foto25192-1The assortment of detergents, presented in any major hardware store, necessarily includes several varieties of Dosya powders and gels.

This brand has gained popularity due to several significant advantages. In parallel with the pros, consumers find disadvantages. This is reflected in reviews and comments.

When comparing different products of the Dosia line with each other and with other analogues, it is easy to choose the best option for yourself.

About the manufacturer of washing powder

foto25192-2The Dosia brand belongs to the large European company Reckitt Benckiser, which was formed by the merger in 1999 of German-Dutch and British firms. The history of the concern began at the beginning of the 19th century.

The first products were related to the food industry. The company currently specializes in the production of household goods, laundry, cleaning and personal care products.

The manufacturer is known on the market for such well-known brands as:

  • Calgon,
  • Cillit Bang,
  • Clearasil,
  • Vanish,
  • Veet.

In 1994, the first Russian office of the company was opened in St. Petersburg, and in 2005 a plant for the production of household chemicals for the Russian consumer was launched in the city of Klin near Moscow.

Pros and cons

During the entire period of production, Dosya powders underwent multiple laboratory tests. Their capabilities were also assessed privately at home.

Each package has a corporate logo in the form of a piggy bank, which tacitly suggests that buying a Dosia product is an economical and wise investment of money.

The advantages of Dosya brand detergents include:

  1. foto25192-3Good wash result.
  2. Removing light stains.
  3. Excellent rinsing properties.
  4. Hypoallergenic.
  5. Budgetary cost.
  6. A wide range of products.

Most Dosia powders have an unobtrusive scent. This is an additional advantage, as the strong aromatization of the laundry is often noted as a disadvantage.

Negative features of Dosya powders:

  1. Creates a large amount of foam during machine wash.
  2. Poor hatching of old and stubborn stains.
  3. Inability to use most of the detergents for children's washing.
  4. High consumption compared to economical counterparts.


Each Dosya laundry detergent has its own formula. In most cases, the following substances are included in the composition:

  • anionic surfactants (APAS);
  • nonionic surfactants (NSAS);
  • oxygen bleach;
  • optical brightener;
  • enzymes;
  • zeolites;
  • carboxymethyl cellulose;
  • antifoam;
  • flavors;
  • polycarboxylates.

In some varieties, the manufacturer uses components that soften water, anti-corrosion agents.

Analyzing the chemical composition, it can be noted that phosphates, which are unsafe for health and the environment, have been replaced in Doss' powders with zeolites. These substances contribute to high-quality washing of dirt, but dissolve worse in water.

Shelf life

foto25192-4The time period during which the detergent retains its properties is always indicated on the package. For Dosia powders it is 2 years.

This figure is influenced by the amount of dietary supplements, storage conditions (humidity, temperature, sunlight, contact with other agents).

To maintain physical and chemical activity, any granular product must be stored in a closed container. The quality of expired household chemicals deteriorates and allergenicity increases.

Product range

Range includes powders and gels... The former are represented by a large number of models. In addition to traditional means, the manufacturer has launched the release of new products.


Granular products are available in different packaging. The purpose depends on the composition, but all available series are not suitable for washing wool and silk. Stores sell:

  1. Alpine freshness (automatic)... Suitable for manual and automated washing bright things... Permitted to use for cotton, synthetic products. Contains components that protect the heating element from scale.
  2. Alpine freshness (hand wash)... Designed for cleaning cotton, synthetic materials. Cannot be used in an automatic machine.
  3. White snow (automatic)... Versatile in the type of washing. Removes common dirt and tough stains. The composition contains substances that reduce the accumulation of limescale.
  4. Snow white (hand wash)... Can be used only in activator type machines or for hand washing. Contains bleaches.
  5. Color. Suitable for any type of washing. Removes general dirt and stains from colored cotton, synthetics.
  6. Lemon. Suitable for hand wash only. Effective for heavy pollution, aromatized.
  7. 2in1 with air conditioning (automatic)... Designed for cotton, synthetic fabrics. Contains bleach, conditioner.
  8. Dosia Optima Color... Special powder for colored clothes made of cotton and synthetics.
  9. Dosenka. Hand and machine wash acceptable. Suitable for cleansing children's light cotton linen, synthetics.

Gel form

foto25192-5All Dosya liquid detergents are concentrated. They are sold in 1 liter plastic bottles. This amount is adequate for 2 kg of powder.

The line of gels includes:

  1. Active 3 anti-stain... Concentrate for hand and machine washing of white and light-colored cotton and synthetics. Does not leave streaks, removes stained stains.
  2. Active 3 Color... Suitable for any type of washing. It is permissible to clean colored fabrics. There are no bleaches in the composition.

