foto6505-1Vanish is a modern tool that is used to cleanse various fabric coatings from dirt. It can even get rid of tough and stubborn stains.

The basic range of products under the Vanish brand is designed specifically for washing and bleaching clothes, but you can find products for cleaning carpets, upholstery and cars on sale.

Vanish is available in the form of a gel, spray, powder, shampoo. To achieve the optimal effect, you need to not only choose the right stain remover, but also use it wisely.

What is it, the chemical composition of the product

Bleach & Stain Remover Brand Vanish... This product is widely known all over the world. It can be found in over 60 countries.

The trademark was founded in the USA in 1972. Vanish appeared in Russia in 1994. The tool cannot be called cheap or premium. It is in the mid-range.

The manufacturer claims that with the help of Vanish, you can remove any, even the most difficult stains, for example, from cosmetics, food or herbs.

foto6505-2The composition of the tool includes such components as:

  • oxygen bleach - its concentration may differ, depending on the type of stain remover, it varies within 5-30% or more;
  • Surfactant - 5%;
  • enzymes;
  • flavors.

The effect is achieved through a combination of the listed components, which act in combination. Products designed to eliminate dullness are supplemented with an optical brightener.

Types, photo

Vanish is available in both liquid and powder form. It can be found in packages that vary in weight and color. Depending on the type of bleach, the way you use it will differ.


Liquid Vanish comes in three forms:

  1. Shampoo and foam... They are used for cleaning carpets and furniture.
  2. Gel. It is designed for washing clothes. A special feature of gel products is that they can be used to treat delicate fabrics, such as wool and silk.

On sale you can find such types of gels as:

  1. Vanish Oxy Action with active oxygen: stain remover and bleach. There is a container with a volume of 0.45 liters, 1-2-3 liters. It is used for washing colored and white fabrics.
  2. Vanish Oxi Action stain remover. It comes in the same quantities as its predecessor, but does not contain bleach.
  3. Vanish Oxi Action stain remover: crystal white. It removes stains and keeps things pure white.
  4. Vanish Gold Oxi Action stain remover: gel. This product has a strengthened formula, so it allows you to cope even with stubborn dirt in 30 seconds. It can be purchased in a volume of 0.45 l and 1 l.
  5. Vanish Gold Oxi Action Crystal White Gel. The difference between this tool is its ability to whiten things in several tones. Its fortified formula also removes tough stains without pre-soaking.


Shampooswhich are produced under the Vanish brand:

  1. Vanish antibacterial shampoo for manual carpet cleaning, volume 0,45 l.
  2. Vanish shampoo for manual carpet cleaning. You can purchase a product in a volume of 0.1 l, 0.45 l, 0.75 l.
  3. Vanish shampoo for washing vacuum cleaners.
  4. Vanish Gold shampoo for vacuum cleaners. The reinforced formula of this product forms a lot of foam, due to which a better cleaning occurs.
  5. Vanish Gold shampoo for manual carpet cleaning.


Foam Vanish:

  1. Vanish Gold: Clean and fresh active foam for carpet cleaning.
  2. Vanish 0.6L active foam for carpet cleaning.


You can distinguish funds based on their name... Gels are used to wash delicate items. Household chemicals with the prefix "crystal whiteness" are used only for processing white fabrics.

The presence of the word "Gold" in the name indicates a special series of products that have a strengthened formula. They work faster and more efficiently than classic stain removers.

If not at hand stain remover Vanish, then the contamination must be soaked in plain water and rubbed lightly. Vanish should be used immediately after such an opportunity arises.


Vanish powder is used to get rid of stains on things made from ordinary fabrics. It can be used for cotton, flax, coarse calico, satin, etc. The powder is added to the washing machine or to the basin during hand washing to improve its quality.

