foto24854-1Caring for baby clothes places serious demands on the quality of detergents and their effectiveness.

The safety of household chemicals that are designed for children should come first. Such high standards are met by the products manufactured under the TM Babyline.

We will tell you about the Babyline line of children's detergents (powder, gel, conditioner, capsules for washing), their advantages and disadvantages in the article.

Features of Bebiline

Household chemicals designed for the treatment of children's clothes are developed under the supervision of German specialists from the Nolken company. Raw materials for dry mixes and concentrates undergo very strict quality control tests.

foto24854-2Advantages of Bebiline children's products:

  • efficiency;
  • formulation development with the involvement of European specialists;
  • strict control of compliance and safety at all stages of production;
  • good assortment;
  • can be used from the birth of a baby;
  • attractive, recognizable packaging design.

disadvantages: full range products are not available at all retail outlets.

The formulas of detergents are based on hypoallergenic natural ingredients that are approved for use in household chemicals for children from birth.

The entire line of detergents for washing children's clothes

Preparations for washing baby's things combine lines of funds:

  1. Sensitive - detergents for children and adults with sensitive skin, allergy sufferers.
  2. Nature is a powder produced according to an improved formula with the inclusion of natural ingredients.
  3. Soap based.

The Sensitive group of products is a novelty from the manufacturer, which has recently been launched. The series includes:

  • powder;
  • gel;
  • air conditioning.

Bebiline soap line:

  • bio soluble capsules;
  • washing powder;
  • powder is antibacterial.
All products are subject to mandatory testing and do not contain synthetic flavors and dyes.

Soap line

The series of soap-based detergents includes:

Bio soluble capsules

Bio-soluble capsules are based on soft washing gel... The components of the capsules wash well dirt from diaper and baby clothes.After processing, things become clean and soft.

It is also a good option for washing clothes of allergic adults. The capsules can be used to care for items of any color and from a variety of fabrics, including wool.

The capsule packaging is very compact, which saves space in the bathroom.


Soap Powder

Children's washing powder in bright yellow packages is developed on the basis of natural soap. The product is produced in volumes of 0.9 kg and 2.250 kg.

This product is intended for the care of baby clothes from the very birth of the baby. It has many advantages:

  1. Suitable for children's products of any color.
  2. Suitable for all types of fabrics.
  3. Does not contain chlorine, enzymes.
  4. Effective against specific childhood stains.
  5. Has an economical consumption.
  6. Has a hypoallergenic composition.


  • natural soap;
  • surfactants;
  • anti-scale ingredients;
  • washing activator, which is necessary for effective washing at low temperatures;
  • oxygen-containing stain remover, etc.


Antibacterial concentrate

Powder Babyline, based on natural ingredients, is packed in 1.5 kg packages in plastic containers. This product is an antibacterial washing concentrate.

The powder is designed to remove any dirt left by the baby. It is suitable for washing diapers from birth, it is safe, does not cause allergies and irritations.

This product has many advantages:

  1. Can be used to care for colored and white things.
  2. 1.5 kg of product is enough for 25 complete washings.
  3. Has a natural base.
  4. Does not harm the environment as it is biodegradable.
  5. Does not include refined petrochemicals and other ingredients that are not recommended for babies.


  • natural certified natural ingredients;
  • natural soap;
  • natural cleaning ingredients - up to 40%;
  • natural perfume;
  • up to 1% enzymes;
  • natural soap - 5%;
  • soda - up to 15%;
  • crystalline sodium disilicate - up to 25%.

Compact and very convenient packaging will allow you not to be afraid that the powder may crumble.


Nature Series

Laundry detergent created using modern technologies and improved formulas based on natural ingredients. Powder is produced in volumes of 0.9 kg and 2.25 kg.

The main purpose of the release of this product is even better processing, and even safer. Contains powder of natural ingredients that are completely biodegradable and do not pollute the environment.



The series of detergents includes:


The soft gel for washing, like other Babyline products, has a natural base and can be used from the very birth of a child. Liquid powder form has the following features:

  1. Copes with stains efficiently.
  2. Low foam formation.
  3. Suitable for hand and machine wash.
  4. Prevents deformation of things and loss of color.
  5. Has a light aroma.

The gel contains surfactants as active components in dosages acceptable for children's household chemicals.


Air conditioning

The conditioner is intended for additional care of baby things, and can be used from the very birth of the baby.

Its application will allow:

  • provide anti-static treatment of the fabric;
  • remove residues of detergent from textile items;
  • improve the quality of subsequent ironing;
  • make things softer and more pleasant to the touch.

The product is suitable for washing by hand and machine. It can be applied to all types of fabrics.


Powder form

Baby washing powder can be used to care for clothes even for newborns. The tool has such advantages:

  1. Suitable for washing clothes of any color.
  2. Can be used on all types of fabrics.
  3. Has no aggressive components in the composition.
  4. Effective.
  5. Low foaming.


  • perfume;
  • up to 5% bleach (oxygen);
  • enzymes;
  • APAV - up to 5%;
  • Nonionic surfactants - up to 15%;
  • chloride and sodium carbonate.


