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foto12691-1Babies are sensitive to the environment, and their skin can react with irritation even to the wrong detergent.

To avoid unpleasant consequences, you need to know how to wash baby clothes correctly, what powders to use for this, whether it is possible with laundry soap, how to get rid of stains (old, yellow and others) at home.

Which is better: hand wash or machine wash?

There is no definite answer to the question of which is better hand or machine wash. Each method has its own strengths.

Automatic wash:

  • foto12691-2saves time and effort;
  • allows you to wash a fairly large amount of things at a time;
  • thoroughly squeezes out moisture after washing, which allows things to dry faster;
  • makes it possible to wash at a very high temperature;
  • rinses the products well, as you can always set an additional rinse if necessary.

When processing manually:

  • it is possible to thoroughly wash certain places;
  • high hygiene is maintained if a separate basin is allocated for children's things;
  • things are handled delicately;
  • you can clearly separate children's objects from adults by highlighting a separate basin;
  • you can use a wider range of detergents.

Regardless of the choice of washing method, only special detergents should be used that are intended specifically for children's clothes. Sorting things by type of fabric and color is also necessary.

Top 3 products

For washing children's clothes, only detergents intended for processing baby's clothes should be used.

foto12691-3For children, especially newborns, very high requirements are imposed on such funds:

  • hypoallergenic;
  • safe composition;
  • lack of a clear smell;
  • delicate attitude to fabrics;
  • good rinsing;
  • efficiency;
  • availability.

"Meine Liebe" for baby clothes

Mine Libe powder is allowed to be used for washing children's clothes from birth. It is effective even when washing in water with a temperature of + 30 ° C.It is hypoallergenic, does not contain ingredients harmful to the baby's delicate skin, it is conveniently measured with a special measuring spoon.

Baby washing powder can be used for automatic and hand washing. Due to its highly concentrated composition, it is economically consumed. Price - from 500 rubles.


"Eared nanny"

Laundry detergents for children "Eared Nanny" are one of the most popular. The list of products of this TM contains soap, gel and powder. The cost of the goods depends on the form of release of the product and the volume. The powder in a pack weighing 400 grams costs about 70 rubles.


Frosch for baby clothes

Laundry detergent made in Germany has established itself as a highly effective preparation. It copes with dirt even at + 30 ° C.

The composition contains only components permitted for washing children's clothes. The release form is a gel that rinses out well. Cost - 550 rubles per bottle of 1.5 liters.


How to wash in a washing machine, at what temperature, on what mode?

Machine wash will wash your clothes well. But if there are stains on them, you must first wash the baby clothes.

The washing routine of the child's clothes should take into account his age. For newborns, choose "Children's clothing". If it is absent - a mode in accordance with the type of fabric, and a sufficiently high temperature.

For diapers and undershirts - the temperature should be high - about + 90 ° C. Washing clothes for older children who are already learning to walk - according to the instructions on the product labels.

How to wash clothes for children:

  1. foto12691-7Clean things from dirt (feces, traces of belching).
  2. Fasten buttons, Velcro and buttons on clothes that will fit into the drum.
  3. Put children's things in the washing machine.
  4. Pour baby powder or appropriate gel into the detergent compartment.
  5. Set the "Children's clothing" mode. If not, then select the appropriate material type.
  6. Set the water heating temperature.
  7. Set an extra rinse.
  8. After finishing the wash, hang up the clothes to dry.

An additional rinse removes detergent residues from the fabric fibers as well as possible.

How to handle properly?

Hand washing is possible even with a washing machine. Using your hands, you can wash the stains thoroughly, paying attention to the particularly stained areas.

Even at not such a high water heating temperature, which is possible in an automatic machine, the washing of children's clothes turns out to be of high quality.

Work progress:

  1. foto12691-8Hot water is poured into the basin. For things of newborns, the temperature should be - the maximum possible for hand holding.
  2. Diluted in water detergent for children's clothes.
  3. Things are immersed in the solution.
  4. If there are stains on the garments, they can be washed off by soaping well.
  5. Things are left soaked for 15-30 minutes.
  6. Dirty places rub.
  7. Garments are rinsed, changing the water several times. Finish rinsing - in cold water.

Conditioner is not used for washing clothes of very young children.

Is it possible with clothing for adults?

The things of a newborn baby require a special approach:

  • washing at high temperature;
  • the use of special washing preparations for children;
  • separate processing from the things of adults.

Separate washing of children's clothes is necessary for several reasons. High sensitivity of baby's skin needs to wash baby's clothes separately from adult's. This allows you to wash clothes better and avoid the transfer of possible allergens, infections and various contaminants from adult wardrobe items.

It is recommended not only to separate the washing of children's and adult clothes, but also to organize their separate storage.

Do new products need processing?

foto12691-9At first glance, new children's clothes seem clean, very soft and fresh. But in fact, she also needs to be washed.

After removing the packaging and tags, all children's things (bedding is no exception) should be washed.

This is necessary due to the fact that any textile items:

  • pass through many hands (they can get viruses, dirt, etc.);
  • may contain residues of dyes and chemicals, etc. on their surface.

Depending on the type of product, one of the following types of processing can be performed:

  • wash;
  • washing and ironing;
  • use of a steam generator.

Clothes for newborns and underwear for older children require special attention, which are subject to increased safety requirements.

You can find out about the rules of washing clothes for newborns here.

How often to wash?

