foto25625-1A properly selected detergent can provide high-quality treatment for the whole family. One of the popular lines of domestic production is Sarma washing preparations.

These are high quality products that have all the necessary documents confirming the safety of products.

We will tell you more about washing powders and gels, stain removers and bleaches Sarma in the article.

Manufacturer Sarma

The manufacturer of the famous SARMA brand is the Russian company Nevskaya Cosmetics. The series of cleaning products got its name from the fresh and strong Baikal wind.

Having been on the market for quite a long time, Sarma products have established themselves as high-quality, and fully consistent with all the manufacturer's announced assurances.

foto25625-2Product advantages:

  1. Efficiency.
  2. Availability.
  3. Antibacterial effect.
  4. Safety.
  5. High-quality rinsing.
  6. Respect for the fibers of the fabric.
  7. Washing machine protection.
  8. Convenient packaging.


  1. Lack of funds for processing children's things.
  2. The presence of small amounts of phosphates in the powder.
  3. Lack of capsules for washing.
The antibacterial effect resulting from the processing of linen is confirmed by the Institute of Disinfectology of the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare.


SARMA are synthetic detergents for washing and removing stains... They contain surfactants as active ingredients and other ingredients permitted for use.

Powder form

foto25625-3As part of Active powders - complex of 5 enzymes for more effective stain removalas well as other ingredients:

  • APAV - up to 15%;
  • Nonionic surfactants - up to 5%;
  • antifoam;
  • phosphates, etc.

Powders for white textiles contain:

  • up to 30% phosphates;
  • up to 15% oxygen-containing bleach;
  • up to 5% APAS;
  • antifoam, etc.

The powder for manual processing does not contain an antifoam agent; it contains APAS (15%) and non-surfactants (5%). Due to the special structure of the dry mixture, the powder does not dust when used and does not irritate the respiratory tract.


The gel form of detergents has a number of advantages, providing high-quality dissolution in water and rinsing.This quality reduces the likelihood that drug particles will remain on products even after processing.

The antibacterial gel contains a complex of enzymes, as well as the entry of the following components:

  • up to 15% soap;
  • Nonionic surfactants;
  • APAV;
  • phosphonates;
  • optical brightener;
  • perfume, etc.

foto25625-4The liquid agent for the care of black clothes has a different composition:

  • up to 15% non-surfactant, APAS;
  • up to 5% - soap;
  • polycarboxylate;
  • cellulose;
  • perfume;
  • preservative;
  • dye.

Stain remover and bleach

The stain remover is not an independent detergent, but an additional preparation that is used together with powders for hand and machine wash. It includes enzymes and surfactants as the main active ingredients.

Bleach is a means for whitening light-colored clothes. It contains no chlorine, and high efficiency is explained by the entry of the following substances:

  • up to 30% oxygenated bleach;
  • up to 15% phosphates;
  • APAV;
  • Nonionic surfactants;
  • optical brightener;
  • TAED.

Shelf life

The expiration date of household chemicals is always indicated on the packaging with the product. This information must be taken into account when purchasing a product.

At the same time, it is important that the detergents are stored in appropriate conditions and do not have damaged packaging. The shelf life is 2 years from the date of production.

Product line

Nevskaya Cosmetics manufactures laundry detergents for the following areas under the SARMA TM:

  • powders;
  • gels;
  • stain removers;
  • bleaches.


Products in the form of powders are presented in options:

  1. For manual processing.
  2. For all types of washing.

SARMA Active for all types of washing

The universal detergent is one of the most popular with the brand. The level of foam formation during washing allows it to be used both for manual and automatic processing of things. The asset is suitable for the care of things of any color, including black.

The "Active" product is available in various flavors:

  • "Lily of the valley";
  • Mountain Freshness.



Powders are available in various packaging. The minimum, 400 grams, is produced in cardboard packaging. The rest (from 800 grams to 9 kg) - in plastic bags.

Powder, thanks to a complex of enzymes, handles a wide range of popular contaminants including:

  • coffee;
  • tea;
  • grass;
  • blood, etc.

The product can be used to remove and prevent dust mites.

For white

Sarma is suitable for removing dirt from white clothes from any fabrics except silks and wool... After processing, things acquire a fresh light aroma of purity and whiteness.

The composition contains antibacterial substancesthat effectively eliminate linen mites. This product is produced in packaging from 0.4 kg to 6 kg.

For manual processing

The hand wash sash allows you to wash things with high quality hands. The powder is highly foaming and is effective when soaking.

As well as other means, it has an antibacterial effect, keeping things hygienic... The preparation is suitable for light and white linen, produced in volumes from 0.4 to 2.4 kg.


Liquid concentrates

Powders in gel form of release are represented by two types of drugs:

  1. For black things.
  2. A universal antibacterial agent.
Both gels are supplied in 1.2 liter bottles. The containers have a comfortable handle, and the lid acts as a measuring cup.

Antibacterial gel has the following characteristics:

  • has a thick consistency;
  • does not have a pronounced odor;
  • has an antibacterial effect;
  • does not contain chlorine and phosphates;
  • highly effective due to the entry of enzymes;
  • suitable for the care of white and colored clothing.


Gel for washing black linen and things of a dark color copes well with dirt, is gentle on fabrics and maintains the saturation of dark shades.

