foto25523-1The quality of the wash largely depends on the choice of detergent. One of the good options is Myth, which combines liquid and dry laundry mixtures.

According to consumer reviews, they provide good quality automatic and hand wash. Let's take a closer look at the line of washing powders and gels for washing Myth.

Description of the detergent

Laundry detergents "Myth" are produced by P&G. The company known all over the world is improving the formula of funds. One of the P&G branches is located on the territory of the Novomoskovsk plant.

Benefits of reformulated laundry detergents "Myth":

  1. foto25523-2High quality ingredients.
  2. Good washing effect.
  3. Affordable price.
  4. The composition is free of phosphates and chlorine.
  5. Powders are available in various volumes.
  6. Good results over a wide temperature range.
  7. High-quality stain removal.
  8. Safe packaging.
  9. Available in a choice of products with various aromas.

Cons of the line of funds Myth:

  1. No capsules for washing in the machine.
  2. No funds for children's things.
  3. No funds for silks and wool.
  4. No drugs for down jackets and sportswear.
  5. With complex old stains, washing powders may not be able to cope right away; pre-soaking is required.

What's in the composition?

Myth is synthetic detergents produced according to world quality standards. The composition of the powders does not contain phosphates.

Main active ingredients powder:

  • up to 15% APAS;
  • up to 5% non-surfactant;
  • enzymes;
  • polycarboxylates.
In addition, the composition contains aromatic substances that give things a pleasant smell, hexylcinnamic aldehyde and benzyl salicylate.

The inclusion of surfactants is largely responsible for the quality of the wash, ensuring the removal of even difficult dirt from the fibers of fabrics. Polymers in the composition - a component that prevents the re-settling of already removed dirt on the laundry, and retains the texture of the fibers.

The gel contains the same surfactant content as dry powder, as well as soap, preservatives and other components.

The expiration date is indicated on the packaging with the product. For gel powders it is 1.5 years from the date of production, for powder it is 2 years. It is important to follow all the rules for storing detergents.

Product line with photo

The Myth brand detergents include gels and powders. The latter are divided:

  • intended for hand washing;
  • for processing in an automatic machine.


Liquid detergents are 3 in 1 products, have an economical consumption. They are produced in two versions:

  • "Frosty freshness";
  • "Freshness of lavender and chamomile."



Gels have a concentrated form and a flowing consistency. They take good care of the fabrics, preserving the texture of the fibers and the color of things. Liquid detergents wash products with high quality and are economically consumed.

The formulas are based on the patented M-ZIM7 technology, thanks to the introduction of which contaminants are removed more easily and better. After washing with gels, all textiles smell good and become soft to the touch.

Liquid detergents dissolve and rinse out more easily than powders.

Powders for machining

Powders for machine washing are presented in several versions with different fragrances:

  • "Frosty freshness" - with a delicate aroma of winter freshness;
  • "Fresh Color";
  • "Freshness of the Valley of Roses";
  • "Aloe Vera" and others.

Myth powders can be used to care synthetics and cotton... They are suitable for white, light and colored things. Due to the presence of enzymes, washing preparations do well with stains of protein origin, including those from chocolate, ice cream, etc.

"Fresh color" powder, which is intended for the processing of colored, bright fabrics... It can also be used for whites and black products... Color pigments are not washed out during washing, color brightness is preserved.


"Frosty freshness", "Freshness of the valley of roses" and other powders are universal products with a similar composition, suitable for the care of things of any color, including colored and white. After washing, such clothes will retain a slight pleasant scent of freshness.



Additional use of conditioner when washing with powders Myth is not required, since it is already included in the composition of the products.

For manual

Detergents for hand washing are separated into a separate line. They are also available in various flavors.... Powders for manual processing wash fabrics efficiently, soften them and give a slight smell of freshness and cleanliness.


Powders for hand washing cannot be put into an automatic machineas this could damage the equipment.

Selection rules

When starting to wash, it is necessary to pack things in color and material. Even when washing with universal products suitable for clothes of any color, such a separation is a must.

Violation of this rule can lead to a loss of brightness of shades - the acquisition of whitish plaque by dark things, grayish by light ones, etc.

When washing with powders Myth you must be guided by such tips:

  1. Do not use products marked "for hand wash" on automatic machines. When choosing a specific powder, it is recommended to focus on its fragrance.
  2. For bright and dark clothes, it is better to use powder for colored clothes.
  3. To process light-colored clothing, you can use any of the Myth preparations.
  4. Gels are suitable for any type of washing and any color of fabrics.
  5. It is convenient to use gel for pretreating localized areas, such as shirt collars.

