Black things

foto11036-1A black dress, skirt or suit are the basic items of any wardrobe. But, unfortunately, care mistakes very quickly render black clothes unusable, turning them from a stylish element of a fashionable image into a washed rag.

By adhering to the basic rules of washing, you can preserve the bright saturated color of black clothes for a long time.

This article will help you understand how to properly wash black items by hand and in the washing machine so that they do not lose color and do not become covered with white stains.

Preparation and basic rules of washing

Before sending black fabric clothes to the wash, it is necessary to carry out a number of activities:

  1. foto11036-2Check pockets for forgotten items (napkins, hairpins, coins).
  2. Turn the product on the wrong side (helps to keep the color bright).
  3. Study the information on the tag carefully. This is the only way to find out the manufacturer's recommendations regarding the washing mode, water temperature, admission to the ironing process, spinning.
  4. Sort dark laundry by type of fabric and degree of soiling.
  5. Old, stubborn stains from black clothing must be removed before starting the main wash. It is also forbidden to wash clothes at the same time from different types of fabric (for example, wool and silk), different in color (white and black).

In the washing machine: in what mode, at what temperature?

After the preparatory moments are resolved, it is fashionable to start the main wash.

Experienced housewives recommend turning on the washing machine for ten to fifteen minutes before washing. This will help keep the garment from pilling.

Algorithm of actions:

  1. foto11036-3We put the selected clothes into the drum of the washing machine. Attention: do not load the washer to failure.

    There should be some room in the drum for dark items to rinse well.

  2. We set the temperature regime. At how many degrees to wash: for delicate fabrics (wool or silk), the water temperature should not exceed 30C, for other types of fabrics, the water temperature is set at 40C.
  3. We set the washing mode. For dark fabrics, gentle, quick modes (daily, delicate wash) are most suitable, which allow to preserve the structure of the fabric as much as possible and remove all dirt.
  4. We set the minimum number of revolutions, and if possible - the function of additional rinsing.
  5. We start washing.

Choosing a detergent

For washing black clothes, you can only use special gels or liquid products marked "for dark clothes".

Why conventional powders are not suitable for dark clothes:

  1. Abrasive particles of dry powder wash the paint off the fibers of the fabric (there are high risks of whitish spots, loss of brightness).
  2. Powder granules dissolve very poorly in cold water. As a result, during the rinsing process, some of the powder remains in the fibers of the black fabric, creating unattractive streaks and smudges.
Before buying a detergent for black clothes, you need to carefully study the information about what type of fabric it is intended for.

There are several groups of liquids and gels: for washing delicate fabrics (silk), for wool and universal products.

How to wash black things so that they do not lose color, the video will tell you:

What is it possible and what is not?

foto11036-4White clothes with black clothes do not wash. Otherwise, light fabric acquires a gray tint, while black, on the contrary, lightens.

An exception may be things of a dark color with white accents.... In this case, the clothes are washed very carefully by hand using gentle gels or liquid detergents.

It is possible to wash black clothes with colored ones only if there is complete confidence that none of the selected items will fade.

Wash black clothes together with blue and gray products, it is possible only under the condition of correctly selected detergents, at a water temperature not higher than 30C.

Learn more about how to wash black and white items. here... About joint washing with gray things - here, with colored - in this article.

How to hand wash correctly?

Experienced housewives recommend hand washing lace, silk, chiffon or satin black clothes. Also, a delicate hand wash will help preserve the appearance of black cashmere and woolen products, light knitwear.

Algorithm of actions:

  1. We fill the basin with warm water (temperature not higher than 30C).
  2. Dissolve liquid detergent for black clothes in water.
  3. We immerse things in soapy water and leave for ten to fifteen minutes.
  4. With gentle squeezing movements (do not actively rub black clothes), wash clothes.
  5. We rinse things. First, add vinegar to the rinse water (a tablespoon per liter of water). The vinegar rinse helps to fix the brightness of the black color of the garment.
It is necessary to rinse black clothes until clear water begins to drain. Otherwise, there are great risks of white stains appearing on black clothes after drying.

What can be done to restore the color of the clothes?

Have the black clothes taken on a faded, washed-out look? It doesn't matter, there are several ways to restore the brightness of colors.


foto11036-5Cooking process:

  • we brew strong coffee (for one liter of water, you need to take 150 grams of ground coffee);
  • filter the drink and leave to cool to room temperature;
  • put a black item in the resulting solution and leave it for ten to fifteen minutes.

Natural coffee not only refreshes and restores the brightness of the black color, but also gives the clothes a pleasant aroma.

Processing with a coffee drink is carried out only on washed and dried items.

Infusion of tobacco

The procedure includes the following steps:

  • bring water to a boil, add dry tobacco leaves at the rate of 15 grams per liter of water;
  • boil the infusion for thirty minutes, then filter, cool to room temperature;
  • put black things in the resulting solution and keep for at least ten to fifteen minutes.
An additional rinse in cold water with the addition of conditioner will help get rid of the pungent tobacco smell.

