foto25770-1Japanese products have always aroused confidence in Russians, since in this country they impose strict requirements on the quality of household chemicals.

Therefore, after the appearance of the new Attack washing powder in stores, there was a high demand for these products.

About who is engaged in the production of detergents produced under this brand, what is included in their composition, what pros and cons they have, read the article.

About the manufacturer

foto25770-2The Attack detergents are produced by the Japanese company Kao... In her country, she is widely known, so in addition to powders, the product range includes various household chemicals:

  • soap,
  • cosmetics,
  • shampoos and more.

The history of the company goes back over 120 years. Attack Concentrated Powder was introduced to the market in 1987. He quickly gained momentum in popularity in Japan, after which the manufacturers decided to conquer other countries.

Pros and cons

The pluses of Attack washing powder include:

  1. Convenient bright packaging with protection against moisture and spillage. For this, the manufacturer equipped it with interlayer paper.
  2. High concentration of detergents, which allows economical use of the product. One package weighing 1 kg is enough for 29 washes. If we compare this figure with ordinary powder, then its consumption would be 4.5 kg.
  3. High quality washing.
  4. The presence of a measuring spoon in the kit. For the convenience of the consumer, it is equipped with 2 dispensers with a volume of 30 g and 45 g.
  5. Nice unobtrusive smell. It remains on clothes after the wash is finished.
  6. Lack of harmful substances in the composition. It is free of chlorine and phosphates.
  7. A wide range of.
The disadvantages of the detergent include the fact that it must be used with caution for washing children's clothes, since there is no specialized composition for these purposes.

In addition, the cost of powder and gels, excluding discounts, is quite high. Another drawback is the lack of such a convenient form of release as capsules in the range.

Washing powder composition

Composition of Attack washing powders represented by the following components:

  • foto25770-3aSAS - from 5 to 15%;
  • nSAS no more than 5%;
  • zeolites - from 15 to 30%;
  • polycarboxylates;
  • soap;
  • enzymes;
  • optical brightener;
  • perfume.

Shelf life

The shelf life of Attack washing powders is 3 years.... The release date is indicated on the packaging. Before buying, you must definitely familiarize yourself with it.You should not purchase powder with an expired shelf life, as its detergency decreases.

Line of detergents

Attack washing powders are presented in the following varieties:

  1. Attack Bio Ex... Classic washing powder that can be used for hand and machine wash. The composition is packed in a green box.
  2. Attack Multi-Action... This detergent is formulated with an oxygen stain remover and fabric softener. The packaging is colored blue.
  3. Attack New Beads... Formula fortified with fabric softener. Powder is packaged in pink boxes.


Attack washing gels are presented in the following varieties:

  1. Bio EX... Classic gel suitable for the care of color and white things.
  2. Multi-Action... This gel is designed to eliminate unpleasant odors from fabric fibers. After washing, a pleasant herbal scent remains on the clothes.
  3. Delicate Emerl... This formula is specially designed to care for delicate fabrics: wool and silk... They wash underwear, tights, shirts and other delicate fibers with it. There are 2 fragrances on sale - "Heavenly Apple" and "Blooming Garden".


The manufacturer does not develop capsules.

Selection features

The choice of detergent will differ depending on the type of washing and type of laundry. Key recommendations:

  • for washing colored laundry, you can use powder or gel marked Bio Ex;
  • for the care of white things, preference is given to products with the inscription Multi-Action;
  • if an unpleasant musty smell emanates from things, they are saturated with tobacco smoke and other foreign aromas, you need to purchase Multi-Action gel or powder;
  • Delicate Emerl gel is used to care for delicate fabrics;
  • so that after washing the laundry is soft and pliable, they choose formulations marked with New Beads;
  • to deal with difficult stains, use products marked Multi-Action, since they already include a stain remover.
To care for baby things Attack products are not developed, but the manufacturer claims that their powders are suitable for the whole family. If there is an urgent need to wash such products, then it is better to stop the choice on Delicate Emerl gel, as it has the mildest formula.

It is necessary to rinse things after washing especially carefully, having programmed the machine for at least 2 cycles.

Terms of use

foto25770-10Use washing powder strictly according to the instructions. You need to add it to the washing machine tray in the amount indicated on the package. Use a measuring spoon to count the powder in grams.

Manufacturer's recommendations depending on the load of the washing machine:

  • for 7 kg - 60 g;
  • for 6 kg - 47 g;
  • 4.5 kg - 0.7 g;
  • for 2 kg - 0.4 g.

The formula is designed in such a way that the detergents are activated even in cool water. The minimum washing temperature can be 30 degrees.

What to do if an allergy occurs?

Despite the safe composition and its compliance with all modern standards, it is impossible to insure against an allergic reaction... If, after washing the clothes with a new product, signs of irritation appear on the skin, coughing, runny nose and lacrimation not associated with infection begin to bother, measures should be taken.

First you need to take an antihistamine, and then consult a doctor. A visit to a specialist is a prerequisite if a child has an allergy or its manifestations are extremely intense. The use of powder should be discarded.

Alternative: top-3

There are a lot of compositions for washing things made in Japan in modern Russian stores. A worthy alternative to the Attack brand are the following powders:

Lion shoushu blue dia

This is a versatile powder for hand and machine washing, suitable for different types of fabric. Formulated with phosphates, enzymes and safe bleaches.

The powder is characterized by low consumption and high washing quality... The cost of a 900 g package is 480 rubles.


NS FaFa Japan

This concentrated lavender-scented laundry detergent is suitable for all types of washing. It contains fabric softener and enzymes.

The product is economical to use and copes well with tough stains... It can be used to care for baby clothes. The average cost of a 900 g package is 400 rubles.


Phosphate free XAAX

This universal detergent is suitable for light and dark clothes, for hand and machine wash. It contains bleaches, stain removers and enzymes. The product is declared hypoallergenic.

One of its advantages is the absence of foreign smell.... The price for a package weighing 800 g, designed for 22 washings is 650 rubles.


Price and place of purchase

You can buy Attack detergents in large stores with household chemicals, or order on the Internet. The price is made up of the markup of the outlet and of the promotions held in it.

Estimated cost:

  • Multi-Action powder - 480 rubles;
  • powder New Beads - 590 rubles;
  • Bio EX powder - from 400 rubles;
  • Multi-Action gel - 380 rubles;
  • Delicate Emerl gel - from 300 rubles;
  • Bio EX gel - 500 rubles.
The control of the first autopsy allows you not to fear that unscrupulous persons poured a certain amount of expensive funds for their own needs.


Since the Attack laundry detergent is well known to Russians, you can find many reviews on the net. Most of them are positive.

foto25770-14Consumers appreciate it for the following characteristics:

  1. Convenient packaging that does not take up much space.
  2. The presence of a measuring spoon, which is simply not invested in many other TM.
  3. High quality washing.
  4. Lack of a strong smell on the linen.
  5. Safe composition.

People highlight few cons. They call the main disadvantage the high cost powder. In addition, finding it in small retail outlets is quite problematic, so you have to place an order via the Internet.


Attack is a Japanese brand of laundry detergents and liquid concentrates. People who trust the quality of Japanese products and are accustomed to using convenient packaging can focus their attention on it. This brand has established itself well in the detergent market due to its safe composition, high washing quality and pleasant aroma.

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