Application rules

The procedure for using the product is determined by the following factors:

  • form of drug release;
  • water hardness;
  • the degree of soiling of the laundry.

Powder form

The powder intended for washing in an automatic machine is measured and poured into the compartment on the body, which is intended for this purpose. For a standard load of 4-5 kg ​​automatic machine:

Water hardnessThe required amount of funds, depending on the degree of pollution of things, ml

foto25523-9To wash things with quality hands, you must:

  1. Pour 6 liters of warm water into the basin.
  2. Dilute 40 ml of washing powder.
  3. Wash as usual.
  4. Rinse.

A volume of 200 ml corresponds to approximately 150 grams.

Powders are divided into groups for automatic and hand washing. Treatment products in a typewriter are also acceptable for hand washing. But those powders that are marked "for hand washing" cannot be put into the machine. They are highly foaming and are not suitable for automatic washing.


Washing with liquid powder can be done by hand or in a washing machine. For manual processing, 50 ml of gel is dissolved in 10 liters of water... For machine washing, you will need 65 ml for things that are not too dirty (with a standard load of 4-5 kg) and 100 ml for heavy soiling.

If the washing machine has a large load (from 6 kg), then an additional 25 ml of gel must be poured into the powder tray.

Allergies: what to do?

foto25523-10On washing products Myth, like any other drugs, an allergic reaction is possible.

These funds are synthetic, containing surfactants. and other components that can cause a negative reaction in the body.

Since the drugs are not hypoallergenic, the likelihood of such a reaction is not excluded. At the same time, the likelihood of irritation of the respiratory tract is minimized, since dry products have a granular form of release, which is not dusty, and does not irritate the respiratory tract when used.

If signs of allergy appear when using Myth, the use of this detergent should be excluded. Things that have been washed with it should be rinsed additionally. In the future, a more careful choice of detergent will be needed, and it will be better to give preference to hypoallergenic compositions.

To reduce the risk of a negative reaction to the powder, you must adhere to the following recommendations:

  • hand wash only with gloves;
  • keep the powder closed;
  • avoid prolonged skin contact with the detergent;
  • all washed items should be thoroughly rinsed.

Laundry preparations Myth are not intended for caring for children's things.

Top 3 alternative options

Detergent washing powder Myth, not bad in its performance, can be replaced with one of the alternative detergent options:


Losk washing powders are a product manufactured by Henkel. Gloss has proven itself well among buyers.

He, like Myth, is available in various flavors. It is economical, highly soluble in water, which allows you to get clean clothes without streaks.

Cost - from 90 rubles.

For more information about the means of Gloss read here.


Laska is a group of detergents in the form of a gel. All preparations are produced in bright, noticeable bottles of ergonomic shape. Gels have a thick consistency.

The assortment contains funds separately for:

  • white,
  • colored,
  • black fabrics,
  • gel for processing sports equipment,
  • for the care of silk and wool,
  • and also the drug "3D-recovery".
These innovative products are based on a patented formula that improves the quality of washing, preserves the texture of the material and the saturation of color pigments. Despite the hypoallergenicity of gels, they are not intended for caring for baby's things.

Price for 1 liter - from 250 rubles.

Read more about Laska gels in this article.


Persil color

The Persil Color group is produced by Henkel using the patented Deep Clean Tehnology technology. The whole range of products - synthetic washing products that come in the form of powder, capsules and gel.

Among the features of the Color series are high-quality washing even at low temperatures, keeping things fresh and keeping bright colors.

The list of products includes detergents with various aromas. But, as in the Myth line, there is no separate preparation for wool and silk.

The average price for a powder (0.45 kg) is from 190 rubles, a bottle of gel (1.3 liters) is about 300 rubles.



Price and place of purchase

You can buy Myth products in the departments of stores that specialize in the sale of household chemicals or via the Internet. These detergents are quite popular, and their purchase is not difficult.

The price depends on the place of purchase, the form of release and the volume of packaging. On average, a large package of washing powder weighing 4 kg will cost about 500 rubles, a cardboard package of 400 grams - from 50 rubles. The cost of the gel is from 200 rubles.

Profitable purchase - with the action of promotions and discounts on the manufacturer's product Myth.


foto25523-15Most users speak well of Myth washing powders, noting their quality and low cost.

Based on their preferences, each customer can choose a product for machine and hand wash with a pleasant aroma.


Using washing powder Myth in liquid and dry form allows you to carry out high-quality everyday washing of the whole family's clothes. After washing, the linen will retain a pleasant aroma, chosen to your taste, and the clothes themselves will delight you with the cleanliness and brightness of colors.

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