On sale you can find such tools as:

  1. Vanish Gold Oxi Action Powder: Fabric stain remover. The product is produced in a volume of 90 g, 0.25 kg, 0.5 kg, 1 kg.
  2. Vanish Gold Oxi Action Powder: crystal whiteness, fabric stain remover. Its peculiarity, in addition to its enhanced formula, is that it can be used only for white fabrics.
  3. Vanish Oxi Action: pre-treatment stain remover. It is a basic product for removing stubborn stains from white and colored clothes. Its nominal volume is 0.6 kg.
  4. Vanish active powder for vacuum cleaners.
  5. Vanish Gold Oxi Action is a moisturized carpet cleaner. The volume of the package is 650 g.

To get rid of stubborn stains, it is recommended to pre-soak the item with bleach.



Vanish Oxi Action spray is available in 500 ml. It can be used to clean not only white but also colored fabrics.

The main feature of the product is the ease of application.... The spray works at all temperatures, even when washing in cold water. For pre-treatment, the item does not need to be moistened.

Another feature of the spray is the dosing accuracy. One bottle is enough for a long time, since the convenient spray allows you to economically use the cleaning composition.

For optimum results, it is recommended to apply the product to a fresh stain.


Selection features

Which Vanish is better - liquid or powder? Depending on the purpose of the application, the features of the choice will also differ. In some cases, almost any tool will work, and in others, improper use can be very harmful.

For bleaching clothes and linen

If the fabric turns gray, then you need to use a product called Vanish Gold Oxi Action Stain Remover & Bleach. This is a professional product that whitens fabrics in several tones. It is used only for white items.

You can also purchase Vanish Oxi Action Active Oxygen Stain Remover & Bleach. It is suitable for bleaching and washing items of any color.

If the fabric is delicate but requires high quality bleaching, you can choose a product called Vanish Gold Oxi Action Stain Remover: Gel.

Read more about Vanish bleaches. here.

Removing stains

foto6505-8Suitable for removing stains from fabrics:

  • Vanish Oxi Action stain remover and bleach with active oxygen;
  • Vanish Gold Oxi Action powder;
  • Vanish Oxi Action: pre-treatment stain remover;
  • Vanish Gold Oxi Action gel.

To get rid of tough stains with classic products, you will need to pre-soak. Vanish with a reinforced formula removes stubborn dirt faster.

You can read about how to deal with stains and what other products are suitable for this purpose. here.

For washing vacuum cleaners

Suitable products for washing vacuum cleaners are:

  • Vanish shampoo for washing vacuums;
  • Vanish Gold shampoo for vacuum cleaners.
They allow you to remove stubborn dirt from carpets and upholstered furniture. Thanks to their use, it is possible to refresh the color and eliminate unpleasant odors.

To clean the coating, the agent is diluted in cool water (1 liter of liquid is taken for 1.5 caps). The resulting solution is filled into the reservoir of a vacuum cleaner and the carpet is treated. After it dries, the product is vacuumed again.

For carpets

foto6505-9Both liquid and powdered products are suitable for cleaning carpets, for example:

  • Vanish Gold Oxi Action Moisturized Carpet Cleaning Powder;
  • Vanish active foam for carpet cleaning;
  • Vanish active powder for vacuum cleaners.

Vanish is used with caution to clean hand-woven carpets. Before the first use, you need to check the product on a small area of ​​the product.

More details can be read here.

For upholstered furniture

To clean upholstered furniture, use tools such as:

  • Vanish shampoo for washing vacuums;
  • Vanish Gold shampoo for washing vacuum cleaners;
  • Vanish Gold Oxi Action is a moisturized carpet cleaner.
Powdered products are used for dry cleaning. If the house has a washing vacuum cleaner, and the furniture upholstery is not afraid of moisture, you can use the Vanish liquid remedy.

You can read about the choice and use of Vanish for upholstered furniture here.

For cleaning the car interior and seats

foto6505-10To clean the car interior and seats, you can use both powder and liquid, for example:

  • Vanish shampoo for washing vacuums;
  • Vanish active powder for vacuum cleaners;
  • Vanish Gold Oxi Action is a moisturized carpet cleaner.

