foto25166-1LOTOS brand washing powders are not uncommon on store shelves.

In each series, the manufacturer uses a technologically proven formula that identifies all the advantages and disadvantages of the products.

A lot of responses have accumulated on forums and review sites that give an objective assessment of these powder products.

About the manufacturer of washing powder

foto25166-2The Lotus brand is patented by the Russian company Nevskaya Cosmetics. She also owns the rights to such well-known brands as:

  • «Eared nanny»,
  • "Mr. Chister"
  • INDEX,
  • "Regular Powder"
  • "Natural" and others.

The production lines that produce powder products are located in different regions. The specific manufacturer is always indicated on the product packaging.

This could be:

  • Roskhimprom,
  • PermKhimProduct,
  • BaltKhim,
  • Profline,
  • SibChem and others.

Pros and cons

Lotus powders have established themselves as high-quality detergents suitable for use in everyday life, in medical institutions, in production.

When using them, the manufacturer guarantees:

  1. Universal application.
  2. High-quality washing of dirt.
  3. Economical washing consumption.
  4. Lack of marks and streaks on the fabric.
  5. Preservation of color and structure of fibers.
  6. Reduced foaming.
Lotus products are presented as “2 in 1” household chemicals, that is, they can be used for both washing and cleaning home and public premises. The soapy solution effectively cleans hard surfaces.

The disadvantages of Lotus powder include:

  1. Poor removal of stubborn and long-standing stains.
  2. Low aromatization in some series.
  3. Lack of washing series children's things.


Chemists-technologists are constantly improving the composition of products, bringing it to the requirements of hygienic and environmental safety. Each powder produced under the Lotus brand has individual chemical differences.

In general, manufacturers use a specific set of ingredients:

  • foto25166-3APAV and NSAS;
  • silicates;
  • sulfates;
  • soda ash;
  • flavors;
  • defoamers;
  • optical brightener;
  • enzymes;
  • phosphonates.

Shelf life

The period during which Lotus powders retain their quality is 24 months. This period can be reduced if the funds are stored in improper conditions.

The state of the granulate can be influenced by:

  • high humidity,
  • temperature drops,
  • sunlight,
  • contact with other household chemicals.
Washing powder should be stored in a hermetically sealed container, in a dry place at temperatures from -10 to +40 degrees.


Today the line of Lotus powders includes many varieties. They differ in purpose, aromatization, degree of bleaching. The most popular are:

  1. foto25166-4Apple. It is intended for washing by hands and in activator type machines. The temperature can be set within the range from 40 to 95 degrees. Most effective for soaking laundry from cotton, syntheticsas well as boiling.
  2. M PRO automatic... Suitable for manual and automated washing of colored cotton items. Does not contain fragrances.
  3. Lotus-M station wagon... Universal powder for light and colored cotton, synthetics, flax... It contains bleach and enzymes.
  4. Lotus-M Automatic Color... It is used for manual and automated washing of colored synthetic and cotton linen. The formula contains enzymes and conditioner.
  5. Sea freshness... Designed for hand wash at temperatures from 40 to 95 degrees. Suitable for cotton and synthetics. Contains bleach.
  6. Standard. The concentrate is ideal for soaking, hand washing, boiling. Suitable for all fabrics except silks and wool.
  7. The effect. Concentrated universal powder for washing and cleaning. Suitable for all types of fabric, except for natural silk and wool.
  8. Economy wagon... Due to the high concentration of detergents, dosage reduction is possible. Used for boiling, soaking and washing all fabrics except silk and wool.

When should you buy this product?

Almost all Lotus powders are suitable not only for home washing, but also for cleaning the premises. Their cleansing properties are manifested in relation to:

  • cotton,
  • linseed,
  • synthetic,
  • combined fabrics.
The standard series Lotus is not recommended for washing woolen and silk products.

The Lotos line offers ample selection for both white and dyed laundry:

  1. For white and light - Sea freshness, Lotus-M station wagon, Effect, Standard, Apple.
  2. For colored - Sea freshness, M PRO automatic, Lotos-M station wagon, Automatic Color, Effect, Standard. Apple.

