foto8787-1Sneakers are the favorite footwear of people who lead an active lifestyle, but their frequent use leads to the fact that they quickly become dirty. Surface cleaning may not be enough to deal with the problem.

However, not all shoes are capable of transferring processing in an automatic machine. Some couples need careful care, while others do not tolerate contact with water at all. In order not to spoil the shoes, you need to follow certain rules for caring for them.

We will tell below about whether it is possible and how to properly wash sneakers in an automatic washing machine (at what temperature, at what washing mode) so that they do not lose their shape.

Is it washable?

Sneakers can and should be washed. Even with the most careful wear, after some time they will lose their attractive appearance. Competent cleaning will allow you to refresh your shoes, update their color and extend their service life.

foto8787-2Sports couples made of materials such as:

  • leather;
  • suede leather;
  • velours;
  • nubuck.

Do not wash sneakers that consist of several types of fabrics at once, for example, natural leather, rubber and foamed polymers. It is dangerous to load shoes with minor defects into the machine.

Please read the information on the inner label before placing the shoe in the drum. Also, the rules for the care of sports shoes can be presented on the box.

Most often, manufacturers place information in signs... If the product cannot be machine washed, then the label will show a crossed out square with a circle inside.

Avoid washing sneakers that have a lot of extra details. It can be fur inserts, appliques, sequins, rhinestones. Shoes with an adhesive base do not tolerate contact with water. With active rinsing, it simply falls apart.

Features of washing in an automatic machine

If the shoes can be washed automatically, then they must be properly prepared. To do this, the following recommendations must be observed:

  1. foto8787-3Examine the pair carefully. If foam rubber, threads stick out of it, and there are also poorly stitched parts, then you need to refuse intensive washing.
  2. Unlace shoes, remove insoles and inserts. These elements are processed separately.
  3. Clean shoes from debris, sand, leaves, gravel, dried mud. Small stones stuck in the sole can be removed with a knitting needle or dry brush.

When the shoes are ready, you can start washing.

Step-by-step algorithm of actions:

  • place steam in the drum;
  • add liquid detergent to the compartment;
  • start the washing program, after its completion, remove the shoes and dry them.

It is not recommended to process more than 2 pairs of shoes in the washing machine in one cycle.

You can use any item to protect the drum, such as an old towel or tracksuit. The clothes will act as a counterweight so that the washing machine will not deteriorate.

Which program (mode)?

When choosing the optimal washing mode, you need to focus on the brand of the machine. There are models that are equipped with a program called "sports shoes".

foto8787-4If it is not separately highlighted in the menu, then it is recommended to handle shoes in a delicate mode. It can also be described as “gentle”.

It is not difficult to set up the clipper yourself. To do this, remove the spin function, or set the number of revolutions at 400-500 per minute.

How many degrees to wash? The temperature should not exceed 40 degrees... With these parameters, the washing time will be reduced to a minimum.

Washing sneakers in various washing machines

The washing cycle for your athletic shoes will vary depending on the brand of washing machine. All features are presented in the table:

Washing machine brandName of the wash cycleFeatures of the mode
Samsung (Samsung)Quick wash or delicate wash.The quick wash lasts 15 minutes, but there is no way to turn off the spin. The delicate wash lasts about 45 minutes.
LgDelicate wash or wool program.Water temperature - 30 or 40 degrees, washing time 50-60 minutes.
BoschDelicate wash.Water temperature - 30 degrees, light rocking of the drum. Duration of washing is 30 minutes.
IndesitSport shoesWashing temperature - 30 degrees, rpm - 500, washing time - about 40 minutes.

At what temperature?

The optimum washing temperature is 30 degrees Celsius... As a rule, it is she who is exposed in automatic mode if a specialized program has been selected. Under these conditions, the sneakers will not come loose.

Membrane shoes are washed at temperatures less than 30 degrees. Even the sturdiest running shoes cannot be washed in temperatures above 40 degrees.

What is the best powder to use?

foto8787-5Liquid detergents are best for washing athletic shoes... These can be gels or concentrates.

It is important that they contain no aggressive components, such as chlorine or acids.

To wash colored shoes, you need to purchase products suitable for the care of painted things... Failure to follow this recommendation can lead to damage to the shoes.

No less important is the mode in which the detergent is activated. It should work in cool water (up to 30 degrees Celsius).

It is recommended to refuse from washing powder, as it contains multi-colored blotches... They dissolve poorly in low temperature water. As a result, ugly stains may appear on sneakers.

The best option for washing sneakers are gel capsules. They are put directly into the drum. It is not recommended to add various conditioners. It is not known how the shoe will react to these substances.

