foto19998-1In recent years, the range of liquid laundry detergents has expanded significantly. New formulations have appeared on the shelves that are popular with consumers.

Cotico concentrated gels are available in most major stores in the country and in Internet markets.

About what is included in the line of these detergents, who is their manufacturer, what pros and cons it has, as well as what customer reviews about Cotico washing gels, read the article.


foto19998-2The production of washing gels is carried out by a group of manufacturing and trading companies "B&B".

The plant is located in the Moscow region, in the town of Vidnoe. The domestic enterprise is engaged in the production of high-quality household chemicals and is ready to compete fully with foreign detergents.

"B&B" is one of the largest factories for the production of household chemicals of the "Average +" and "Premium" class. All products undergo careful control, and the technologies and formulations themselves are borrowed from Israeli scientists. The motto of the company: "We work for cleanliness."

Pros and cons

Main advantages Cotico washing gels:

  1. Safe formulation, free from silicates and phosphates. The gels are based on biodegradable surfactants.
  2. Activation of the formula at low temperatures - from 30 degrees and above.
  3. Laboratory tested for skin safety.
  4. A wide range of.
  5. High quality washing.
  6. Convenient dosing. Each bottle is equipped with a handle, a measuring cap and a neck that prevents the gel from flowing down the walls of the package.
  7. Pleasant delicate aroma that does not remain on things after washing.
  8. Economical consumption.
  9. The presence in the range of products for the care of baby things.
The disadvantages of Cotico gels include abundant foaming. If the dosage is not observed, this factor can cause damage to the washing machine.

Another disadvantage of the product is the lack of powder and capsules for washing. These forms of release are in high demand among consumers, but B&B does not produce them.


The Kotiko line of detergents includes the following compositions:

  1. foto19998-3Gel Master Concentrate "Color & Black"... The product can be used for hand and machine washing, for brightly colored and dark clothes.

    A specially developed system of fermented stain removal prevents the washing out of its own pigment from the fabric fibers and qualitatively removes even complex stains from sweat, cosmetics, food.

  2. "Universal & Delicate"... This universal composition is suitable for all types of fabrics, for hand and machine wash.
  3. "Sport & High-Tech Cloth"... The product is specially designed for washing underwear and outdoor sportswear. The gel can be used to care for sports shoes, thermal underwear, sleeping bags, suits for diving and surfing, etc. The gel retains the properties of the membrane and water-repellent impregnation.
  4. "Cotico-baby"... The product contains safe ingredients that do not irritate the skin. The composition is hypoallergenic, it can be used to care things of children from the first days of life, as well as for washing clothes of people with increased skin sensitivity. There are no bleaches or dyes in the gel, but despite such a safe composition, it copes well with old stains.

There are no powders and capsules for washing clothes in the assortment. but the manufacturer took care of the release of auxiliary formulations, such as:

  • conditioner-rinse,
  • starch for different types of fabrics,
  • antistatic agent,
  • stain remover.
All gels are produced with double purification water and are processed with ultraviolet light.

Selection features

For a satisfactory wash, you need to choose the right detergent from the Cotico range of gels.

Key recommendations:

  • foto19998-4for colored things: "Color & Black";
  • for white fabrics: "Universal & Delicate";
  • for delicate fabrics: "Universal & Delicate";
  • for washing children's clothes and for people with increased skin sensitivity: "Cotico-baby";
  • to care for membranes, for washing sportswear, shoes, down jackets: "Sport & High-Tech Cloth".

Alternative formulations

In addition to Cotico gels, you can find detergents from other manufacturers on sale. The German brands Persil and Losk from Henkel, as well as Tide from Procter & Gamble, are especially popular.


Persil is one of the oldest brands... Detergents for washing under this brand have been produced for over a century, they are well known to Russians.

Percil is appreciated for its high cleaning capacity, for its excellent ability to cope with difficult stains. People are satisfied with a wide range of detergents, which includes not only 7 types of gels, but also capsules, as well as washing powders.

Henkel offers the consumer premium and standard class products. The average price of washing gels is about 500 rubles. At Cotico, Persil “wins” in terms of assortment and greater popularity among consumers. Read more about Persil gels here.



Tide is one of the most popular brands among Russian buyerswhich they have been using for over 50 years. This is due to the high quality of washing, as well as the low cost of products. Under the Tide brand, you can find washing powders, capsules and gels on sale.

Like Cotico, the Tide line includes a product for the care of baby clothes, but it is presented in powder form. The minimum washing temperature for gels of this brand is 30 degrees. Their average cost is 360 rubles per liter. Read more about Tide washing gels here.



The gloss is in demand among consumers, as it has the following competitive advantages:

  1. A wide assortment, which is represented not only by gels. The line includes capsules and washing powders.
  2. There is a gel for washing children's clothes on sale.
  3. The Aromatherapy line deserves special attention.

Gloss and Cotico are in roughly the same price range. The average cost of 1.3 liters of detergent is about 500 rubles.


Where and for how much to buy?

You can buy Cotico washing gels in large retail stores or online stores. The cost depends on the pricing policy of a particular outlet and on the promotions held.

Average price for different types of liquid powders:

  • "Cotico-baby" 1 liter - 420 rubles. In soft packaging, the composition is cheaper (about 170 rubles);
  • "Color & Black" 1 l - 420 rubles. The price of a gel in a soft package is about 150 rubles;
  • "Sport & High-Tech Cloth" 1 liter - 420 rubles. The lowest retail price is 280 rubles.

Customer opinions

On the Internet, you can find both positive and negative reviews about Cotico laundry gel, but most consumers are satisfied with the composition they have purchased. They are satisfied that the product copes well with difficult stains from food, drinks, decorative cosmetics.

People who have used the gel for baby clothes claim that it does not cause allergies and dermatitis. They are satisfied that after washing the clothes do not smell of household chemicals.

Consumers attribute the high cost of goods to the disadvantages of Cotico gels. They indicate that it is most profitable to buy it with the stock. Some people don't like too much foam.... They fear that excess foam could damage the washing machine, although there are no such messages on the net.

In addition, there are no complaints that the product is poorly rinsed out of the fabric fibers. In general, the positive reviews outweigh the listed disadvantages of the detergent at times.


Cotico are modern washing gels from a Russian manufacturer. The assortment includes several types of detergentsthat can be used for different types of fabrics and different purposes.

The brand is able to seriously compete with many "veterans" of household chemicals, since Cotico is distinguished by a safe composition, affordable price and high quality washing.

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