Selection features

To get the maximum effect, you need to be careful when choosing a cleanser. The Dosia range has almost all the options you need:

  • for white and light - powder Alpine freshness, 2in1 with conditioner, White Snow, Lemon, Dosenka, Active 3 gel against stains;
  • for color - Color powder, Dosia Optima Color, Alpine freshness (hand wash), Active 3 Color gel;
  • for dark - Color powder, Alpine freshness (hand wash);
  • from stains - powder Color, White snow, Lemon; Active 3 anti-stain gel;
  • for children - Dosenka powder.

How to use?

Dosya powders and gels-concentrates are used according to standard rules. The granules are measured with a measuring spoon. They are poured into the first and / or second compartment of the powder receptacle of the automatic machine.

The gel is measured out with caps and poured directly into the drum. When hand wash, liquid concentrate or powder is first dissolved in water.

Although Dosia is satisfactorily removed from the fabric, it is recommended that you re-rinse your child's laundry.

Allergy possibility

foto25192-6The composition of the product contains few aromatic and other additives that cause allergies.

However, even with general hypoallergenicity, sensitive people may have an individual reaction... It can manifest as non-infectious rhinitis or skin rashes.

If such signs appear, you should change the detergent to another brand. To reduce the unpleasant symptoms, it is recommended to take an antihistamine. If you have a very strong reaction, you should see a doctor

To avoid health problems in a child, it is recommended to use only Dosenka series powder for washing his clothes.

Alternative options: TOP-3

The Dosia brand has worthy competitors, which are also characterized by high performance:


The manufacturer is Procter & Gamble. The line includes:

  • powders,
  • gels,
  • capsules.

Unlike Doshi, Ariel has no baby laundry detergent. The average cost of powders is 600 rubles (3 kg), gels - 400 rubles (1.3 liters).

Users appreciate the quality of Ariel's products... Most of them (82%) recommend them for use. People like the quality of washing, bleaching, removing stains. The high price is noted as a disadvantage.



These products are also from Procter & Gamble. The assortment includes powders, gels, capsules. Unlike Dosia, the children's line is represented not only by powder, but also by gel. The price of a small pack (450 g) is about 90 rubles, a bottle of gel (1 l) - 400 rubles.

The reviews on Tide powders and gels indicate:

  • good washable clothes,
  • mild odor
  • color preservation.


  • poor stain removal,
  • the need to use a conditioner to soften the laundry.

Tide powders are recommended by 88% of users. You can learn more about Tide detergents here.



Products from the Henkel company. Powders, gels, capsules are on sale. Persil's downside is the lack of a children's episode. A package of powder (3 kg) costs an average of 300 rubles, a bottle of gel (1.3 l) - 400 rubles.

The products of this brand are popular - 92% of people recommend them for use... I like the quality of washing, stain removal, economy. The need for additional rinsing, as well as the price, causes dissatisfaction.


Where and at what price to buy?

Dosia products are not in short supply. The products of this brand can be found in supermarkets in the household chemicals department, in household markets, in online stores. The price tags in different retail outlets differ.

On average, they are for powders:

  1. Alpine freshness: automatic machine (400 g) - 35 rubles.
  2. Alpine freshness: hand wash (400 g) - 30 rubles.
  3. White snow: automatic machine (400 g) - 55 rubles.
  4. White snow: hand wash (400 g) - 30 rubles.
  5. Color (400 g) - 35 rubles.
  6. 2in1 with air conditioning: automatic machine (400 g) - 55 rubles.
  7. Optima Color (4 kg) - 500 rubles.
  8. Dosenka (400 g) - 70 rubles.

Average cost of gels:

  1. Active 3 against stains (1 l) - 180 rubles.
  2. Active 3 Color (1 l) - 170 rubles.


foto25192-10A lot of reviews have been accumulated about Dosia products, among them there are both positive and negative. In general, more than half of users (63%) recommend washing clothes with this brand's powders.

The advantages are:

  • good washing quality;
  • budget price;
  • economical consumption;
  • hypoallergenic.

Practice has shown that powders and there are unpleasant properties:

  • large foaming;
  • strong smell after washing;
  • weak stain removal;
  • lack of a measuring cup.
Gels Dosya deserved higher marks. They are recommended by 95% of consumers who have experienced the quality of the concentrate. First of all, the good quality of washing, ease of use, the cost of the bottle are noted.

Opinions are divided on the smell... Some housewives believe that it is very strong, while others find the aroma pleasant. The disadvantages include temperature restrictions, poor removal of bright spots.


The Dosia brand is deservedly one of the ten most demanded detergents. The combination of price and quality for powders and gels is balanced. Popularity is also supported by the variety of products.

In order to choose the most suitable product, you need to analyze the reviews and carefully read the attached instructions.

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