foto25654-1Among all household chemicals, products that are environmentally and hygienically safe are especially valued. Domestic products under the BioMio brand meet these criteria.

The list of pros and cons of BioMio washing gels and powders is confirmed by numerous consumer reviews, and a wide range of products allows you to choose a suitable variety for yourself and your family.

About the manufacturer

foto25654-2The well-known brand BioMio belongs to the Russian LLC Splat Global... The product catalog includes tools for:

  • washing,
  • washing dishes,
  • cleaning the house,
  • hand skin care.

The quality of the products is evidenced by the received awards and certificates: "The best brand of environmentally friendly products for the home 2019", "Green leaf".

It took 2 years to develop BioMio household chemicals. For the first time they went on sale in the public domain in 2013. Today, the SPLAT plant in Okulovka, Novgorod Region, is engaged in the production of liquid concentrates; powdered products are manufactured in Denmark.

Pros and cons

BioMio laundry detergents have proved to be the best for several years. Their advantages include:

  1. Versatility of application.
  2. High degree of cleaning of things.
  3. Low temperature efficiency.
  4. Economical consumption.
  5. Lack of pronounced odor.
  6. Hypoallergenic.
  7. Biodegradability.
  8. Retains the softness and color of the fabric.
  9. Good rinsing properties.

Powders and gels of this brand also have negative features.

Firstly, weak removal of bright stains from juices, jams, herbs. Secondly, BioMio's sustainable products are more expensive than their budget counterparts. Third, the powders require the use of stain remover and conditioner in parallel. The last moment makes washing even more expensive.


foto25654-3By creating BioMio powders and gels, the manufacturer has completely ruled out hazardous to health and the environment:

  • phosphates,
  • chlorine-containing compounds,
  • sodium lauryl sulfate,
  • flavors,
  • dyes.

Basic composition, according to Splat Global, 87.7-95% consists of natural ingredients, it includes:

  • nonionic surfactants;
  • anionic surfactants;
  • oxygen bleach;
  • zeolites;
  • polycarboxylates;
  • soap;
  • enzymes;
  • citric acid.

The amount of nonionic surfactants in powders and gels does not exceed 5%, and that of nonionic surfactants is no more than 15%, which is considered acceptable by international standards.

Many products include cotton extract in the formula. This ingredient is used to protect and soften hand skin.

The gels contain a preservative (benzyl alcohol or phenoxyethanol). Silver citrate is used as an antibacterial component in some products.

Shelf life

foto25654-4The manufacturer gives a 2-year warranty for BioMio to maintain quality... The storage temperature should not exceed +40 degrees.

Products do not lose their declared properties, subject to the storage rules. After opening, keep the container or bottle tightly closed.

The product should not get:

  • sunlight,
  • moisture,
  • chemical reagents.

The attractive design of BioMio products can be of interest to young children, so keep household chemicals on high shelves or in closed cabinets.

Product line

The BioMio range is presented in two forms: powder and gel. They are suitable for both manual and automated washing. Upon purchase, you can find models suitable for cleaning various types of fabrics, including delicate ones. Conditioners with different natural flavors complete the line.


There are 2 types of funds:

  1. Bio-Color. Concentrated powder for cotton, linseed, synthetic linen. Contains cotton extract.
  2. Bio-White. Powder with cotton extract and oxygen bleach (5-15%). Suitable for cotton, synthetic, blended fabrics.




There are 4 gels:

  1. Bio-Sensitive. Antibacterial gel for linen, cotton, synthetic and delicate fabrics (wool, silks) with cotton extract.
  2. Bio-2in1. Concentrated stain remover gel. Suitable for people with sensitive skin.
  3. Bio-Stain Remover. The stain remover contains hydrogen peroxide, citric acid. Provides antibacterial effect.
  4. Bio-Sensitive Baby. Antibacterial gel with conditioner designed specifically for washing things for newborns and older children.





Air conditioners

There are 4 air conditioners in the line:

  1. Bio-Soft Mandarin. Contains mandarin essential oil. Gives an anti-static effect.
  2. Bio-Soft Eucalyptus. It contains eucalyptus essential oil. Facilitates ironing of linen.
  3. Bio-Soft Cinnamon. The formula includes cotton extract, limonene, cinnamon essential oil.
  4. Bio-Soft Lavender. Contains lavender essential oil, cotton extract, limonene.





Each package of powder (1.5 kg) and a bottle of gel (1.5 l) are designed for 30 washes. Conditioner bottle (1 l) - for 33 washings.

When and which one to choose?