Salt and soda

Algorithm of actions:

  • prepare a solution of salt, soda and water (the ingredients are mixed in equal proportions);
  • we dip the already washed black clothes into the resulting composition and leave for thirty minutes;
  • then rinse the product in clean water and hang it out to dry.


foto11036-6The instruction is as follows:

  • prepare vinegar water - for this we mix water and vinegar in a 1: 1 ratio;
  • we immerse the previously washed clothes in vinegar water and stand for at least thirty minutes.

The vinegar treatment is carried out immediately after washing and rinsing, without waiting for the clothes to dry.

Chemical dyes

You can buy specialty paint for your clothes at any hardware store. The main thing is to carefully study the manufacturer's information for the type of dyed fabric and do not forget about the use of rubber gloves.

Algorithm of actions:

  • the dye is diluted in enamel or glassware (the manufacturer indicates the complete information on the method of diluting the paint on the label);
  • we lower the product in the paint and maintain the required time (also indicated by the manufacturer on the label).
Not worth saving. Using cheap, low quality paint can permanently damage the product.

If you need to paint several black things, then you need to dip them into the paint in turn. Joint staining is a common cause of staining and uneven staining of fabric.

How to remove stains?

The main rule for removing stains from dark fabrics is not to use water, the temperature of which exceeds 40C... Ignoring this condition will lead to the fact that the stain is permanently fixed on the fabric, and it will be impossible to get rid of it.

Whitish marks from deodorant and other cosmetics

foto11036-7A vinegar solution will help remove whitish stains from antiperspirant, foundation and other cosmetics.

Algorithm of actions:

  1. We dilute two tablespoons of vinegar in warm water.
  2. Using a sponge, he treats whitish areas on a dark fabric with vinegar solution.
  3. The clothes are rinsed and hung out to dry.

Vodka will also quickly remove deodorant stains. It is enough to moisten a cotton sponge with vodka and wipe a white spot on your clothes with it.


Everything is very simple: sweat stains on dark clothes are treated with liquid dish detergent... After two hours, the item is washed as usual.

Old pollution

Cooking salt works well for stubborn stains on dark clothing.

Algorithm of actions:

  1. In one lira of water, 100g is diluted. salt.
  2. The resulting composition is rubbed into the fabric and left for at least twelve hours.
  3. After the clothes are rinsed under running water and hung out to dry.


foto11036-8Laundry soap will help remove oily marks from dark fabrics. It is enough to rub the stain from the edges to the center with soap, pause for ten minutes, after which the item can be sent to the wash.

A chemical stain remover can help you quickly remove stains from black clothing. It is important to carefully study the composition before buying it: for dark fabrics, use only a stain remover without bleaching ingredients.

The best option is oxygen stain removers... If hand wash is planned, add the stain remover to warm water (the proportion is indicated on the label). Then a dark thing is soaked in the resulting solution for thirty to forty minutes, after which you can start washing with your hands.

For machine washing, oxygen stain remover is added immediately to a special compartment along with washing powder.

White streaks appear, what should I do?

An incorrectly selected detergent, insufficient rinsing can cause an unpleasant situation - after washing, white stains appear on black clothes.

You can solve the problem in the following way:

  1. In a basin of warm water, dissolve a tablespoon of vinegar and the same amount of grated laundry soap.
  2. We lower things with stains into the resulting solution and leave to soak for ten minutes.
  3. After that, we wash the product and rinse it thoroughly several times in clean water.
If there is no time for a second wash, rinse for colored clothes will help to quickly remove white stains on black clothes.

It's very simple: we add the rinse aid to the water in which black clothes are thoroughly rinsed. After that, things are rinsed again in clean water and hung out to dry.

Competent drying

Bright sun and high temperatures are damaging to dark fabrics. In order to keep the original appearance of black clothes longer, it is necessary to adhere to some drying rules:

  • foto11036-9clothes made of dark fabrics are dried away from heating appliances;
  • on the street, things are hung out to dry only in shaded, well-ventilated places;
  • using automatic drying, for dark clothes, select a program according to the type of fabric, set the lowest temperature;
  • dry products made of dark fabrics only inside out.

Dark things should never be overdried (especially if drying takes place outside).


There are several recommendations for washing dark clothes:

  1. A few teaspoons of ground black pepper, poured into the compartment of the washing machine along with the powder, will help to maintain the richness of black.
  2. The thinner the item, the cooler the water needs to be used to rinse it.
  3. Washing in cold water and liquid dish detergent can help remove blood stains from dark clothing.
It is strictly forbidden to wash black clothes with whitening powders and liquid detergents containing chlorine.


Washing black clothes with strict adherence to all the rules and recommendations will help to maintain the brightness of the color and the ideal appearance of the clothes for as long as possible.

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