foto11679-1Underwear requires careful maintenance and regular washing. Bras can have different designs, colors, fabrics and designs.

To properly wash such a delicate item, you must strictly follow all the rules.

You will find a lot of useful information about whether and how to properly wash a bra (in a bag and if it is not) in an automatic washing machine and by hand, how to dry, how to return a bra's shape after washing at home, you will find in this article.

Is it washable?

Automatic cleaning is very convenient, it gives a good result and makes it easier to care for your bras. However, this method is not available in all cases.

To see if you can send your delicate little thing to the machine, you need to examine the label for the product. On it, the manufacturer indicates the possible types of washing and the composition of the fabric.

Hand wash will come to the rescue in cases where the machine cannot be used. Prohibiting factors include:

  • foto11679-2graceful lace model;
  • very complex cut, the shape of which can be lost during machining;
  • shedding material;
  • worn-out product, which cannot be washed off without soaking;
  • dilapidated bra;
  • the presence of a large amount of decor (for example, glued rhinestones).

Hand washing should be preferred even if the tag is lost and the rules for caring for the product are unknown.

How is it correct in a washing machine?

Washing bras in a washing machine should be carried out in special mesh bags or spherical containers.

Loading a bra into a drum without a protective bag can lead to unpleasant consequences:

  • deformation;
  • loss of elasticity;
  • loss of decorative elements (beads, bows, etc.);
  • accidental tearing off the hooks;
  • clinging clasps to other things in the drum;
  • damage to the machine itself by bones, hooks and other elements.

If there is no special bag, washing can be done in two ways:

  • manually;
  • placing the bra in a pillowcase and tying it tightly.
The alternative to the special mesh pouch is inferior in terms of functionality.The main disadvantage of this design is insufficient maintenance of the shape of the cups during the washing process in the drum.

But with the protection of the machine and the prevention of the loss of small parts, dense fabric will quite cope. This replacement option is best suited for washing bras with loose cups and sports models.

The order of processing in a typewriter without special devices:

  1. foto11679-3Prepare the bra. If necessary, carry out minor repairs.
  2. Place the item in a fading fabric pillowcase.
  3. Tie the free edge of the improvised bag securely.
  4. Place the product in the drum.
  5. Pour liquid detergent into the container on the machine body.
  6. Set the mode "delicate" or "manual".
  7. Adjust the water heating, it should be no more than + 40 ° C.
  8. Spin to minimum.
  9. Drying, if there is such a function, turn off.
  10. Start a work cycle.
  11. After washing, the bra must be immediately removed and dried.

Best machine wash results are achieved when combined with pre-soak.

Hand wash from dirt at home

Manual processing is the right decision if in doubt whether it is possible to send a bra to a typewriter... With such a wash, it is possible to gently wash the product, paying attention to those places that need more careful processing.

During manual operation, as well as with an automatic processing cycle, it is necessary to control that the water is not too hot - up to + 40 ° C. During the washing process, intense exposure must be avoided.

More details on the issue of hand washing can be found here.

Why do you need a ball (sphere)?

foto11679-4Among all the variety of bras, quite a few models have sealed cups, and the shape is supported by underwires. The intricate design of such bras can easily be damaged during the washing process.

Not only mesh bags help to protect the thing, but also special spherical containers... When assembled, such a container consists of two balls placed one into the other.

The openwork design with a large number of holes allows you to wash and rinse out the product without hindrance. Before loading into the drum, the bra is fastened, and the cups are positioned so that they are between two spheres.

At the same time, the tight ball protects the bra from the outside and prevents the cups from clumping inside. The disadvantage of such an organization is the lack of protection against the loss of small elements, since the holes in the sphere are large enough.

When purchasing a ball for washing bras, you need to pay great attention to the reliability of the fasteners. If the fasteners are weak, then the ball can open right in the drum.

Learn more about containers for washing bras this article.

Laundry bag

The bag is a synthetic mesh construction. The clasp is usually organized as a zipper.

Depending on the model and manufacturer, the bags may differ:

  • model;
  • form;
  • size;
  • type of fastener;
  • color.
Typically, the bags are not ball-shaped. The bra in them is laid in such a way that the cups fit one into the other.

Minus when compared to containers - lower quality cup support... But because of the fine mesh, there is a guarantee of preservation of all small and large (for example, bones) parts that have accidentally come off.

When choosing a specific model, you need to pay attention to the quality of the item and the accuracy of execution. You can read more about bags for washing clothes here.

Why is more often not always better?

foto11679-5Keeping your laundry hygienic and fresh is achieved by washing it regularly. How often to process an item depends on the intensity of use, color and many other factors.

Some bras require frequent washing. - literally after a single use (for example, sports).

The maximum number of dressings before washing should be no more than three.This approach will keep the thing clean and will not lead to rapid wear.

For more information on the optimal number of washings for bras, see here.

How does the color of the product affect the rules of care?

Having several bras of different colors, it should be borne in mind that washing them all together is unlikely to work. All linen must first be sorted according to color into black, white and colored.

