foto25749-1Household chemicals produced under the Biolan brand occupies a solid share in the budget segment of the market.

The manufacturer does not hide the composition of the detergents and declares the advantages of the products, using the motto “Washes perfectly, saves optimally”.

Reviews of the powders and gels that make up the Biolan assortment help to form an objective picture and make a choice.

About the manufacturer of washing powder

foto25749-2The brand is owned by JSC "Nefis Cosmetics", part of the Nefis Group of Companies.

The direction of the firm's activity is the development and production of household chemicals, perfumery and cosmetic and industrial and technical products.

The history of the company began in 1855 with the founding of the first soap and candle factories by the Krestovnikov brothers in Kazan. Today Nefis Cosmetics is one of the leading Russian manufacturers of household and hygiene products.

The company owns the rights to:

  • BiMax,
  • AOS,
  • Sorti and other promoted brands.

The Biolan brand is popular in this line, as evidenced by its annual turnover of 2 billion rubles.

Pros and cons

A synthetic detergent produced by a domestic manufacturer has earned the attention of consumers due to its many advantages.

foto25749-3These include:

  1. Versatility of application.
  2. High efficiency.
  3. Budgetary cost.
  4. Preservation of color and structure of fabric.
  5. Scale protection of the machine.
  6. Moderate foaming.

Biolan detergents are not ideal.

During operation, a number of disadvantages are revealed:

  1. Powder granules dissolve poorly in cold water. The preliminary dissolution of the product in a small amount of hot water helps to level this drawback.
  2. With an insufficient number of rinses, whitish stains may appear on dark clothes.
  3. Powders do little to tackle stubborn and stubborn stains.


The basic formula of Biolan laundry detergents includes compounds safe from the point of view of human health. At the same time, the selected composition provides washing and aromatization of things.

The main ingredients are:

  • anionic and nonionic surfactants;
  • oxygen bleach;
  • enzymes;
  • polycarboxylates;
  • flavors.
The manufacturer declares that Biolan products do not contain substances harmful to humans and nature (phosphates, chlorine).Stain removal and whitening is achieved by active oxygen, which oxidizes most pollutants while maximizing tissue fiber structure.

Many types of powders contain compounds that prevent the accumulation of scale on the heating element of the automatic washing machine.

Shelf life

The manufacturer gives a guarantee for the preservation of the quality of the powder and liquid products, provided that they are stored for no more than 24 months.

foto25749-4During the specified period products must be stored in proper conditions:

  • at low air humidity;
  • without access to sunlight;
  • at a temperature of no more than 35 degrees;
  • in a hermetically sealed container.

Particular attention should be paid to inaccessibility for babies. Beautiful packaging can become a subject of children's interest.

Line of detergents

The brand assortment includes different types of powder and gel, designed for manual or automated washing. The series differ in composition, purpose, and the ability to use for different fabrics. Going on sale:

  1. Color Automatic... Versatile in terms of the type of wash. Suitable for cotton, flax, synthetics, blended fabrics. Retains color. The composition contains supplements, no phosphates.
  2. White Flowers Automatic... Universal powder for any wash of cotton, synthetic, mixed fabrics. Contains bleach, enzymes, flower fragrance.
  3. White flowers hand wash... Can only be used for hand washing or in an activator type machine. Designed for cotton and synthetic fabrics. Contains bleach.
  4. Economy Expert Automatic... Suitable for washing cotton and synthetic items in any type of machine. The composition contains bleach, enzymes.
  5. Economy expert hand wash... Recommended only for washing by hand or in an activator type machine. Can generate a lot of foam. Suitable for cotton and synthetics.
  6. Orange and Lemon Vending Machine... Designed for any type of washing. It is allowed to clean things made of cotton, synthetics, combined fabrics. The composition contains enzymes, bleach.
  7. Orange and lemon hand wash... Not intended for use in automatic typewriters. Used for cotton, synthetics, mixed fabrics. Contains bleach.
  8. Children's. Recommended for any type of wash children's things, including newborns. No phosphates, but fragrance.
  9. Gel-active Bright color... Versatile in terms of the type of wash. It contains an optical brightener, phosphonates, enzymes, dye. A volume of 2 liters replaces 4 kg of powder and is designed for 50 washes.
  10. Gel-active White flowers... Can be used for washing in any machine. The volume of a 1.2 liter bottle is designed for 30 washes (replaces 2.4 kg of powder). Bleach included but no phosphates. It has a pleasant floral scent.
Before buying, you must read the instructions, which describe the purpose of the product and recommendations for washing.

When and which one to choose?

Biolan detergents are not intended for cleaning delicate fabrics (wool and silks). But for cotton, linen, synthetic and blended fabrics you can choose a powder or gel, focusing on the color and degree of pollution of things:

  1. foto25749-5For white and light - Economy expert hand wash, White flowers (Automatic and hand wash), Economy Expert Automatic, Orange and Lemon (Automatic and hand wash), Gel-active White flowers.
  2. For color - Color Automatic, Economy expert hand wash, White flowers Automatic, Orange and Lemon (Automatic and hand wash), Gel-active Bright color.
  3. For dark - Color Automatic.
  4. For children - Children's.
  5. From stains - Economy Expert Automatic, Gel-active Bright color and White flowers.