Selection principles

All Bebiline products for baby clothes can be used from the birth of a baby. These preparations are suitable for the care of clothes of any color - and bright, light, and even white.

For washing things, you can take powders from the natural series with shavings of soap, Nature or Sensitive, which take care of the baby's skin. Washing capsules simplify the process of processing clothes in the machine, and are suitable for all fabrics.

Washing with a baby conditioner provides additional softness and elimination of static stress. Choosing between washing gel and powder, you can only follow your preferences. Both are effective, but the gel dissolves somewhat easier in water and is easier to rinse out.

Application rules

Babyline detergents for children should be used according to the instructions, in the optimal dosages recommended by the manufacturer. Washing should be followed by a thorough rinse.


Capsules, when used correctly, effectively wash things, taking care of the fabrics. And they do not pollute the environment, as this product is biodegradable. This form of detergent is used only when processing in an automatic washing machine.

foto24854-10How to use Babyline

  1. Place one capsule in an empty drum.
  2. Put the baby's things on top.
  3. Close the door.
  4. Select a wash mode and start a cycle.

One capsule is enough for washing up to 4.5 kg of baby clothes. In this case, you no longer need to apply any additional funds. The use of capsules saves washing time.


The powder is produced in various volumes and has an economical consumption. Since this is a concentrated product, its consumption is very economical.

80 grams is enough for a machine wash (up to 120 grams for heavy dirt). For manual care of things - the dose is half less, 40-60 grams.

This amount is diluted in 10 liters of water.... The washing temperature recommended by the manufacturer is from + 30 ° C to + 90 ° C.

Gel Sensitive

The gel is produced in plastic containers with a volume of 1.5 liters with a lid, which is also a measuring glass. For a standard load of the machine, one cap of the agent (60 ml) is enough, which is poured into the powder compartment.

When washing by hand, 10 liters of warm water are poured into a basin and only half a glass (30 ml) is diluted in this volume. One package is enough for 25 washes.

Rinse aid

foto24854-11The use of this product provides the final, after washing, processing of things. Thanks to the concentrated formula, the consumption of the drug is minimal.

With manual processing it is enough to dilute only ½ cap in a sufficient amount of water at the last rinse.

For machining, a full cap is required and must be poured into the conditioner compartment of the cuvette. The consumption is very economical - the drug is produced in liter containers, each of which will last for a long time.

Price and place of purchase

It is possible to purchase your favorite Bebeline series detergent through the Internet or specialized departments of stores selling household chemicals. The price of the product depends on the form of release and the volume purchased.

The average cost of powders in a large volume of 2,250 kg is from 1,000 rubles. This volume is enough, according to the manufacturer, due to the highly concentrated formula, for 50 machine washes.

  • A pack of powder in 0.9 kg - from 500 rubles.
  • Packing capsules - about 1,000 rubles.
  • A bottle of Sensitive gel - from 600 rubles.
Buying laundry detergents during promotions and discounts will make the purchase more profitable.

Top 3 alternative options

Many companies that manufacture household chemicals have both separate products and whole lines of products designed for the care of baby clothes. Among the brands worthy of attention are "Synergetic", "Umka", "Aistenok".

Synergetic baby

Synergetic products are produced by a domestic company... The list of detergents contains only liquid concentrates. Among them there is a gel for the care of baby things, which can be used from the birth of a baby.This product is labeled "Baby" in its name.

Like other drugs of this brand, Synergetic Baby is a biodegradable concentrate. Synergetic Baby products are gentle on baby's skin and the environment.

The formula of the product is concentrated, which guarantees an economical consumption. The composition contains surface-active ingredients and extracts from plants. Price - around 300 rubles. You can learn more about the detergent from this articles.



Umka - soap powder for washing baby's clothes from birth... It is produced in Russia. The basis of this Product, as in the Babyline Nature series, is natural soap. But, unlike Bebiline, Umka is produced in a wide range of package sizes (from 0.4 kg).

Umka's products are hypoallergenic, they do their job well - to eliminate children's biological pollution from things. The price of the powder is quite affordable, a small package costs about 100 rubles



Preparations for washing baby linen Aistenok are produced in Russia by the domestic company Aist CJSC... Powder for washing baby's clothes is designed to be used even for underwear newborn.

Aistenok contains soap and surfactants to improve the quality of product processing. The composition also contains components that control the degree of foam formation and prevent lime deposition on the working elements of the washing machine.

The price is very affordable, from 50 rubles for a small pack.


Customer Reviews

Buyers note the following advantages of Bebiline laundry products:

  • economical consumption;
  • high-quality washing;
  • lack of strong odor;
  • does not cause allergies.


  • high price in the absence of shares;
  • the products may not be 100% effective with old stains.
Most buyers repeat the purchase of Bebeline products and recommend it to their friends for purchase.

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Babyline brand detergents are high quality products manufactured at the world standard level. The assortment of products for the care of things of the little ones allows you to choose the best option for each occasion.

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