Snow-white linen requires not only more frequent washing, but also the use of a special detergent designed for such a snowy shade.

In the composition of gels "for white things" there are whitening components that act mildly, but effectively, and do not contain chlorine.

Black linen is also capricious... When washed with unsuitable detergents and at high temperatures, the rich, bright pigment is washed out and fades, and the thing itself loses its attractiveness. To prevent such a situation will help the constant use of detergents marked "for black clothes".

Garments of different colors, as well as those with a light shade (for example, light beige, flesh-colored, ivory, etc.) should be washed with products intended for colored clothing. In this case, it is desirable to choose those that are intended directly for washing linen, and are produced in liquid form.

Read about washing white products and how to return them to whiteness. here.

Bra type and fabric type

foto11679-6Bras are made from fabrics of various composition and combinations. The features of care largely depend on the material. Not every bra is capable of withstanding intense machine wash, soak, etc.

It is advisable to wash bras made of fine lace with your hands, with gel cups, as well as designer models. Cotton bras without padded cups are less maintenance-intensive. They can be washed more intensely and soaked longer.

Sconces with underwire can most often be washed both by hand and in a typewriter, if it is not prohibited by the manufacturer. But the presence of metal inserts makes prolonged contact with water and soaking undesirable, which can lead to the formation of rust.

How to properly wash a bra with underwire by hand and in the washing machine, will tell this publication.

How to get back in shape?

Washing and drying a bra in violation of the rules of laundry care can lead to deformation of the item. It is very easy to spoil a delicate product.

Bras are sensitive to many factors:

  • prolonged wetting;
  • intense exposure;
  • use when washing hot water;
  • processing in a machine without a bag, etc.

The main defects that may appear as a result of washing:

  1. Bone problems (curvature, tissue breakage, etc.).
  2. Stretched straps.
  3. Creases on the compacted cup.

Creases on the cup

foto11679-7Damage to the cups may be irreparable. The following recommendations will help to try to save the situation:

  1. The cup is moistened with water, straightened, and for the period of drying, a roll of a towel or a corner of a pillow is placed inside.
  2. When the edge of the cup is deformed, it is moistened with water, and, pulling it off with your hands, straighten it. In this state, they dry, making sure that the free edge of the cup does not warp.

Serious creases on the foam of the cups may not be possible to fix, as well as to restore the item to its original state.

What to do with bones?

If the bone has jumped out during washing, you can carefully insert it into place, and sew up the hole.

In those cases when the bone not only jumped out, but also deformed, it will have to be replaced. You can use a part from an old bra for this, or buy a new one in the sewing accessories department.

Stretched shoulder straps

The problem with stretched straps can be solved in several ways:

  • tighten the existing straps by moving the locking mechanism to the required length and making them shorter;
  • replace with new ones.

Removable straps are the easiest to replace.New ones can be purchased at underwear stores or sewing accessories departments.

10 drying rules

Drying of the product should be carried out according to the following rules:

  1. foto11679-8It is necessary to hang the bra to dry immediately after washing.
  2. The product cannot be twisted. This even applies to models without sealed cups.
  3. Excess moisture must be gently squeezed out. To do this, place the cups between two terry towels.

    This must be done very carefully, since the wet foam rubber of the cups is sensitive to impact.

  4. It is forbidden to dry sconces on heating devices - they can deform and go with stains and smudges.
  5. Using clothespins is not the best option. After such fixation, marks remain on the product.
  6. The bra should be hung so that the fold falls in the middle of the product.
  7. It is not advisable to hang a bra by the straps. In this position, the straps will stretch and the cups will deform.
  8. For sealed cups with decor, the best drying option is to dry horizontally on a terry towel.
  9. Drying in full sun can lead to streaks and deformations.
  10. During the drying process, the bra should hang in a free state, not in contact with other things, especially fading.
Only completely dry bras should be removed for storage.


The usual rules of washing clothes will make this job easy. The following recommendations will help in washing:

  1. At the end of washing, the washing machine must be unloaded immediately in order to avoid deformation of the laundry and its prolonged dampness.
  2. Washing and hand washing should be done with rubber gloves.
  3. foto11679-9With an unusual, originally decorated bra, do not experiment with machine wash - it is better to handle the thing with your hands.
  4. If the bra has a removable decor, it is best to remove it before washing.
  5. If the bra is sweating, then it should be washed, even if it was worn only once.
  6. High-quality bras tolerate washing better and last much longer than sloppy bras from low-grade materials.
  7. Recommendations from the product label are mandatory.
  8. A bra with padded foam cups and a push-up when wet is very heavy, so you should hang it up to dry only after a gentle spin. Otherwise, under the influence of the weight, the cups may deform, and the elastic bands may stretch.
  9. Liquid detergents are preferred over powders.
Whichever bra model is washed, the impact should only be delicate.


Washing bras correctly should be part of every woman's good habits. Caring for laundry brought to automatism will not be difficult, allowing you to keep things in good shape and feel confident.

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