How to use?

The use of Biolan powders differs little from the usual scheme. In automated washing, the agent is poured into the second compartment of the powder receptacle. When washing with soaking - in the first and second.

To improve the degree of dissolution of the granules, it is recommended to pre-dissolve a measured portion of the powder in 100-150 ml of hot water and pour the solution directly into the drum.

The gel is also poured directly onto things put in the machine... When using an activator type machine or for hand washing, the powder is dissolved directly in the container before loading the laundry.

If necessary, use an additional rinse. This is true for children's clothes, underwear and bed linen... The amount of Biolan detergent should correspond to the amount of laundry and the degree of soiling.

Allergy possibility

foto25749-6Biolan products are considered hypoallergenic... They do not cause poisoning, irritation of the skin and respiratory tract.

However, on rare occasions, particularly sensitive people may react to certain types of powder and gel.

If deviations in health are noticed due to the use of Biolan, you should stop using the product and find an alternative. With a strong course of allergies, a doctor's consultation is desirable. He will prescribe the necessary therapy.

Alternatives: top 3

Various brands of laundry detergents are on sale... They differ in composition, purification quality and price. Competitors include Beamax, Losk, Tide. The comparative characteristics of the funds allows you to make the right choice.


The brand belongs to the well-known company Procter & Gamble. The line of detergents, unlike Biolan, includes not only powders and gels, but also capsules. A similar feature of the assortment is the presence of a children's line.

The price for a small pack of powder (450 g) fluctuates around 110 rubles. Large packages of powder (4 kg) cost about 680 rubles. Gels Tide are also sold more expensive than Biolan: about 350 rubles for 1.2 liters.

Reviews about Tide emphasize efficiency, economy... I do not like the high price and poor cleaning of difficult stains. Overall, Tide powder is recommended by 88% of users. Read more about Tide laundry detergents here.



The products are manufactured by Henkel. All three forms of detergents are sold in Russia: powders, gels, capsules. The assortment contains powders for whites and colored items, as well as a special line "Aromatherapy".

The price tags for Losk powders differ slightly from Biolan. A 2.4 kg package is sold for an average of 270 rubles, a small pack weighing 450 g - for 70-100 rubles.

Losk detergents stand out for a large number of positive reviews: 83% of consumers recommend them for use.

The pluses include washable ordinary dirt, pleasant aroma. Of the minuses, there is an average rinsing ability, weak stain removal. Read more about detergents Losk read here.



The manufacturer of Bimax laundry detergents is Nefis Cosmetic, a company that is native to Biolan. The catalog contains six types of powder and four types of gel. Feature of the assortment - products for jeans and black things... There are no capsules as well as in Biolan.

The price of BiMax powder is higher than Biolan - a pack of 450 g costs about 60 rubles, a pack of 3 kg - 400 rubles. A bottle of gel (1.5 liters) is sold for an average of 380 rubles.

Reviews noted good washing quality, moderate foaming, profitability. The disadvantages include poor removal of old stains. Bimax powders are recommended by 86% of users. Read more about Bimax washing products here.


Where and at what price to buy?

Biolan powders are sold in a wide range. They are easy to find in the household departments of hyper- and supermarkets, household chemicals stores, online stores, and household markets.

Nefis Cosmetics distributes its products throughout Russia, as well as imports to Kazakhstan, Belarus and other CIS countries.

The specific cost depends on the type of product and the volume of packaging:

  • Color Automatic machine 400 g - 60 rubles;
  • White flowers Automatic machine 1.2 kg - 110 rubles; 2.4 kg - 194 rubles;
  • White flowers hand wash 400 g - 44 rubles; 900 g - 40 rubles;
  • Economy Expert Automatic machine 400 g - 40 rubles;
  • Orange and Lemon Automatic 2.4 kg - 260 rubles;
  • Orange and lemon hand wash 400 g - 50 rubles;
  • Economy expert hand wash 400 g - 45 rubles;
  • gel-active Bright color 1.2 l - 230 rubles;
  • gel active White flowers 2 l - 415 rubles.


foto25749-10Biolan powders are in demand - 86% of people give a positive recommendation.

Users like:

  • primarily the price,
  • unobtrusive smell,
  • satisfactory washable dirt,
  • color preservation.

Among the shortcomings, a high consumption and poor removal of complex stains are noted.

Reviews of Biolan gel are even more favorable... Everyone who has tested the liquid product recommends it for use. People appreciated the economy of consumption, pleasant aroma, and the quality of washing. Only poor stain removal is displeasing.


Domestic washing products Biolan are included in the list of demanded household chemicals. The popularity is explained by a relatively wide range of powders and gels, affordable price, good efficiency. To determine for yourself the feasibility of buying Biolan products, you should read the reviews and compare the products with analogues.

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