Baby clothes need regular washing. At the same time, it is undesirable to leave dirty clothes for a long time, since it becomes a suitable environment for the development of pathogens.

Hygiene rules recommend changing newborn clothes at least once a day, even if they are not dirty. For older children, underwear should be changed daily, other clothes - as needed.

The amount of clothes and the frequency of washing depends on whether the baby is in a diaper... When using disposable diapers, the washing frequency can be reduced, but it is advisable to do it at least once a day.

Soiled clothing should be changed as it becomes dirty. For babies, changing is necessary even if a small spot appears on things, for example, from milk or regurgitation.

Diaper washing

foto12691-10For a newborn baby, diapers are the main things that come into direct contact with the baby's body.

They must be replaced and washed frequently. Minimum - when getting dirty (even a little) and after daily bathing.

Diapers that are stained with feces, urine or other contaminants should be washed and soaped before washing. This, like soaking for 15-60 minutes, will make it easier and faster to wash things later.

In a typewriter, diapers are washed in the following modes:

  • "Children's clothing" at high temperatures (not less than + 60 ° C);
  • "Cotton";
  • "Handwash".

If there are not many diapers, then it is advisable to wring them out in a washing machine. After it, things will be almost dry, and very quickly dry up on a rope.

Read more about washing diapers here.

How to remove stains at home?

Stains on children's clothing are related to their age and lifestyle... In newborns, pollution of biological origin predominates, in older children it can be traces of tools of creativity (felt-tip pens, paints), sweets, etc.

To wash stains from the smallest things, only those detergents that are allowed for children can be used. Such preparations must be marked on the packaging.

In addition to household chemicals, folk recipes based on readily available products, as well as washing with ordinary baby soap, are suitable for combating stains. It will be much easier to deal with fresh marks on things than when they are old and soaked deep into the fibers.


foto12691-11It is best to wash fresh urine stains immediately. This will make it possible to wash them quickly and easily during the main wash.

In cases where the yellow spots are old, you can use this recipe:

  1. Saturate the stain with vinegar or ammonia.
  2. Set aside the thing for half an hour.
  3. Wash with baby powder.

Fruits and berries

The baby's complementary foods include natural juices, berries and fruits. And even with a small number of them, the baby can contrive to stain clothes. A citric acid solution will help to cope with stains.

It is prepared in the following concentration:

  • 1 l. water;
  • 1 tbsp. l. citric acid powder.
The prepared solution is poured into a basin, the product is soaked for half an hour. After - wash, as usual.


The following components are connected in a container:

  • juice of 1 lemon;
  • 5 drops of alcohol.

The stain must be treated, set aside for an hour. The garment is rinsed and washed.


foto12691-12This method will help to cope with greasy spots on children's clothes:

  • pour warm water into the basin (3 l.);
  • dilute ½ tbsp. salt;
  • soak the damaged things for an hour;
  • wash.

Another way to deal with greasy stains is to use starch:

  1. Starch is diluted with water to the state of gruel.
  2. Apply to the stain.
  3. After 30-60 minutes, the residues are cleaned off.
  4. The affected area is soaped.
  5. The thing is postponed for another hour.
  6. Clothes are washed in the usual way.

Old yellow

Old yellow stains from your child's clothes can be removed in the following way:

  1. Pour hydrogen peroxide (10 ml) into a bowl.
  2. Add baby wash gel (10 ml.)
  3. Pour so much soda into the mixture to make a gruel.
  4. Apply the mixture to the stain.
  5. Rub it.
  6. Set aside for half an hour.
  7. Rub again.
  8. Wash with detergent.

How to soften fabric?

Newborn baby clothes should not be air-conditioned to soften them. The following recommendations will help to improve the condition of the material and make it softer:

  • foto12691-13use gel, not powder, to care for baby's clothes;
  • do not spin at high speeds on the washing machine;
  • ironing clothes makes the materials softer;
  • do not overdry products;
  • on the washing machine, you can select an additional “crease-free” setting, if available.

In addition, worn-out things can acquire rigidity. And also poorly rinsed or poorly washed, on which dirt remains.

Fabric softener should only be used on older children, not newborns. Treatment with a steam generator will help soften children's things.

Drying rules

Dry baby clothes immediately after washing. If the item remains in the drum of the machine or in the basin for a long time, it can acquire an unpleasant odor and become a source of pathogenic microorganisms.

Drying can be done outdoors or indoors. If the apartment is located in a polluted area of ​​the city, then it is best to dry the products at home, providing good air access.

It is necessary to hang baby clothes freely, creating all the conditions for quick drying. If the washing machine has a "drying" function, then it is convenient to use it when washing diapers and undershirts.

Ironing features

Ironing is a disinfectant of the fabric, softens it and increases the softness of the material... Clothes of newborn babies must be ironed on both sides.

After the umbilical wound has healed, from a month, you can iron only from the wrong side - from the side that is in direct contact with the delicate skin of the child.

5 recommendations

Washing tips will help you do the job well:

  1. foto12691-14For processing, you must use only those detergents that are intended for children.
  2. It is recommended to hand wash with rubber gloves.
  3. It is advisable to wash clothes of newborns at high temperatures.
  4. Soiled baby clothes must be folded separately from adults. This is conveniently organized with separate laundry baskets.
  5. Starching baby clothes is not necessary, as things become stiff and irritating.


It is necessary to wash children's clothes with special means, carefully removing dirt and rinsing well. With proper care of your baby's clothes, they will not only be clean, but also keep their safety for a small child.

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