foto21919-1Laundry care products should be effective and safe, making household work easier. The entire line of TM LOSK laundry products has such qualities.

The brand has a long history, currently it belongs to Henkel (Germany), a well-known household chemical goods company.

We will tell you about detergents from Losk (powders, gels, capsules), their pros and cons, cost and consumer reviews in the article.

Manufacturer Description

The detergents produced under the LOSK name are being improved from year to year, the formula becomes more effective, improving the quality of washing, and taking into account the wishes of users. The company's product range is expanding.

foto21919-2Currently produced:

  • powders;
  • gels;
  • capsules;
  • line "Aromatherapy".

The new generation of detergents provides highly effective washing through the use of patented components - Active-Zyme 6 and a wide range of products to meet the needs of every family member.

Active-Zyme 6 is based on a combination of 6 enzymes... This allows:

  • prevent the formation of pellets;
  • eliminate stains of starch origin, greasy, from grass;
  • clean fabric in tricky areas such as cuffs and collars.

Advantages and disadvantages of Losk washing powders

Gloss means from year to year remain among the leaders in the sale of laundry products due to their advantages:

  • a wide range of products, including various forms of release;
  • efficiency;
  • safety;
  • the choice of aroma;
  • the ability to choose the volume of the drug;
  • affordable price.

Cons of the product:

  • not always high washing efficiency, especially with old dirt;
  • some items have a very strong aroma.

Line of detergents

Henkel is constantly working to improve the quality of its products and expand the range. Keeping up with the times, it produces laundry detergents in all popular formats: powders, capsules and gels.

Powder form

Laundry detergents are a traditional form of production of washing products.

Henkel supplies the automatic washing powder in various quantities. It is suitable for caring synthetic and cotton fabrics.

The assortment of powder detergents:

  1. Color for the care of colored items.
  2. "Mountain Lake" - for white fabrics.
  3. Sensitive - for those with sensitive skin (safety confirmed by the European Center for Allergy Research).

In addition to those listed, under the name Losk powders of the Aromatherapy series are produced with enchanting aromas:

  • orchids;
  • lotus;
  • jasmine.

Washing efficiency is ensured by the following active substances:

  • APAV - 15%;
  • Nonionic surfactants - 5%;
  • enzymes.

The composition is free of phosphates and chlorine.



The gel form of laundry powders is also based on the patented Active-Zyme 6 formula for maximum efficiency. The active ingredients (APAS, non-surfactants, enzymes) are in a proportion similar to the dry detergent from this manufacturer.

Advantages of the liquid form:

  • better (compared to powder) dissolving and rinsing;
  • compact packaging;
  • economical consumption;
  • convenient dosing;
  • selection of aromas.

The range of products includes:

  1. Color.
  2. Mountain lake (for white).
  3. Baby (can be used from the birth of a baby).
  4. Aromatherapy series with flower scent.



The most effective and most convenient form of detergent is capsules. In assortment:

  • Color (combines an effective stain remover and a concentrated gel to maintain the brightness of colors);
  • "Mountain Lake" to maintain the cleanliness of snow-white things (also each capsule contains two independent compartments - with gel and stain remover).

The composition of the capsules is saturated:

  • up to 30% non-surfactant;
  • up to 30% APAS;
  • enzymes.

Application of capsules is focused on machine wash at full load.


Selection rules

A wide range of TM Losk products allows you to choose the best option for each specific case:

  1. For children's things the best option is a special gel that can be used from birth.
  2. For colored clothes you can use Color capsules, powder or liquid of the same name.
  3. For those with sensitive skin, you can use Sensitive powder or baby gel preparation.
  4. For white things suitable means with the inscription "Mountain Lake" - gel, powder or capsules.

Connoisseurs of deep, sensual floral aromas will appreciate the Aromatherapy series, which is presented in the form of dry and liquid powders.

When sending clothes to the washing machine at full load, it is optimal to use capsules. This option will also be the best in those cases when heavily soiled things need care, because the capsules contain a compartment with a stain remover, and the gel itself is presented in a very concentrated formula.

Alternative options

Among the detergents that have proven themselves well on the market, there are preparations from such well-known manufacturers as Persil, Tide and Bimax.


BiMAX is a laundry detergent produced by the domestic manufacturer Nefis Cosmetics. The range includes powders and gels, separately for colored items, white and black, with the removal of most popular stains and stains, etc.

The average price is:

  • for powder 0.4 kg - from 75 rubles, for 3 kg - from 350 rubles (prices - here);
  • for 1.5 liter gel - from 450 rubles, for 6 liters - from 1 100 rubles (prices - here).

You can find out more about Bimax washing products here.



Tide detergents are produced by the renowned P&G company. The products are represented by a large number of positions of drugs of various forms of release. Among them - 3 types of capsules, a large number of varieties of powders and gels.

Average cost:

  • gel 1 l - from 215 rubles (prices - here);
  • powder 3 kg - from 400 rubles (prices - here);
  • capsules for 30 pcs. - from 1 100 rubles, for 23 pcs. - from 850 rubles (all prices are here).

You can learn more about Tide laundry detergents here.



Detergents Persil, like Losk, are produced by Henkel. Among the Persil products there is a large selection of preparations: powders, gels and capsules for white and colored clothes.

The products provide high quality washing, and the release of preparations in various volumes allows you to buy exactly as much washing powder or gel as you need.


  • for powder (packing 6 kg) - from 1,400 rubles, 4.5 kg - from 850 rubles (all prices are here);
  • 2.6 l gel - from 1 100 rubles, 1.3 l - from 650 rubles (price - here);
  • capsules (14 pcs.) - from 600 rubles (prices - here).

You can find out more about the Persil detergents here.


Price and place of purchase

You can buy Losk products in the online store or in the departments selling household chemicals. The cost of a product depends on a number of factors:

  • place of purchase;
  • actions of shares;
  • release forms;
  • volume.

Average price:

  1. Gel with a volume of 1.3 liters - from 420 rubles, a volume of 3 liters - from 600 rubles (all prices are here).
  2. 12 capsules - from 400 rubles.
  3. Powder 2.7 kg - from 500 rubles, 4 kg - from 800 rubles (cost - here).

Buying a large volume is more profitable.

Customer Reviews

foto21919-9Users of Losk detergents note the following advantages of funds:

  • there are often discounts for these products;
  • good quality;
  • Convenient and highly effective stain remover capsules
  • average price;
  • convenient, practical packaging.

Of the minuses, buyers note:

  • with complex spots, and even more old ones, one cannot do without preliminary treatment;
  • the smell of the laundry after washing is strong enough, often - intrusive, even after additional rinsing;
  • the composition is not ideal;
  • Capsules that have not been completely dissolved during washing can sometimes remain on clothes.

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Using detergents for detergents Gloss will keep things clean. Taking care of your clothes will be much easier if you use LOSK capsules, gel or powder. In this case, one should act according to the instructions for the drug, adhering to the technology, and accurately measuring the amount of the agent for processing.

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