water, add detergent to it until foam appears.
  2. We soften the water with vinegar - a glass (200 ml) in a bucket of water.
  3. Soak the towels for 40 minutes.
  4. We squeeze and rinse the products, changing the water several times.
  5. We fill the basin with warm water, dissolve 2-4 tablespoons of salt in it.
  6. Rinse the towel in this solution to soften.
  7. We wring out.
  8. We hang a towel for drying on the loggia, on the balcony, in the fresh air.

When drying towels in the room, you need to keep it well ventilated.

The essential oil of lemon, lavender, tangerine added with rinsing will give the towels a pleasant scent.

Piggy bank of folk recipes and remedies

A long tradition of keeping your home clean has sorted out the most effective ways to wash towels.

With vegetable oil

foto9471-5It is carried out in very hot water, practically boiling water.

Products made of linen or cotton fabrics are poured with boiling water, in which are dissolved:

  • ½ glass of baking soda;
  • 1 tbsp. a spoonful of powder or liquid detergent;
  • 50 ml of vegetable oil;
  • 50 ml of any bleach.

After this “cocktail” has cooled down, the towels must be rinsed thoroughly. Read more about this washing method. here.

In the microwave

For such a wash, you need to prepare a sturdy plastic bag, laundry soap and a stain remover.

Two or three towels should be moistened with water and lathered with soap. You can treat stains with dish soap or stain remover. You do not need to tie the bag.

Processing mode towels:

  • time - 90 seconds;
  • power - 450-500.

If the towels get hot, the process was successful. If not, the procedure is repeated. This is followed by rinsing by hand or in a washing machine.

For more information on washing towels in the microwave, see this articles.

With vinegar

foto9471-6Wash with tabletop or apple cider vinegar will keep the fabric bright, removes bacterial pollution and odor, gives softness and tenderness to rough terry towels.

To do this, just pour 1-2 glasses into the air conditioner compartment or directly into the drum of the washing machine.

Towels pre-soaked in a vinegar solution (500 ml per 5 liters of water) will get rid of stubborn stains.


For washing in this way, you need a capacious container in which the laundry will be boiled.

To increase the effect, add to the water:

  • powder for washing or laundry soap (2 tablespoons per 1 liter of water);
  • soda ash;
  • silicate glue (1 tbsp. spoon);
  • hydrogen peroxide (4 tablespoons), plus ammonia (1 tablespoon).
The process lasts 15-20 minutes, then the towels must be removed from the boiling water with all precautions, rinsed. It is advisable to dry them in the fresh air to weather the smell of soap.

It is better not to boil colored towels to avoid loss of brightness.

With mustard powder and boric acid

foto9471-7Mustard powder is dissolved in hot water to a slurry consistency... It is applied to damp towels, leaving for 7-8 hours.

Then the products are washed, rinsed and dried as usual. To prevent the mustard mixture from drying out, you can leave the towels in a plastic bag.

Boric acid will give cleanliness and freshness to terry or cotton products... dense structure To do this, they are immersed in an acid solution (2 tbsp. l. for 4-5 liters of water) and left there for 2-3 hours.

This is followed by regular washing, rinsing and drying.

How to make fabric soft?

Reasons for quality deterioration towels:

  • hardness of water;
  • the use of low-quality washing powders;
  • incorrectly selected washing mode - high temperature, insufficient rinsing, intensive spinning;
  • boiling towels, ironing instead of steaming.
To soften water when rinsing towels, use table vinegar in a proportion of 100-200 ml per 10 liters of water. For machine wash, pour vinegar into the softener compartment.

How to make soft and fluffy towels never didn't get tough:

  1. Wash with liquid products without chlorine and phosphates.
  2. Use the quick wash more often for minimal impact on the fabric.
  3. Use an extra rinse.
  4. Bleach terry cloth if necessary.
  5. Soften hard water.

Getting rid of the smell

foto9471-8Possible reasons:

  • incorrectly selected washing and drying mode:
  • prolonged use of kitchen towels,
  • insufficient ventilation of the bathroom,
  • high humidity in the room for drying products.

To get rid of the smell on towels, they are soaked for 8-10 hours in a solution of baking soda and vinegar. The ingredients are mixed in a 1: 1 ratio (a glass of vinegar to a glass of soda), after which the wash is carried out as usual.

Terry towels are machine washed using a similar solution. You can not add washing powder, use an additional spin.