Its peculiarity is the composition, which allows the use of a liquid agent for the care of products made of various materials, including very delicate ones (for example, with lace), as well as wool and silk. After processing, things become soft and retain their shape.


Stain remover

SARMA Active Stain Remover is a product that is designed to eliminate difficult types of dirt and to enhance the effect of washing powder. Available in packs of 0.5 kg.

Can be used for washing:

The tool is effective already from 30 ° C.



Bleach is intended to enhance the effect of using washing powder. It can be used for washing in a machine and by hand, does not require boiling.


Selection principles

Assortment of Sarma products allows you to choose the right product, taking into account the needs of the family:

  1. For hand washing, it is possible to use all the products that are available.
  2. For white clothes, the company produces powders for white.
  3. If you want to enhance the wash effect, you must add bleach during the wash.
  4. Either powder or gel can be used to tidy up colored laundry.
  5. If colored items are heavily stained, stain remover will help enhance the effect.
  6. It is advisable to use a special gel to care for dark and black clothes.
Kids' things Sarma should not be treated with detergents.

Application rules

The methods of application and dosage depend on the degree of soiling of the clothes, the hardness of the water and the type of detergent. For powders, the dosing principle is as follows:

Washing typeThe amount of the product, taking into account the hardness of the water, mlWater temperature, ° СNote
Soak10013030-60You need 10 liters. water, soak for 2 hours
Handwash120160You need 10 liters. water
Automatic wash21027030-95For loading 4-5 kg ​​of items

If things are too dirty, then all dosages can be increased by 50 ml.

Liquid powder for colored items is used in the following proportions:

Washing typeThe amount of the product, taking into account the hardness of the water, mlWater temperature, ° СNote
Soak456830-40You need 5 liters of water, soak for 0.5 hours
Handwash689030-505 liters of water required
Automatic wash13515830-95For loading 4-5 kg ​​of items

Cap capacity - 45 ml.

Gel for black clothes is used in a similar way, but the maximum processing temperature should not be higher than 40 ° C.

The amount of liquid powder for processing by hand is sufficient from 45 to 68 ml, including when soaking. When machine washed, it will need 90-113 ml, based on the assumption that no more than 3 kg of products will be placed in the drum.

The stain remover is used as a powder enhancer... It must be added to the halved dosage of the powder as follows:

The degree of pollution of thingsThe amount of product taking into account the type of washing, ml
Manual (for 10 liters of water)Automatic
Low80 — 100
High120 — 140

Bleach, like a stain remover, works in conjunction with washing powder and is not used separately. Washing temperature - up to 95 ° С, do not boil:

The degree of pollution of thingsThe amount of product taking into account the type of washing, ml
Manual (for 10 liters of water)Automatic

Allergy possibility

In rare cases, allergies occur to detergents... This may be due to the individual characteristics of the organism of a particular person.

Also, irritation can provoke an excess of the dosage of the detergent and insufficient rinsing, due to which some of the substances remain on the fabric after the end of treatment.

If such a problem occurs, the use of Sarma detergent should be discontinued. Things need to be rinsed again by hand or in a typewriter. In case of an allergic reaction, symptomatic treatment can be applied. In difficult cases, you will need to consult an allergist.

Alternatives: top 3

Many well-known companies produce a large list of detergents.They are constantly improving their products, improving the quality and safety of drugs.


Laundry gels, powders and capsules are produced under the Persil brand... The brand belongs to the German company Henkel. All products are comprehensively tested and have quality certificates.

The range of Persil detergents is significantly larger than that of Sarma, and is constantly expanding. Customers trust this manufacturer, note the high washing result and good rinsing.

The cost of production is not the most democratic... For example, washing gels in a small volume of 1.95 liters cost around 600 rubles. Capsules (15 pcs.) - about 350 rubles.



Losk laundry detergents - a group of high quality products made in Germany... The products are in good standing with customers, who note their high quality and ease of use. The composition of the funds - capsules, powders and gels. Some complaints are caused by capsules, as they do not dissolve very well.

The price for a 1.3 liter gel is from 250 rubles, powder - from 50 rubles per pack, for the minimum packaging of capsules you will need to pay about 300 rubles.



Tide detergents are among the leaders in the domestic market... The manufacturer's assortment includes gels, capsules and powders. A wide range of products allows you to find exactly the product that you like in terms of aroma and form of release. There is also a powder for the care of baby clothes.

The price for 1 liter of gel is about 220 rubles, 15 capsules - about 400 rubles, powder (0.45 kg) - from 110 rubles.


Price and place of purchase

Sarma is a popular domestic brand that is widely represented in the domestic market. Household chemicals from this manufacturer can be purchased in supermarkets, specialty stores and online, even with delivery.

The cost of the gel is about 250 rubles. The average price of a small package of powder is about 40 rubles, 2.4 kg - up to 400 rubles. The cost of a pack of stain remover and bleach is from 100 rubles.


Most buyers like laundry detergents - they wash things well, are not expensive, and can be bought without any problems.

The disadvantages of users include imperfect composition containing phosphates.


Laundry detergent Sarma is an effective detergent that will help maintain cleanliness and hygiene of things thanks to the composition with enzymes and antibacterial components. Taking into account the needs, it is possible to select preparations in dry and liquid form for automatic and manual processing.

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