foto16930-1Among all the modern foaming agents intended for washing clothes, the Tide brand stands out.

The manufacturer offers for use not only traditional powder, but also gel and capsules.

In order to successfully choose a variety of products, you need to navigate the specifics and purpose of each product.

Reviews of those who tested Tide powder, gel and capsules in practice and compared it with analogues can also be of no less benefit.

Manufacturer Description

The world famous detergent was developed by Procter & Gamble in 1946... This American consumer goods company is one of the global leaders.

It has offices on different continents in 70 countries, and finished products are supplied to the markets of more than 180 countries.

Pros and cons

The development company characterizes its products with numerous advantages. Many of them are objective, as they have been tested in practice.

The pluses include:

  1. foto16930-2Economical washing consumption.
  2. No phosphates in the formula.
  3. Effective wash on normal cycle.
  4. Versatility for all types of fabric.
  5. Different form and consistency of funds.
  6. Availability of a series for sensitive skin.

At the same time, researchers and consumers have identified a number of disadvantages typical for Tide. In particular, these are:

  1. Use of strong flavors.
  2. Inability to remove old stains.
  3. High price compared to other products.
  4. Inconvenience of dispensing powder and gel.

Tide product line

Detergent designed to remove dirt from fabric products is available in various forms. It can be powder, gel, or water-soluble capsules. Each variety has several narrow options that are used to wash items of a certain quality and color.

Washing powder

Tide Loose Detergent contains enzymes, zeolites and anionic surfactants that are gentle on fabrics. In this case, the amount of surfactants in the powder is slightly overestimated (more than the prescribed 5%).

The product can be used on any fabric, including wool and silk.

The assortment includes varieties for machine and hand wash:

  1. foto16930-3Children's.
  2. Color.
  3. Expert Color.
  4. Alpine freshness.
  5. Lenor Touch of Scent Color.
  6. Lavender.
  7. Lemon and white lily.
  8. White clouds.


The convenient liquid product comes in plastic containers. The dosage for one wash is one cap. In addition to efficiency, the gel has additional advantages: environmental friendliness (there are no salts of phosphoric acid in the composition), versatility, and good solubility.

The varieties include:

  1. Children's.
  2. Color.
  3. Lenor.
  4. Alpine freshness.
  5. Spring flowers.


The active substance is enclosed in a capsule in a dosage designed for washing 3-5 kg ​​of laundry. Such products are sold individually in plastic containers.

Tide capsules are convenient for use, since, unlike detergent powder, they do not require measuring the dose. They can be used for washing clothes of allergy sufferers and children. The tool is considered environmentally friendly, versatile and effective.

Capsules are presented on the market with the following options:

  1. Lenor.
  2. Alpine freshness.
  3. Color.

If the washing machine is not fully loaded (less than 3 kg of laundry), the Tide capsule will have to be used 100%.

When and which one to choose?

Each Tide brand laundry detergent is designed for a specific purpose. The choice of variety must be made based on the quality of the fabric and the degree of soiling. An equally important role is played by whose clothes are put in the wash (adult or child).

Depending on the totality of factors, one or another option of the means is chosen:

  • foto16930-4white and light - Alpine freshness, Lavender, Lenor;
  • color - Color, Expert Color, Lenor, Spring flowers, Lavender;
  • with spots - Lenor, White clouds, Lemon and white lily;
  • for a child - Child.

Due to the high toxicity index, most products are not suitable for washing children's clothes.


The modern market offers similar powder and gel detergents... Worthy competitors include Persil, Ariel, Losk. These detergents have many common and distinctive features.


The product range from the German company Henkel is also represented by powder, gel and capsules.

Numerous tests show that Percil is far more effective in removing tough stains (from coffee, red wine, herbs) than Tide. But in terms of toxicity, German products are inferior to American ones.

The consumption rate of both funds is approximately the same: 190ml (148g) for Persil and 180ml (144g) for Tide. The degree of dissolution (90%) and the foaming ability of powders and gels of both brands are at the same level.



Like Tide, this tool is developed by Procter & Gamble. Subject to the rules of washing, the level of efficiency, the degree of dissolution for both brands is approximately the same. Ariel's lineup also includes powder, gel and capsules.

The differences lie in the chemical composition... Most of the components are duplicated, however, Ariel contains environmentally hazardous phosphates, while Tide does not. Another difference is dosage.

The norm of liquid Ariel for 3-5 kg ​​of laundry is 205 ml, which is 14% more than the dose of Tide. Powder dosages differ slightly.



The product of domestic origin is now produced under the German brand Henkel... The products go on sale in a traditional trio:

  • powder,
  • gel,
  • capsules.

Gloss, like Tide, retains the natural structure of the fabric after several washes. Things don't get rough and rough.

Minor differences with Tide also relate to the rate of consumption of funds. They are slightly higher at Losk (190 ml (171 g).) The level of effectiveness in removing stains is lower compared to Tide.

With a quick wash, it removes green stains without removing coffee, wine and blood. A full wash cycle solves these problems by about 80%, as little wine stains remain.

Organoleptic properties of all detergents have a different smell... It depends on the flavors added to the composition.


How much does it cost, where to buy?

The cost is determined by the form of issue of funds, volume, pricing policy of a particular outlet.

Tide is not a scarce product; you can buy it in small retail stores of household chemicals, household departments of large supermarkets, and online stores.

The retail price for Tide powder in 450 g packaging is 75-100 rubles. Larger packages of 3 kg cost 350 rubles, the maximum pack of 15 kg is 1300 rubles.

The price for a 0.975 liter bottle of gel is about 430 rubles. A larger bottle (2.47 l) requires an investment of about 700 rubles. Capsules (15 pieces) are estimated at 230 rubles.

Consumer opinions

foto16930-8I do not like the acrid smell - this is the main disadvantage powder. With long-term use, an economical consumption is noted, the purchase lasts for a long time. The washing result is quite satisfying, the laundry becomes clean and fresh.

Powder for white linen "Alpine freshness" copes with the restoration of the whiteness of yellowed linen. A pleasant aroma, a fresh look of the fabric remains. Among the disadvantages is a rather big price.

Tide capsules have a very interesting look, so it's important to keep them away from children.... Experience shows that you need to throw the capsule into the drum against the wall, away from the door. Otherwise, it sticks to the rubber rim.

The washing efficiency is high, but the laundry gets an artificial scent of freshness. The bad news is that it is impossible to reduce the amount of gel in the ball.

Testing of purchased capsules gave different results. The colored bedding set washed off perfectly - a fresh, clean product. When washing white things, an unpleasant impression was left.

The T-shirt turned blue and the remains of the cellophane from the capsule stuck to the things. The smell is so strong and persistent that even toilet water does not interrupt it.

Gel-concentrate "Alpine freshness" does not leave, unlike the powder, an unpleasant "fresh" smell on things. The washing performance is quite satisfactory. I liked the economical expense. The only inconvenience is the shape of the cap on the bottle. It cannot be used as a dispenser.


Powders and gels under the Tide trademark are popular detergents for washing adults and children's clothes. Choosing this product for household needs, you need to weigh all the pros and cons.

You should also not neglect the reviews of other consumers, as they help to form an objective picture of the brand.

What do you think of Tide Laundry Detergent? You can rate and write a comment below.

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