It is strictly forbidden to pour liquid soap, shampoo, or dishwashing liquid into the compartment of the washing machine. These substances contain a large amount of surfactants, so they will foam a lot. Their use will lead to equipment failure.

With or without spinning

foto8787-6All modern models of washing machines have a function for adjusting the spin speed. The number of revolutions can be set manually.

Only fabric sneakers can be spin washed. It is important that there are no visible defects or ruptured seams on them. The optimal number of revolutions is 500 per minute.

Leaving this value at 600 or higher can seriously damage your shoes and the drum itself. In some cases, the sole even comes off. When you cannot set the spin speed, you just need to disable this function.

Using a special bag

To make washing as safe as possible, you need to place your shoes in a special mesh bag. It is fixed with a zipper or with laces. Sneakers or trainers, while in the bag, will not be exposed to excessive wear.

This device helps protect the drum, as the shoes will not knock on it., which means it will not be able to damage its internal structure.

Laundry bags are inexpensive, about 300 rubles. You can use them for several years. These products are reusable. Some of them are additionally reinforced with shock-absorbing foam inserts.

He will tell you how to wash sneakers in a shoe bag this article.

Manual cleaning at home

foto8787-7You can hand wash your sneakers. This is especially true for shoes made of suede, nubuck, and natural leather.

Hand wash can be done with or without presoak... For the procedure, you can use liquid detergents, washing powder or ordinary laundry soap.

The most important thing is to thoroughly dissolve the detergent composition in water. Keep the water cool. Heavily soiled areas are additionally rubbed with a brush.

Read more about hand washing sneakers. here.

How do I wash different brands of shoes?

Depending on the brand under which the sneakers are produced, the rules for caring for them will differ. We are talking specifically about the original brands, and not about the Chinese counterparts..

Sneakers from New balance and Reebok (Reebok) can not be washed in the automatic mode. The manufacturer does not recommend the use of bleaches. Dirt should be removed from them with a special brush.

These rules apply to suede, textiles, synthetics and nubuck.

Shoe manufacturers Adidas, Nike and Puma can be hand washed in cool soapy water using a soft brush... However, not all models may be subject to this treatment.

Features for different types of materials

Depending on the material from which the sneakers are made, the rules for caring for them will differ.

Key recommendations:

  1. foto8787-8Leather and suede products do not tolerate contact with water. They should only be cleaned dry. Wet processing is only permissible in an emergency.
  2. Fabric products... Shoes can be washed in automatic and manual mode, but the manufacturer's recommendations must be strictly followed.
  3. Nubuck sneakers. The material is considered fastidious, therefore it is advised to process it with a special brush and professional means.

Processing nuances depending on color

Depending on the color of the sneaker, there are the following recommendations for their care:

  1. White shoes are washed separately from colored items. It is allowed to process sneakers with non-aggressive bleaches.
  2. Black sneakers shed heavily. This must be taken into account when washing. Moreover, they do not tolerate strong friction.
  3. Colored sneakers should be washed at low temperatures so as not to provoke leaching of the pigment.

Read about how to wash white fabric sneakers. here.

How to dry properly?

foto8787-9Dry your sneakers naturally. Most products do not tolerate direct sunlight.

Shoes should not be heated by exposing them to a radiator or next to a gas stove.

You can speed up drying if you bring the sports pair to fresh air.or in a room with low humidity.

To give the sneakers the correct shape, you can fill them with paper. For more information on drying shoes after washing, read here.

Problems to face after

The main problems that a person may face after washing sneaker:

  1. The shoes turned yellow... You can get rid of stains by re-washing with a gentle bleach.
  2. The sneakers have stains. To deal with them, you need to thoroughly rinse your shoes.
  3. The sneakers are out of shape. To give them their original appearance, you need to moisten the shoes, fill them with paper and leave them to dry completely.
  4. They creak. To get rid of unpleasant sounds, you can lubricate the available elements with soap, and pour colorless silicone into the existing cavities.

Important recommendations

Top 5 Tips for Washing sneaker:

  • foto8787-10carry out competent preparation of shoes for the upcoming cleaning (removal of laces, insoles, dirt, stones, etc.);
  • use a special net when washing shoes automatically;
  • to minimize the time of contact of sneakers with water;
  • do not wash suede, nubuck and leather shoes in automatic mode;
  • dry thoroughly after wet cleaning.

If the shoes are not stitched, but fixed with glue, they can only be washed by hand and without pre-soaking.


You can get rid of stubborn dirt on your sneakers with the help of a general wash.

They are processed automatically and manually. Both procedures are safe as long as their basic rules are not violated.

Any sneakers should be washed only when necessary, strictly following the manufacturer's recommendations.

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