The manufacturer recommends choosing a detergent based on the color and quality of the fabric.... In this case, the preservation of the saturation of the shade and structure of the fibers is guaranteed:

  • for white and light - Bio-Sensitive gel, Bio-White, Bio-2in1 gel, Bio-Stain Remover;
  • for colored laundry - Bio-Color, Bio-2in1 gel, Bio-Stain Remover, Bio-Sensitive gel;
  • for the dark - Bio-Color, Bio-Stain Remover, Bio-Sensitive gel;
  • for delicate fabrics - Bio-Sensitive Gel;
  • for children - the entire line of products;
  • from stains - Gel Bio-2in1, Bio-Stain Remover.

How to use?

foto25654-15Read the instructions for use before washing with BioMio powder or gel. The important points are the dosage of the product and the temperature of the water.

The first indicator is calculated from the weight of the laundry and the degree of soiling. The temperature level should be at least 20 degrees, maximum 60 degrees.

The powder is poured into the first and second compartments of the powder receptacle of the automatic machine in the mode with pre-wash, only in the second - in the normal wash. The gel is poured directly into the drum or into the second compartment of the container. For hand washing, the powder or gel is first dissolved in a container with water, then the laundry is put into it.

If there are noticeable pigment or greasy spots on things, they are pre-treated with a stain remover or washing gel. Soaking time - 5 minutes... After that, the product is washed by hand or in a typewriter.

Allergy possibility

BioMio products were originally created on the principle of hypoallergenicity. Substances that cause a specific reaction in adults and children are excluded from their composition. However, due to the fact that each organism is individual, the risk of allergy to powder or gel persists.

If dermatitis, rhinitis, cough or other ailments develop after using BioMio, the powder should be changed. It is recommended to take an antihistamine to restore health. For severe allergies, especially in a child, it is important to consult a doctor.

Alternatives: Top 3

Several analogs can be found on sale BioMio, which also share many positive qualities, including:

  • environmental friendliness,
  • hypoallergenic,
  • efficiency.

Worthy competitors are Meine Liebe, Frosch and Cotico.

Meine liebe

Manufacturer - German company Grunlab... The line of products as well as BioMio offers powders, gels, rinses. In the catalog you can find products for cleaning any fabrics, including delicate ones. There is a children's line and a stain remover.

A pack of powder (3.5 kg) costs about 520 rubles. Bottles with gel are sold for an average of 260 rubles.

Reviews of Meine Liebe emphasize efficiency, unobtrusive aroma, low allergenicity, convenient packaging. Only the effectiveness against heavy pollution is disputed. Read more about Meine Liebe laundry detergents here.



Products from the German manufacturer Werner & Mertz... The range also includes powders, gels, rinses, stain removers. On sale you can find products for white, colored, delicate fabrics and baby clothes. Differences in composition compared to BioMio are observed only in additional ingredients.

The price for powders (1.35 kg) is 600-700 rubles, for gels (2 liters) - 700-900 rubles.

Reviews of Frosch confirm economy, efficiency, pleasant aroma. Not all users are satisfied with the high price and poor removal of stubborn and old stains. Read more about Frosch detergents read here.



Laundry detergents are produced on behalf of the B&B group of companies. The range includes only:

  • washing gels,
  • stain remover,
  • conditioner-rinse.

A feature of the assortment is the availability of products for cleaning delicate fabrics, membrane and children's clothing. The price for a liter pack ranges from 170 to 420 rubles.

Reviews of Cotico products are generally positive. People like economy, good washable dirt, light aroma, safety. The disadvantages are the high price, limited sales in ordinary stores. You can learn more about Cotico detergents here.


Where and at what price to buy?

BioMio products can be found on the shelves of the household departments of large supermarkets, online stores... Price tags for powders, gels and conditioners depend on the purchase cost and the seller's pricing policy:

  • Bio-Color - 540 rubles;
  • Bio-White - 540 rubles;
  • Bio-Sensitive - 370 rubles;
  • Bio-2in1 - 460 rubles;
  • Bio-Stain Remover - 250 rubles;
  • Bio-Sensitive Baby - 470 rubles;
  • Bio-Soft - 230 rubles.


foto25654-19BioMio powders are very popular with housewives: 92% recommend them for use... Users love that after washing, whites turn white instead of gray.

As an advantage, the economy of consumption, the absence of an obtrusive smell, and good refreshment of the linen are noted.

Of the minuses, the inconvenience of a cardboard box that does not close hermetically comes to the fore after opening. The second disadvantage people call the high price.

Reviews of BioMio gels are controversial, although all users advise buying them. In liquid concentrates, they like economy, hypoallergenicity. The disadvantages include tangible aromatization. There is no consensus on the issue of removing stains.


Laundry products under the BioMio brand are marketed as ecological products. The range includes powders and gels designed for for cleaning white and colored items from:

  • cotton,
  • flax,
  • synthetics,
  • silks,
  • wool.

All products are hypoallergenic and can be used for washing children's clothes. To choose the right variety, it is useful to read the reviews, which reflect all the pros and cons of BioMio.

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