foto25796-1Laundry detergent Phoenix attracts attention not only with its impressive package weighing 15 kg, but also with promising assurances from the manufacturer about the high quality of washing.

Read about whether this is really so, what strengths and weaknesses it really has, how consumers respond about it, read the article.


The Phoenix laundry detergent is produced by the Russian company Begal LLC, but under the control of the German company Wesselhoffer, so consumers who like the quality of German goods can pay attention to it.

The detergent belongs to highly concentrated formulations. It is actively advertised and sold in Russia.

Pros and cons

The pluses of Phoenix washing powder include:

  1. foto25796-2Versatility: It can be used for both hand and machine wash.
  2. The powder is suitable for the care of items made of various types of fabrics: cotton, synthetics, as well as for white and colored linen.
  3. The product does not contain fragrances and fragrances, so that the smell of household chemicals will not emanate from the washed items.
  4. Moderate foaming is possible due to the presence of an antifoam in the composition. This prevents the soap solution from leaving the drum of the washing machine in case of accidental overdose.
  5. The powder is non-dusty, so it can be used by people with allergies.
  6. The high concentration of the detergent ensures economical consumption.

Despite the many advantages, Phoenix Professional has enough disadvantages... These include:

  1. Large packaging that is inconvenient to store. The detergent is packaged in plastic buckets with a lid.
  2. The volume of each pack is 15 kg, and the price exceeds 1,500 rubles.
  3. The presence of phosphates in the composition, which are harmful to human health and pollute the environment.
  4. Lack of optical brightener, which may require additional detergents to wash white items.
  5. Poor assortment.
Noteworthy is the unusual measuring cap made of compressed granules of washing powder. This is done to protect the environment from the harmful effects of plastic. After the last dose has been measured, the cap is thrown into the drum and washed along with the laundry.

Phoenix Professional Automat Roster

Composition of phoenix detergent powder represented by the following components:

  • foto25796-3anionic surfactants: 5 to 15%;
  • nonionic surfactants - less than 5%;
  • phosphates from 5 to 15%;
  • oxygen bleach;
  • anti-corrosion substances;
  • polymers;
  • sulfates;
  • defoamer.

Shelf life

The shelf life of Phoenix washing powder is 24 months... The manufacturing date is indicated on a label stuck on the top cover of the package. You should not use powder with an expired date, as it will be worse to wash.

So that the powder does not deteriorate ahead of time, it must be stored in a sealed package in a dark place. The optimum storage temperature is 40 degrees.

Line of detergents

The Phoenix line of laundry detergents is represented by high-concentration washing powder and gel. The manufacturer suggests using a liquid composition for washing children's things.

The gel belongs to the "0+" category. This means that it can be used to care for the things of newborns. The composition does not contain fragrances or fragrances.


Selection features

Since the Phoenix Professional line of detergents is represented only by gel and powder, then there is little choice for different types of washing... Both detergents are suitable for hand and machine wash.

So, for the care of colored and white things made of cotton and synthetics, Phoenix Professional washing powder is used. For washing children's products, as well as for care with delicate fabrics, gel is preferred.

Instructions for use

Recommendations for use washing powder Phoenix:

  1. The washing temperature must be set according to the recommendations on the product label. The minimum threshold for the activation of granules is 40 degrees. The maximum water temperature is 90 degrees.
  2. On a washing machine with a load of 4-6 kg, 1 measuring cap is used, the volume of which is 70 ml.
  3. If things are heavily soiled, then the dose of detergent is increased to 140 ml (2 caps).
  4. To remove difficult stains, it is recommended to pre-soak items in a concentrated solution. The manufacturer recommends diluting 1 tbsp. l. powder in 1 glass of water, foam the product and treat the contaminated area with it several times. When the stain disappears or becomes less noticeable, the product is washed as usual.
It is recommended for people with sensitive skin to wear gloves when hand washing to avoid irritation.

What to do if you have an allergy?

Despite the fact that Phoenix is ​​declared as a hypoallergenic washing powder, it contains phosphates, surfactants and other chemicals, so the possibility of an allergic reaction cannot be ruled out.

foto25796-6It manifests itself with symptoms such as:

  • large red spots on the skin;
  • peeling and itching of the dermis;
  • weeping eczema or watery blisters;
  • sneezing, watery eyes, runny nose.

If such signs appear, you need to stop using washing powder and consult a specialist. The doctor will perform allergy tests and establish the exact cause of the pathological reaction of the body.

As a rule, treatment is reduced to taking antihistamines and the complete exclusion of contact with the identified allergen.

Top 3 alternatives

Consumers who prefer to use German washing powders can pay attention to the following brands:

Percil Sensitive

It is a hypoallergenic compound that can be used to care for baby clothes and clothing of people with skin sensitivities. The trademark belongs to the German company Henkel, which has established itself as a reliable and proven manufacturer.

The average price for a 3 kg package is 550 rubles.


Frosch Citrus

This is a highly concentrated laundry detergent. It is fragrance-free and phosphate-free, and is enriched with enzymes and bleach... The range of detergents is quite extensive, and the washing quality is assessed as high. One package weighing 1.35 kg is enough for 20 washes.

The price starts at 550 rubles per pack.


Meine liebe kids

Washing powder from a German manufacturer, intended for baby clothes. There are no fragrances in the composition, it is consumed very economically, easily dissolves and rinses out. The formula is phosphate and chlorine free. Concentrated powder, one kilogram is enough for 33 washings.

The cost of packaging is about 250 rubles.


Where and for how much to buy?

You can buy Phoenix washing powder in large household chemicals stores. However, ordinary consumers point out that it is rarely found in retail sales, so you have to order it on the Internet.

In addition, buying on the Internet allows you to significantly save money, since you can compare prices in different markets in a few minutes and make the best choice.

Average cost of Phoenix Professional laundry detergents:

  1. Powder weighing 15 kg - 1800 rubles.
  2. Gel in a package with a volume of 2 kg - 270 rubles.


foto25796-10Reviews of Phoenix washing powder are varied. Some consumers are satisfied with the quality of the washing and the economical price of this product.

They are satisfied with the lack of odor and moderate foaming. As advantages, a large volume of powder and its economical consumption are distinguished.

Other buyers, on the other hand, point out that the composition does a poor job of its main task of removing stains. In addition, people are not satisfied with the fact that in ordinary stores the goods are often out of stock, because they have to order on the Internet.


Phoenix Laundry Detergent is an economical product suitable for people who are accustomed to buying large quantities of household chemicals. The composition cannot be called environmentally friendly or safe. It includes not only classic surfactants, but also phosphates, so the powder is not suitable for washing children's clothes.

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