To properly clean the interior, you must first soak the stubborn stains for a few minutes. It is more convenient to handle vertical surfaces with a washing vacuum cleaner.

You can read more about the use of Vanish for cleaning car seats. here, for cleaning the entire interior - here.

Instructions for use

Use the stain remover according to the following instructions:

  1. Moisten the stain with water.
  2. Powder or gel is applied to it. The liquid stain remover does not require pre-wetting the fabric. The required amount of the product is measured with a cap or spoon.
  3. If the fabric is not delicate, then rub the stain with a brush.
  4. Wash things according to the instructions on the label.
If necessary, the products can be soaked. Colored items can last no more than an hour, while white fabrics can be left on for up to 6 hours.

Vanish for carpets is diluted with water, whipped until foam appears and applied to the surface that needs cleaning. After drying, the carpet is vacuum cleaned. If there is a cleaning device, the agent is poured directly into its reservoir. The cleaning is carried out two times.

You can read more about the use of the tool. here.

Top 3 analogues are cheaper

Inexpensive analogs of Vanish:

  1. foto6505-11Bose. The cost of this powder stain remover does not exceed 60-70 rubles per package of 250 g. Bos is used only for white fabrics.
  2. Sarma. The product is available in powder form. It can be used to remove stains from white and colored items. The price for it does not exceed 70 rubles.
  3. Faberlic (Edelstar)... The tool is available in the form of a pencil, so it is convenient to use it even away from home. Its cost is about 120 rubles.

If Bose and Sarma can be purchased in regular stores and departments with household chemicals, then Faberlic pencil must be ordered either online or from a representative of this company.

Quality substitutes

Effective bleaches that are comparable to Vanish in quality include:

  1. Amway pre fresh... The cost of this product is about 590 rubles for 400 ml. Its main advantage is its convenient spray form. However, the whitening effect cannot be achieved. The spray is convenient to dispense, so one package will last for a long time.
  2. Ace Oxi Magic... The price for a 0.5 kg pack of bleach is about 140 rubles. The powder can be used for both colored and white linen. This is a fairly effective and inexpensive tool with a pleasant aroma and an affordable price tag.
  3. Astonish oxy plus... The cost of 1 kg of oxygen stain remover is 600 rubles. This powder, which not only whitens fabrics, but also tackles stubborn dirt. However, it should be used with care for colored items.
Ace Oxi Magic can be purchased from retail stores with household chemicals, while Astonish Oxy Plus and Amway Pre Fresh are available for online purchase.

What to look for when buying?

To buy quality bleach, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  1. foto6505-12The quality of the label. The original product is packaged in bright packages, which clearly contain information on the use of the product, its composition and shelf life. There must be an instruction in Russian.
  2. The bottle of stain remover must be tightly closed. If the container is not filled to the brim, you can weigh it. The weight should not differ from the volume declared on the label.
  3. The product must have a sufficient shelf life. The more it is, the better, since many housewives use the stain remover very economically.

If there are doubts about the quality of the product, you can ask the seller for a certificate of conformity. He must provide it on demand.

How much is?

The prices for Vanish stain removers vary widely. They start at 150 rubles for the Vanish Oxi Action universal liquid stain remover and end at around 1300 rubles.

The cost depends on the series of the product and on its nominal volume. The highest price is for stain removers marked with Gold.

To save money, you can wait for discounts or promotional offers. They are often found both in large retail stores and on the Web.


foto6505-13Many housewives are satisfied with the quality of Vanish stain remover. To remove stubborn dirt, they resort to soaking things. Some women use it with every wash.

but there are also users who are not satisfied with the quality of the stain remover and indicate its low efficiency, especially when treating difficult stains.


Vanish is an affordable tool that can be used to solve many problems at once: get rid of stubborn dirt, bleach fabric, clean carpet, furniture and even a car interior.

Its price is not overpriced and corresponds to the declared quality of washing... If you choose and use Vanish correctly, you will be able to remove even old and difficult to remove stains.

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