foto25460-1Stork is a budget detergent from a Russian manufacturer. It can be found in almost all departments with household chemicals, as well as purchased via the Internet.

About what advantages and disadvantages it has, who is its manufacturer and what consumers say about it, read the article.

What is this remedy?

foto25460-2Stork is a synthetic surfactant-based washing powder. There are several types of products on sale under this brand:

It is recommended to use Aistenok powder for washing children's clothes. It is used from the first days of life, as it has an environmentally friendly hypoallergenic composition and does not contain phosphates. It has additional additives represented by natural soap and Aloe Vera extract.

Washing powder manufacturer

The household chemicals plant of the same name is engaged in the production of powders under the Aist trademark. It is located in St. Petersburg. The history of the enterprise began over a century ago.

In 1865, Soap Factory No. 1 was officially registered. It is he who now bears the name "Aist" and is one of the largest manufacturers of household chemicals in Russia.

Pros and cons

foto25460-3Main advantages Stork:

  1. High detergency.
  2. Small amount of foam generated during washing.
  3. The presence of components for softening water.
  4. Safe composition.
  5. Affordable price.
  6. Rapid rinsing of fabric fibers.

There are practically no downsides to the powder. It is an excellent option in terms of price-quality ratio.


The composition of Stork powders is slightly different, depending on the purpose. However, the main components remain unchanged:

  • soap;
  • polycarboxylates;
  • enzymes;
  • nonionic surfactants;
  • anionic surfactants;
  • sodium carbonate;
  • optical brightener;
  • flavoring.

The composition meets the modern requirements of Roskachestvo for washing powders.

It is free of phosphates, chlorine, zeolites and other substances that can harm human health. All chemical components have a strict dosage that does not go beyond the permitted standards.

Instructions for use

The main recommendations given by the manufacturer:

  1. foto25460-4Before starting washing, you need to study the information that is indicated on the label of the product.
  2. If things get very electrified, we recommend using fabric softener.
  3. For the care of wool items and for washing delicate fabrics, you should use the Stork "Cashmere".
  4. Powders are suitable for hand and machine wash (except for automatic Aist).
  5. The minimum water temperature at which the powder is activated is 30 degrees, and the maximum is 95 degrees. Colored items cannot be washed in water, hotter than 60 degrees.

For optimal results, the dosage of the detergent must be observed:

  1. Heavily soiled items, hand wash: To soak for 2 hours requires 50 g of powder in 10 liters of water. Before starting the main wash, add another 50 g.
  2. Heavily soiled items, machine wash: 150 g go into the first compartment of the tray, 100 g go into the second compartment.
  3. Moderately soiled items, machine wash: 50 g / 10 liters of water.
  4. Medium dirt, machine wash: 75 g powder is poured into the second compartment.

The dosage is indicated for a machine with a load of 4-5 kg.

Where is the price for sale?

You can buy Stork washing powder in almost any store that has a department with household chemicals. A full range of detergents are available in online markets.

Estimated prices:

  • Automatic stork 0.4 kg - 60 rubles;
  • Aistenok 0.4 kg - 60 rubles;
  • Stork color 0.4 kg - 55 rubles.

Top 3 alternatives

In addition to the Stork, there are various products on sale that can be used to wash children's clothes. Top 3 laundry detergents in demand by consumers:

Meine liebe

It is a safe powder that tackles tough stains even in cool water. It does not include:

  • phosphates,
  • fragrance,
  • chlorine,
  • dyes.

Its use is not associated with the risk of developing allergies or other inflammatory reactions on children's skin.

The product can be used for both hand and machine wash... Price - 360 rubles per 1 kg.



This is a German laundry detergent that copes well with stains from:

  • mashed potatoes,
  • juice,
  • herbs and more.
The composition does not contain phosphates, preservatives, dyes. The formula is enhanced with chamomile extract, which takes care of baby skin. After washing, the laundry remains soft and delicate.

Price - 560 rubles per 1 kg.


Eared nanny

This is one of the most popular powders in Russia, which is intended for the care of baby clothes. It is appreciated for its high quality washing and hypoallergenic composition.

Oxygen bleach easily removes yellow stains and gray deposits from clothing, so even after numerous washes, baby clothes remain as new. Price - from 40 rubles.


All of the above formulations can be used for washing clothes of children from birth, as well as for people with increased skin sensitivity.


People who use Stork washing powder are satisfied with its quality. On the Internet, you can find numerous positive reviews from consumers.

The main points they highlight are:

  1. Affordable price that saves budget.
  2. Small amount of foam.
  3. Excellent washing quality.
  4. No streaks on the fabric, even after a single rinse cycle.
People claim that the detergent does not give off a strong smell, and after washing things smell naturally. Therefore, Stork is a powder for those who do not like synthetic fragrances.

The powder has few drawbacks, but there were buyers who developed allergies after using the detergent, and then there are housewives who were uncomfortable using a cardboard box instead of a plastic bag.


Stork is an inexpensive laundry detergent that does a good job of its primary purpose: removing stains. This is a completely competitive product with a safe and high-quality composition.

Moreover, products have the Roskachestvo mark, and only those compositions that have passed numerous tests can get such a mark.

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