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foto19558-1Over the past decades, the household chemicals market has been replenished with many effective detergents. Popular options include Meine Liebe powders, gels and stain removers.

The popularity and relevance of this brand are explained by many advantages. At the same time, reviews and tests carried out highlight some of the disadvantages of the product.

Manufacturer Description

foto19558-2The Meine Liebe brand is owned by the German company Grunlab. Under the supervision of its specialists, detergents are manufactured at production sites in different countries.

Powders are produced in Germany itself, and liquid concentrates are produced in Italy.

In addition to washing powders and gels, Grunlab launches a series of dishwashing and cleaning products... All products are manufactured on high-tech lines of modern equipment.

To improve the composition, the German developer attracts scientists in the field of organic and inorganic chemistry for cooperation.

The credo of the company is complete harmlessness of products for humans and safety for the environment.... Therefore, before the release of the product, it undergoes laboratory tests and dermatological tests, which confirm the environmental friendliness of the formula.

Pros and cons

Powdered and liquid concentrates produced under the German brand stand out in the line of analogues with significant advantages. It is they who are put by consumers in the first place when choosing.

The common advantages of funds include:

  1. Hypoallergenic, non-toxic, environmentally friendly.
  2. No annoying dust particles.
  3. High color stain removal rate.
  4. Retention of color and strength of fabric after many washes.
  5. Good rinsing and rinsing properties.
  6. Low foaming rate when dissolved in water.
  7. Economical consumption due to concentrated form.

Meine Liebe products are suitable for the effective fight against ink, blood, wine stains.

Despite the significant advantages of Grunlab products, a number of disadvantages of varying degrees of importance have been identified. Firstly, the products do not cope well with oily stains: they remove them only by 28%. Secondly, many products include anionic and nonionic surfactants, phosphonates.


There are several types of concentrated detergents for washing.... Each of them is free of chlorine, formaldehyde, phosphates and other corrosive compounds. The Meine Liebe range includes:

Washing powder

The fine-grained detergent allows you to use a high-temperature wash cycle. Suitable for all types of fabric, except silk and woolen... The composition includes fragrances and substances that prevent the formation of limescale in the washing machine.

Powder goes on sale in different modifications:

  • universal for washing white and colored linen,
  • for baby linen (no perfume).



Liquid concentrate is intended for cleaning clothes at low temperatures. The use of the gel in most cases allows you to do without a conditioner-rinse.

The manufacturer offers several types of gels:

  • for washing sports items;
  • colored fabrics;
  • black and dark fabrics;
  • woolen, silk and delicate fabrics;
  • baby linen NEW Formula.

You can read about gels for washing baby clothes in this article.


Stain remover

Oxygen bleach for stains on colored and white fabrics. To obtain the result, the agent is used before the main wash.

The list includes several types:

  • liquid stain remover PREMIUM,
  • stain remover pencil for baby linen,
  • universal stain remover pencil.


Air conditioning

In addition to cleansers in the Meine Liebe line there are different types of air conditioners:

  • "Morning dew",
  • "Spring sky"
  • "Sweet dreams",
  • "Linden blossom",
  • for baby linen.

It is recommended to use liquid conditioners after powder and some gels to enhance the softness of the washed fabric, aromatize, and obtain an antistatic effect.


When and which one to choose?

The wide range of Meine Liebe provides an opportunity to choose the most suitable product for products that differ in quality, color, purpose:

  1. White linen - universal powder.
  2. Colored fabrics - universal powder, gel for colored fabrics.
  3. Dark things - universal powder, gel for black and dark fabrics.
  4. Sportswear - gel for sports clothes, gel for children's sports clothes.
  5. Silk and wool products - gel for delicate fabrics.
  6. Kids clothes - powder for baby clothes, liquid NEW Formula.
  7. For stains - universal and children's stain remover pencil, liquid stain remover.

Alternative detergents

Meine Liebe is one of the top ten best foaming agents for laundry. The competition of the promoted German products is made by no less well-known brands:

Comparative analysis shows that the scales fluctuate depending on the criterion for comparing analogues.


The products of this brand are safe, do not irritate the skin and mucous membranes, non-toxic, environmentally friendly. The calculations showed that Persil is the most budgetary option out of the four considered, based on the financial costs for one wash.

Percil's color loss rate is half that of Meine Liebe. In general, the quality of washing is kept at a high level.



With an economical use of the product, the cost per wash is less than that of Meine Liebe. Powders of this brand cope satisfactorily with stains of various origins.

Tide retains the color of fabric after repeated washings better than analogues... In general, Tide's washing performance is rated “good”, ahead of Losk and Meine Liebe.



Repeated washings with a polish intended for colored items have less effect on color brightness compared to Meine Liebe. After cleaning from dirt and stains, the clothes do not turn yellow, do not turn gray, do not lose the strength of the fibers.

The washing quality of Losk is slightly worse than Tide and Percil, but it is on par with Maine Libe... The economic benefit of washing with Losk is inferior to Tide and Persil, but outperforms Meine Liebe.


Price and place of purchase

You can choose the required option of powder, gel or stain remover with the Meine Liebe brand in the departments of household chemicals of hyper- and supermarkets, small hardware stores, market stalls, and online stores.

The unit price is not fixed and depends on the purchase value, the economic strategy of the outlet, and the promotions held.

The average price in rubles for the Main Libe assortment in the Yandex-market catalog and other online stores is:

  • universal powder - 440 rubles;
  • gel for colored fabrics - 250 rubles;
  • gel for black and dark fabrics - 340 rubles;
  • gel for sports clothes - 250 rubles;
  • gel for children's sports clothes - 270 rubles;
  • gel for delicate fabrics - 260 rubles;
  • powder for baby clothes - 420 rubles;
  • liquid detergent for baby underwear NEW Formula - 270 rubles;
  • universal stain remover pencil - 170 rubles;
  • children's stain remover pencil - 170 rubles;
  • liquid stain remover - 255 rubles.

Customer opinions

foto19558-10On forums, websites, in online stores, there are many comments about the quality of Meine Liebe. The vast majority of users (93%) recommend powders and gels for use.

On the positive side, it is noted:

  • good removal of dirt and stains,
  • pleasant aroma,
  • lack of allergenicity,
  • economy,
  • convenient packaging,
  • availability of comprehensive information about the composition and method of application.

There are also opposite opinions, according to which Meine Liebe is difficult to classify as an excellent detergent, although the economy is not disputed by users. The pluses also include a moderate smell, a safe composition.

When comparing different forms of Meine liebe, hostesses show a more loyal attitude towards gels. In their opinion, concentrates, with minor flaws, are quite effective liquids for cleaning things.

The pluses include:

  • the ability to wash in slightly heated water,
  • safety,
  • ease of dispensing,
  • low consumption.

Consumers evaluate stain removers differently. They remove stains from berries, fruit juices, chocolate perfectly. But with spots from greenery, tomatoes, watercolors, it does not cope well, traces remain.

The positive aspects include:

  • availability of instructions,
  • complete information about the composition,
  • Ease of use,
  • preservation of fabric color.


The Meine Liebe range of foaming and cleaning products for laundry includes powders, gels and stain removers. The range is complemented by conditioners required for the final rinsing stage.

Many advantages declared by the manufacturer are confirmed reviews. At the same time, practice shows that this product is not perfect, as it has a number of disadvantages associated with the quality of washing.

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