If the above remedies are ineffective, Oxiclean will come to the rescue.... Dissolve three-quarters of a glass of detergent in hot water and hold the foul-smelling towels for 1-2 days.

We keep the tenderness of terry products

What to do to terry towels kept their original softness for a long time? The recommendations depend on the washing method.

For the washing machine:

  • wash in soft water;
  • use a delicate mode, the temperature is not higher than 60; the spin mode does not exceed 500 revolutions;
  • to prevent creasing of terry fluff, special balls must be put into the drum of the washing machine;
  • air dry, iron with a steam generator.

Towels are soaked in warm detergent solution before hand washing. To completely remove the detergent, at least 2-3 rinses are required.

If the towel has already become tough, soak it in salt water (4 tablespoons per 10 liters) before hand washing.

You can find out how to properly wash washed terry towels here.

What should be considered when washing kitchen towels?

To preserve the beauty of kitchen towels for a long time, the following rules must be observed:

  • foto9471-9textile towels of bright colors are washed at a temperature not exceeding 60
  • light-colored waffle towels will be clean when washed at a temperature of 90-100
  • it is advisable to neutralize grease stains by pre-soaking before putting the towels in the washing machine;
  • ironing at the optimum setting is essential to keep the fabric neat and clean.

Disinfecting kitchen towels with ammonia, manganese solution or chlorine-containing substances at the wrong dosage destroys the tissue. It is advisable to have separate hand and dish towels.

Read more about washing kitchen towels. here.

We take into account the features of microfiber products

This canvas has unique properties. Microfiber towels are light, soft, absorb moisture perfectly, and are durable. They can withstand up to 500 washes without losing their properties.

How to wash microfiber towels in the washing machine:

  • the optimal washing mode is delicate, at 40-60;
  • for heavily soiled things, pre-soaking is used;
  • do not put fading things from other fabrics into the drum, since microfiber easily takes on shades of dyed products;
  • you do not need to use an air conditioner;
  • dry microfiber towels outside the washing machine.
When washing very dirty towels by hand, they are pre-soaked in soapy water, intensively soaping especially soiled areas. You can apply soda gruel to the stains.

Rinse towels in water with citric acid or natural juice. Bleaching of such towels is prohibited.

Whitening - gentle and effective

Usually bleaching is carried out during the washing process, when the bleach is loaded into a special section of the machine. If hand wash is planned, the product is used according to the instructions.

Types of bleaches:

  • foto9471-10optical (Belofor, Persol, Dimerax) - whitening occurs due to the deposition of microparticles of the agent on the fibers of the fabric;
  • oxygen (Swan, White without chlorine, Tadox, Vanish) - do not damage fabric, effective when bleaching in slightly warm or cool water;
  • chlorine (Chlorin, Domestos, Whiteness, AC) - used for bleaching cotton or linen towels.

One of the most effective methods of whitening towels is to soak them in a solution of 72% laundry soap. It needs to be grated, filled with hot water until dissolved and foam is obtained.

In this solution, products made of terry cloth, flax, cotton are kept for about an hour. This is followed by hand or machine wash, rinse. The above method not only whitens but also softens the towels.

Another readily available and cheap bleaching agent is hydrogen peroxide.Sequence of use:

  1. Dissolve 2 tablespoons of peroxide in 5 liters of water.
  2. Place the towels in the solution for 40-50 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  3. Rinse the garments and hang them up to dry.
Hydrogen peroxide can be replaced with hydroperite tablets. Two tablespoons of the product can be replaced with 4-5 tablets.

Ironing - pros and cons

foto9471-11How many copies have been broken in disputes about whether or not to iron towels, but there is still no consensus. Terry pile of towels is crushed during ironing, they become hard. The fabric loses its hygroscopicity, it absorbs moisture much worse.

Terry towels should be gently hung out after washing and folded just as neatly after drying... An exception can be made when ironing terry towels for young babies. Here, ironing disinfects the fabric by killing possible bacteria on the laundry.

Linen and cotton kitchen towels are ironed from the front. Embroidered kitchen attributes are steamed or ironed from the inside out.

Fine microfiber should not be ironed, since synthetic fibers are destroyed by the action of a hot iron.


When choosing a washing and spinning mode, a detergent, you need to take into account the material from which the towel is made. The hand wash algorithm can be supplemented with additional methods to remove stains and make towels fresh.Stubborn dirt can be removed by bleaching and presoaking.

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