Application rules

foto25166-5Most Lotus powders are concentrated products and therefore require a strict dosage. Their number is regulated by the instructions on the package.

In a normal machine wash, a portion of the powder is poured into the second compartment of the powder receptacle, in the mode with soaking - in the first and second compartments.

When washing in a basin or an activator type machine, the bulk mass is dissolved directly in water.

The temperature of heating the water is set based on the degree of contamination of clothes and the quality of the fabric. If necessary, for example, when cleaning underwear and bedding, use a second rinse.

Allergy possibility

Lotus powders, like any other synthetic detergents, in rare cases, can cause a specific reaction in sensitive people.

Most often it manifests itself in:

  • dryness or redness of the skin,
  • sneezing
  • coughing.
When the first signs of malaise appear, it is recommended to take an appropriate antihistamine. With a strong development of the reaction, a doctor's consultation is necessary. In such a situation, you should also change the detergent to another brand.

Alternatives: TOP-3

Domestic powders Lotus consistently withstand competition from well-known and popular brands of household chemicals. A worthy alternative might be:


Brand owner - Procter & Gamble... Unlike Lotus, the range of products includes not only powder, but also gel and capsules. There is a series for children in the form of gel and powder. The cost of a small pack (450 g) is about 90 rubles.

Most users characterize Tide powder as “good”.Normal wash is satisfactory, but old tough stains remain in place.

Many people like the promotional price... The number of positive and negative reviews is about the same. Read more about Tide laundry detergents here.



Laundry products under this brand are produced by Henkel. The ruler is presented in three forms:

  • powder,
  • gel,
  • capsules.

Just like Lotus, Percil does not have a children's series, however, it is appreciated for having the Sensitiv line. A 3 kg bag of powder costs about 300 rubles, a 400 g pack - 75 rubles.

Among the reviews of Persil powder, there are many positive comments. He is loved for:

  • visible effect during washing and removing stains,
  • hypoallergenic,
  • profitability.

Some users note the need for additional rinsing and a strong smell. Read more about Persil laundry detergents here.



A brand of detergents from the domestic company Nefis Cosmetics. The Beamax range includes only powders and gels. Also, like Lotus, there are no detergents for children's washing. The plus of the brand is the presence of gel for jeans and black fabrics... The price for a small pack (450 g) is 60 rubles.

Reviews of BiMax powders are controversial. Many people note the excellent quality of washing and consider it a godsend for housewives. Others are unhappy with the stain removal and the fact that the powder irritates the skin. Read more about Bimax washing products here.


Where and at what price to buy?

LOTUS Laundry Detergents go on sale through hardware stores and markets, online stores. The price bar set by the outlet is influenced by the purchase price and the promotions held.

Depending on the volume of the package, the average cost of the powders is as follows:

  1. Apple (400 g) - 30 rubles.
  2. M PRO automatic machine (6 kg) - 440 rubles.
  3. Lotus-M station wagon (400 g) - 30 rubles.
  4. Lotos-M Automatic Color (400 g) - 30 rubles.
  5. Sea freshness (400 g) - 40 rubles.
  6. Standard (400 g) - 30 rubles.
  7. Effect (400 g) - 35 rubles.
  8. Economy wagon (400 g) - 35 rubles.


foto25166-9Lotus powders have earned high praise from consumers, 82% of them recommend these domestic products for use.

Of the positive aspects, they first of all note:

  • budget price;
  • good washing quality;
  • moderate amount of foam;
  • unobtrusive smell.

Many users love the versatility of powders. They are used not only for washing, but also for cleaning premises. Thus it is possible to save money and not to buy additional detergents. Powders perfectly clean the floor, walls, ceiling.

Home testing revealed the main disadvantage - the weak strength of powders against stains... In addition, some housewives note that the Lotus dries the skin and is not completely removed from the fabric with a standard rinse.


Lotus powders are designed for different types of washing. They deal well with common stains on cotton and synthetics. These products are ideal for soaking and boiling laundry. A wide range allows you to choose an inexpensive and suitable option for homework.

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