foto20409-1Choosing a high-quality effective detergent, consumers often prefer TM Laska washing gels.

The product combines German quality, ease of use and modern packaging design.

In this article, we will consider the Laska product line, its pros and cons, customer reviews.

Getting to know the manufacturer

foto20409-2The manufacturer of Laska gels is the German company Henkel, founded in the 19th century by F. Henkel. Its first product was a universal laundry detergent.

The history of the appearance of products under the trade name "Laska" in Russia begins in 1997. The first product that received recognition from housewives was a washing powder for delicate fabrics..

In 2004, it was replaced by products in the form of gels, which dissolve even better in water and rinse out.

New, modern synthetic materials, cotton, woolen and silk - for each type of material Laska has its own washing product.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Liquid Laundry Detergents

Means of TM "Laska" have many advantages:

  1. European quality.
  2. Safe composition.
  3. The line of the model range of 7 gels for various purposes.
  4. Delicate attitude to the material.
  5. Efficiency.
  6. Convenient packaging with an ergonomic shape.
  7. Memorable design design.
  8. The lid is a measuring cup.
  9. Moderately thick consistency, optimal for use.

The disadvantages include the following points:

  1. Lack of powders and capsules in the range of products.
  2. There is no preparation for washing children's clothes.
Powders and capsules can be found in other Henkel products.

Line of funds

The Laska product line includes 7 items of products created using innovative technology and modern equipment. The lineup contains only gels.

Wool and silk

Things from silks and natural wool require the use of only special detergents... Such a preparation is “Wool and Silk” gel. It was developed on the basis of Fibercare's own technology.

Thanks to the innovative composition, the gel composition very carefully cares for the whimsical fibers. After washing, things get soft and pleasant aroma.


Care and recovery

During operation, pellets can form on things, which spoil the appearance of things... To cope with the problem - to eliminate the defect, and not to allow the fabric to cash in in the future, washing with the Care and Restoration gel will help.

The product has been created according to a special Fibex-tech formula, which carefully cares for the fibers and maintains the condition of the material.


Care and freshness

For dynamic modern people, a gel with the Deo-Fresh formula is intended... The synthetic clothes washed by him remain fresh for a long time.

The preparation is suitable for the care of materials with a complex composition. Gel "Care and Freshness" provides high-quality washing of dirt and gives a scent of purity.



Equipment designed for outdoor activities and sports requires special care, which universal detergents cannot provide. The gel intended for such products is based on the patented Activecare formula.

Gel "Sport":


Recovery effect

Marked "Recovery Effect" Weasel produces 3 gels:

They are based on the Fibex-tech formula. Thanks to it, color retention is ensured - maintaining the brightness of the shades of fabrics. "Recovery effect":

  • reduces the roughness of fabric fibers;
  • retains the strength of the material;
  • prevents the appearance of pellets;
  • cleans the fabric efficiently.

Each type of gel ensures the preservation of shades, prevents them from washing out and transferring color from item to item.


Selection rules

The correct choice of product ensures high-quality washing while maintaining the texture of the material and shades of things. When making a choice, it is advisable to be guided by the following recommendations:

  1. For the care of sportswear, choose the Sport gel. This is especially important when caring for membrane materials, since they can be spoiled by the use of another type of detergent.
  2. For whites, blacks and bright garments, use the appropriate gel from the Recovery Effect series.
  3. For clothes made from modern materials that need to look fresh all day, choose Care & Freshness.
  4. Household items and clothing containing wool or silk should be washed only with a special gel marked “Wool and silk”.
  5. It is recommended to wash things that require restoration and tend to form pellets only with the “Care and Recovery” preparation.

Alternative options

A high-quality wash at a high level can be carried out using other detergents. Among the sales leaders who consistently occupy high positions are Losk, Tide and Persil.


The Henkel company, which produces gels Losk, is engaged in the production of a wide group of goods under the name Persil. Among the preparations there are gels, capsules and powdersproviding high quality washing. You can choose from the assortment a tool for any occasion, for colored, white things, etc.

On store shelves, you can find both large packages and economical ones for several washings. The price of 1.3 liters is around 300 rubles.



Powders, gels and capsules Tide are popular remediesthat are in demand among buyers. Products are manufactured by P & G.

The products are represented by a large assortment of names, the list of which is constantly increasing, and the formulas are being improved. There are 3 types of capsules alone, and more than 10 types of powders. The price per liter of gel is from 210 rubles on average.



Losk gels - produced by the same German company as Laska, according to the original recipe. On the territory of the Russian Federation, Losk products began to be produced in the mid-90s of the last century.

A large number of drugs are produced, the release formula is being improved. The list of products contains powders, capsules and gels... The products contain patented ingredients that retain the pigment in the fibers of the fabric during the washing process.

The price for a 1.3 liter package is on average from 230 rubles.


Price and place of purchase

The purchase of Laska preparations can be carried out in the departments of household chemicals in supermarkets and in specialized stores. In addition, gels are conveniently purchased through online stores. A complete picture of prices can be tracked on Yandex.Market.

Weasel is often subject to promotions and special offers. In this case, the purchase becomes even more profitable. On average, the price of a container of 1 liter will be from 250 rubles, 3 liters - from 500 rubles.

With regular washing with Laska gel, it is more profitable to purchase a large volume immediately.

Customer opinions

Consumers who buy Lask products note their effectiveness and quality. The disadvantages include the lack of products for babies in the line., as well as the fact that the drugs are not available at all points of sale.


Regular use for washing Laska will keep things in good condition. Modern products effectively remove dirt and preserve the texture of fabrics, even those demanding to care for, such as wool, membrane materials and silk.

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