foto19677-1Woolite is the brand under which washing gels are produced.

The manufacturer claims that its formulations not only do an excellent job with stains, but also help to restore fabrics, protect them from premature wear, from the appearance of pellets and lint, and from fading.

About what the pros and cons of Woolite gels really are, what is included in the range of detergents and what consumer reviews are about it, read the article.

About the manufacturer

foto19677-2The British company Reckitt Benckiser is engaged in the production of Woolite detergents... Its head office is located in Berkshire.

The first Russian office of the company was opened in 1994 in St. Petersburg. Since 1999, it has been operating in Moscow, and already in 2005, the organization launched a plant for the production of household chemicals in the Russian Federation.

It is located in the city of Klin, today it employs more than 600 people.

Pros and cons

The advantages of washing gels include:

  1. High quality washing. The gels not only remove tough stains, but also take care of things, helping to get rid of pellets and preventing color from washing out.
  2. The ability to choose the right product. The assortment includes 4 types of gels.
  3. The versatility of the compositions, the ability to use them for hand and machine wash.
  4. Pleasant aroma.
  5. Economical consumption. One 0.9 liter bottle is enough for 18 washes.
  6. Suitable for different types of fabrics.
  7. The presence of a measuring cap and detailed instructions for use.

The disadvantages of laundry detergents include:

  1. High price.
  2. Lack of detergents and capsules for washing in the range.
  3. Lack of care products in the line baby things and for people with increased skin sensitivity.


The Woolite assortment is represented by 4 types of gels:

  1. foto19677-3"Premium Dark" with keratin... This gel allows you to get rid of lint and pills, restores color saturation to things. It is recommended to use it for dark and black fabrics.

    The composition is suitable for washing jeans, synthetics and cotton... The bottle is painted black.

  2. "Premium Color" with keratin... The composition allows you to return the brightness to colored things, protects them from premature wear, even with frequent washings. The gel is suitable for washing cotton, synthetics, jeans.
  3. Premium Delicate with keratin... This gel is specially designed for the care of delicate fabrics (cashmere, wool and silk).It restores the lost softness of things and gently removes dirt.
  4. Premium Pro-Care with keratin... The gel has a special formula that not only removes stains, but also takes care of things. This composition is suitable for all types of fabrics.

There are no powders or capsules under the Woolite brand on sale.

Selection features

Before making a choice in favor of Woolite gel, you need to decide on the type of upcoming wash. The final result depends on this.

Recommendations to be taken into account:

  • for washing black and dark clothes: "Premium Dark";
  • for the care of colored fabrics: "Premium Color";
  • for the care of delicate fabrics: "Premium Delicate";
  • for washing white things: "Premium Pro-Care".
No separate formulations have been developed for hand or machine wash. All of them are universal, so they can be used regardless of the processing method.

Top 3 alternative remedies

In addition to the Woolite brand, you can find other detergents on sale. The leading positions are occupied by such brands as:

  • Persil,
  • Tide,
  • Gloss.

They all have their own advantages and disadvantages.

The range of three brands is represented not only by gels, but also by powders, as well as capsules for washing. However, in comparison with Woolite, it is advisable to compare only liquid concentrates.


Persil is a brand of the German company Henkel. The assortment includes 7 types of gels. Their main differences are:

  1. foto19677-4The presence of a gel, supplemented with Vernel conditioner.
  2. The presence of a concentrate for people with increased skin sensitivity.
  3. Lower price and higher volume of detergent. For 2.6 liters, you will have to pay about 550 rubles.
  4. The presence of premium gels to deal with particularly stubborn stains.
  5. An impressive variety of flavors.

Manufacturers of Woolite offer the consumer a product for the care of black things, but there is no such composition in the Percil line. In addition, Henkel does not guarantee that the use of their products will restore the fabric and get rid of the pellets. Read more about Persil gels here.


Tide in the household chemicals market is one of the most popular brands. The brand belongs to the American company Procter & Gamble. There are 3 subtypes of gels in the Tide line.

Their main differences from Woolite:

  • the presence of a means for the care of white things;
  • affordable price - a 1 liter gel costs about 360 rubles;
  • the presence in the assortment of the composition with the aroma of the Lenor conditioner;
  • a richer smell that comes from things after washing;
  • the presence of a separate product for the care of white things ("Alpine freshness");
  • longer lifetime of the brand in the household chemicals market.
With the high quality of washing and a more affordable price, Tide is inferior to Woolite in only one indicator - it does not contain components that protect fabrics from wear and tear.

More information about Tide washing gels can be found in this articles.


Losk is a product of the German concern Henkel. Like Woolite, liquid concentrates and powders are produced in Russia. The foreign company has its own factories in the country.

Distinctive characteristics of gels LOSK:

  1. foto19677-5Availability of gels from the Aromatherapy series, which are presented in 3 varieties.
  2. Availability on sale of a gel for the care of baby things.
  3. More affordable price. For a package with a volume of 1.95 liters, you will need to pay about 330 rubles.
  4. Wider assortment.
  5. Strong smell of detergent.
  6. The presence of a liquid concentrate for washing white clothes.

There is no gel intended for washing black clothes or delicate fabrics in the range of Gloss.

Where and for how much to buy?

You can buy Woolite laundry detergents in large retail stores, in departments with household chemicals. Gels are on sale in Internet markets. They have a full range of products in stock.

Estimated prices:

  1. Premium Pro-Care - 305 rubles.
  2. "Premium Dark" - 350 rubles.
Depending on the store and the availability of promotions in it, the cost of the laundry detergent may differ.

Consumer opinions

On the Internet, you can find various reviews of Woolite products. In the vast majority of cases, they are positive. Consumers appreciate the liquid concentrates of this company for the following qualities:

  • foto19677-6economical dosing;
  • high quality washing;
  • making dark things more saturated color;
  • good rinsing;
  • making the fabric soft;
  • sufficient foaming;
  • not too intense aroma;
  • preventing the appearance of folds and creases - after washing, things remain smooth, due to which in some cases you can refuse to use an iron, this is possible due to the presence of keratin in the composition.

The main disadvantage of all Woolite gels, consumers say, is their high cost. In addition, many people find the bottle neck and small measuring cap uncomfortable, making it difficult to dispense detergent.


Woolite gels deserve the attention of those people who prefer liquid forms of detergents. Unlike most powders, they rinse well, do not leave white streaks on the fabric.

The use of Woolite allows you to update the brightness of the color, get rid of pills, keep the attractive appearance of things even after numerous washes. Therefore, if the price of gels is too high for someone, you can use the composition only for washing especially expensive products.

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